Today I Give Up Trying 384-386

 Chapter 384


        As if struck by lightning, an ultra-running member, who had completely lost all his strength, fell on his buttocks.

        Ariel Zhang!

        That's right, everyone recognized it at the moment.

        The woman sitting on Lin Fan's body, full of love, is the Chinese national goddess, Asia's hottest little diva - Ariel Zhang!

        "No! My Goddess, what is she doing here! How could it be her!"

        Another miserable cry rang out.

        As if completely shocked, a super-running young man's tears flowed down.

        For the men of Warsaw!

        Ariel Zhang is definitely the goddess that every man dreams of.

        But right now, when they saw that their goddess was lying on a man's body, full of love, almost all the members of the supercar, all collapsed.

        "Bastard! Let go of my goddess!"

        "Ma, this little superfluous son-in-law, how dare he do this to my goddess!"


        The sound of shouting and cursing resounded continuously.

        As for Lin Guangyao, his face was white.

        Ariel Zhang was the goddess of the other members of the super runners, and not the goddess of Lin Guangyao.

        For countless nights, he listened to Ariel's songs and fell asleep slowly.

        His computer had almost collected countless posters and video clips of Ariel Zhang.

        But now!


        One of Lin Guangyao's eyes, both completely red.

        "Baii was my goddess, but she married you!"

        "Ariel Zhang is also my goddess, but she did this to you!"

        "Lin Fan, you bastard, you deserve to die!"

        Lin Guangyao was simply going crazy.

        It's just that, even though the place is howling with ghosts and wolves, Ariel and Lin Fan, who are in the video, can't hear it at all.

        Inside the Santana, the atmosphere is ambiguous to the extreme.

        Ariel is lying on Lin Fan's shoulder, her pretty face blushing almost dripping with blood.

        Especially, from Lin Fan's body, a stream of male breath, came over, but also let her whole person completely intoxicated into.

        "Brother Lin ...... Lin, I like you!"

        Ariel Zhang was whispering softly in Lin Fan's ear.

        As if in a dream.

        "I like you so much ......"

        The fragrant voice that swept through Lin Fan's ears suddenly made the bath fire in Lin Fan's heart rage and burn.

        I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

        The short, warm breath from Ariel's lips caused Lin Fan's entire body to tremble as if he had been electrocuted.

        His instinctive reaction was even stronger.

        "Boing ......"

        It seemed to feel the movement of the lower body, Ariel could not help but let out an extremely seductive wailing sound.

        This sound, however, made Lin Fan's body, more and more intense.

        At this moment, the situation in the Santana, the Lamborghini on the Qiu Jie, but no knowledge.

        "Bastard! How could he possibly avoid hitting me over and over again!"

        Qiu Jie's eyelids jumped wildly.

        In the short distance of one kilometer, except for the first two collisions, he was successfully hit by the Santana more than ten times afterwards.

        The reaction, control, and agility were simply beyond Qiu Jie's imagination.

        "There's no time! One more kilometer to go, coming into the fourth turn, and more and more sharp turns after that!"

        "If, at this distance of one kilometer, I can't crush this bastard's Santana, then I will lose!"

Chapter 385

A bead of sweat, from Qiu Jie's forehead, crackled and fell down.

        He could not lose!

        He is the king of small cars in Jiangnan, how can he lose to a small son-in-law at home.

        This absolutely cannot be!

        Here, a hint of ruthless luster flashed in Qiu Jie's eyes.

        After that, he once again stepped on the gas pedal, and with a wave of his hands, he twisted the steering wheel to the side.


        At once, the Lamborghini let out a beastly, ferocious growl, and then rammed into the Santana next to it, once again.

        The moment the Lamborghini was about to hit the Santana, the scene that made Qiu Jie unbelievable happened again.

        The scene that made Qiu Jie unbelievable, happened again.


        The wheels of the Santana filled with a thick black smoke, and then the whole car came to a screeching halt.

        Like a toy car, it came to a sudden stop and turned sharply.

        And then, with a buzz, it directly flashed past the Lamborghini and overtook the front!

        "How is this ...... possible!"

        This operation completely stunned Qiu Jie.


        Fast Forward!

        Especially that movement was so skilled that it was hard for an amateur racer like him or Tian Hao to perform such a coherent dodge.

        Qiu Jie was sure that even the top professional racer would have a hard time completing such a coherent dodging move.

        Not to mention, Lin Fan did it with a Santana.

        If word of this got out, it would definitely shock the global racing community.

        "Brother Jie! No!"

        Just as Qiu Jie was startled, the voluptuous hottie on the passenger side suddenly came out with a frightened scream.

        This sound, like a thunderbolt, made Qiu Jie wake up from the shock of what he had just experienced.


        Only then did he see the Lamborghini, after hitting the air, slamming into the side of the hill at a lightning speed!


        In an instant, the front of the Lamborghini slammed into the mountain.

