Today I Give Up Trying 357-358

 Chapter 357


        Just one offer, which suddenly made the fat shopkeeper and a few customers next to him, almost pee.

        Ten million!

        Ordinary people, even if they went without food or drink for the rest of their lives, would never be able to earn so much money, but now it's being used to buy a small mobile phone.

        Especially the fat boss.

        At this moment, when he heard 10 million, his whole body almost fainted.

        Blood dripped.

        If he had bought this piece of mobile phone before, then 10 million would be his now, what's the point of opening a shabby shop, he would have gone to enjoy life long ago.

        But now ......

        It was as if the fat boss had been drained of all his strength and fell to the floor on his buttocks.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        And everyone around them, at this moment, brushed their eyes together and looked at Shen Yumei, eyes filled with envy and jealousy, no longer the disdain and ridicule that they had when they thought it was Nokia.

        "Right ...... sorry! I can't sell this phone, it belonged to my son-in-law and I didn't know it was so valuable, that's why I took it out!"

        "Now, I want to give it back to my son-in-law!"

        Shen Yumei said to Tian Hao and the others with a hard scalp at this moment.

        At this moment, her heart was complicated to the extreme.

        She had an intuition that this mobile phone might have been on Lin Fan's body from the very beginning.

        For three years, Lin Fan hadn't taken it out because he was afraid of scaring his own family.

        Lin Fan, who exactly is this brat?

        Shen Yumei is hurrying at the moment, she seems to be getting less and less familiar with her son-in-law.

        There is something unknown and mysterious about him.


        When Tian Hao and the others heard this, they now thought that Shen Yumei was not satisfied with their offer, and without a frown, they continued.

        "Aunty, if it's too little for you, then we can add more! Thirty million!"


        This one sentence made the others in the mobile phone shop, even more shocked beyond words.

        Twenty million was added in one fell swoop to reach the astronomical price of thirty million.

        This was unimaginable.

        The fat owner, even more so, had his mouth agape and almost fainted.


        Surprisingly, Shen Yumei once again shook her head and apologised profusely, saying.

        "Master Tian ...... Tian, it really isn't about the money! This phone is really my son-in-law's! He's the real owner of the phone!"

        "Fifty million!"

        Tian Hao simply ignores it and continues to talk in terms of money.

        Fifty million!

        Half a billion!

        In a city as small as Jiang City, even the upper echelons are not so wealthy.

        And now, just for a piece of mobile phone.

        Shen Yumei was similarly frightened by this sky-high price, she wanted to agree but she couldn't.

        If this mobile phone was just a piece of junk bought from Lin Fan's street stall, she wouldn't hesitate to sell it or throw it away.

        But now, when she knew the true value of the devil machine, it was no longer a question of money.

        It was Lin Fan's mobile phone.

        Only his own son-in-law was in a position to decide whether this phone would stay or go.

        Right now!

        Under everyone's astonished gaze, Shen Yumei shook her head once more.


        This scene instantly darkened the faces of Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and other broads like them.

        They did not expect to be rejected by Shen Yumei even after offering such an astronomical price.

        "One hundred million!"


        The entire mobile phone shop was in an uproar.

        One hundred million, a piece of mobile phone!

        Lie ...... Lie!

        Every one of them felt their hearts thumping wildly, where the hell is this mobile phone, this is clearly a vault is a treasure ah.

        And that fat boss, even more so, a mouthful of old blood, almost spurted out.


        His heart was like a knife digging into an axe, hurting him so much that he wanted to vomit blood.

        Missing out on a hundred million made him wish he had run himself headlong into the ground.


        "Sorry, I can't sell ......!" Shen Yumei gritted her teeth and shook her head with a determined look.

Chapter 358

And hearing this.

        The fat owner and all the customers were in disbelief.

        Crazy, right?

        Not even 100 million for sale, this woman is simply an idiot.

        If it were ordinary people, not to mention a mobile phone, they would be willing to kill and set fires for 100 million.

        But now ......

        "Yes! You're fine!"

        The faces of Tian Hao and the others were instantly darkened, and the eyes of each of them were filled with anger and resentment.

        "I never thought there would be anyone in the tiny city of Jiang who could refuse a hundred million!"

        A hint of ruthlessness burst forth from Tian Hao's eyes, he said.

        With a flip of his palm, he pocketed the Devil Machine.

        "Unfortunately, you can say no to a hundred million, but not to me, Tianhao! I'll take the phone, and you won't get a penny for it!"


        Hearing these words, and seeing Tian Hao's action of pocketing the phone, Shen Yumei and everyone around her could not believe their eyes.

        Is this ...... a forced robbery?

        Wow ......

        The crowd could never have imagined that Tian Hao, a noble son of a wealthy family, would do such a despicable thing.

        Instantly, Shen Yumei was anxious, if she didn't have the phone, how would she face Lin Fan, her son-in-law, in the future.

        She would definitely feel guilty and blame herself for the rest of her life.

        "Young Master Tian ......, you are a generous man, please return this mobile phone to me! It belonged to my son-in-law, I have no right to sell it!"

        Shen Yumei was so anxious that she almost cried out.

        As she said that, she was about to go forward and grab the phone.

        However, she had just arrived in front of Tian Hao.


        Tian Hao's hand rose and his palm fell, slapping Shen Yumei's face so hard that she stumbled and fell to the ground with a plop.

        Bright red slap marks emerged from Shen Yumei's cheeks.

        Her entire body was completely bewildered.

        Her head went blank, and she even briefly fell into a state of deafness.

        But Tian Hao, as if he was just swatting flies, didn't care, and his gaze swept a cold glance at Shen Yumei, and then, in one turn, swept over everyone in the mobile phone shop.

        Suddenly, when Tian Hao's gaze swept over, both the fat owner and the surrounding customers felt a numbness on their scalp.

        They didn't even have the courage to meet Tian Hao's gaze, let alone stop him.

        "Hmph! Just a bunch of mole crickets from the lower stratum, how dare they refuse this young man's goodwill?


        Tian Hao no longer bothered to look at Shen Yumei and the others, so he took Qiu Jie and a group of other rich young men and hailed them out of the mobile phone shop!


        When an engine buzzed, it rang out.

        A dozen or so supercars, roaring like wild animals, instantly sailed away.

        Until that moment!

        Shen Yumei's whole body shivered with excitement, and she completely woke up from that slap.

        "No ...... mobile! My son-in-law's phone!"

        Shen Yumei stood up from the ground and when she saw the supercar that had disappeared without a trace, her whole body was about to cry.

        "Can one of you ...... lend me your phone to use? My son-in-law's mobile phone, it's been taken away from him and I want to tell my husband!"

        Shen Yumei was now looking at the fat boss and others with a pleading face.

        And hearing this!

        Whether it was the fat owner, or the surrounding customers, the gazes towards Shen Yumei were filled with pity and complexity.

        "This lady, I advise you to forget it! Those people are all the sons of Jiangnan City, you can't afford to mess with them!"

        The fat boss advised.

        As he handed over his mobile phone, he handed it over.

        Afraid, he never dreamed of it.

        A call from his mobile phone suddenly made the entire city of Jiang, began to tremble.