Today I Give Up Trying 334-336

 Chapter 334

And meanwhile!

        While Bai Yi was on her way to the office, she did not know that there were two uninvited guests in the Bai Group.

        These two were Bai Yi's brother-in-law Shen Jian and cousin Shen Jie.

        Inside the conference room.

        Shen Jian, who was waiting for Bai Yi, with a hint of worry and anxiety on his face, asked his son.

        "Jay, are you sure this is going to work? We're blackmailing you!"

        "After all, our cost for this business is only a million dollars! And you ask Bey to invest 100 million dollars in us! This ......"

        This time come.

        It was Shen Jie's idea.

        He took a business of about one million, but threatened that he could get one hundred million from Bai Yi.

        This made Shen Jian a little unbelievable, and also a little apprehensive.

        "Dad, you don't know! Bai Yi's husband, yesterday beat up Qi Siyuan, the young master of the Qi family in Yunhai City, and Qi Siyuan threatened to kill Lin Fan!" Shen Jie's face was full of playfulness.

        "In the boxing match that just ended, although the Yun Hai side didn't win, it was clear that Qi Siyuan and Jin Gang had an extraordinary friendship, and Jin Gang's grandfather knew the mysterious and terrifying Lin Zong Shi!

        "You could say that Lin Fan is finished!"

        Lin Fan is finished.

        Hearing these words, a deep pain appeared on Shen Jian's face.

        After all, it was because of this little bastard that the Shen family lost a 100 million dollar super order.

        And now, the more miserable Lin Fan was, the happier the Shen family would naturally be.

        "What are you going to do then?" Shen Jian asked curiously.

        "What should we do?"

        A strong, excited smile appeared at the corner of Shen Jie's mouth and said.

        "Dad, don't you see? Bai Yi is exceptionally concerned about her wasteful husband right now, and as long as we tell her the news that Qi Siyuan is trying to get Lin Fan killed, she will definitely be terrified."

        "By then, just show that we can persuade Qi Shao to change his mind, then she'll be good enough to sign this contract! We sit back and reap the rewards!"


        This sentence made Shen Jian's eyes light up, but then he frowned and asked.

        "Jie, do you really want to persuade Qi Shao to give up dealing with Lin Fan? That little brute has cost our family a $100 million super-order!"

        Giving up?

        "Cut! Dad, how can I possibly convince Qi Shao, it's just a trick to fool Bai Yi."

        When Shen Jie thought of Lin Fan's face, he gnashed his teeth in hatred.

        "Don't worry, we'll take the money as it is, and Lin Fan, too, is finished!"

        After this sentence was spoken, father and son looked at each other and laughed as much as they could.

        And just as they were discussing.


        The door to the conference room opened and Baek walked in.

        "Uncle and cousin, what do you want from me?"

        Bai Yi looked at Shen Jian and his son, but was extremely surprised, as far as she could remember, this was the first time they came to the door.

        "Bai Yi, my father and I are here this time to talk business with you!"

        Shen Jie said, and put the contract in his hand, on the table.

        "I want you to invest 100 million dollars in this deal!"


        She couldn't imagine what kind of business Shen Jie had in his hands, and the exit was one hundred million.

        Now, Bai Yi picked up the contract and took a closer look at it, and her pretty face became ugly.

        A trace of anger surfaced in her beautiful eyes.

        "Cousin, do you think I'm a fool, Bey? This beauty business is one of the most insignificant ones, not even a million dollars! You're asking me to invest 100 million?"

        Bai couldn't believe it.

        This was outright fraud, especially since it was his own two cousins who had come to defraud him.

        "Exactly! This business is worthless, but what about your husband's life?"

        Shen Jie's words made Bai Yi's face change dramatically.

Chapter 335


        "Cousin, what do you mean? How does this business have anything to do with Lin Fan's life?"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was extremely hard to see.

        She heard a hint of conspiracy from her words.

        "Bai Yi, have you forgotten so quickly?"

        A fierce curvature appeared at the corner of Shen Jie's mouth.

        "Your husband, beat up Qishen Yuan! You don't know, do you? The number one expert in Yunhai City, King Kong, is half of Qi Siyuan's master!"

        "Qi Siyuan has decided that he'll let King Kong step in and kill your husband!"


        This sentence frightened Bai Yi to a pale white face.

        She remembered that in the previous video, she had seen Qi Siyuan's figure from the scene at the theater.

        In particular, Qi Siyuan was sitting in the front row of the Yun Hai camp, very close to King Kong's position.

        Obviously, Shen Jie did not lie, and Qi Siyuan does have an extraordinary relationship with King Kong.

        Thinking of this.

        A bead of sweat, from Bai Yi's forehead, instantly flowed down.


        If it is as Shen Jie said, then if King Kong appears, Lin Fan will surely die.

        What should we do?

        All the while, Bai Yi's delicate body was trembling, she couldn't let anything happen to Lin Fan, absolutely not.

        "How is it? BAI!"

        When the Shen family looked at Bai Yi's pale face, they instantly knew that they had achieved the effect they wanted.

        "Qi Siyuan and I are very close friends, so if you want to save your husband, sign this contract! As soon as the money is in hand, then I will immediately persuade Qi Shao to give up his revenge on Lin Fan! How?"

        So that's it.

        At this moment, Bai Yi finally understood that Shen Jie was using Lin Fan's life and death to threaten himself and cheat him out of his money.

        When she thought of this, Bai Yi looked at Shen Jie incredulously, anger, disappointment, and sadness filling her pretty face.

