Today I Give Up Trying 341-343

 Chapter 341

"Alas! It's just a cell phone, right?"

        Lin Fan looked at his phone and shook his head faintly.

        He had heard about it.

        Many electronic enthusiasts around the world are frantically searching for their cell phones.

        He even went so far as to check his cell tower every minute of every day.

        The signal tower as the center, wanting to find out this devil machine, even if just a glance, those people even if death, I am afraid, can be satisfied.

        "Unfortunately, I've only used it once in the past three years!"

        "That was the last time I sent a message to some aunts, and this devil machine is in my hands, and it's a waste!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and put the phone on the couch without caring, then turned around and headed to the bathroom.


        When Lin Fan finished his shower, he changed his clothes and came out.


        The door opened, but the Bailey family walked in.

        "Dad, Mom, and wife. You're back!"

        Lin Fan inscrutably picked up his devil machine, put it in his pants pocket, and smilingly welcomed it.

        Only, when he had just gone forward, he noticed that it was not only Bai Yi's family who walked into the house.

        He found that it was not only Bai Yi's family of three who walked into the house, but also a young man and an old man behind him.

        "Little Fan, let me introduce you! This is Chuyu, a classmate of Bai's from elementary school. I just came back from overseas, and my family is now in the cell phone manufacturing industry, ready to return to China!"

        White Mountain at this moment pointed at the young man and introduced him to Lin Fan.

        Hear this!

        The young man smiled slightly, looked at Lin Fan with deep interest, and a trace of inscrutable contempt flashed in his eyes before he said.

        "You're Lin Fan, right? I just heard Baek talking about you!"

        Saying that, the young man just nodded to Lin Fan, which was a greeting.

        Just anyone could see it!

        Chu Yu's attitude was one of disdain and contempt for Lin Fan.

        This scene made Bai Shan slightly embarrassed, but continued to point at the old man next to him and said.

        "Fanny, this old man is remarkable! He is the most prestigious cell phone designer in China, Mr. Zhang Tianli Lao!"

        "Now, it's the top pillar of the Chuyu family cell phone company!"

        Hear the introduction!

        The old man, Zhang Tianli, also just looked at Lin Fan without even nodding his head.


        The old man and the young man looked arrogant to the extreme, as if Lin Fan wasn't even qualified to talk to them in their eyes.

        This scene caused Bai Yi's pretty face to be slightly embarrassed.

        She said right now.

        "Big Brother Chu Yu, I never thought I would see you at this time!"

        "Yes! It's been more than 10 years since we parted as children!" When Chu Yu faced Bai Yi, the look on his face was unusually warm.

        In particular, he looked at Bai Yi with a kind of fire and admiration in his eyes.

        "I never thought that the little girl in my class back then would now be the beautiful CEO of the Bai Group! And, coming out so beautifully dignified! If I had known, I would not have left the country even if I had been beaten to death back then, and I would have definitely chased you down."

        Chu Yu said half-jokingly.

        But in her words, she was showing her affection and admiration for Bai Yi.

        Hearing this, Bai Yi did not think much of it, but asked curiously.

        "Big Brother Chu, are you planning to return to China this time to develop in the country? I heard that your family's cell phone is famous all over the world!"

        Cell phones are communication devices.

        A large cell phone manufacturer, but said status is far from Bai's group can be compared.

        At this moment, not only was Bai Yi extremely envious of Chu Yu, but even Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, who were next to her, were also extremely envious.

        "That's right!"

        On Chu Yu's face, a look of pride appeared.

        "This time I'm back, I'm going to develop in Warsaw! I have brought you a special gift for this visit!"

Chapter 342

Say it!

        Chu Yu put the gift box in her hand on the coffee table, and after opening it, she took out three brand new cell phones.

        "This is the latest X11 smartphone from our Chu family! The price of a cell phone, which is not even available internationally, has been flipped to 20,000 Chinese dollars!"


        Twenty thousand Chinese dollars!

        Bai Yi's family was shocked, but did not expect that this cell phone was so valuable.

        In particular, after they each received the phone from Chu Yu, they saw that the body was extremely gorgeous, and both the visual effect and the experience of using it could not be compared to ordinary cell phones.

        "This is a great phone! This touch, in particular, is extremely sensitive! It really is worth every penny!"

        Shen Yumei looked at the phone in her hand and simply loved it.

        Even Bai Yi, who was nodding her head, appeared unusually surprised.

        "Exactly! The manufacturing process of this phone, and the materials used, are much better than our domestic ones! No wonder, it is so well known internationally!"

        Seeing the three members of Bai Yi's family, their faces were full of joy.

        The corner of Chu Yu's mouth, could not help but slightly curl.

        "Sorry, I thought you only had three people in your family, so I only brought three cell phones!"

        Said Chu Yu, looking at Lin Fan, but his eyes were filled with taunts.

        "Brother Lin, you won't be mad that I didn't bring you a cell phone this time, will you?"


        Hearing this, the three members of the Bai family just reacted, Chu Yu brought three cell phones, all handed to their family of three, but only Lin Fan's share.

        "How could that be? I don't usually use my cell phone much!" Lin Fan smiled slightly.

