Today I Give Up Trying 364-366

Chapter 364
At this moment, Shen Yumei looked at the big man standing in front of her, the one who could cause an earthquake in Jiang City by stomping his foot, and she only felt as if she were dreaming.

        Is this still your son-in-law?

        Is this still the same Lin Fan who is looked down upon?

        Who is he at ......?

        Lin Fan did not care about the shocked and frightened gazes of the surrounding crowds, his eyes faintly swept over everyone in front of him.

        The gaze was cold and profound.

        No matter whether it was Blood Rose, or Zhang Guohao and the others, they all felt the coldness and severity in that gaze.


        "Where are these princely parties, Tian Hao, now!"

        "In five minutes, I want all their information!"

        Faint words down!

        Instantly causing a chain reaction, Xu Tianlong, Zhang Guohao, Blood Rose and Master Blade were seen to have pulled out their phones and started dialing.

        One after the other [PEN] calls rang out.

        One call after another was connected.

        In just under three minutes, Zhang Guohao came over with a gloomy face and said to Lin Fan.

        "Mr Lim, it's been checked! Tian Hao and the others, after leaving the mobile phone shop, took a group of members of the ultra-running club to Tudor Mountain, located southwest of Jiang City!"

        "Tonight, they're hosting a Tour de Mountains race there! A total of 108 people attended, and in addition to Tian Hao and other members of the ultra-running club, there were a few of our own from Jiang City, Xu Ziheng, Zhang Tian and Lin Guangyao, as well as an unknown woman and her bodyguard."

        Speaking of the names 'Xu Ziheng' and 'Zhang Tian'.

        The corners of Zhang Guohao and Xu Tianlong's mouths were slightly drawn as much as possible.

        These two people, however, were their sons.

        At this moment, the two big brothers, in their hearts, cursed Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian with a dog's blood, and their hearts were secretly fierce, waiting for those two little brats to go back, they would definitely serve them hard with a whip.

        Just at the moment!

        Lin Fan didn't care about Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, his eyes flickered.


        "Beating up my mum and racing! Great!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan now said to Shen Yumei.

        "Mum, I'm going to go to the gypsum and they'll take you home!"

        At this moment, Shen Yumei was still immersed in the shock of what she had just seen, and didn't react for a long time, just nodded her head in an obsequious manner.

        After seeing that, Lin Fan turned around and walked towards a roadside Volkswagen.

        Xu Tianlong and the others, quickly said.

        "Boss, why don't we give you a lift?"

        Not only Xu Tianlong, but also Zhang Guohao, Blood Rose and the others looked at Lin Fan expectantly.

        Just hearing this, Lin Fan shook his head.

        "This matter is none of your business! I'll make them pay dearly for the beating they gave my mother!"


        He had arrived in front of the door of this Volkswagen Santana.

        This car was the car of the youngest horse boy among the group of men of the Blade.

        When he saw Lin Fan walking towards his car, he was so excited that he almost jumped up, ran forward, opened the door and handed Lin Fan the car keys.

        Lin Fan just nodded faintly, and then got into the limo and started the car!


        When a buzzing sound rang out.

        Like an arrow, the Santana rushed onto the road with a terrifying roar.

        In almost the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the colour of night.

        See this!

        The horse-boy couldn't help but rub his eyes.

        For some reason, he found that this little junk car of his had become agile and swift in Lin Fan's hands, especially the speed, which almost made him wonder if this was a Santana.

        Xu Tianlong and the others beside him, on the other hand, looked in the direction where the Santana had disappeared and shook their heads more than one by one.

        "Looks like that group of princelings from Jiangnan is going to have bad luck!"

        All the big shots looked at each other and could see pity and regret for Tian Hao and the others in each other's eyes.

        Offended Lin Fan, the devil!

        I'm afraid that Tian Hao's people would wake up in their sleep!

Chapter 365
Tolgoi Mountain!

        In the south-western part of the city, the entire mountain has a gyroscopic shape.

        The tarmac road that runs like a snake across the mountain makes it look imposing and thrilling.

