Today I Give Up Trying 354-356

 Chapter 354

Only at the moment, the Bai family had no idea of what was about to happen.

        After they finished dinner, Shen Yumei took the devil machine with her and walked out of the house.

        Tonight, she was meeting up with some old sisters to play mahjong!

        "This phone is too shabby, if a few old sisters saw it, they'd have to laugh at me?"

        Shen Yumei looked at the aged Nokia in her hand, her brow furrowed, and muttered.

        "I don't know, what has this brat Lin Fan gone mad? I can't believe you bought such a piece of junk!"

        "No, I'm going to ask at a shop that recycles mobile phones and see about selling them for a new one!"

        A little bit of thinking!

        Now Yumei Shen made her decision and headed to the second-hand mobile phone shop.

        It was already late in the evening.

        Inside the mobile phone shop, there were only a few customers, talking about prices with the salesman.

        When he saw Shen Yumei walk in, the owner of the mobile phone shop, personally welcomed him, he went up and down, took a look at what Shen Yumei was wearing, and then asked with an enthusiastic face.

        "Ma'am, I didn't know you were selling mobile phones? Or to buy a mobile phone?"

        "Do you want me to introduce you to the new phones in our shop?"

        Hear this!

        Shen Yumei hesitated slightly, feeling that her aged Nokia was so worn out that she felt ashamed to even take it out, and could only say.

        "I've come to sell my mobile phone at ......!"

        Selling mobile phones?

        The fat owner, slightly stunned and with a smile on his face, asks.

        "May I ask what brand of mobile phone you have? Apple?"

        In the eyes of the fat boss, Shen Yumei is not badly dressed, and this kind of rich, broad wife is at least using a mobile phone, which is an Apple X11.

        It's not just him!

        The next few customers, looking at Shen Yumei's dress, also had the feeling that she was a widow, and likewise thought that the mobile phone she was selling must also be a high-end mobile phone.

        It was just that Shen Yumei's next words caused the fat boss and the few customers beside her to stiffen slightly with envy on all their faces.

        "It's ...... Nokia!"



        Do people still use these phones these days?

        Under the bewildered and puzzled gaze of the fat boss and the surrounding customers, Shen Yumei took out the elderly Nokia, which was the size of a brick.

        Jing ......

        At this moment, after looking at this piece of mobile phone, the atmosphere in the entire mobile phone shop was slightly silent.

        The look on the faces of the fat owner and the surrounding customers was instantly wonderful.




        Not one of them.

        The fat boss, in particular, received this elderly piece of Nokia and looked back and forth, and a strong look of disgust came over his face.

        "You've come to make fun of me, madam! What a piece of crap this is!"

        "The whole phone, it's thick and heavy, and it's got a back case, or is it iron? What the hell is a mobile phone? Or is it a slab?"

        Wow ......

        The chubby owner's words suddenly made the few customers around him laugh.

        One by one, looking cross-eyed at the geriatric devil machine, burst into discussion.

        "I can't tell that the old lady is dressed quite nobly, but she's using this crap?"

        "Yes, I'm afraid the phone is a decade or two old, isn't it? Almost as big as Big Brother!"

        "Hahaha ...... guess I wasn't even born when this phone left the factory?"


        The dislike of the fat boss and the sarcastic voices of the surrounding customers all fell on Shen Yumei's ears.

        Instantly, it made her face, as if she had been slapped in the face, flush with shame.

        "Okay ...... okay!"

        "Then I'm not selling it ......"

        Shen Yumei no longer had the face to stay here, and now said shyly, turned around and wanted to go out.

        But at this moment!

        Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

        The roar of an engine resounded from outside the shop and, to everyone's shocked eyes, one luxury supercar after another pulled up outside the mobile phone shop.

Chapter 355


        Bugatti Veyron!


        Shen Yumei was stunned at the sight of a supercar parked outside the shop, while the fat owner and all the customers inside the shop couldn't believe their eyes!

        "Oh my God, is that a Bugatti Veyron? Holy shit, it's the first time I've seen it in Jiangcheng!"

        "And that Lamborghini, I've heard that only the youngest of the Sky Dragon Group has one!"

        "These cars are not from our city of Jiangnan, look at the number plate, it's Jiangnan! I wonder which of the grand dukes?"


        The customers around us were talking about it, full of amazement and envy.

        Some even took out their mobile phones and began to take pictures of the supercar outside the door.


        The shock was just beginning.

        One by one, the supercars drove up and parked outside the shop.

        Three of them!



        It was as if an exhibition of luxury cars had been opened outside the entire mobile phone shop, each one worth nearly ten million dollars, simply bursting everyone's eyes.

        That's not all!

        In the shocking sight of the crowd, the dozen or so supercars opened their doors, and then one young man or woman after another, walked out from within the sports car.

        The first thing that I'm going to do is to take a look at this.

        The first thing that came to mind was the fact that it was the first time I'd ever seen it.

        The first time I was in the car, I was in the car.

        However, what made them even more shocked was .......

        "I ...... have seen the young man at the front in the magazine, he seems to be the son of the Tian Clan in Jiangnan City - Tian Hao!"

