Today I Give Up Trying 339-340

 Chapter 339

In front of the Bai Group's building, two wretched figures were driven out.

        Two wretched figures were driven out, it was Shen Jian and Shen Jie father and son.

        At this moment, the faces of father and son were extremely hard to see, but they never dreamed that it would be such an ending.

        "Bastard! Bai, how dare you let the security guard chase your uncle away, you're not human!"

        Shen Jie cursed at the entrance of the Bai Group.

        The color of indignation on that face was so thick that it was extreme.

        And seeing this!

        Shen Jian could only take his son by the hand and started to leave.

        "Haven't you embarrassed us enough, you little bastard? You said this deal is foolproof, and for the sake of that loser Lin Fan, Bai Yi, the girl, will definitely agree!"

        "How about now? Not only did Qi Siyuan not have any desire for revenge, he even sent an astronomical order!"


        Shen Jian felt that he had completely disgraced his old face today.

        It's not a big deal to blackmail Bai Yi's niece with Lin Fan's life.

        In the end, the youngest son, Qi Siyuan, not only did not have the slightest intention to take revenge on Lin Fan, he even sent a sky-high order price, which simply smashed the faces of both father and son.

        What is even more humiliating is that their son turned around and asked Bai Yi for part of the order, but was expelled alive.

        If the news of today's incident spreads, they will definitely become a joke in the mouth of everyone in Jiang City.

        I heard my own son's scolding.

        Shen Jie's face, gloomy almost dripping out of water, the pair of eyes, until now, as if still incredulous.

        "Dad! Why do you think QISY sent the order! Yesterday, he was itching to skin Lin Fan, and now, he seems to be scared of someone!"

        Talk about that!

        In Shen Jie's mind, Lin Fan's smiling figure appeared, instantly chilling him to the bone.

        "Dad, do you think it was Lin Fan who did it? Otherwise, how could Qi Siyuan be so resigned to his fate? There's also that Duan Chun, who apparently also has a grudge against Lin Fan, and now, like Qi Siyuan, is all scared out of his wits! There are also the Qi family and the Tian family, these giants of Jiangnan City, how could they be interested in a small Bai Group?"

        "Could it be that Lin Fan has some terrible identity that we don't know about?"

        The more he analyzed it, the more Jie Shen's heart grew hairy.

        Especially after associating this event, in his eyes, Lin Fan was like a terrifying monster, full of mystery and unknown.

        Only his words fell!


        When Shen Jian slapped Shen Jie's face, he looked at his son as if he were an idiot.

        "Shen Jie, are you f*cking scared out of your mind?"

        "That punk Lin Fan has been lazing around in the Bai family for three years, what kind of mysterious and scary identity could he have? Do you have water in your head?"

        Hearing this, Shen Jie's body trembled, and that's how he reacted.

        "No...... right! Dad, I should be the one thinking too much, Lin Fan is a piece of trash, looked down upon by our Shen family and the Bai family!"

        "How could such a door-to-door son-in-law, if she really had a terrible status, endure humiliation in the Bai family for three years!"

        Think about it!

        Shen Jie's heart was relieved and he let out a long breath.

        However, his words of comfort were as if they were only to comfort himself.

        The speculation about Lin Fan's identity, once triggered, was as if a virus had spread, making it difficult for him to control.

        "No! Absolutely not!"

        Shen Jie shook his head again and again, and now he and his own old man, quickly left.

        Only at this moment, it wasn't just them!

        In the president's office of the Bai Group, Bai Yi looked at the thick piles of sky-high contracts in front of her, and her thoughts were similarly locked onto Lin Fan.

Chapter 340

"Qi Siyuan, Duan Chun, Qi Family, and Tian Family!"

        In her red lips, she spat out one name after another.

        Only, the confusion and suspicion in her beautiful eyes grew stronger and stronger.

        At this moment, she couldn't help but think of a scene in the theater!

        "At that time, if I'm not mistaken, Duan Chun and Qi Siyuan were both in the theater watching the battle! And I'm afraid that the only person who can make these two young masters give up their revenge overnight and instead beg for forgiveness and submission is that mysterious master Lin."

        "Could it be that Lin Fan is Master Lin?"

        In Bai Yi's mind, the suspicion that Master Lin was Lin Fan spread once again.

        Only just thought of it!

        She shook her head vigorously.

        "No! Never!"

        "I had already gone home for a trip before, and Lin Fan didn't even take the food basket, and although Lin Fan knows a little bit of three-legged Kung Fu, how could he do it, fly leaves to hurt people, and claim lives across the sky?"

        Flying leaves hurt people and kill them through the air!

        In Bai Yi's eyes, this kind of tactic, I'm afraid that only some of the top super existences of Huaxia can do it.

        If her husband, who was usually a bum, was such a terrifying existence, she would find it hard to believe, even if she were to kill her.

        Think of this!

        When Bai shook his head, he stopped thinking about it, and now used all his energy to focus on the many contracts in front of him.


        The sky was getting darker and darker.

        Liyuan Haotian, Bai Yi's home.

        Lin Fan had already made today's dinner, all six plates of exquisite dishes.

        Although it was just a home-cooked dish, each one was full of color, fragrance and flavor, and just a glance at it would make one's mouth water and fill one's appetite.

        "All smelled of grease, let's take a shower first!"

        After Lin Fan sniffed himself, he took out the things in his pocket and prepared to take a shower.

        After he pulled out a cell phone from his pants pocket, he was slightly stunned.

        "It's been so long since I turned it on!"

        Lin Fan's phone was not even known to the Bai family.

        Even including Bai Yi!

        Everyone thought that Lin Fan didn't have a cell phone at all, after all, and none of them had ever seen one.

        But they didn't know that!

        Lin Fan has a cell phone, and this cell phone is made by the top ten cell phone manufacturers in the world, and all the top scientific researchers have been called together to create a joint customization.

        The fuselage is made of the most expensive tungsten steel gold.

        It looked golden, as if it was just a plastic shell with a golden cover, but who would have thought that it was pure tungsten steel gold, a gram, a hundred thousand starting from a super expensive metal material.

        One could say!

        Just the back cover of Lin Fan's phone is comparable to the entire fortune of a Jiang City tycoon.

        That's not all!

        This phone's keyboard, each keypad, is covered with black numbing tiger shark skin, a little bit of cutting, an inch of polishing, and then shaped on.

        When you press the keys, you can clearly feel that the keys are extremely tough, especially when you press them, there is a faint wind sound.

        And this screen!

        Today's most advanced nano high-tech displays are used.

        This is one of the most expensive aerospace materials.

        This is not the main thing.

        Many of the world's big brothers and barons know that there is a signal tower in this world.

        It was built for a cell phone only.

        It was Lin Fan's 'Devil Machine'!

        The cell tower, in particular, could cover any corner of the globe.

        In other words, as long as Lin Fan held this cell phone, even at the ends of the earth, he would have a signal.

        Even the term "devil machine" has gone down in history because of Lin Fan's cell phone.

        It has become a supreme artifact in the eyes of many electronic enthusiasts, and is held in the highest esteem.