        But for the racing world, it is a driver's paradise.

        Almost every now and then, a supercar meets at the foot of the mountain.

        They race, they gamble, they are beautiful, they have bonfires and they are extremely lively.

        Especially today!


        The buzzing of an engine is like a wild animal growling ferociously.

        The hot dancing of beautiful women and groups of people gathered together shouting and cheering wildly at the two speeding cars on the screen make the place almost a sea of racing.

        It's just that in the midst of this raucous crowd, there are three figures.

        There were three figures that looked extremely special.

        A young girl wearing a veil, and two strong bodyguards.

        Although the young woman was wearing a veil and could not see her face clearly, just her voluptuous figure, black hair and snow-white skin made one conclude that she was definitely a super beauty.

        Even the surrounding members of the supercar club all involuntarily looked in the direction of the girl, but none of them dared to accost her.

        "Alas! Why does this woman look so much like Ariel Zhang, the national goddess?"

        "Yes! Unfortunately, no one dared go up to confirm! The first few guys who went up there were all beaten back by those two bouncers!"

        "Those two bodyguards are obviously special forces and have ruthless methods, which can even kill people if they are not careful!"

        In the beginning!

        A few unsuspecting guys did go to accost them, but as soon as they entered the five-metre radius of the girl, the two bodyguards, like tigers out of a cage, knocked back anyone who approached.

        After that, no one dared to come within an inch of the girl.

        Apart from that!

        Here, there were also a few faces that Lin Fan was extremely familiar with.

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, only right now, these two were extremely ugly.

        "What's wrong? Mr Xu, weren't you a very influential person before? And expel me? And now? Hahaha ...... Didn't expect that I, Lin Guangyao, would step on you one day!"

        It was Lin Guangyao who was in front of Xu Ziheng.

        At this moment, Lin Guangyao's face was filled with a thick, mocking smile.

        Who would have thought that since the last time, after his uncle had gone mad, he had fallen so far from grace that he had been removed from the Tian Long Group, leaving him once struggling to make his way in Jiang City.

        However, in a twist of fate, who would have thought that the arrival of Tian Hao and others would be Lin Guangyao's saviour.

        By virtue of his ability to speak, Lin Guangyao managed to blend into Tian Hao and the others' circle and became a lackey of this group of princelings, making him a formidable presence in Jiang City.

        "Hmph! Lin Guangyao, you're just a dog of Tian Hao and the others, what are you fooling around for?"

        "If I lose, I lose! This sports car is all yours!"

        Xu Ziheng's gloomy face is almost dripping with water.

        He loved racing!

        I was invited here today, but who would have thought that I would lose to Qiu Jie, the young master of the Qiu Group, in the first round.

        Qiu Jie, the young man wearing glasses, was the one who came over.

        He now drank down a bottle of beer in one go, before walking over with a smile on his face.

        "Hey ...... Xu Ziheng, you're only a third-rate amateur racer at this level! If you don't have two brushes in the future, I'd advise you not to be embarrassed!"

        Qiu Jie's words were humiliating.

        But when they fell on Xu Ziheng's ears, they only made him so angry that his face turned red, but he could not act out at all.

        Because, what Qiu Jie said was the truth!

        He is only a third-rate racer himself, but Qiu Jie is a first-rate racer in front of him.

        Even in the entire Jiangnan Province!

        Tian Hao is known as the king of cars, while Qiu Jie is the king of small cars!

        Apart from Tian Hao, almost no one was his opponent.

        "Hmph! Qiu Jie, there are mountains beyond the mountains and people beyond the people! Don't think that I, Xu Ziheng, have lost to you, all of us in Jiang City are inferior to you!"

        "I'll tell you, I've seen a really awesome king of racing! People can speed up to 220 km/h on a fast moving road! Can you?"

        Xu Ziheng drank with a face full of reluctance.

Chapter 366

Just hear the words!

        Qiu Jie and Lin Guangyao, among others, were slightly stunned.

        On a road with a lot of traffic, the speed of the car was 220?

        You've got to be kidding me!

        Wow ......

