Today I Give Up Trying 331-333

 Chapter 331

Ding ding ding ding!

        When he heard the ringing sound, Duan Chun's face was instantly terrified as white as paper.

        It was as if this was not a telephone ringing, but a life-saving ringing.

        "No...... can't be! Do these old guys really have a hard time with their own Red Maple Group because of this loser Lin Fan?"

        "Also, they've been retired for over a decade and should, shouldn't have any problems!"

        Duan Chun's palms were trembling.

        As if consoling himself, after muttering a few words, he could only force himself to take out his cell phone.

        At once, he saw that the caller ID on the phone was his own father, the chairman of the Red Maple Group!

        "Hey! Dad ......"

        When he picked up the phone, Duan Chun wanted to say something.

        But just as his words left his mouth, a roaring voice filled with fear and anger instantly rang out on the other end of the phone.

        "Duan Chun, what the hell have you done? Why are the Qiu, Li and Tian groups calling to suppress Red Maple in all directions?"

        "Weed Nima, our company's account, now also frozen! The Economic Crimes Investigation Division, which is now headed to our group headquarters!"

        "Who the hell have you been messing with?"



        Even through the phone, Duan Chun could hear his father's fear and trepidation.

        This sentence was like a bolt from the blue, making Duan Chun's entire head blank, and the phone fell to the ground and shattered completely.

        Finished ...... finished!

        The Red Maple Group, just because of him, has come to the end of the road in a flash!

        How did this happen?

        Duan Chun lifted his head and stupidly looked at the figure of Lin Fan in the darkness.

        The devil!

        At this moment, in his eyes, Lin Fan was as terrifying as a devil.

        Only at this moment, there was not a single person around who felt compassion for Duan Chun.

        On the contrary!

        Kong Sheng's eyes, with a turn, stared directly at the iron-faced Coyote.

        "Duan Chun has already been punished, and your crime of ramming into Master Lin is unforgivable!"

        "As of today, you are expelled from the Master!"


        This sentence also made the Iron Masked Coyote's body tremble.

        He knew that he was finished.

        However, he had neither resentment nor hatred, but only regret.

        He regretted provoking Lin Fan and dealing with the devil.

        At that moment, Iron Masked Coyote, with a pale face, kowtowed deeply again in the direction of Lin Fan and Kong Sheng, and repented with tears streaming down his face, saying.

        "Thank you, Master Lin, for sparing my life, and thank you, Master Teacher, for maintaining it!"

        Until then!

        Lin Fan Fang nodded his head in satisfaction.

        To be honest, he didn't have the slightest interest in Duan Chun and Iron Masked Coyote.

        In his eyes, such people didn't even qualify him to take a second look.

        Otherwise, all he needed was a phone call, and these people would have completely vanished from the face of the earth.

        "Let's go!"

        Lin Fan had no time to linger, he had to go back and prepare dinner for Bai Yi's family.

        With a wave of his hand, he took the basket of vegetables and walked towards the door.

        Until Lin Fan left the theater, everyone here breathed a sigh of relief.

        It was terrible!

        Whether it was the bigwigs in Jiang City or the crowd in Yunhai City, one by one, their faces were complex to the extreme.

        After all, everything that happened today gave them a shock that they might not be able to forget for the rest of their lives!


        At this moment, Qi Siyuan, who was hiding in the corner of the theater, looked at Lin Fan's departing back, and his face was even more complicated to the extreme.

        "A guy not to be messed with!"

        After all, he was only slapped twice by Lin Fan, but there was no great hatred between life and death.

        When he thought of this, he couldn't help but turn his head to look at Duan Chun.

        Duan Chun was the young master of the Jiangnan Red Maple Group, and now, just because he had provoked that guy, the Red Maple Group had collapsed in a single breath.

        In Qi Siyuan's heart, this made him list Lin Fan as a terrifying being who should not be provoked.

Chapter 332

It's not just them!

        In the White Group!

        As she watched the figure of the departing Lin Zongshi, Bai Yi's pretty face was filled with incredulity.

        "Is it Lin Fan? Why does it feel like he ......?"

        Think about it!

        Bai Yi now said to Rue.

        "Rue, you arrange work, I have to go home now!"

        After saying that, Bai Yi didn't give the crowd any extra time, and quickly left under everyone's startled gaze.

        She wanted to go home and make sure that the mysterious Lin Zongji was not Lin Fan.


        And meanwhile!

        Lin Fan didn't care much about what happened in the theater.

        He took his basket of vegetables with him at the moment and rode his electric bicycle leisurely, and then he went to the Liyuan Mansion.


        When he passed an alleyway, he braked abruptly, stopping the electric car.

        Lin Fan's eyes could not help but look into the alley.

        Suddenly, he saw a tattered old woman with a little beggar, picking up rotten vegetable leaves on the side of the road.


        Lin Fan's eyebrows furrowed, this little beggar, he knew, it was the same little girl he had saved a few days ago in the slum.

        "Big Brother ......"

        At this moment, the little beggar also saw Lin Fan and was stunned, and then ran over with a face full of surprise.

        Since the last Wolf Hall a goodbye.

        Even if it is only a few days, but the little beggar can never forget Lin Fan's face.

        That arrogance!

        That kind of domination!

        A person to destroy the powerful momentum of a museum, already let the little beggar will treat Lin Fan as a heroic existence.

        That's not all.

        The little beggar seemed to think of something, quickly went back to support the old woman, towards Lin Fan, while walking, while full of surprise to the old woman said.

        "Granny, this is the big brother I told you about!"

