Today I Give Up Trying 349-350

 Chapter 349

"Quite! I'm looking at the casing, is it not plastic, but iron?"

        Bai Shan frowned at the back of the devil machine and knocked.

        There was a clanking sound.

        "Huh? Is it really iron?"

        White Hillton was in a state of shock.

        And hearing that!

        Zhang Tianli was even more likely to spurt out a mouthful of old blood.

        Nima, iron you a hair!

        It's tungsten gold!

        A gram of super material worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

        And now, it's being treated like scrap metal, which if the world's top ten mobile phone manufacturers knew about, they would have to cry to death.

        However, that wasn't all.

        Next to him, Lin Fan, after seeing the White Mountain couple playing with this devil machine with curiosity on their faces, couldn't help but shrug his shoulders and hold back a smile, saying.

        "Dad, the back case of this phone, it's tough!"

        "By the way, I got a bunch of walnuts today and forgot to buy cracking tongs! Why don't you smash a few and taste them!"


        Lin Fan exported a sentence that nearly scared Zhang Tianli to death.

        Smashing walnuts?

        You're going to hit a walnut with a fucking devil machine, for fuck's sake!

        Zhang Tianli only felt that 10,000 heads of grass were rushing past in his heart, especially after he saw that Lin Fan actually walked into the kitchen and brought out a basket of walnuts, he wanted to run headlong into death.

        "Little Fan, these walnuts look good! I have to taste it!"

        White Mountain's heart was happy.

        Now, he did it on the sofa, then took out a walnut, and with the case of his mobile phone, he smashed it against the top!


        The walnut shattered in response to the sound.

        This scene caused the faces of Shen Yumei and Bai Shan to burst out laughing and cursing at Lin Fan.

        "You stinker, buying weird and wonderful things! Not to mention, it's a great quality phone, not only can it be used as a phone, but it's also self-defense!"

        "If you come across thieves and robbers, you might be able to knock those bad guys unconscious if you hit them with a phone like this."

        Shen Yumei and Bai Shan were smiling happily.

        And seeing their happy faces, Lin Fan was naturally filled with relief.

        For him!

        The devil machine is expensive, but not as valuable as a good laugh from your in-laws.

        As long as they're happy, it doesn't matter if they actually break the Devil Machine, let alone smash a walnut.

        Knock knock!

        At this moment, while listening to the sound of Bai Shan knocking walnuts, Zhang Tianli, who was next to him, involuntarily covered his heart.

        Heartache ah ......

        He just felt like his heart was almost dripping blood.

        To use the tungsten-gold casing of a devil machine to smash walnuts, this was definitely a fucking groundbreaking first.

        That's not all!

        Bai Shan handed the smashed walnuts to Bai Yi and Chuyu, and after they ate them, their eyes also lit up.

        "Huh? Not to mention, the walnuts smashed out with a mobile phone are pretty tasty!"

        It was as if Chu Yu had discovered a new world, full of curiosity.

        And hearing these words!

        A mouthful of old blood from Zhang Tianli almost sprayed on his face.

        "Zhang Lao, you don't look too good, do you want to eat some walnuts! Trust me, the walnuts smashed out of this phone do taste different!"

        Chu Yu said to Zhang Tianli.

        And hearing this, Zhang Tianli hated to slap this bastard to death.

        He hurriedly said to Chu Yu.

        "Young Master, let's go now! I'm not feeling well today, old man!"


        Hearing this, the crowd realized that Zhang Tianli's complexion was extremely unpleasant.

        Even on his forehead, there was a bead of sweat flowing down.

Chapter 350

This scene startled Chu Yu and he quickly nodded his head in response.

        "Zhang, then I'll take you to the hospital now!"

        After bidding farewell to the Bai family, Chu Yu hurriedly walked out of the house with Zhang Tianli in tow.

        The two of them walked out of Bai Yi's house and got into the car.


        Zhang Tianli breathed a sigh of relief, he was really afraid that if he continued to stay in the Baiy family, Lin Fan and the others would give him a heart attack.

        "Zhang Lao, which hospital are we going to now?"

        Chu Yu asks to Zhang Tianli as she fastens her seatbelt.

        Just hear that!

        Zhang Tianli, however, shook his head and said with a complex expression on his face.

        "No hospital!"


        This sentence caused Chu Yu's movements to pause, and he now turned to look at Zhang Tianli with a deep suspicion in his eyes.

        "Didn't you just say that you weren't feeling well?"


        Zhang Tianli sneered, while looking at Chu Yu as if he were an idiot.

        "Because I was frightened by ......!"

        Wow ......

        Chu Yu could hardly believe her own ears at Zhang Tianli's words.


        Who dares to scare Zhang Tianli, the famous mobile phone designer?

        Isn't this a joke?

        A thick, embarrassed smile appeared on Chu Yu's face as she asked, confused.

        "Zhang, how come I ...... don't understand your words?"

        Don't get it?

        Zhang Tianli looked at Chu Yu with a look of intense sarcasm and asked playfully.

        "The walnuts, were they good?"


        Chu Yu was completely bewildered and found himself unable to keep up with Zhang Tianli's pace, especially as to why the other party was asking about walnuts again.

        However, even though Chu Yu had 10,000 doubts in his heart, he nodded his head and said.

        "Good ...... yummy! Zhang, is there a problem with the walnuts?"

        "No problem!"

        Zhang Tianli smiled and shook his head, and then he looked through the car window towards Bai's home, as if he could hear the sound of cracking walnuts coming from Bai's home from a distance.

        "But the walnuts are smashed out of a devil's machine, so can they not be delicious?"

        The Devil Machine!

        After these three words fell on Chu Yu's ears.


        Chu Yu's entire body trembled as if struck by lightning, and he could hardly believe his ears.

        He stared at Zhang Tianli with wide eyes as if he had seen a ghost, his voice trembling.

        "Zhang ...... Zhang Lao! Are you ...... kidding? How could the walnut kernel have been smashed by the devil machine, when it was clearly a piece of Lin Fan's tattered old age ......"


        Chu Yu's words came to an abrupt halt in mid-sentence.

        As if he had thought of something, his entire jaw, almost in shock, dropped.

        "Are you ...... saying that the elderly piece of Nokia that Lin Fan has is the legendary ...... devil machine?"



        After Chu Yu uttered these words, he only felt his heart instantly jump into his throat.

        How could it be!

        How could the legendary Devil Machine of the mobile phone industry appear here, and how could it be on Lin Fan's body, isn't this a fucking international joke?

        "Isn't it incredible?"

        Zhang Tianli's complex look at Chu Yu, the meaning in his voice, is difficult to understand.

        "But this ...... is indeed true!"

        "The back of that aged Nokia is tungsten gold! The fat keyboard you laughed at is covered in tiger shark skin!"


        Chu Yu's entire body trembled with conviction at these words.

        Naturally, he would not doubt Zhang Tianli's professionalism.

        The other party was one of the most famous mobile phone designers in Huaxia, and it was absolutely impossible to be mistaken about the Devil Machine.

        In other words, it was all true!

        The 'geriatric Nokia', as he derides it, is the devil machine that has shaken the world.