        "And the one with the glasses in the back is the son of the Qiu Clan in Jiangnan City - Qiu Jie!"

        "Holy shit, every one of these is a famous rich young man from Jiangnan City! Why would someone like him ...... their kind come here!"


        Shocker! Puzzled!

        A street of mobile phone shops, almost all of which are buying and selling second-hand goods, does not fit in with these luxury cars and broads.

        People simply could not figure out why these sons and daughters came to such a shabby place.


        The thing that shook them had just begun.

        The eyes of Tian Hao and the others swept over the display in their hands, and then they hailed the second-hand mobile phone shop and strode towards it.


        The fat owner of the mobile phone shop and all the customers were shocked by this scene.

        They had never dreamed that these rich young men had actually come to this ramshackle mobile phone shop.

        The fat owner hurriedly greeted them with excitement and a thick, pleasing smile on his face.

        "Dare I ask a few young men what I can do to help?"

        The fat man's mood was simply thrilled to the extreme.

        Each and every one of these rich young men was a god of wealth.

        The slightest leakage from their fingers would be enough to feed him for a lifetime.


        Tian Hao and the others, as if they hadn't heard the fat owner's words, swept their gaze over every customer within the shop.

        Until everyone's eyes fell on the elderly Nokia in Shen Yumei's hand.


        Brushing together, the faces changed.

        "Is this ...... this?"

        Tian Hao's eyes almost fell out, and a trace of horror and excitement spread across his face.

        Now, he hurriedly pushed the fat boss away, and with his glasses Qiu Jie and the others, he walked towards Shen Yumei.


        Shen Yumei's face was scared white as she watched Tian Hao and the others approaching.

        These could be the young masters of Jiangnan City.

        Any one of them was an existence that she and the Bai Clan did not dare to provoke.

        And now ......

        "Hello Auntie! My name is Tanho, may I see your phone?"

Chapter 356


        When Tian Hao's words fell, the atmosphere in the entire mobile phone shop instantly froze.

        Whether it was Shen Yumei, the fat boss or others, they all couldn't believe their ears.

        A mobile phone?

        What about an older Nokia?

        The crowd couldn't understand what a rich young man like Tian Hao was looking at this piece of junk for?

        "Available at ...... Yes!"

        Shen Yumei only felt that her head, all downtime, was now confused, so she handed over the phone.

        The only thing that made her even more unbelievable was.

        When Tian Hao received the phone, it was as if he was receiving a holy object, but his entire body bowed over, and his hands came to receive it!

        It seems that there is a fear of damaging or dirtying this piece of mobile phone.

        Wow ......

        At this scene, Shen Yumei, the fat owner, and every other customer around them, their eyes almost dropped in shock.

        They simply could not comprehend it!

        What's so special about this elderly Nokia that it not only attracts a group of wide-eyed young men like Tian Hao, but even makes them so pious and respectful about such a small gesture as connecting their phones.

        That's not all!

        After receiving the phone, a group of youngsters, including Tian Hao and Qiu Jie, gathered around.

        It was as if their eyes were completely attracted to this aged Nokia, and they could not take their eyes off it.

        "No...... right! Tiger shark keys, tungsten gold! Ho ...... Ho! It's a real devil machine!"

        The young man wearing glasses, Qiu Jie, was now wiping his glasses as he said to Tian Hao and the others, hyperactively.

        "Gosh, not bad for a devil machine! When you look at the tiger shark keys, it's said that the skin on each keyboard is that of a tiger shark's jaws, polished out!"

        "And the tungsten steel gold at the back, one gram is 100,000! Such a big chunk of nest grass ...... could buy me several Lamborghinis!"


        After hearing the excited voices of the broads!

        Shen Yumei is confused!

        The fat boss is dumbfounded!

        And the customers around us, one by one, could hardly believe their ears!

        The keyboard, a tiger shark's jaw skin, polished?

        The casing, made of 100,000 pieces of tungsten gold per gram?

        How many Lamborghinis can you buy with just the shell?

        This ...... How the hell is this possible!


        Shen Yumei, in particular, only felt that her three outlooks had been completely shattered.

        "Lin Fan, this brat, what ...... has he done? Where did he buy this phone?"

        Shen Yumei only felt a numbness in her scalp.

        In her mind, the scene of the afternoon involuntarily appeared.

        She finally understood!

        Why Zhang Tianli, the top mobile phone designer in Huaxia, also worshiped and asked to observe this piece of mobile phone.

        It was even more understandable why, when he jolted the phone, it was as if Zhang Tianli had been frightened.


        Lin Fan, that little bastard, let her use this phone ...... to smash walnuts?

        Thinking of her afternoon, puffing and smashing walnuts, Shen Yumei only felt her heart dripping blood.

        That loser!

        If you break one gram of outer shell, you lose over 100,000!

        When she thought of this, Shen Yumei wanted to slap that little bastard, Lin Fan, to death.

        At this moment, just as Shen Yumei was imagining things, Tian Hao came over with a group of broads, holding a devil machine.

        Tian Hao came over with a group of broads, holding a devil machine.

        "Aunty, can you transfer this piece of mobile phone, to me?"

        "I can pay 10 million for ......!"