Today I Give Up Trying 374-376

 Chapter 374

It's almost a sure-fire way to lose, not to mention running past the Lamborghini, Santana's lights and engine, and whether or not it will make it up this gyroscopic mountain.

        At the moment, Xu Ziheng was simply furious, staring at Qiu Jie, viciously questioned.

        "Qiu Jie, you've gone too far. It's fine that you're the best at running around hills, but why don't you let Mr. Lin change bikes?"

        "With Santana versus your Lamborghini, could you be any more shameless?"

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian couldn't believe that Qiu Jie and the others were so shameless.

        Only, in the face of this query, Qiu Jie shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

        "Sorry, those are our rules! If you want to race, you have to comply!"

        One sentence made the faces of Zhang Tian and Xu Ziheng even more ashen, gloomy and almost dripping out of water.

        It was even more unbelievable.


        Lin Fan nodded indifferently and agreed to come down.

        Wow ......


        Not only did this guy agree to race cars and gamble on his leg, but now he's agreeing to drive a Santana, which is crazy?

        Everyone around at this moment looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman or an idiot.

        This was a sure loser!

        There was no possibility of winning.

        Even Qiu Jie was stunned, obviously extremely surprised, and when he reacted, the smile on his face was filled with sarcasm.

        "Hahaha ...... Good! Boy, although I hate you very much, I have to say that I am simply impressed by your courage!" '

        "Okay, now let's each find a beautiful woman who is betting on a car!"


        Qiu Jie now waved to the crowd, and a hot beauty in a bikini came over and was embraced by Qiu Jie.

        After that, Qiu Jie smiled to the crowd and asked.

        "Would any of you like to ride in his car?"


        Hearing this, almost all the bikini-clad women in the crowd recoiled unceasingly.

        Everyone's head was shaking as if it were a rattle drum.

        Be Lin Fan's car?

        What a joke!

        Right now it's obvious that Qiu Jie wants to deal with Lin Fan, or maybe he will plot against Lin Fan on the mountainous runway.

        Taking Lin Fan's car is simply a death wish.

        Moreover, a worn-out Santana sedan, how could they, the money-crazed women, ride in it!

        For a moment, not a single person came forward.

        And seeing this scene, the many members of the super runners, once again, let out loud bursts of laughter.

        "Hahaha ...... Kid, see? Everyone doesn't like you! And trying to use Santana against Lamborghini, kid, you're definitely brain-dead!"

        "Hmph! I'm afraid only a fool would get into this man's car."

        "See, this kid is humiliating as hell!"

        The dense jeers rang out one after another.

        In everyone's eyes, Lin Fan and his Santana were being mocked and ridiculed like a joke.

        This scene made Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian look even more ugly.

        After seeing that no one was willing to bet on Lin Fan's car, they immediately wanted to sue themselves.

        They immediately volunteered to escort Lin Fan's car.

        But just before they stepped forward, a brittle sound like a silver bell rang out.

        "I'm willing!"


        After this voice was heard, the sarcastic smiles on the faces of Qiu Jie and all the members of the super-runners were slightly condensed.

        After that, all eyes looked towards the back of the crowd in an unbelievable manner.

Chapter 375


        And in the midst of everyone's incredulous gaze, the mysterious masked girl slowly walked out!

        It was ...... her!

        Qiu Jie and the others could hardly believe their eyes.

        This masked girl, they naturally knew that this woman not only resembled the figure and dress of the little Asian diva Ariel Zhang, but at the moment even her voice was extremely similar.


        Before this woman, she was cold to the core.

        All the people who tried to pick up on her were beaten back by her bodyguards.

        But now!

        How could such a cold and mysterious woman agree to escort Lin Fan to his car and get into his Santana?

        This ...... can simply be unbelievable.

        Not only was Qiu Jie and the others unbelievable, even the two bodyguards, Tiger and Blackie, all turned pale.

        Their cold sweat, both of them were frightened out, and they quickly advised.

        "Miss, you can't go, that guy's Santana is in danger, he could fall off the mountain!"

        "Yes, Miss, if you are in any danger, how are we going to explain to the head of the family!"

        The faces of the two bodyguards were filled with anxiety.

        Previously, their lady said that they couldn't last more than three moves under Lin Fan's hands, so that was fine.

        But they never dreamed that she would risk her own life to escort Lin Fan's Santana.

        Just listening to their persuasion, the masked girl, on the other hand, waved her hand.

        "I've made up my mind! He lives, I live! He dies, I die!"


        The masked girl's words made the two bodyguards and the rest of the group almost disbelieve their own ears.

        To live and die together?

        It was unimaginable that this noble and elegant mysterious woman was willing to live and die with Lin Fan and his Santana!

        It's unthinkable.


        Each step of the masked girl fell on the hearts of the crowd, as if to make the horror in everyone's eyes intensify.

