Today I Give Up Trying 327-328

 Chapter 327

It's me!

        When you hear Lin Fan's voice.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        All eyes brushed towards Lin Fan's figure standing up in the dark corner.

        The crowd realized that Lin Fan's location was extremely remote, especially since the lights were dim, and it was impossible to see his face and appearance.

        Only vaguely, they saw him carrying a basket of vegetables, and he looked like a family man.

        "BOSS he ......"

        When Tiger and the others saw that Lin Fan had actually stood up by himself, they all looked extremely pale.

        In front of them, the ten masters of Jiangnan all came together.

        Even if your BOSS is strong, will he be able to resist the ten national masters headed by Kong Sheng?

        It's not just him!

        The knife master beside him was also gloomy to the extreme.

        He and Master Tiger looked at each other and instantly understood each other's thoughts.

        The two big men waved their hands!

        All of a sudden, the surrounding men, whether from the South City or the North City, all looked solemn, and one by one, their bodies straightened instantly, pulling their palms towards their waists.

        Every one of them was carrying a sharp knife in their waist.

        Each one of them was carrying a sharp knife in his waist.

        It seemed that all the underground members of North and South City had received orders that if anything unfavorable happened to Lin Fan, they would rise up in groups to attack Kong Sheng and the others regardless.

        Even if they were defeated, they would absolutely protect Lin Fan!

        The atmosphere is a bit depressing!

        Especially after Lin Fan stood up, the Iron Masked Coyote and the others in the Cloud Sea camp were extremely ecstatic.

        Hastily shouting at Kong Sheng.

        "Grandpa, it's that kid! He hid his head and tail in a corner and hurt the three senior brothers!"

        "Please, Master, avenge us!!!"

        The iron-faced coyote shouted miserably, and then he worshiped in the direction of Kong Sheng.

        It wasn't just him!

        Next to them, Li Xiong, Zheng Tianci, and Thunderstorm also looked in Lin Fan's direction with a gaze that was fierce and resentful, and shouted at Kong Sheng and the others.

        "Please do justice to us, Master!"

        "Please do us justice with the Ten Nationalists!"


        Three poignant voices resounded in the theater.

        And see this!

        Duan Chun, who was on the other side of the table, was blossoming with joy.

        "Idiot! Hahaha ...... This idiot actually came forward! He's finished. Master Kong Sheng will never let him go!"

        Duan Chuan's heart was filled with pleasure to the extreme.

        The successive defeats of Lin Fan and Lin Fan's terror made him hate Lin Fan even more.

        And right now!

        In Duan Chun's eyes, Lin Fan is dead.

        It wasn't just Duan Chun!


        He hid in a corner of the theater and watched the scene in front of him, looking extremely complex.

        "This guy is so ungodly, I'm afraid this time it's over!"

        Qi Siyuan's heart was filled with mixed emotions.

        Before, he really hated Lin Fan and wanted him to die, but after this battle, Lin Fan fell through his eyes again and again.

        Eventually, he developed boundless curiosity and awe for this mysterious fellow.

        Only Qi Siyuan knew!

        Even if Lin Fan is powerful, what can he do, this time it's King Kong's master, Master Kong Sheng, and the rest of the nine national masters!

        "It's over! He ...... is finished!"

        Qi Siyuan shook his head, as if he had already seen Lin Fan's tragic end.

        It wasn't just the crowd in the theater!

        After Lin Fan stood up!

        In Bai's office, there was an uproar.

        "My God, is this man the mysterious visitor? Judging by the figure, he seems extremely young!"

        "Yeah, and he was carrying a grocery basket and looked just like the family cook! Huh? Why do I feel that his figure is somewhat familiar?"

        "Exactly! I also feel like I've seen his body somewhere before! By the way, I remembered his figure, why does he look so much like our CEO's husband ...... Lin Fan?"

Chapter 328


        As one colleague's voice was heard.

        Especially, when the name 'Lin Fan' was spoken, the entire office was completely boiling.

        One after another, all eyes brushed towards the video.

        That's right!

        Everyone's eyelids jumped wildly, and the more they looked, the more they looked like Lin Fan.

        Not just them!

        At this moment, Bai Yi was also completely confused.

        She looked at the dim figure in the video and felt a trance.

        Lin Fan?

        As if!

        A bold thought came to Bai Yi's mind, and she couldn't believe her eyes.

        Just when Bai Yi also mistakenly thought that this person was Lin Fan, the secretary next to her, Xiao Yun, burst out laughing.

        The secretary next to her, Yun, burst out laughing.

        "Hahaha ...... You guys are silly, right? How can you be sure that this is Lin Fan, when the video is so blurry?"

        "And, don't you see? This man just now, with peach seeds, grape seeds, and chili peppers, he had dismantled three of King Kong's disciples! How could Lin Fan do it!"

        That's right!

        Rue's words made the surrounding noise gradually quiet down.

        Every employee of the Bai Clan shook their heads and laughed bitterly.

        "Yeah, Yun is right, although Lin Fan knows some kung fu, he's not even that powerful!"

        "Yes, the last time he beat up Yang Tianrui's son, he took the young man from the 15th floor to the 1st floor! If he was really that powerful, he would have slapped that rich young master to death long ago."


        The crowd was in an uproar, thinking of Lin Fan's usual impression of cowardly silence.

        They instantly threw out of their minds the idea that the mysterious watcher was Lin Fan.

        Only Bai Yi!

        "Is it really not Lin Fan?"

        Bai is also a little uncertain, she suspects it is, but in her heart she doesn't want it to be!

        Just when Bai Yi was imagining things.

        Rue, who was next to him, squealed.

        "You guys, look! Master Kong Sheng is going to take revenge!"


        The words startled all the employees.

        Afterwards, they all looked towards the video and were horrified to see that after Lin Fan stood up, Kong Sheng, the first Jiangnan practitioner, turned his head and said something to the other nine practitioners.

        And then, the ten of them stepped together and actually walked quickly toward Lin Fan!


        Ten people go together!

        This scene, moreover, caused everyone to be in an uproar.

        "Oh my God, could it be that Jiangnan's top ten national masters are going to work together against this mysterious watcher?"

        "Incredible! Is this mysterious watcher already so strong that the ten national masters are going to join forces?"


        The people were talking about it.

        And Bai Yi was panicked and frightened and apprehensive.

        It wasn't just her!

        After seeing the ten national masters, who were actually moving towards Lin Fan at the same time, the crowd in the theater, also boiled over.

        "Hahaha ...... It's over! My grandfather and the other Chinese magicians are going to do it together! This kid is completely wasted!" The face of the iron-faced Coyote was full of pleasure.

        Duan Chun, on the other hand, was grinning almost to the roots of his ears.

        He hated to see Lin Fan being torn apart.

        Even Vajra and the others were all extremely complex.



        Just as Kong Sheng and the other ten people, walked up to Lin Fan's body.

        The moment everyone waited for them to make their move [Heavenly Novel], the scene that made everyone's eyes drop in shock appeared!


        Jiangnan's top ten Chinese masters actually bowed to Lin Fan in unison.

        "We, the people, pay our respects to Master Lin!!!"