Today I Give Up Trying 351-353

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 Chapter 351

"How did this happen?"

        "Does that Lin Fan know that the piece he's holding is a devil machine?"

        Chu Yu immediately thought of this question and asked incredulously to Zhang Tianli.


        After he saw that Zhang Tianli had nodded, Chu Yu's scalp was even more numb.

        "Oh my god! How is this possible! Since Lin Fan knows that this is a devil machine, how could he casually take it out?"

        "And he's got the Bailey family smashing walnuts with a devil machine? Is he out of his mind?"


        In Chu Yu's eyes, anyone in the world who owned a Devil Machine would be like a family heirloom and would be eager to worship and treasure it.

        And now?

        Not only did that Lin Fan casually carry the devil machine in his trouser pocket, he even gave it to Shen Yumei and the others to smash walnuts with.


        This is definitely something that only a madman could do.

        And Zhang Tianli, who was also full of shock and incredulity next to him, said in a complicated voice.

        "There is only one explanation why that Mr Lim, knowing it was a devil machine, would bring it out to break walnuts for the Bailey family."

        "That is, the devil machine is not precious to him!"

        "Or rather, something that we worship as a sacred object, not even as happy as a smile from the Bailey family!"

        Holy shit!

        Chuyu wanted to make an exit at this moment.

        What kind of fucking logic is this.

        It was a devil machine, a treasure that could shake the global mobile phone industry, but now it was less than the happy smile of the Bai family.


        Chu Yu seemed to have thought of something.

        A trace of fear surfaced on that face of his, and his entire body, as if sifting chaff, trembled involuntarily.

        "Lin Fan's only reason for not caring is that he is the true owner of the Devil Machine!"

        "If he is the owner of the devil machine, doesn't that mean that the caller on the devil machine earlier was probably really Kathleen Rowling's business queen!"


        When this guess was made, Chu Yu's face went white as if she had seen a ghost.

        Kaiser Rawlings!

        This name is a god-like terror in shopping malls around the world.

        Since her debut, she has been unrivalled in the world of shopping malls.

        With one hand, she has built the behemoth that is the Global Group.

        What's more, there are rumours!

        Behind Kathleen Rowling is a mysterious force of unimaginable terror.

        No one can match it!


        It's because of this mysterious escort that Katharine Rowling's business career is as unstoppable as if she were open.

        "And how can someone like Katharine make a wrong call?"

        "So, the King in her mouth is not a surname! Instead, it's her ...... king! Lin Fan!"

        As soon as the words were spoken.

        Chu Yu and Zhang Tianli were both almost scared to death.

        Especially Chu Yu!

        He was 80% sure of Lin Fan's true identity, but as if in a dream, he couldn't imagine that he had actually met such a big man.

        What was even worse was that he had even mocked the other party.

        "Zhang Lao, I ...... am finished! Our Chu family is finished!"

        "I offended Lin Fan, I laughed at him! One word from him, one finger from Kathleen Rowling and our Chu family will be ashes to ashes!"

        Think of this!

        Chu Yu's entire body was almost in tears.

        "No ...... no! I'm going to kowtow and apologise to Lin Fan, no, Mr Lin! Only if he forgives me can I live and our Chu family live!"

        Said Chu Yu, trembling, trying to open the door, but his whole body seemed to be scared and lost strength, and after opening it several times, he couldn't open it.

        "Young master, don't be anxious!"

        Zhang Tianli quickly reassures.

        "Earlier, when I recognised the Devil's Machine, I tried to break the story, but Mr Lim stopped me!"

        "Obviously, he didn't want to reveal his true identity! So if you go and apologise to Mr Lim now, won't that expose Mr Lim and arouse the suspicion of the Bailey family?"


        This sentence made Chu Yu's body tremble again.

        That's right!

        The fact that Lin Fan took the Devil Machine out to break walnuts for the Bai family shows that he did not want to expose himself, let alone frighten them.

        If he went ahead, not only would he not be forgiven, but he might even provoke Lin Fan's anger.

        At that point, it would be complete and utter ruin!

Chapter 352

"What to do? Zhang, can you ...... help me think of an idea?"

        "Idiot! I have cerebral palsy! I can't believe I'm laughing at a character like Mr Lim, I'm fucking ......"

        Chu Yu was frightened at the moment, completely disoriented.

        And only after hearing this did Zhang Tianli say.

        "Young Master, don't worry! Although you've made fun of Mr. Lin before, how could someone like him take the mocking words of a little man like you to heart!"

        "Besides, you're still Miss Baiy's primary school classmate, and I'm sure Mr. Lin will never deal with you!"


        A word that makes Chu Yu's eyes light up slightly.

        That's right!

        The man who could be made king by Katharine Rowling wouldn't care about a little creep like himself.

        Think of it!

        Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief as he realised that, in less than a few moments, he had been so frightened that his back was completely wet with sweat.

        Immediately afterwards, however, a dense, complex colour appeared on Chu Yu's face.

        "Alas ...... I now realise how ridiculous and insignificant I am!"

        "Before, I really wanted to meet Baiyi and even wanted to snatch him from Mr. Lin's hands, but now I realise that I was such an idiot!"

        A thick bitterness surfaced in Chu Yu's heart.

        Facing the man who had been made king by Cather Rowling, he truly understood how small and powerless he was.

        Not only himself, but even their Chu family!

