Today I Give Up Trying 337-338

 Chapter 337


        At this moment, looking at Qi Siyuan, who was kneeling on the ground with tears and snot on his face, Bai Yi, Shen Jian and his son could not believe their eyes.

        What's wrong with this world?

        Yesterday he was going to fight and kill Lin Fan, but in the blink of an eye, as if he were a scared dog, he fell to his knees in front of Lin Fan's wife, and even offered a billion dollar order for free.

        What the hell is happening.

        Not only that!

        The crowd could see the intense fear in Qi Siyuan's panicked look.

        It seemed that he had been completely frightened by someone or something.

        "Qi Shao, you ...... are really here to talk business?" Bai Yi's pretty face was filled with incredulity.

        "Yes, Mr. Bai, this deal is very important to our Qi family, please Mr. Bai, give our Qi family a chance!"

        As Qi Siyuan said that, he looked at Bai Yi with a face full of longing and expectation.

        This scene, as if he wasn't sending orders to Bai Yi, but more like asking Bai Yi to give him a share of the Qi family's business, was simply unbelievable.

        Seeing this scene!

        Bai Yi could only nod her scalp, and then picked up the order contract from the table.

        Only, after she took a glance at the contract, the color of consternation on Bai's pretty face grew stronger and stronger.

        "Qi Shao, have you got the wrong contract? It's also a beauty business, and the estimated investment cost is only two or three million dollars, are you sure you want to invest one billion dollars?"


        As soon as Bai Yi said this, Shen Jian and his son looked constipated.

        A business that costs two or three million dollars?

        But Qi Siyuan wants to invest 1 billion yuan, isn't this a gift?

        At this moment, Shen Jian and Shen Jie couldn't help but turn to look at Qi Siyuan, as if they were looking at a fool.

        "Mr. Bai, you are not wrong, our Qi Group is indeed going to invest 1 billion!"

        "The default clause has been written below, and if we fail to do so, then we can immediately freeze all of our Qi Group bank accounts and declare bankruptcy!"


        This sentence of Qi Siyuan's fell down, making Shen Jian and his son drop their jaws in shock.

        Send money!

        It's 100% a money delivery!

        At this moment, as if struck by lightning, Shen Jie did not think that Qi Siyuan was a fool.

        But if the other party is not an idiot, then there must be a terrifying reason for it.

        Otherwise, it would be impossible for the extremely proud and arrogant young master Qi to be so frightened.

        "Could it be because of Lin Fan?"

        For some reason, the first name that came to Shen Jie's mind was Lin Fan.

        He just couldn't figure out how that useless son-in-law was able to not only make Qi Siyuan give up his revenge, but also wag his tail like a dog, and offer a super order.

        However, the scene that shocked Shen Jian and his son had just begun.


        The door of the conference room was pushed open once again, and then the secretary Yun walked in quickly.

        "Mr. Bai, young master Duan Chun of the Jiangnan City Red Maple Group is here to see you."


        This statement made Bai Yi even more startled.

        Duan Chun, a youngster with a grudge against Lin Fan, was almost smashed to pieces by Lin Fan's cheeks before.

        And now ......

        "Did he say that? What do you do at home?"

        Bai Yi looked grave and had a sneaking feeling that today's events were not ordinary.

        But, she didn't wait for the secretary Yun to reply.

        I saw a figure, as if crazy, rushed into the room.

        And then poof, fell to his knees in front of Bai Yi.

        "Miss Bai, the last time I went to your home, it was my fault, I was blind and offended you and your husband!"

        "I was wrong, on behalf of the Red Maple Group, I repent and apologize to you! I hope you will accept it and give me and the Red Maple Group a chance to make up for our mistakes.

        In front of everyone's incredulous eyes.

        Duan Chun fell to his knees in front of Bai Yi, and his cold sweat, as if he had turned on a faucet, flowed incessantly.

        He held a thick contract in both hands and handed it over respectfully.

Chapter 338

F*ck ...... F*ck!

        The hearts of Shen Jian and Shen Jie were instantly like 10,000 heads of grass and mud horses, rushing past.