        "Last time, he was the one who saved me!"

        This old woman, with a wasted, bony body.

        Her clothes, tattered, especially leaning on crutches, on the road constantly pointing, is a ...... blind woman.

        At this moment, after hearing the little beggar's words, the blind woman that a carved with wrinkles on the old face, suddenly surfaced a strong sense of surprise and gratitude, said to Lin Fan.

        "Benefactor! So, you are Kaoru's benefactor!"

        "My grandmother thanked you for my granddaughter! Thank you so much!"

        The blind woman was more than grateful.

        In particular, she said that she was going to kneel down and kowtow to Lin Fan.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan was shocked.

        He quickly helped the blind woman up, and then said.

        "You're welcome, Grandma! Kaoru is a good girl, it was the right thing to do to save her!"

        Lin Fan said, he took a deep look at the pile of rotten vegetable leaves in the hands of the little beggar Kaoru.

        And then looked at the little beggar's yellow hair, malnourished small body, can not help but a sore heart, asked.

        "The last time you were in town, you were also picking up vegetable leaves?"

        The last time the little beggar was almost hit in the middle of town.

        At the time, she was rummaging through a garbage can, but now she's thinking about picking up leaves.

        "Yes ...... Yes!"

        Kaoru was embarrassed and said with her head down.

        "My mother-in-law's eyes are bad and her body is weak, so I had to find something edible to help her make some porridge!"

        This sentence made Lin Fan's heart grow sour.

        At that moment, he put the basket of vegetables in his hand on the ground, and with a faint movement of his fingers, he put a wad of banknotes into the vegetables.

        "These vegetables, you take them back! Take care of your mother-in-law!"


        Hearing this, little Kaoru and her mother-in-law were stunned.

        However, before they could refuse, Lin Fan rode an electric bicycle and was already far away.

        "Big ...... big brother ......"

        At this moment, looking at Lin Fan's departing back, Xiao Kaoru's pair of eyes, instantly reddened.

        Grateful, moved, grateful!

        I don't know why.

        She felt as if from the moment she was saved by Lin Fan, she and this god-like big brother had an inexplicable and wonderful fate.

Chapter 333

The Belvedere!

        When Bai Yi parked the Mercedes-Benz sedan in front of her house, her heart instantly went to her throat.

        "Could that be Lin Fan?"


        Bai Yi was so torn at this moment that even though she didn't believe it for the millionth time, the figure she saw in the video was just too similar to Lin Fan.

        The same housewife outfit.

        The voice was also so similar.

        Especially, the same ...... surname Lin!

        "If it really is Lin Fan, what about me?"

        Bai Yi only felt her heart, completely confused.

        She simply could not accept that a man she had lived with for three years had hidden himself so deeply and had such a strong background.

        However, I don't know why.

        There was even a slight expectation in her heart that that person was Lin Fan.

        Only this way, she can prove to the whole world that her husband is not a loser, not a wimp who eats soft food.

        After contemplating for a long time, Bai Yi could only push open the car door and walk towards her home.

        When she opened the door, she was shocked to find that there was no one there.


        At this moment, Bai Yi was more and more sure that the person was Lin Fan.

        But just as she was imagining things, she heard a sound of parking outside the door.

        Bai Yi hurried out of the door and saw that Lin Fan had parked his electric car in the courtyard.


        At this moment Bai Yi, however, noticed that Lin Fan's electric car had no food basket.

        "Lin Fan, where did you go just now?"

        Bai Yi stared straight at Lin Fan and asked in a deep voice.

        "Honey, why are you back so early today?" Lin Fan was slightly stunned, and then walked up smiling.

        Seeing Lin Fan's lack of formality, Bai Yi became furious and asked with an even darker face.

        "I asked you, what were you doing?"

        "Did you go to the grocery store?"

        Grocery shopping?

        Lin Fan was startled, and when he looked at Bai Yi's nervous and apprehensive look, he instantly understood.

        This must have been the scene in the theater, and Bai Yi knew about it.

        Thinking of this, Lin Fan faintly shrugged his shoulders.

        "No, I don't even have a grocery basket, how am I supposed to go grocery shopping?"

        "Just now, I was bored after doing the laundry and mopping the floor at home, so I went to the park and wandered around a bit!"


        Hearing this, Bai Yi's heart was slightly relieved.

        She saw with her own eyes that Master Lin in the video was holding a vegetable basket filled with vegetables and fruits.

        Now, Lin Fan's hands were empty, so Lin Fan wasn't lying, he did go to the park.

        Think of this!

        Bai Yi's gaze towards Lin Fan was instantly softened a bit.

        It was just that this tenderness was tinged with a touch of loss.

        "Alright! Then I'm going back to the office!"

        Bai Yi didn't explain, and now went straight back into the Mercedes Benz while driving towards the office.

        "It seems that it's better not to let your wife know for a while!"

        Lin Fan looked at the departing Mercedes-Benz, his eyes shining with a ghostly luster.

        He could just see that Bai Yi was still unable to accept his mere status as a Lin Zong Shi.

        Bai Yi couldn't even accept her mere identity as a Lin Zongshi yet.

        If she knew.

        A clergyman, in front of himself, is nothing more than a mole!

        Global giant barons, but also need to submit at their feet, I'm afraid that Bai Yi really will be terrified of himself.

        Think of it!

        Lin Fan also couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

        Who would have thought that he, the world-renowned King of the Blood Prison, could only be a homemaker.

        Shaking his head, Lin Fan thought no more about it and walked into his home to continue preparing dinner.