        He could naturally feel Chu Yu's hostility!

        It's just that such a small person can't cause him the slightest bit of emotional turmoil.

        And this scene!

        Chu Yu was slightly surprised, he didn't expect that Lin Fan's cultivation was so good.

        He was obviously squeezing this guy, but the other party didn't even care, which made him have the illusion of punching the air.

        "Alas! Where are the people who don't use their cell phones regularly these days!"

        Chu Yu shook his head and said with a sigh, then apologized and said.

        "Brother Lin, I know you must be unhappy in your heart, only your phone is missing, don't worry, when I come next time, I'll also bring you an identical X11 smart phone!"

        Chu Yu's words were lofty, but in his tone, it was as if he had the feeling of getting rid of a beggar.

        As if in his mouth!

        Lin Fan is in need of his charity in general.

        And seeing this!

        Bai Shan couldn't help but smile and say.

        "O Chuyu, don't you worry about it! It's true what Lin Fan said, he almost never uses a cell phone!"

        In the impression of the Bai Shan family, it seems that they have never seen Lin Fan make a single call or send a single text message.

        Not only did he seem to have no cell phone, he had never even borrowed anyone else's cell phone.


        When White Mountain's words just fell!


        An electronic alert tone, however, sounded.

        This sound did not belong to any of the cell phones present, but it came from Lin Fan's body.

        Swish, swish, swish.

        The eyes of Bai Shan, Shen Yumei, Bai Yi's family, as well as Chu Yu and the old man Zhang Tianli, brushed against Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, is that the sound of a cell phone on you?" Bai asked with a frown on his face.

        And hear this!

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth were slightly drawn, and under the persecuting gaze of Bai Yi's family, he could only scalp and pull out the devil machine from his pocket!

Chapter 343

"Is this a cell phone?"

        When they saw Lin Fan's devil phone, the Bai family was stunned.

        In their eyes, Lin Fan's cell phone looked like an old machine.

        The entire body of the phone was extremely fat.

        The keyboard buttons on the top, in particular, were each the same size as a fingernail, and its body shell was a tacky gold color, as if it was covered with a layer of shiny plastic.

        It looked like a Nokia version of a geriatric machine.

        "Exactly! This ...... is a phone I bought today for three hundred dollars!"

        Naturally, Lin Fan could not tell the truth and could only tell a lie with a hard scalp.

        Three hundred pieces!

        Aging machine!

        Hearing this, and then looking at the style of this is like a geriatric machine, Bai Yi, Bai Shan, Shen Yumei three mouths, as much as possible, twitched.

        Embarrassing ......

        The family felt humiliated to the extreme, just said Lin Fan does not use cell phones, but did not expect, this guy actually bought a cell phone today.

        Especially if you buy a better cell phone, it's not a big deal, but this guy spent three hundred dollars to buy such a tacky cell phone, which made the faces of the three members of the family feel as if they had been slapped in the face, which was a hot feeling.

        Not only that!

        Chu Yu, who was nearby, almost burst out laughing when she saw Lin Fan's phone.

        "Hahaha ...... Brother Lin, you are simply too funny! From which stall did you find this old antique?"

        "Look at the style, does it look like a Nokia? And it's a gold case with nail-sized buttons! Hahaha ......"

        Chu Yu's smile was extremely happy.

        Especially when he saw Lin Fan's disgrace, his heart was so happy.

        Who let this guy be so lucky as to marry a goddess like Bai Yi?

        The more humiliated Lin Fan was, the more disappointed Bai Yi would be, and if this went on, maybe one day, he would have the chance to replace Lin Fan.

        But Chu Yu didn't see it.

        After seeing Lin Fan pull out this piece of cell phone, the old man Zhang Tianli, who was known as the top cell phone designer of Huaxia, was stunned.

        He seemed to feel that this cell phone looked extremely familiar.

        He frowned and carefully examined it.

        And when he saw clearly the material of the phone's golden shell and wide buttons, his entire face changed greatly, as if he had seen a ghost, almost unable to believe his own eyes.

        "Tungsten steel gold ......"

        "Tiger Shark Key ......"

        "Is that the legendary Devil Machine? This ...... How is this possible!"



        A bead of sweat, instantly from the old man Zhang Tianli's forehead, seeped out unceasingly.

        It was unbelievable.

        After so many years in the cell phone manufacturing industry, the thing that Zhang Tianli remembered most vividly was the sensational event that rocked the cell phone manufacturing industry seven years ago.

        The world's top ten cell phone manufacturers, gathered all the top technicians to develop a piece of cell phone.

        That's right!

        Just one piece!

        At that time, Zhang Tianli didn't even have the qualification to be one of them, and all he knew was just listening to the rumors of other top designers.

        It is said that that piece of cell phone can be said to have consumed all the efforts of the top ten cell phone manufacturers, the shell tungsten steel gold, keyboard tiger shark skin, screen high-tech nano display.

        At the time, that phone was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as soon as it was manufactured.

        Even the Guinness Book of Records sighed that this cell phone was definitely the most expensive one in the long history of mankind.

        Since then, the name "Devil Machine" has been heard by almost every cell phone maker, making everyone worship it as a god.