        The entire front of the car was completely dented open.

        The two airbags suddenly popped out and smashed the faces of Qiu Jie and Spice Girl.

        "The ...... damn!"

        Qiu Jie only felt his head, as if there was a concussion, and the pain was excruciating.

        After he looked at the front of his Lamborghini, which was almost completely scrapped, a trace of shame and anger emerged from his heart.

        "Defeated! I fucking lost to a door-to-door son-in-law from Jiang City!"

        This blow, to Qiu Jie, was like the sky falling down.

        Proud as he was!

        Confident as he is!

        It was a small son-in-law, driving a Santana, who was completely defeated and defeated on his best mountain runway.

        This is definitely the most bitter humiliation in Qiu Jie's life.

        Qiu Jie's voice was thick with unwillingness.

        "No! I can fail, but that little bastard, can't win!"

        A trace of cruelty surfaced in Qiu Jie's eyes.

        At that moment, he took out his cell phone, and then pressed a number and dialed it.

        Soon, when the call came through!

        Tian Hao's voice, which came over.

        "Glasses, I'm racing! Why are you calling me at this hour?"

        Tian Hao's voice was filled with intense puzzlement.

        And hearing this, Qiu Jie suddenly gnashed his teeth and said.

        "Ho, stop racing! Vengeance is coming!"

        "The old woman you beat up, the son-in-law of her family, has found her! I just took a big hit racing with him! Ho, you have to help me get revenge! Get him!"

Chapter 386


        When he heard Qiu Jie's words, Tian Hao, who was on the other end of the phone, was naturally shocked.

        He was most familiar with Qiu Jie's racing technique.

        Qiu Jie is only second to himself in the entire Jiangnan City.

        It was unbelievable that a small son-in-law in Jiangnan City could make Qiu Jie suffer a big loss in the racing car.

        But Tian Hao didn't care too much about it, and nodded gloomily now.

        "Yes! Wait for my good news!"

        Words fall away!

        The phone hung up.

        While Tian Hao was fondling the devil machine in his hand, a hint of ruthlessness and ferocity appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Hmph! How dare a tiny mole from Jiang City seek revenge on me, Tian Hao! If that's the case, then I'll give you a taste of my Tian Hao's methods!"


        Tian Hao nodded his head to the hot girl in the passenger seat next to him.

        The hot girl instantly understood.

        And then opened the car window and stretched out a hand to the outside.


        One in front and one behind, two supercars slowly stopped.

        The doors opened, and a scar-faced young man immediately ran down from the back of the supercar.

        He asked in confusion.

        "Ho! What's not to compare? Is something wrong?"

        Hear that!

        At the corner of Tian Hao's mouth, an eerie curvature appeared.

        "Lao San, there's an enemy coming! You fix it!"



        When he heard these two words, the scar-faced young man was slightly stunned, and then a thick, sinister smile instantly appeared on the corners of his mouth.

        "Ho, don't worry, I'll send him on his way!"

        Say it!

        The scar-faced young man walked slowly toward the road, and when he reached the middle of the road, he had a pair of eyes, staring at the dim road ahead.

        Not only that!

        He dug his hands into his back!

        A black lacquered pistol, floating in his hand, lifted the pistol and aimed it at the dim road ahead, the smile on his lips becoming more and more ferocious.

        And seeing this!

        The corner of Tian Hao's mouth, too, was filled with a strong smile.

        "Just a little son-in-law from Jiang City! Lao-san is the winner of the shooting contest in Gangnam! This time, send you to the West!"


        Tian Hao didn't care, he was lying in the driver's seat, fumbling with the devil machine in his hand.

        "Devil Machine, Devil Machine! Soon, your unqualified master will be on his way! Let's all, together, see him off!"

        Talk about that!

        The smile at the corner of Tian Hao's mouth was eerie to say the least.

        And at the same time!

        In front of the display at the foot of the mountain.

        When the crowd saw, after the Lamborghini hit the mountainside, almost scrapped, the face of that one supercar members, instantly pale.

        "Lost ...... Ma's, this, the devil machine is no more, our legs, moi also lost in!"

        One by one, the faces of the members of the supercar were as ugly as death.

        They couldn't believe that Qiu Jie, the little car king, had really lost.

        The sports car was crashed to pieces, and even if it could be driven, it had completely lost its ability to race.

        Thinking of the previous bet, and Lin Fan's ruthlessness in destroying the four of them, every member of the supercar team was furious.

        And seeing this!

        Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, said to the crowd.

        "Don't worry, I guess that kid couldn't get off the mountain alive!"


        The members of the super runners were stunned, but not before they asked.

        Lin Guangyao's eyes, on the other hand, were directed to a black screen video window, and a touch of gloom and amusement appeared on his lips.

        "Don't you see? Ho, who was running at the front, took a call and then drove the sports car into the camera's blind spot!"