Today I Give Up Trying 381-383

 Chapter 381

Qiu Jie previously thought that with the super speed of his Lamborghini and his beautiful drifting technique, he would be able to catch up with Lin Fan.

        But now, he couldn't believe that a Santana was actually about to catch up with him.

        "Quickly say, did this bastard do something? How could he catch up with me? What's happening!"

        Qiu Jie is simply going crazy at this moment.

        If a Santana catches up with him, then his reputation as a small car king in Jiangnan will be completely reduced to a joke.

        He even has no face to stay in the racing world.

        It's just that immediately afterwards Qiu Jie heard the shocking voice inside the phone, as if those supercar members, until now still can't believe what happened.

        "Jay ...... Jay, that kid will bend and kill! You had already thrown him nearly 2,000 meters away, but this guy, every time he curves to kill, he closes the distance by 400 to 500 meters!"


        Curb kill!

        When these three words fell into Qiu Jie's ears, they instantly made his palms tremble.

        The entire Lamborghini, suddenly shaking, almost rushed towards the cliff next to it.


        Qiu Jie's face changed dramatically, and now he quickly grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and pulled violently.


        The Lamborghini, only then did the front end twist and pull back from the edge of the cliff.

        What a cliff!

        The cold sweat flowed down from Qiu Jie's forehead, and his eyelids jumped wildly.

        "It's coming up to the next bend, that guy can't still finish the bend kill, right?"

        Qiu Jie's eyelids jumped wildly.

        That's a curve kill, isn't it?

        In the beginning, the world's king of cars, King, chased Thailand's most ferocious surrender master to the sky and earth with a broken jeep on a congested Thai road.

        The most important thing is the use of the curve kill.

        This stunt, with every turn, not only makes your speed go up, not down, but up, thus masking the vehicle's natural disadvantage.

        But now.

        This stunt racing technique, which no professional racer in the world can accomplish, is impossible for a small son-in-law to do.


        When Qiu Jie saw the third sharp turn, not far ahead, his heart, even more, thumped wildly.

        A hundred meters!

        Fifty meters!


        When he saw the third sharp turn, getting closer and closer, Qiu Jie subconsciously stepped on the brakes, he wanted to take the Lamborghini and drift past again.

        But just as his foot, he just stepped on the brakes!


        There was a buzzing sound on the side of the track, and then under the incredible sight of Qiu Jie.

        The Santana overtook the Lamborghini at a speed of 170, and then the front of the car turned hard at an incredible angle.

        And then the front end of the car at an incredible angle, ruthlessly turned.

        Darting past!


        At this moment Qiu Jie was completely dumbfounded.

        Bend ...... bend kill!

        It's really a fucking curve kill.


        A trace of cold air ran down the soles of Qiu Jie's feet and straight to his brain.

        "Damn! Damn!"

        As Qiu Jie drifted through the third sharp turn, he noticed that the Santana in front of him had pulled away from him by a full hundred meters.


        A trace of shame surfaced from the bottom of Qiu Jie's heart.

        He only felt as if he had been slapped by someone so hard that he could not wait to find a place to dig in.

        And right at this moment!

        Within the phone, the voice of the ultra-running member, once again, rang out.

Chapter 382

"Jay! Here's your chance, it's now two kilometers to the fourth sharp turn! "

        "Come on, use this smooth road and pass him at Lamborghini speed !"

        Two kilometers!

        Qiu Jie's eyes were filled with intense anger.

        A trace of evil thoughts, in his heart, surfaced.

        "Good! Very good! Since we still have two kilometers to go, I'm going to have fun with you!"

        Thinking of this, Qiu Jie grinned, and now slammed on the gas pedal.


        The Lamborghini suddenly picked up speed as if it was speeding along, chasing after the Santana in front.

        Eighty meters!

        Fifty meters!

        Thirty meters!

        In the blink of an eye, the speed of the two cars was getting closer and closer.

        In particular, when the Lamborghini was only ten meters away from the Santana in front of it, Qiu Jie's face showed an intense color of madness.

        "Kid, you're going to die!"



        The Lamborghini, which suddenly burst into life, rammed wildly into the Santana.


        When the front of the Lamborghini hit the rear of the Santana, the whole body was tilted to the side, as if it would be thrown off the track and fall into the abyss.

        The entire body of the Santana was tilted to the east and west, as if it would be thrown off the track and into the abyss at any moment.


        Lin Fan's face changed, and he swung the steering wheel.

        The whole Santana, in a strange route, slid a few meters before the body stabilized.

        The masked girl's whole pretty face was scared white.

        "Good ...... so close!"

        That was close!

        If not for Lin Fan's quick reflexes and slightly slower steering wheel, they would have been knocked off the road and fallen off the cliff.

