Today I Give Up Trying 369-370

 Chapter 369


        The moment they saw the Santana, the whole atmosphere at the foot of the hill fell into a dead silence.

        Every one of them stared, almost unable to believe what they were seeing!

        "Is it really ...... Santana? This, how is it possible!"

        All of them felt as if their hearts had been seized by an invisible hand, causing them to almost suffocate.

        In particular, the girl who had said Santana, Luo Ling, was as if she had seen a ghost and tightly covered her small mouth.

        "I ...... got it right! It's amazing that someone actually drove a Santana and rushed here!"

        Luo Ling was a little confused.

        After all, she was extremely aware of the steepness of the Gyro Mountain.

        It would take half a day for a Santana to come up, not to mention the night, even in the daytime.

        If it wasn't careful, it would roll down from the top of the mountain, and then the car would be destroyed.

        And now!

        Not only did someone drive up the hill in a Santana, but that person also rushed in front of everyone at such an amazing speed that everyone looked like they had seen a ghost.

        "Who is this man? Could it be that you are also a member of our Supercars?"

        "Yes, in Gangnam Province, only members of our club have this kind of skill, right? Just why is he driving a Santana?"


        People were speculating about the identity of the owner at this moment.

        And right on cue!

        Click ......

        The Santana's door was pushed open from inside, and a figure walked down.

        When he saw the person in front of him clearly, both Xu Ziheng Zhang Tian and Lin Guangyao exclaimed out in shock.

        "Mr. Lin ...... Lin!"

        "Lin Fan!"


        When the screams of the three men reached everyone's ears, the pupils of Qiu Jie and the others shrank as much as possible.

        They didn't expect that Cao Cao Cao Cao would arrive, especially looking at this guy's appearance, he really seemed to have two brushes with racing.

        However, that wasn't all.

        After Lin Fan got off the car, he looked at the scene here, his eyebrows furrowed slightly, a trace of a cold, gloomy luster, flickering and jumping in his eyes.

        "Who's Tahoe! Get out!"


        The words that came out of his mouth caused the entire foothill to be in an uproar, and both Qiu Jie and the others, as well as Lin Guangyao, could not believe their ears.

        Was this guy crazy?

        To ask Tian Hao to roll out, this was simply looking for death.

        In an instant, the gazes of the crowd looking at Lin Fan were filled with hostility and ill will.

        And seeing this!

        Lin Guangyao's heart simply bursts with joy.



        In his eyes, Lin Fan's action was absolutely suicidal, after all, who was Tian Hao, the young master of the Tian Clan and the leader of the Jiangnan Prince Party.

        Every one of the second generation rich people here regarded Tian Hao as their big brother.

        And now, Lin Fan came up and told Tian Hao to get the hell out of the house, if that wasn't looking for death, what was it.

        Immediately Lin Guangyao hurriedly came forward and said.

        "Lin Fan, who are you to find Big Brother Tian Hao?"

        "I'd advise you to be sensible and get out or ......"

        Lin Guangyao was extremely resentful towards Lin Fan, and at this moment, he wanted to show his connections in front of Lin Fan, to better wrestle with the approval of Qiu Jie and the others.

        Only, his words had just left his mouth!


        A slap to the face instantly slapped him across the face and sent his whole body flying away.

        Poof, he fell hard to the ground.

        That's not all.

        Lin Guangyao only felt his facial bones as if they had been shattered by Lin Fan's slap, and the pain was extreme.

        His throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood from the wow spurted out wildly.

        "I ...... my teeth! My face ......"

        Lin Guangyao was completely blindsided and saw that among the blood he spat out, there was one of his teeth, and now, just by opening his mouth, he felt it whistling and leaking.

        "You hit me? How dare you scold Tian! Lin Fan, you're looking for death, you're finished ......"

        Lin Guangyao's gaze towards Lin Fan at this moment was even more hateful as if he wanted to eat him.


        Lin Fan didn't bother to take care of such a minor character as Lin Guangyao, and his eyes, sweeping over Qiu Jie and the others, grew colder and colder.

        "Who was in the phone shop this evening and took my mum's phone?"

        "Get out!"

Chapter 370

Mobile phones!

        Hearing this, Qiu Jie and everyone else's faces changed and they realised that this was a vendetta coming to their door.

        "Good! So that's your phone!"

        A playful smile appeared at the corner of Qiu Jie's mouth.

        He pushed up his glasses and looked Lin Fan up and down, a scowl appearing at the corners of his mouth.

        "Boy, do you know what that phone is? I'm telling you, a little door-to-door son-in-law of yours has no business holding that kind of artefact!"

        "Do you want to take revenge? Yes!"


        Qiu Jie waved his palm behind him and hailed the four members of the Ultramarathon, who then gathered around him.

        Each of these youths was tall and big, and their bodies, in particular, hinted at a fury.

        It seemed that they were all existences that had seen blood.

        Seeing this scene!

        Lin Guangyao got up from the ground, and then to Qiu Jie, he asked.

        "Qiu Shao, this kid is a bit tricky! Will those youngsters be able to subdue him?"


        Hearing this, Qiu Jie and the rest of the ultra-running members were slightly stunned, while they instantly burst out laughing.

        "Hahahaha, Lin Guangyao, you're afraid that you don't know the experiences of the few of them!"

        With a face full of pride and complacency, Qiu Jie introduced the four members by pointing to them.

        "This one, Summer Hill, has been selected at the age of eighteen to join the Mickey Mouse SEALs and was successful, serving three years! He has killed four African hyenas with his bare hands!"

        "That one, Lee One Day! His family owns a fighting gym and once took part in an amateur fighting competition in the south of the Yangtze River, where they won the championship with three strikes, destroying their opponent."



        Hearing Qiu Jie introduce the four men one by one, Lin Guangyao, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were shocked.

        They just realized that these princely members had hidden dragons and tigers inside.

        It could be said!

        Any one of these four youths could have fought ten to one, and won.

        Now, if they were to deal with Lin Fan together, then Lin Fan would naturally end up in a horrible situation.

        "Mr. Lin ......"

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were so anxious at this moment that they were tempted to make peace, but they knew that Qiu Jie and the others wouldn't give them any face at all.

        Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, was smiling in his heart, as if he had already seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan being beaten by these four people with blood all over his face.

        At this moment!

        While Qiu Jie and the others were discussing.

        The fight master among the four youths, Li Dayan, stared at Lin Fan with a playful face and said.

        "Kid, we stole your mum's phone, so what can you do?"

        "Are you trying to get your hand broken by us? Or is it a broken leg? Hehehehe ......"

        After Li finished speaking, he burst out laughing with the three people next to him.

        It was as if, in the eyes of the four, Lin Fan was just fish on the chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered by them.

        Just hearing that!

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth curled.

        "Break a leg!"

        "Not just the four of you, but all the guys who went for the phones, I will break your legs one by one, slowly!"


        Lin Fan's words caused the smiles on the faces of the four men from Li Dayan to stiffen slightly.

        And just as they became furious, they wanted to drink and curse.


        Lin Fan's figure, like lightning, suddenly disappeared in place.

        Like a shadow like a charm!

        And when the four men saw it again, Lin Fan had arrived in front of them.

        "Not good! Retreat!"

        Li and his four friends were horrified and found that they could not even see Lin Fan's moving figure clearly, which changed their faces so much that they all flinched and tried to retreat.

        But they were quick to react!

        Lin Fan is faster!

        "People can retreat, but legs must stay!"

        As soon as the words fell, Lin Fan's figure was short and he swept out with a sweeping kick.

        In an instant, a scene that made everyone's eyes burst in shock appeared!