        In an instant, Qiu Jie and the others, burst out laughing.

        "Hahahaha ...... Xu Ziheng, you don't even brag! Are you an idiot? A speed of 150 on a fast-moving road is considered bull! If it reaches one hundred and eighteen, only a professional racer would dare to play that way!"

        "Did someone in your city of Jiangxi do it? Hahaha ...... laughs at me!"

        Qiu Jie's entire body was almost forked with laughter.

        He instantly thought that Xu Ziheng was bragging.

        Because for someone like him, there were many times when he would race on the road, but almost always in the early hours of the morning, when there was very little traffic.

        If it was daytime instead!

        Not to mention racing, if you're stuck in a traffic jam, you can't even get up to a speed of 100.

        Even the world's best racing drivers can't achieve a speed of over 220 in that situation.

        Because that would require not only exceptional agility and reflexes, but also the skill to control the conditions to the extreme to have that slightest possibility!

        Definitely a global king of cars.

        Is there a global king of cars in Jiangxi?

        What an idiotic idea.

        It's not just Jie Qiu!

        The crowd, too, burst out laughing.

        "Xu Ziheng, come on! Only the legendary King KING has ever achieved a speed of 220 in fast-moving traffic around the world!"

        "Yes, KING is the myth! He made a name for himself by speeding up to 220 on the streets of Thailand, a civilised country with its traffic jams, and eventually killing the Thai surrender master! So far, no one has ever broken his record in the same situation!"

        "The best thing about KING is that it kills on the curve! It's pure death racing! Instead of slowing down on the bends, he accelerates, a pure lunatic!"

        The crowd around us was laughing.

        But when the name 'KING' is said, almost everyone's face is filled with a deep reverence.

        Because that man, is a myth in the racing world!

        Many of the world's best-known racing drivers have travelled to Thailand, in the same traffic, ready to challenge KING's record, but without success.

        This has led motorsport enthusiasts to add the name KING to that man's name!

        Seeing people questioning!

        Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian almost exploded with anger as they blushed and continued.

        "Bragging? Qiu Jie, you're too arrogant!"

        "I tell you, if I brag, I, Xu Ziheng, shall not die a violent death, I have seen a man who can rival KING!


        Xu Ziheng's swearing words instantly silenced the smiles on Qiu Jie and the others' faces.

        They, the second generation of the rich, but they seldom swore!

        The fact that Xu Ziheng had sworn on his life made them take it seriously.

        "Do you really have such characters in Jiang City?"

        "What's his name?"

        Qiu Jie's heart was curious to the extreme at this moment.

        Even his palm was itching, in Jiangnan Province, apart from Tian Hao, he couldn't find a rival existence, if there really was such a person in Jiang City, he would say anything to force that person out and fight until the end.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        At this moment, the gazes of the remaining members of the super runners also fell on Xu Ziheng's body, their eyes filled with questions, doubts and disbelief!

        Xu Ziheng was about to say Lin Fan's name right away.

        But Zhang Tian, who was beside him, quickly pulled him back.

        "Brother Ziheng, our father once told us not to talk about that man! Don't you remember?"

        Zhang Tian knows!

        After offending Lin Fan that time, the two of them went back and were almost killed by Xu Tianlong and Zhang Guohao.

        What's more, they were severely admonished not to mention Lin Fan casually in front of outsiders, or else they would be severely punished.

        Hear these words!

        Only then did Xu Ziheng react, and the corner of his mouth pulled back, and he could only swallow back the words that came to his lips.


        This scene, however, made Qiu Jie and others even more curious.

        "What? Do you, Dasho Xu, even dare not mention that person's name?"

        Qiu Jie and the others were a little incredulous.

        After all, Xu Ziheng was the young master of the Sky Dragon Group, and this kind of figure was definitely a horizontal presence in Jiang City.

        Now, he was so scrupulous about a person's name.

        This was simply unimaginable.


        Right on cue!

        Next to him, Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, had an eye roll and a sardonic smile on his face.

        "Qiu Shao, I know who the person Xu Ziheng is talking about."