Today I Give Up Trying 371-373

 Chapter 371



        After Lin Fan's sweeping kick hit Li and the others' legs, they felt as if their legs had been hit by a cannonball.

        Their legs were simply unable to withstand such a terrifying force and suddenly snapped like a piece of rotten wood.

        Starting with Li Day!

        End to Summerhill!

        Leg after leg, instantly breaking, figure after figure, with a miserable scream, poofed to the ground.

        When Lin Fan stood up straight.

        In front of him, a full four people were lying, all holding their shins and howling.


        It was only one second.

        The smiles on the faces of Qiu Jie and the others in the back were completely frozen, and they stared at each other with wide eyes, not believing what they were seeing.

        In one move, four people's legs were ruined!

        This... How is this possible?

        At this moment, whether it was Qiu Jie and the others, or Lin Guangyao, Xu Ziheng and the others, all of them almost dropped their eyeballs.

        In particular, they saw.

        The legs of Li Youan's four men had completely broken off, as if they had been hit by a cannonball, and a single white bone spur pierced through the skin, revealing itself.

        The dripping blood, paired with the flesh and blood dangling from the bone spurs, made the scene look numbing.

        "Damn! Did you ...... you actually cripple their legs?"

        "Do you know who they are? You son of a bitch!"

        Qiu Jie's face was so gloomy that it almost dripped out of water, and his face shone with an incredible luster.

        For them, the members of the Prince Party.

        They were never the only ones who had abolished others and oppressed others, but they had never been oppressed by others.

        But now, to have four people abolished by Lin Fan in one fell swoop, this was definitely the greatest humiliation for the Prince Party since its establishment.

        Only it wasn't just Qiu Jie!

        When Lin Fan disabled the four of them, Li Tiandi.

        Even the two big men beside the masked girl were shocked by the solemnity of their faces.

        One of them, a square-faced man, even more so, his eyelids jumped slightly.

        "So strong! One move to destroy four people, and this guy's strength is enough to last twenty moves under me!"

        Hearing this, the round-faced bodyguard next to him shook his head and looked at Lin Fan with a gaze full of gravity.

        "Tiger, you are wrong, I feel that he can survive thirty moves under you!"

        Support twenty strokes!

        Support thirty strokes!

        These two bodyguards, who are true special forces, have won many battles on the African battlefield, and were once part of one of the most elite teams in Huaxia.

        If it were an ordinary person, it would definitely be an honor to be said by them to be able to sustain twenty to thirty moves.

        Just at the moment!

        After hearing her bodyguard's arrogant words, the masked girl smiled bitterly and shook her head with a slight twitch of her lips and said.

        "Tiger, Blackie! You're overconfident!"


        The masked girl's words caused the two bodyguards to turn pale, and they looked at the girl incredulously, puzzled, and asked.

        "Miss, what do you mean?"

        "I mean, you can't sustain three moves under his hand!"

        The masked girl's eyes looked straight at Lin Fan.

        At this moment, it was as if she had returned to that bloody night three years ago.

        On that day, this guy, also by an incredible means, slaughtered an island.


        When they heard that their own lady said that they couldn't hold up "three moves" under Lin Fan's hands, their faces turned pale and their eyes were dense with anger.

        Whether it was Tiger, or Black, their faces changed, and their eyes were filled with anger.

Chapter 372

"Miss, you're overestimating this man! I, Tiger, was born with wolf teeth, and in the African battlefield, one man could annihilate an enemy squad! How is it possible that in this man's hands, he couldn't sustain three moves!"

        "Exactly! Miss, I, Kuroko, am also a member of the Blood Blade, and among our team, only the instructor can defeat me completely! Could it be that this kid's strength is even stronger than the members of our Blood Blade? I don't believe it!"

        The two bodyguards, Tiger and Black, shook their heads as much as they could.

        In their eyes, it was obvious that Miss had overestimated Lin Fan and underestimated the two of them.

        They admitted that Lin Fan had a few skills, but to defeat them afterwards would be a dream, impossible!

        Seeing this scene, the masked girl did not explain.

        Because only she who had seen Lin Fan's terrifying side could know how powerful this man was.


        While the three masked girls were talking, Lin Fan's feet took a sudden step forward.

        Wow ......

        At this moment, before and after seeing Lin Fan on the stage, Qiu Jie and all the others, one by one, as if they had seen a ghost, hailed and retreated backwards.



        It permeated the faces of every member of the Ultra Running Club.

        They looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a devil, filled with fear.

        "Little ...... kid, what do you want? Could it be that you really want to waste us?"

        Qiu Jie's eyelids jumped wildly, and sweat slid down his forehead.

        Among the members, the strongest four of them, Li Yanyan, couldn't even withstand the force of Lin Fan's leg.

        If this madman really launched his madness, then all of them would be crippled by him.

        "That's right! I am going to ...... scrap you!"

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth had a ferocious curvature.