        Just a word from Lin Fan, a hint of anger, was enough to incinerate the entire Chu family to slag.

        And hearing these words!

        Next to him, Zhang Tianli, looking in the direction of the Baiy family, is also filled with complexity and bewilderment.

        "Alas ...... who could have imagined that the tiny city of Jiangxi could hide such a giant dragon!"

        "But I have a feeling that some people are going to be unlucky!"


        Zhang Tianli's words caused Chu Yu to be stunned and confused, asking.

        "Zhang, who are you referring to when you say some people are going to be unlucky?"

        "Some enthusiasts who can't get enough of the devil machine!" Zhang Tianli said with a complex face.

        "In the past, it was always a mystery in whose hands the Devil Machine fell! This has led to the fact that many electronic enthusiasts, who have been obsessed with the legend of the Devil Machine, and even many fanatics, have been testing that tower of the Devil Machine!"

        "And now that Mr Lim's devil machine is on, even taking a call, I'm afraid those people will detect it! They are likely to swarm like flies that smell blood!"


        Upon hearing Zhang Tianli's words, Chu Yu's complexion changed slightly.

        "Zhang Lao, but what news have you got?"

        Zhang Tianli nodded, and then said.

        "As far as I know, some of the members of the Supermarine Prince Party have recently come to Jiangnan City! And those people, with their supercars and electronics, are fanatical beyond belief! This time, they're likely to find the Devil Machine!"

        The Gangnam Supermini Prince Party!

        When he heard this name, Chu Yu's face changed.

        He had heard of those people as well.

        It was said that every member of that princely party was a super-rich second generation, belonging to the noble sons of major zaibatsu.

        The things these people liked most were racing cars, electronics and women!

        Once they do discover the Devil Machine, a conflict with Lin Fan is unavoidable.

        Think of it!

        Chu Yu did not shake his head indifferently, but began to mourn in his heart for those members of the Prince Party.

        "If those members of the Crown Prince Party knew that not only they, but even the Zaibatsu family behind them, were no more than tiny insects in front of Mr. Lin, I'm afraid these people would be scared to death!"

        It was as if Chu Yu had seen the pathetic end of those princelings.

        While discussing with Zhang Tianli on how to get in touch with Lin Fan in the future, she drove away slowly.

Chapter 353


        The Royal Court Club, one of the most exclusive clubs in Jiang City.

        Inside one of the private rooms, several young men were each holding a voluptuous woman in their arms, making out.

        The lights were sprinkled and the ambiguity lingered!

        Fill the entire box with a smell of alcohol and hormones.


        Just a few youths, just getting into the act, couldn't wait to get their guns up and running.


        The entire door of the box was rammed open from the outside, and a young man wearing glasses, holding a display screen, came running in hot and fast.

        "Glasses, you fucking ......"

        A few youths were startled, and when they saw the spectacled man coming in, they snapped at each other in a rage.

        And right now!

        The young man with the glasses seemed unconcerned by the attitude of the crowd, and instead said cheerfully to the handsome young man at the head of the group.

        "Ho! We have a signal! We've finally found it!"


        The eyeglasses' words caused the handsome young man, slightly stunned, to ask the following question.

        "Glasses, what's getting a signal?"

        "Devil Machine! The devil machine has a signal! It's in Jiangcheng!" The glasses sputtered, their eyes bursting with a fiery lustre.


        When he said this, both Brother Hao and the other youths stood up from the sofa with a sudden burst of energy.

        The eyes of each and every one of them flashed with an intense colour of incredulity.

        "Glasses, what you ...... you said is true? Is that devil machine really in Jiangcheng?"

        Hao's voice is filled with a trembling sensation.

        It was as if he was talking about a supreme treasure, a divine object, with fervour and incredulity.

        Not only him!

        The rest of the youths, who were also staring straight at the glasses, were breathing rapidly, as if they were nervous to the extreme.

        And seeing the looks of the crowd.

        The glasses grinned widely, almost danced around, handed the display to the crowd and said.

        "Ho, while you were playing, I was monitoring the Devil Machine's towers! Just a short while ago, there was movement in that cell tower!"

        "Apparently, someone made a phone call to the owner of the devil machine!"

        "And I've measured the range, and it's right in the city of Ganges, and it's in the city!"

        The words of the glasses were like a bombshell, making everyone, including Hiro, almost explode with joy!

        The Devil's Machine!

        For electronics enthusiasts like them, it was an object of God.

        Although they had been monitoring the devil machine's signal tower, they did not have much hope in their hearts, after all, it was something jointly developed by the world's top ten mobile phone manufacturers.

        Numerous fanatics around the world were staring at it.

        But Hao and others, could never have imagined that the devil machine had appeared!

        And in the very city where they are!

        "Yes! Great!"

        His eyes, staring at the display in the hand of his glasses, could clearly see that there was a red dot on it.

        And the distance displayed was just over ten kilometres!

        "Everyone follow me! We're going to find the owner of that devil machine now!"

        "Whatever the cost today, the Devil Machine must be there! With the Devil's Machine, then our Gangnam Prince Party will spread its name around the world!"

        A big hand for Ho!


        All the youths, dressed in their clothes, were heading out the door in a blaze of glory!

        Gangnam Prince Party!

        That's right!

        Each and every one of these youths is the son of one of Jiangnan's major financial tycoons.

        And to be targeted by them would be an absolute nightmare for many people in Jiangxi!