Today I Give Up Trying 329-330

 Chapter 329

We, Master Lin, pay our respects!

        This sound, in unison, was like a flood bell exploding in a theater.


        After hearing this, after seeing the scene, the tiger and the others, who originally wanted to go forward and attack, brushed their steps, and were stunned on the spot, almost unable to believe their eyes.

        And on the side!

        Jin Gang, Li Xiong, Zheng Tianci, Thunderstorm, and the others, the color of ecstasy on their faces, completely solidified.

        Their eyes were round, and they even looked like they had seen a ghost.

        "I ...... did I just hear wrong? What did Master call this man?" Vajra shook his head vigorously.

        At this moment, he thought he was hallucinating.

        Next to him, Thunderstorm and the other three swallowed a mouthful of spittle.

        And then the three of them, with stiff faces, said back to Vajra.

        "Teacher ...... Master, just now Master Shigong was addressing that person as ...... Master Lin!"

        "That's right, he, he's Master Lin!"



        The three words "Lin Zongshi", as if they contained a thousand pounds of power, instantly made King Kong's body, which was as huge as a small mountain, tremble once again, and he fell on his buttocks on the ground.

        Only, Vajra was shocked, but someone was even more horrified than him.

        The smiles on the faces of Iron Masked Coyote and Duan Chun, who were not far away, froze.

        "No ...... Impossible! How can he be a Lin Zong Shi! This guy is so young ...... him!"

        Iron Masked Coyote and Duan Chun only felt numb at this moment.


        That's right, his own grandfather only said that Master Lin's strength was transcendent and unfathomable, but he never said that Master Lin was a young man or an old man.

        "Lin Fan ...... Lin Zongshi! Oh my God, I'm actually going to do something to Master Lin and try to kill him?"

        The iron-faced coyote thought of this, and his whole body shivered with excitement.

        The urine flowed out from his crotch in a clamor.

        "No ...... can't be!!!"

        Right on cue!

        Duan Chun, on the other hand, screamed.

        He looked like he had seen a ghost all over his face and shouted at the Ten Great Chinese Artists.

        "Master Kong, you must have mistaken me for someone else! How can he be a Lin Zongji?"

        "He's so young, he hasn't even grown all his hair, so don't be fooled by this guy!"

        Duan Chun screamed.

        Through thick incredulity!


        And when they heard this, the rest of the Jiang City crowd couldn't help but agree.

        Yes, they were in the same camp as Lin Fan, but in their eyes, Lin Fan was definitely a young man, whether it was his voice or his figure.

        And this kind of figure was a clan master?

        This is something that even a mother can't do even if she practices hard in her womb.

        At this moment, the eyes of the crowd looking at Kong Sheng and the others were filled with questions and doubts.

        Yet hearing this!


        Master Kong Sheng, on the other hand, snorted coldly, then swept his eyes over the crowd below and said with disdain.

        "Bunch of rats, what do you know!"

        "Master Lin is a terrifying existence that can injure people with flying leaves, and it was him, with a flip of his finger, that made my strength soar!"

        "Could it be that I can't even trust myself?"


        Hearing this, even the crowd below, no matter how confused and unbelieving they were, they had to admit that Kong Sheng was absolutely right, that is to say.

        That is to say, this mysterious watcher was really a young master.

        That's not all!

        At this moment, Kong Sheng cautiously asked Lin Fan.

        "Grandmaster Lin, I didn't expect it to be you! I'm sorry for what I just did."

        Say it!

        Kong Sheng could not help but look down, his own injured disciple, King Kong, and others, and then asked in a foggy voice.

        "By the way, King Kong and the others, I sent them to see you! How did this situation come about?"

        This situation!

        When they heard this, all of the Vajra disciples below had their mouths agape and a thick bitterness appeared.

Chapter 330

Yeah, they don't understand how the hell this situation came to be.

        They were supposed to come to thank Master Lin?

        And you ended up fighting with someone?

        Especially, to be scrapped directly from head to tail by others?

        Is there anything more tragic than that?

        "Naturally, it's because, Iron Masked Coyote!" A touch of playfulness appeared in the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.

        And his words!

        Kong Sheng and everyone else's faces changed, and one by one, their eyes brushed towards the Iron Masked Coyote.

        The gaze was cold and gloomy.


        At this moment, Iron Masked Coyote only felt as if he had been penetrated by a sharp sword, leaving him bone chillingly terrifying.


        Kneel on the ground, and then kowtow to Lin Fan in the direction of the stands, shouting.

        "Forgive me, Master Lin! Forgive me, Ancestor Lin! I didn't know it was you old man, and I'm sorry for the offense, please forgive me."

        The Iron Masked Coyote was completely panicked.

        After all!

        Whether it was the battle in Wolf Hall or the battle here, it was almost all caused by him, and he was to blame!

        Seems to have thought of something!

        Iron Masked Coyote quickly raised his head, pointed at Duan Chun beside him and said.

        "Grandmaster Lin, it's this man! This man started the whole thing, and he's the one behind it!"


        As soon as the words came out, both Kong Sheng and the others, as well as Vajra's disciples, turned pale.

        The first thing they thought of was that the trigger that caused their disciples to be ruined was such a rich young master.

        Duan Chun obviously didn't expect that the Iron Masked Coyote would sell himself in the blink of an eye.

        However, he still said with a pretense of calmness.

        "Hmph! So what if it is me!"

        "I'm just not happy with this Lin guy! Also, I'm not from your martial arts world, I'm the young master of the Red Maple Group!"

        "Don't think of using force against me, or else I, the Red Maple Group, will definitely not let you go even if I use all my connections!"

        Duan Chun knows that he has no way out!

        The only way to get out now is to move out of the Red Maple Group, which is the backbone of his business, so that these people will be scared of him.

        As long as he escapes this place, he vows to never come to Jiang City and never see Lin Fan, the devil, for the rest of his life!


        After hearing about the Red Maple Group, a disdainful sneer came from the crowd of ten national artists.

        A disdainful sneer came from the crowd of ten national artists.

        "What a big deal, isn't it just a little red maple? Dare to deal with Master Lin, simply looking for death!"

        "Exactly! Since that's the case, it's time for a few of us old things to present a gift to Master Lin!"

        Several of the major national artists, under the talk and laugh, and then one by one, picked up the phone.

        They made a phone call.


        Seeing this scene, for some reason, a bad premonition instantly surfaced in Duan Chun's heart.

        "Top ten national masters! Vengeance Jie, Tian Feng, Li Zhixiong ......"

        After remembering the name of this one national artist!

        Duan Chun's eyes instantly rounded up.

        He remembered.

        The Enemy Jie, Tian Feng, and Li Zhixiong were more than just State Arts masters.

        They were even the previous generation of old masters of the famous Qiu family, Tian family, and Li family in Jiangnan Province.

        More than ten years ago, after these old antiques retired from their careers, they became devoted to the study of Chinese martial arts.

        The Qiu family's countless properties were handed over to their children and grandchildren to manage.

        And now, ......


        Duan Chun's face turned pale, and he instantly felt that he seemed to have made a big trouble for the Red Maple Group.

        As expected!

        Jingle Bells ......

        Just as Duan Chun was dazed, his cell phone rang out instantly.