        As for Qiu Jie, when he saw the masked girl walking towards Lin Fan's figure, his eyes also flashed with an intense color of hatred.

        He had also accosted this woman before!

        He was also beaten back by the two bodyguards.

        But now, he couldn't understand what was wrong with this woman, rejecting a noble man like herself and turning around and willing to escort a car for Lin Fan's son-in-law, which was undoubtedly stupid.

        Just at that moment.

        The young girl came in front of Lin Fan, her pair of beautiful eyes, curved into a crescent moon, silver bell-like clear laughter, from the sandalwood mouth.

        "Brother Lin, here we are again!"

        Brother Lin?

        As soon as the words were said, the crowd was startled, and they realized that the mysterious girl was acquainted with Lin Fan.

        As for Lin Fan, the corner of his mouth was also slightly twitching.

        From the moment he arrived here, he had already discovered this mysterious girl and was even more certain of her identity.

        The reason he didn't greet her was to avoid embarrassment.

        But he, in no way, expected that the masked girl would appear in front of him at this moment, in this way.

        "There is danger!" Lin Fan looked straight into the young girl's beautiful eyes and said seriously.

        There was indeed danger!

        After all, this was a mountainous runway, and a small mistake could have cost them their lives.

        Even Lin Fan doesn't have 100% certainty.

Chapter 376

Just hear the words!

        The young woman shrugged her shoulders and looked at Lin Fan's face, filled with intense tenderness.

        "Three years ago, I had already died once, so, do I still care?"

        "It would have been a great gift to me to be able to run to my death with you!"


        Tenderness to the bone!

        Everyone around could hear the mysterious girl's love for Lin Fan, which was even more difficult for Qiu Jie and other super-running rich youngsters to understand, and also unbelievable.

        "Damn thing, what's so good about him? It's amazing that this woman is willing to live and die with him!"

        Lin Guangyao, who was beside him, was jealous and resentful to the extreme.

        In the past, he adored Bai Yi, and as a result, Bai Yi said nothing and was unwilling to divorce Lin Fan.

        And now!

        This damned door-to-door son-in-law was still in the favor of someone like the mystery girl, and it was driving him crazy.

        "All right! Since you are willing to go to the afterlife together, I will help you later."

        Qiu Jie glared at Lin Fan with resentment, and then went straight to the Lamborghini with the hot beauty beside him.

        See this scene!

        Lin Fan and the mysterious girl, too, got into the car.

        The Lamborghini and Santana, coming on top of the two tracks, began to gather momentum.


        The roar of an engine, from inside the two cars, kept coming.

        And just in preparation!

        Another voluptuous woman in a short skirt came to the middle of the two racing cars on the running line, and she slowly squatted down, hands to her thighs, a fumble.

        She went so far as to take off a pair of panties from underneath her short skirt.


        Seeing this scene, the passion of everyone around was completely ignited. The passion of everyone around was completely ignited, and the cheers and shouts were deafening.

        This scene caused the mysterious girl's pretty face to blush slightly.

        She couldn't help but turn her head to look at Lin Fan, and when she saw that Lin Fan was looking at this scene with a smiling face, she spit softly, and her pretty face grew hotter and hotter!


        The voluptuous, short-skirted beauty waved her panties in the air.

        And then, threw it hard into the sky!


        Lamborghini and Santana, as if they had been given the order to start, sped away from the starting line in an instant!

        Headed up the hill, speeding away.

        Faster! Quick! Quick!

        In the eyes of the crowd, the speed of the Lamborghini had almost reached the extreme.

        Just after fleeing out, the car's speed had reached its peak, and like an arrow, it suddenly disappeared on the mountain road ahead.

        The Santana, on the other hand, also sped out, but at a faster speed.

        The Santana, on the other hand, was not as fast as the Lamborghini, although it also sped out, but its speed was far less than the Lamborghini.

        Almost before the Santana, not yet fully up to speed, the Lamborghini, has disappeared in front of his line of sight.

        "Hahaha ...... See? This just went out, Jie Shao's Lamborghini, has already pulled away two to three hundred meters!"

        "Just watch, the shortest time that Jie Shao spent at Tudor Mountain was only forty minutes, and I'm afraid that this Santana won't be able to get down for three hours!"

        "Cut! Three hours, in my opinion, this car, I'm afraid, will never be able to get off."


        In their eyes, Santana was like a joke, lagging behind from the start.

        In their eyes, the Santana was like a joke from the start. Until the two cars disappeared from sight.

        Only then did everyone hailed the electronic screen.

        This electronic screen, there is a video screen.

        Almost the entire Gyro Mountain was covered.

        From the electronic display, they could see the journey and status of the two cars.

        In particular, when the crowd saw that the Lamborghini even pulled the Santana farther and farther away, the dense jeers, once again resounded.