Today I Give Up Trying 377-378

 Chapter 377

"Look, it's a mile away! It's only been a few minutes and Santana has been lost in the wind.

        "Seven hundred meters now, hahahaha, soon one kilometer!"

        "Now a kilometer! It's over, that Santana can be declared abandoned!"

        The faces of many of the members of the super runners were thick with excitement and playfulness.

        Such an easy crush!

        For them, the fun of racing is simply lost.

        The distance between Lamborghini and Santana, in the sight of everyone, was getting farther and farther away.

        From 1,000 meters, to 1,200, 1,500!


        Lamborghini, has come to the first sharp turn.

        "Lo and behold, the turn has begun! Jack's rapid drifting is an art!"

        As a voice rang out, the crowd suddenly saw the video.

        The Lamborghini drew a beautiful drifting line, coming out of a sharp turn and drifting away with ease!


        The crowd saw this scene, and once again admired Qiu Jie's racing skills around the mountain track.

        And a moment later!

        As the Santana was about to head into the first sharp turn, the fun of the crowd around it, once again, permeated.

        "Hahaha, do you think this guy can drift? It won't float down the mountain by itself, that would be a death sentence!"

        This sentence made the curiosity and playfulness on the faces of all the surrounding members of the super runners intensify.

        On the other hand, the faces of Tiger and Blackie, as well as Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, were instantly gloomy.

        "Kid, if you harm our Miss, I, Tiger, will definitely break you into pieces!"

        The two bodyguards, at this moment, cold sweat was pouring down from their foreheads.

        Their nerves were almost taut to the extreme.

        Their own hearts were pounding wildly and worry was pervasive!


        Something unbelievable happened to everyone!


        At the first sharp turn, everyone was shocked to see that the Santana not only did not slow down, but instead made a growling sound and suddenly accelerated.

        The speed of the car also soared from 120 to 150!


        When this scene appeared, everyone's eyes in front of the screen almost dropped out.

        Turning and accelerating?

        Isn't this ...... a fucking death wish?

        "It's over!"

        The two main bodyguards, Tiger and Black, at this moment only felt their eyes go black and were almost scared to death.

        And the surrounding members of the super runners, in an uproar!

        "Hahahaha, death wish, doesn't this guy know how to race? The sharp turn is accelerating, and he's killing himself!"

        "Turn and accelerate? Does he think he's the world's king of cars, King? Do you still want to kill it with a curve?"

        Almost everyone didn't believe that Lin Fan's Santana could make it through the first sharp turn alive at such a fast speed.



        The crowd was full of excitement, waiting to see Lin Fan's joke.


        Something that shook them to their core was happening.

        The speed of the Santana soared to 150, and still it didn't stop.

        The car's engine, as if it was about to be scrapped, made a gnawing sound.

        And then it soared directly to the limit of 170!

        "170! This guy is absolutely insane!"

        All the members of the supercar just felt a numbness, after all, the Lamborghini's turns, they all have to brake sharply in order to drift.

        The car's speed was only just over a hundred!

        And now, Lin Fan's car speed at the corner is almost twice that of the Lamborghini.

Chapter 378

In particular, seeing Santana getting closer and closer to a sharp turn, even those members of the supercar team just felt their hearts reaching their throats, almost ready to pop out!

        Three hundred meters!

        One hundred meters!

        Fifty meters!

        Under everyone's intense gaze, the Santana quickly took a sharp turn, and then the entire front end, with a sudden pick!

        The body of the car seemed to spin at right angles, but it actually spun out of a sharp turn and sped past.

        Even one of the rear tires, had landed on the edge of the cliff!


        A flush!

        Jing ......

        After seeing Santana go flying through the first sharp turn at an incredible speed, at an incredible angle!

        The entire crowd in front of the display was struck by lightning, and they couldn't believe their eyes.



        It was as if everyone's voice had disappeared, leaving only the sound of the timer's hands.

        Dense cold sweat, even more from the forehead of one of the members of the super runners, dripping down.

        "I ...... I just saw it, the bend kill?"

        One member rubbed his eyes, even suspecting he was dazzled.

        Curve kill!

        That's right!

        Accelerate instead of slowing down for sharp turns.

        At the end of the turn, you will drive across the road at an unbelievable angle.

        This is the definitive racing technique of the world's king of racing, King!

        Until now, no one, except for KING, has been able to accomplish the classic racing techniques that have been crowned as supernatural by the global racing community.

        But now!

        They actually saw a curve kill on a Santana!


        Almost no one, dared to believe what they were seeing.

        "Oh my God, it's close! The distance between Santana and Lamborghini, surprisingly, closed from 1,700 to 1,500! Now thirteen!"


        When the scream rang out, all the members of the supercar trembled and turned their eyes to look again.

        They realized that after the first sharp turn and the corner kill, the distance between Santana and Lamborghini was suddenly closed by several hundred meters!

        One turn, and we were caught up a few hundred meters!

        It's absolutely incredible.


        Many members of the ultrarunners, began to gulp incessantly.

        "There are so many sharp turns back there, is it ......"

        An unbelievable conjecture floated in everyone's mind.

        If Santana, still able to continue the miracle of the first sharp turn, successfully used the curve kill, then the final deer, who will die, is simply unpredictable.

        This moment!

        Everyone felt that the suspense of the race was once again upon us.

        On the other hand, Tiger and Blackie were relieved to see Santana successfully go through the first sharp turn.

        They realized that their backs were completely wet with cold sweat.


        The scene just now was so thrilling that the two of them even suspected that they were going to have a heart attack.

        They were not the only ones!

        "No ...... No way! Lin Fan is just a son-in-law at the door, he ...... is not a professional racing driver, how could he use the global car king KING's curve kill!"

        Lin Guangyao was struck by lightning, as if he had seen a ghost.

        And on the side of him!

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, on the other hand, jumped up with excitement.

        "Idol! We were right, Mr. Lin is definitely a super demon in racing!"

        "Curve Kill! My God, not only can he use the King's stunt on a smooth road, but he can also use it on such a rugged and steep runway, Mr. Lin is just like King!