        Red Maple Group!

        Deliver a billion dollar contract!

        This, how is this possible!

        Shen Jian and his son know that the Red Maple Group is a well-known conglomerate in the entire Jiangnan Province.

        Faced with this kind of giant, there are countless groups in Jiangxi City that are looking for cooperation.

        And now?

        The young master of the Red Maple Group, on his knees, begged Baek to accept this billion dollar contract!

        What's wrong with the world?

        Both my brother-in-law, Shen Jian, and my cousin, Shen Jie, felt as if their worldviews had collapsed, making them doubt their lives for a while.

        However, the horror was far from over.

        For the third time, the conference room door was pushed open.

        The secretary, Yun, sweating profusely, hurriedly said.

        "Mr. Bai, there's someone at ...... again!"


        Bai Yi, Shen Jian, and Shen Jie only felt their hearts thumping wildly at this moment.

        And then, under their muddle-headed gaze.

        Silhouette after silhouette walked into the conference room.

        Each of these people, dressed in unusual clothes, behaved majestically.

        After entering, they all faced Bai Yi, curtsied respectfully, and said.

        "Mr. Bai, I am the Chairman of the Qiu Group in Jiangnan City - Qiu Feng, and I came here this time to cooperate with Mr. Bai!"

        "Hello Mr. Bai, I'm Tian Changfa from the Tian Group in Jiangnan City, I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate!"



        After hearing these people's introductions, both Bai Yi and Shen Jian and his son were shocked.

        The Qiu Clan!

        Tien's Group!

        Each of these is a major alligator consortium in Jiangnan City, much more powerful than the Red Maple Group.

        And now, the head of these zaibatsu, actually personally came to the door, seeking cooperation.

        This, how is this possible!

        "How did this happen! Qiu, Tian, and Hongfeng! Every one of these is a businessman in the city of Jiang, who would dream of working with a predator."

        "Why did they pick the White Group, even one by one, to ask for cooperation!"

        "Why, exactly, is this?"

        Shen Jie was completely confused at this moment.

        Even until Bai Yi finished negotiating with Duan Chun, Qi Siyuan, and one of Jiangnan City's bigwigs, he didn't react.

        He didn't even react until Bai Yi, Duan Chun, Qi Siyuan, and a big shot from Jiangnan City had finished negotiating the cooperation and had those people leave the place one by one in high spirits.


        Shen Jian, who was beside him, listened silently.

        It was only when the big men who made his heart tremble left that Shen Jian looked at Bai Yi with a complicated face.

        "Bai, congratulations! Congratulations! With the support of so many consortiums in Jiangnan, it seems that your Bai Group, is really going to soar!"

        Shen Jian's heart was filled with mixed emotions.

        If he said that the previous super order from the Fei family in Yunhai City made it hard for him to let go of his feelings.

        Now the big brothers of Jiangnan City, who came to his door one by one, made him completely convinced.

        In his eyes, the rise of the Bai Clan had been unstoppable.

        And beside!

        When Shen Jie heard his father's words, his whole body trembled and suddenly woke up.

        At that moment, a strong, fawning smile appeared on his face.

        "Baii ...... No, cousin! It's great that your Bai Group has received so many orders!"

        "Just now, my cousin was just joking with you, how could he come to blackmail you?"

        As Shen Jie said that, he looked greedily at the piles of contracts, as if he had seen a gold mine.

        "Cousin, why don't you divide up some orders and give them to me as a cousin to complete! Don't worry, I'll do it to make you and the Bai Group, all satisfied!"

        This sentence almost made Baii angry.

        Before swindling himself!

        Now they are throwing stones at their own feet, but they are saying it is a misunderstanding and even want a piece of the action.

        Simply shameless!


        Baek smiled and nodded his head.


        This one sentence made Shen Jie overjoyed, and just as he was about to thank Bai Yi, Bai Yi's next words brought a smile to his face.

        Bai Yi's next words caused the smile on his face to instantly freeze.

        "In another life!"