        "Cousin, brother-in-law! How could you do this!"

        "Use Lin Fan's life to blackmail me! Are you still human? Do you still deserve to be called my brother-in-law and cousin of Baines?"

        The two people in front of them are their closest relatives.

        But now, they completely disregarded Lin Fan's life and used his life to blackmail them, which is simply wolf heart and dog lungs to the extreme.

        Bai Yi's words were like a slap on the face of Shen Jian and his son.

        It caused a hot pain on the cheeks of his brother-in-law, Shen Jian.

        Shen Jie, on the other hand, was completely fried, and he roared in annoyance.

        "Baek, you have the nerve to say that! If it wasn't for that little bastard Lin Fan, how could the Shen family lose the Qi family's partner in Yun Hai? How could we lose that $100 million super order!"

        "Now, you're given two choices! Either, sign the contract and call the money to save Lin Fan, or you can wait to be widowed and collect the body of your loser husband."


        Shen Jie's words caused Bai Yi's delicate body to tremble.

        Are there only two choices?

        Is Lin Fan alive or dead?

        On Bai Yi's pretty face, an intense color of pain appeared, on one side was the company, on the other was Lin Fan, which made her only give up one side.

        "All right! I ...... sign!"

        After a brief silence, Bai Yi had a choice.

        In her eyes, Lin Fan was far more important than the Bai Clan, even if she was fired or even held accountable by the Bai Clan in the future because of Lin Fan.

        Hearing these words.

        Shen Jie was so ecstatic that his whole face turned red with excitement, and he immediately put the contract in front of Bai Yi.

        It was an investment of 100 million!

        In other words, he was instantly surrounded by billions of dollars of family wealth, how does this not make him excited.

        On the other hand, Shen Jian, who was beside him, saw Bai Yi's face as if it were ashes, and a strong sense of shame and self-reproach appeared on his face.

        He had the intention to stop this farce, but he could only swallow the words as they came to his lips.

Chapter 336

"BAI, sign here! Hurry up, or else if it's too late and Qi Shao finds King Kong, it'll be completely hopeless." Shen Jie couldn't wait to say.

        And Bai Yi could only scalp, pick up a pen, and was about to sign the contract.

        But at that very moment!


        The office door was once again opened from the outside, and then only the secretary, Rue, came running in eagerly, saying.

        "Mr. Bai, a young man claiming to be the young master of the Yunhai Qi Group wants to see you!"


        This sentence caused Bai Yi's palm to slightly pause and put down his pen.

        The young master of the Qi group!

        Naturally, that was Qi Siyuan.

        Not only was Bai Yi stunned, but even Shen Jie and Shen Jian's father and son could hardly believe their ears.

        How could Qi Siyuan come to the door at this time?

        Didn't he want to get back at Lin Fan?

        Just when the crowd was startled, a young man hurriedly walked in.

        This person was Qi Siyuan, but at this moment, his face was no longer arrogant.

        But at this moment, there was no longer any haughtiness on his face; instead, he smiled profusely and said to Bai Yi as soon as he entered.

        "Hello, Mr. Bai, I'm Qi! This time I'm here to talk to your company about cooperation!"


        Seeing Qi Siyuan's enthusiastic and even stammering appearance, and then listening to his pleasing words, Bai Yi. Shen Jie and his son were all confused.

        Talking about cooperation?

        Shen Jie gulped down a mouthful of spit, and then said incredulously.

        "Qi Shao, do you have the wrong person? You're supposed to be looking for me, right?"

        "But you said before that you would give all the orders from your Qi Group to our Shen family! What do you want with Baek now?"

        Qi Siyuan and Lin Fan have a grudge!

        Even if it killed Shen Jie, he wouldn't believe that Qi Siyuan is here to talk about cooperation.


        Qi Siyuan didn't bother to pay attention to Shen Jie at all, just said in a nonchalant manner.

        "Shen Jie, what are you! Who is qualified to work with us!"

        "If we want to cooperate, we naturally look for Mr. Bai!"

        Say it!

        Qi Siyuan hurriedly took out a thick contract order from his briefcase, and then placed it on the table in front of Bai Yi with a fawning face, saying.

        "Mr. Bai, my dad and I have applied! This time the investment capital, from 500 million, was raised to 1 billion!"


        Qi Siyuan's one sentence made Bai Yi three people, all of them were shocked.

        One billion orders!

        This is even more terrifying than the 100 million dollar order from the Fei family, the first family of the Cloud Sea. ......

        Bai Yi's pretty face was pale white, and she also didn't believe that Qi Siyuan, who had a grudge against Lin Fan, would be so kind-hearted, when she said with an ugly face.

        "Qi Shao, don't go too far! I'm Lin Fan's wife, and I'm not going to accompany you!"

        Bai Yi subconsciously thought that Qi Siyuan had not given up on her yet.

        The reason for offering a billion dollars is that he wants to accompany him.


        After Bai Yi said this, Qi Siyuan almost peed himself.


        Under the incredulous gazes of the three, Qi Siyuan suddenly kneeled down in front of Bai Yi and said, with tears and snot on his face.

        "Mr. Bai, you must not misunderstand ......! I don't have the guts to ask you to accompany me!"

        "Look at the contract, it's a real order! Please, please forget about the last time, I larded my heart, and Mr. Lin has already beaten me, I really know I was wrong."


        Looking at Qi Siyuan's face, which was filled with fear, Bai Yi, Shen Jian and his sons could not believe their own eyes.