Today I Give Up Trying 347-348

 Chapter 347

Dear King!

        When they heard this name, the faces of the crowd were instantly strange.

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan, and their eyes were filled with weirdness and playfulness.

        It was just four words!

        But there are a lot of theories.

        One is that the other side called, looking for someone named 'Wang', and the other, the real Wang!

        It's just that at this moment, whether it's Bai Yi, or everyone around, the first reaction is that this Auntie Luo Lin on the other end of the phone, is looking for a man surnamed 'Wang'.

        And obviously has a close relationship with the man surnamed Wang, otherwise it would be impossible to call her dear.


        Before waiting for the crowd to respond, I continued to hear Aunt Lorraine, on the phone, continue to say.

        "Well, King, I know you don't like to be disturbed, and this time I'm forced to do it!"

        "I just got the news that the little girl who is secretly in love with you, Zhang Aichen, will be assassinated!"


        When this sentence came, everyone in the entire living room, their faces changed.

        Ariel Zhang!

        This name is naturally familiar to everyone, but it's the national goddess, the little Asian diva.

        She will be assassinated?

        And have a crush on you?

        How the hell is this like listening to the book of God, which boggles everyone's mind?

        Only, before Baek asked, Aunt Lorraine's voice on the phone came back once again.

        "Well, Wang, Auntie I won't bother you anymore! Bye-bye, all of us members of the Dark Side, waiting for the King's return!"

        Toot Toot ......

        After the last sentence, a blind tone was heard on the phone.

        However, the look of the crowd was still in a state of shock, as if they hadn't woken up from the contents of the phone at all.

        Only Zhang Tianli at the side.

        After listening to the contents of the phone.


        His whole body was struck by lightning, and he just felt his head go blank and his whole body almost died.

        "Lorraine? Is it really that Kathleen Rowling?"

        Dense sweat, from Zhang Tianli's forehead, slid down in a rage.

        If it was true that Lin Fan was the owner of the Devil Machine, then Zhang Tianli was sure that the person who had called was definitely the business queen of Cather Rowling.

        Then Zhang Tianli could be sure that the person who was calling could definitely be Kaiser Rowling that business queen.


        What made Zhang Tianli's heart tremble even more!

        'King' as Cather Rowling calls him!

        This is definitely not Lin Fan's last name, but rather he, the king of the queen of business, Kathleen Rowling!


        Thinking of this, Zhang Tianli only felt his scalp almost explode, and he looked at Lin Fan as if he were looking at a devil, filled with fear and dread.

        "Hahaha ......"

        Just at this moment, a burst of laughter sounded once again.

        It was Chu Yu.

        He was laughing so hard that tears almost flew out of his eyes, and he said to the crowd.

        "Haven't people heard? It's a scam call!"

        Liar's call?

        Bai Yi and the others were slightly stunned.

        And Chu Yu continued to explain.

        "Isn't it simple? The note is Commercial Aunt Rowling, and the first person that comes to mind is Cather Rowling! But everyone knows that Kathleen Rowling is a foreigner, and that woman just now, with her standard Chinese accent! How can this be a person!"


        That's right!

        The Bailey family thought about it, and it was true.

        After all, almost everyone who hears the name Commercial Aunt Rawlings, naturally, thinks of Cather Rawlings!

        And Kathleen Rowling is obviously a foreigner, how can she be so fluent and standard in Chinese!

        That's not all!

        Chu Yu continued his analysis for the crowd.

        "And secondly, the other side's name is King! In other words, the man that woman was looking for was named Wang! Not Lin Fan!"

Chapter 348

This sentence made the jealousy in Bai Yi's heart dissipate in an instant.

        She originally thought!

        Lin Fan was cheating on her with another woman, and right now, it looks like a complete misunderstanding.

        They just didn't see it.

        After hearing Chu Yu's serious nonsense, Lin Fan actually nodded his head in satisfaction.

        Originally he didn't know how to explain.

        But now Chu Yu was talking nonsense, and this was exactly the solution to his embarrassing situation.

        Instantly, Lin Fan looked at Chu Yu in a much more pleasing way.

        "Little Fan, you too! What kind of stupid phone did you buy?" Shen Yumei, who was next to her, couldn't help but complain.

        "You're in your early twenties, even if you're going to buy a cell phone, you should buy a better one! Isn't it going to be a joke to take out a Nokia with this old version?"

        Say it!

        Shen Yumei stepped forward and put the X11 in Lin Fan's hand.

        After that, she snatched the Devil Machine over.

        "All right! Starting today, you can use this piece of mine! This geriatric machine is for me to use!"


        Lin Fan and Zhang Tianli were all dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

        They never thought that Shen Yumei would love Lin Fan's son-in-law so much that she would give him the X11 and use the elderly Nokia for herself.

        It's just that this is a fucking devil machine!

        A piece of super artifact that could make a splash in the global cell phone industry.

        And now what?

        Not only was it casually held in Shen Yumei's hand, but even looking at the way she waved the phone, as if she was going to use it as a brick, Lin Fan and Zhang Tianli looked like they had eaten a fly.


        "What's that look on your face, you brat? What's wrong with using this old Nokia of yours?"

        When Shen Yumei saw Lin Fan's constipated look, she frowned and shouted in dissatisfaction.

        "Don't say I'm using it, I'm just taking this junk phone and smashing it!"

        "It's just a $300 piece of crap, right?


        Shen Yumei's words made Zhang Tianli, who was next to her, almost vomit blood.

        Three hundred pieces of crap?

        When Zhang Tianli heard this, the corners of his mouth trembled, and he couldn't imagine what kind of people could really treat the Devil Machine as an aged version of Nokia.

        If this matter is spread to the cell phone industry, I'm afraid the whole industry will be turned upside down.

        That's not all.

        What was even more unbelievable to Zhang Tianli was that Lin Fan, who was next to him, did not react at all and showed no sign of stopping him.

        It seems that in Lin Fan's eyes, this piece of devil machine, even if it was really dropped by Shen Yumei, it would not matter.

        "Huh? You don't say, this phone is quite heavy?"

        Just when Zhang Tianli was incredulous, Shen Yumei's confused words, however, came over.


        As she said that, she put the devil machine in her hand and jolted it.

        Every time the devil machine jumped from Shen Yumei's hand, it caused Zhang Tianli's heart to puff, puff, puff, and beat wildly.

        He was afraid that this woman, really this kind of divine object, to drop the general.

        "This piece of cell phone is afraid that it must weigh three or four pounds!"

        Shen Yumei couldn't believe it.

        Just a piece of cell phone, but it was so heavy.

        And Bai Shan and Bai Yi, who were beside her, were also shocked when they heard.

        "Give it to me, I'm upside down!"

        Bai Shan said, and took the old Nokia from Shen Yumei's hand.

        In particular, after jolting his palm, he found that it really weighed at least three or four pounds, just as Shen Yumei said.