        However, that wasn't all.

        The masked girl had just released her breath.

        Lin Fan's face changed once again.

        "Watch out!"

        The words fell. Lin Fan one hand, fiercely probed, grabbed the masked girl's arm, and afterwards lifted her whole body and pulled her into his arms!

        "Brother Lin, you ......" The masked girl was a little startled.

        She hadn't understood what Lin Fan was doing.

        She saw that the passenger seat next to her suddenly let out an explosive sound.


        The Lamborghini, however, appeared on the side of the Santana at some point, made a turn, and hit it hard.

        The entire passenger door of the car was suddenly turned flat.


        This scene suddenly scared the masked girl to death.

        If Lin Fan hadn't caught himself in the moment, she would have been seriously injured by the Lamborghini.


        This Santana's quality, extremely ordinary, under the Lamborghini's one hit, that passenger seat, all ragged into a heap.

        "Almost ...... almost!"

        The masked girl's face was white, but just as she was celebrating, she felt slightly wrong.

        Because there was a hard thing under her buttocks, which hurt her a lot.

        "Brother Lin, what's in your pocket? Some pain ......"

        As the masked girl said, her jade hand grabbed downward.

        This scene caused Lin Fan's face to change.

        "Don't ......"

        As soon as his words were out of his mouth, he suddenly felt his lower body being grasped by the masked girl in one hand.

        "This is ......"

        The masked girl was slightly stunned, especially after she felt the shape, a touch of consternation appeared on her pretty face, and she waited until she realized what she was grabbing.

        Wow ......

        The young woman's pretty face under the veil instantly turned red.

Chapter 383


        She only felt her heart, thumping wildly.

        In particular, the thing under her buttocks was getting harder and harder, making her body completely paralyzed.

        Her entire body, almost lying on top of Lin Fan's chest, had no strength at all.

        Those beautiful eyes were overflowing with a strong spring intent!

        It looks so voluptuous and feminine.

        And at the same time!

        In front of the screen at the foot of the hill, all the members of the hypercar were gathered here, watching the video on the screen.

        When the crowd saw that the Lamborghini was about to knock the Santana off the cliff, the members of the supercar burst out in a burst of excited cheers.

        "Hahahaha ...... Jie is awesome, that kid almost died!"

        "Run him over and let this bastard know what happens when he humiliates our Prince Party!"

        "Second hit! Huh? The girl is fine?"

        As people watched the video, their mouths were full of discussion.

        In particular, when they saw that under Qiu Jie's second hit, Lin Fan pulled the girl onto his body, everyone was incredulous.

        After all!

        This responsiveness, this grip, is simply a bit scary.

        And compared to the crowd!

        After seeing this scene, the two bodyguards, Tiger and Black, were almost scared to death.

        "Bastard Qiu Jie! If you fucking dare to hurt our Miss, I guarantee that your entire family of enemies will be left alone."

        "Damn it, this little son of a bitch surnamed Zao, I can't afford to flay him alive!"

        The two of them gnashed their teeth with hatred.

        In particular, when they saw that Lin Fan had saved the masked girl, they breathed a sigh of relief and were extremely grateful to Lin Fan.


        Then, the crowd in front of the screen, but they noticed something was wrong.

        "I ...... my God! What is that masked girl doing with Lin Fan?"

        "They're not doing that in a car, are they?"


        The crowd was stunned as a member of the Ultramarathon screamed.

        Only then did they realize that the masked girl was completely limp on Lin Fan's body.

        Her eyes were so charming that they were almost dripping with water.

        Even from the reddened earlobes, it could be seen that her pretty face was definitely like a red apple, dripping sweetly red.

        "Fuck! Holy shit! Holy shit! Awesome, this dude!"

        The members of the crowd were all dumbfounded.

        They simply could not believe that a man could drive a car and be so ambiguous with a woman while constantly dodging the impact of a Lamborghini.

        This is fucking ungodly!

        Especially Lin Guangyao!

        After seeing that the masked girl was lying on Lin Fan's body with a look of contentment and love on her face, his jealousy surged in his heart.

        "Bastard! What kind of demon magic does this loser have that makes Bai and this woman do this to him!"

        Lin Guangyao was simply insanely jealous at this moment.

        Just at this moment!

        The crowd saw a gust of wind blowing through the broken window of the Santana.

        The veil on the girl's face flew up in an instant under the wind, revealing her original face.

        Only, after the crowd saw that beautiful, blushing, springtime face!


        Everyone's voices disappeared.

        Whether it was Lin Guangyao, or all the surrounding members of the super runners, at this moment as if struck by lightning, eyes dumbfounded to look at that pretty face.

        "She ...... is Ariel Zhang? I ...... my goddess!"