        And his words almost scared Qiu Jie and the others to pee.

        Intense fear surfaced on everyone's faces.

        Qiu Jie's eyes dribbled around for a while, and when his sight swept over the Lamborghini next to him, his eyes lit up and he quickly said to Lin Fan.

        "Kid, you're useless for destroying us! Because we didn't beat up your mom, and we didn't take the phone!"

        Talk about that!

        Qiu Jie pointed to a nearby monitor, looked at the two racing cars on it, and said.

        "See? The guy you found, Ho, is racing on the mountain right now, and he may not be able to come down for an hour or two."

        "If you have the guts, race me!"


        Hearing that Qiu Jie had challenged Lin Fan to race, the surrounding supercar members' eyes lit up.

        One by one, they shouted.

        "That's right! Don't you want a cell phone? If you can beat us, then the Devil Machine can be returned to you."

        "Yes! If you have the guts to race, you can have the phone and our legs if you win! But if you lose, you go where you came from!"


        The surrounding members of the supercar seemed to have an instant bottom line.

        After all, in their eyes, Qiu Jie was the number two person in Jiangnan Province's racing industry, a small car king.

        How could Lin Fan win a race with this kind of person?

        Seeing the clamor of the crowd.

        The smile on Qiu Jie's face grew brighter and brighter, and his eyes were full of provocation.

        "Boy, do you hear me?"

        "If you win, you can take the Devil Machine and break our legs!"

        "Lose, where you come from, get out of here! Beyond that, let's break one of your legs!"

Chapter 373


        The stakes of Qiu Jie's gamble are not unkind.

        The loser will lose his leg.

        Hearing this bet, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, who were next to him, instantly had a dense color of worry on their faces.

        They naturally believed in Lin Fan's racing ability, but that was on the road in Jiang City.

        But that was on the streets of Jiang City. And now?

        They were not even sure if Lin Fan had run across the mountain path.

        They weren't even sure if Lin Fan had run across the mountain path; if he was not careful, he would fall off the cliff, and there would be no bodies left.

        Right now!

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian tried to persuade Lin Fan.

        But before their words were spoken, Lin Fan nodded his head with a curl of his lips.

        "Yes! Then we'll have a match, and the loser ...... breaks his leg!"


        At this moment, after hearing that Lin Fan had agreed to Qiu Jie's challenge without saying a word.


        That group of ultra-running members, instantly boiled up.

        A look of intense pleasure and sarcasm appeared on every face.

        "Hahaha ...... This idiot finally fell for it, did he really think he could outrun Jay?"

        "Yeah, Jay is the king of our little car in Jiangnan Province, and his level has reached that of a professional racing driver.

        "This is fun, Jay is good at mountainous loops, and in this gyroscopic mountain, even King Ho may not be able to win him! This idiot, this time the leg is broken!"


        The members of the Ultramarathon were talking about it, and every face was filled with excitement.

        It was as if they had seen the scene where Qiu Jie won and Lin Fan broke his leg.

        On the other hand, Lin Guangyao's heart was even happier.

        Lin Guangyao was more than happy, he spat out a mouthful of blood and said to Lin Fan, full of provocation.

        "Lin Fan, just you wait, I guarantee that there is no way for you to get off the mountain alive!"


        Lin Guangyao's words were filled with killing intent.

        When they heard these words, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, as if they had thought of something, suddenly turned as white as paper.

        In particular, when they saw Qiu Jie's grim gaze, they instantly understood what these people were planning, and now hurried to Lin Fan's side, pleadingly advising.

        "Mr. Lin, why don't we just give up! That Zou Jie, obviously, is also against you! He's likely to exploit the dangers of the roundabout! It can even, like, kill you!"

        The cold sweat on Xu Ziheng's forehead at this moment was frightened out.

        And Zhang Tian, who was next to him, also had a white face.

        "Mr. Lin, that hatchet man is good at running around the mountain! It can be said that in the Jiangnan Province, he is almost invincible with his mountainous runway, and even Tian Hao may not be a match for him!"

        "Why don't we let [Begonia] go?"

        The two villains, at this moment, were unwilling to see Lin Fan harmed.

        After all, Lin Fan was the father of both of them, a mysterious big man who had to treat them with respect.

        Just hearing these words.

        Lin Fan faintly shook his head.

        "I don't have the word give up in my dictionary!"


        Lin Fan's words made the faces of Zhang Tian and Xu Ziheng look as ugly as death.

        Just as they were about to continue to persuade Lin Fan, Qiu Jie came over.

        He pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose, and then swept a glance at the Santana sedan with a gloomy face, and said playfully.

        "Boy, I forgot to tell you! When racing, both sides can only drive their own cars!"

        "So, your ride is this one ...... Santana!"


        This is what Qiu Jie said, and even more so, this place was in an uproar.

        Santana vs Lamborghini?

        Isn't this a f*cking joke?