Today I Give Up Trying 359-360

 Chapter 359

Liyuan Garden, Bai Yi's home.

        Lin Fan hummed a tune as he washed the dishes.

        For him!

        Being able to cook, brush the dishes and wash the clothes for the family is definitely the greatest pleasure.

        But just as Lin Fan put all the dishes on the table and washed them, he suddenly heard his father-in-law Bai Shan's phone ring in the living room.


        Lin Fan was slightly stunned, and didn't pay too much attention to it.

        It was just that in less than a minute, a crackling sound was heard from within the living room, and then father-in-law Bai Shan seemed to be frightened and ran into the kitchen in a panic.

        "Something has happened out ......! Fanny, your mum's been beaten up!"


        Lin Fan's hand moved with a slight pause, and his eyes instantly exploded with an arresting cold mane.

        "Dad, what's going on? How did Mum get beaten up?"

        A trace of eerie cold air spread out from Lin Fan's body, instantly causing the temperature in the entire kitchen to plummet to the freezing point.

        Bai Shan had been panicked to the extreme, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a chill in his body.

        It was as if, with Lin Fan at the centre, the entire kitchen had become a huge ice cellar.

        That was not all.

        He was shocked to see that Lin Fan's eyes were bursting with a trace of red mane.

        That look was like a frightened dragon, enraged.

        It was like a devil crawling out of the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, wanting to awaken.

        "Little ...... Little Fan you ......"

        Bai Shan was completely dumbfounded.

        In just this instant, he only felt as if his son-in-law had become a stranger.



        It was like a devil in the darkness, with a chilling atmosphere.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan secretly said that it was terrible, and now quickly took his breath back.

        Only then did Bai Shan let out a long sigh of relief, his entire forehead already densely covered in sweat.

        Just a moment ago!

        He then became almost paralysed with fear, and now looked at Lin Fan again, filled with confusion and bewilderment.

        "Dad, are you alright?" Lin Fan now stepped forward with concern and asked.

        "No ...... nothing!"

        Until now, Bai Shan still hadn't reacted to the scene, as if it was an illusion to him.

        In particular, after he saw that Lin Fan's eyes were no different from before, he thought that he had spent his eyes.

        "Little Fan, what should we do now? Your mum didn't say exactly what was going on over the phone? It just said that it was Tian Hao, the young master of the Tian Group in Jiangnan City, with a bunch of dudes, who snatched her phone!"

        White Mountain is full of anxiety and incredulity.


        Naturally, Baisan has heard of the famous Crown Prince Party in Jiangnan province.

        The prince has grown up with a golden key in his mouth.

        Bai Shan simply couldn't understand how such a wealthy young prince could snatch his wife's mobile phone and even hit her.


        Bai Shan knew that his wife's mobile phone was just a piece of junk that Lin Fan had bought from a street stall for three hundred yuan.

        Even he, Bai Shan, didn't care for this kind of thing, let alone let a gentleman like Tian Hao take it from him.

        Mobile phone!

        When Lin Fan heard this, he instantly understood what had happened.

        Immediately, he hurriedly asked Bai Shan for Shen Yumei's current address, and he was on fire, wanting to go out.

        "Little Fan, it's useless for you ...... to go! Why don't I call and get your mum to come back, the phone is gone!"

        "Besides, Tian Hao is the kind of person that we in the Bai family can't afford to provoke!"

        White Mountain's face was filled with intense worry.

        And hearing this!

        At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a chilling curve appeared.

        "Mobile phones, I don't care!"

        "But anyone who hits my mother, I'll break his legs!"

Chapter 360


        In front of Bai Shan's confused eyes, Lin Fan walked out of the house, and after getting on the electric bicycle, he left the Bai house as fast as he could.



        Around Baiy's house, a pair of eyes, from above the other floors of the neighbourhood, are always on the lookout for Baiy's movements.

        Some of these belong to the Tiger, some to the Knife!

        Others, belonging to the Dragon Group, and government employees.

        They were placed day and night in the residential buildings around Baiy's home, with only one job, to prevent some of the small children from disturbing Baiy's family.

        And right now!

        After they saw Lin Fan riding his electric bicycle with a gloomy face and a fury that penetrated, quickly out of the house!

        Suddenly, phone call after phone call went out of these people's hands.

        "Hello! Tiger, Boss is out and I think he seems extremely angry, I don't know what's going on."

        "Master Knife, it's bad, it seems someone has offended Mr. Lin, and now Mr. Lin is out on his electric bike!"

        "Hey! Mr One, Mr Lim has just left the house and I don't know what has happened."


        One phone call after another shakes the city of Jiang!

        And with those phone calls.


        The whole of Jiang City was completely shaken by the big names.

        Lin Fan was furious!

        Whether it was Master Tiger, Master Blade, Blood Rose or City One, they had never met.

        Right now, it was obvious that there was something unsightly that had angered Lin Fan, so what was waiting was the dragon's wrath.


        At the entrance of the mobile phone shop.

        The slap mark on her face was bright red, as if it was dripping blood.

        Next to her, the fat shopkeeper and others, were constantly advising her.

        "Madam, I advise you to let this matter rest here! Even if your husband and son-in-law come, it won't help at all!"

        "Yeah, those guys are the princelings of Jiangnan City, we ordinary people can't afford to mess with them!"

        "But I've heard that these princelings are capable of doing anything, especially big families, so it's like a game if they want to kill an ordinary person!"


        The fat shopkeeper and the customers around him were also well-intentioned.

        After all, in their eyes, the valuable devil machine was very important, but human lives were even more important.

        If they really angered that group of princes, I'm afraid that Shen Yumei's family would have to follow their misfortune.

        Listen to this advice.

        Shen Yumei's face became more and more pale and helpless.

        That's right!

        At this moment, she also regretted it in her heart.

        She was equally afraid of Tian Hao's group, especially, if Lin Fan's fiery personality knew that he had been beaten, something would definitely happen.

        By then, it would harm Lin Fan even more!

        "What to do? My son-in-law is on his way here now! If I'd known, I ...... I wouldn't have made the call!"

        At this moment, Shen Yumei was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, afraid that Lin Fan would be impulsive and do something extreme when he arrived.

        At that time, I'm afraid that my son-in-law's life will be ruined in the hands of that group of princes.


        Just when Shen Yumei was regretting it, the sound of an electric car's siren rang out.

        The crowd suddenly saw a young man, flamboyantly riding an electric bicycle, arriving in front of the crowd.

        In particular, this youth just approached and quickly jumped off the electric bike, ran to Shen Yumei's face, and asked urgently.

        "Mum, are you all right?"

        Hear this!

        The fat boss and others have thoroughly confirmed that the young man who arrived on an electric bicycle is Shen Yumei's son-in-law.

        An electric bicycle?

        How can such a person be compared to someone like Tian Hao who drives a supercar?

        It's like an ant, compared to a dragon, it's just a joke.