Today I Give Up Trying 324-326

 Chapter 324

The look of envy and admiration on Bai's pretty face was hard to hide.

        After all!

        Someone like the mysterious watcher, just this one live broadcast, I'm afraid, would be worshipped and respected by countless people throughout Jiang City.

        "How great would it be if Lin Fan could be this powerful ......"

        In her mind, Bai Yi couldn't help but think of her husband, Lin Fan.

        Only, right after that Bai Yi shook her head.

        "No! I like the current Lin Fan more than ever!"

        "Powerful is good, but ordinary is true!"

        Thinking of Lin Fan, the corner of Bai Yi's mouth unconsciously raised a point and a happy and gentle curve appeared.


        Just when everyone was cheering!


        Once again, a roaring sound was heard within the video.

        People turned their eyes toward the video in dismay, and noticed that the filmmaker had angled the phone at the theater's door.

        At this moment, the door seemed to have sustained a huge and terrifying force, and was actually blown to pieces by someone.


        Densely packed wood shavings that fly around.

        Not only that!

        A gray-robed old man, however, walked in through the broken door.


        The gray-robed old man, with an extremely robust figure, had a boundlessly eerie and terrifying atmosphere that seemed to linger around his body.

        In particular, with each step he took, the loud footsteps were like drumbeats, resounding in the hearts of everyone.

        Everyone's blood only felt like it was surging with the old man's footsteps.

        Not only that!

        After seeing the old man, Jin Gang and Iron Masked Coyote were stunned.

        After that, they were instantly ecstatic.

        "Master, your old man ...... has come!"

        "Shigong! You have come at the right time to avenge our Master!"


        When the shouts of Vajra and Iron Masked Coyote rang out, the tiger and knife masters in the Jiangcheng camp brushed their faces and changed greatly.



        Could it be that this old man is now the number one in Jiangnan's national arts!


        After confirming the identity of the old man, everyone in Jiang City felt numb.

        Jin Gang and his four disciples, the degree of strength, everyone can see for themselves.

        And now!

        The invisible pressure of the arrival of the first person in Jiangnan Guojutsu made all the big names in Jiangcheng, such as Master Tiger, look like dirt.

        Not only them!

        Inside Bai's group.

        Before the video, after seeing the old man, all the people around were dumbfounded.

        "This old man is King Kong's master? Is he more powerful than King Kong?" The secretary, Rue, asked with a shocked face.

        And hearing this!

        The rest of the group brushed aside and looked at the male colleague next to them.

        They suddenly saw that the male colleague seemed to be scared silly, his entire face as white as paper.

        "No ...... is not just awesome!"

        "Rather ...... is much, much more powerful! Everything about Vajra was taught by this old man!"

        "He is now the first person in Jiangnan's national arts, Kong Sheng!"


        When they heard this, the secretary, Yun, and the others all trembled with fear.

        They realized that the old man was the strongest dependence of Vajra and the others.

        But the crowd didn't realize it.

        The moment they saw the old man!

        Baiyton almost suspected that he was seeing things differently, and covered his mouth with an incredulous face.

        "I ...... think I've seen this old man before!"

Chapter 325

When Bai saw the old man's face in the video, she could hardly believe her eyes.

        At this moment, she instantly recalled.

        Just recently, when she had taken Lin Fan to her grandfather Shen's house to make amends for his offense against Zhou Xian.

        It was just in time for the signing banquet between the Shen family and the Fei family, the first family in Yun Hai City.

        The old man, one of the Fei family's Fei Changqing's group, was known as Kong Lao.

        Bai Yi could remember.

        At that time, her cousin Shen Ling's husband, Zhou Xian, was so angry that he wanted to assassinate Lin Fan.

        It was this old man who stood in front of Lin Fan, grabbed Zhou Xian by the neck, and lifted him up alive.


        He also asked Lin Fan if he had helped him as Zhou Xian.

        "Yes! That's him!"

        At this moment, Bai Yi was in a trance. She had never thought that Coyote Iron Mask's master and King Kong's teacher was Lin Fan's acquaintance, Kong Sheng.

        And while Bai Yi was dazed.

        The male colleague next to her, on the other hand, screamed once more.

        "Gosh! That's one of the Ten Great State Artists of Jiangnan - Wei Ting Wei Lao!"

        "And Ning Dayong Ning Lao!"

        "Vengeance Jay Vengeance old man!"



        With the male colleague's horrified voice, Bai Yi's crowd saw that in the video, after Kong Sheng, the first person in Jiangnan's national arts, walked in, a succession of elderly people, one after another, stepped in.

        Each one of them, surprisingly, is one of the top ten national arts masters of Jiangnan.


        In the blink of an eye, all ten national artists appeared in front of everyone.

        And at this moment!

        In the theater, Master Tiger, Master Blade, and others were almost suffocated by the shock.

        "Jiangnan's top ten state masters, all arrived, how could this be!"

        Master Tiger's eyelids jumped more than wildly.

        He knew his BOSS was tough, but he was not the slightest bit sure of himself against the even more terrifying Kong Sheng and others.

        It wasn't just him!

        The iron-faced coyote and others, on the other hand, almost cried tears of joy one by one.

        At once, they shouted to Kong Sheng, reverently and fervently.

        "Grand Master, please avenge your disciple's death! My Wolf Hall has been destroyed, my Coyote has been crippled, and my fourth, third, and second senior brothers have all been crippled!"

        "Even my master was badly wounded! Please do justice!"

        The Iron Masked Coyote said, "In the excitement of the whole man, he rolled down from his wheelchair, and then tried to kneel on the ground, facing Kong Sheng and others, howling miserably.

        The voice was extremely miserable.

        See this scene!

        As if they had seen a savior, the seriously injured Zheng Tianci and Li Xiong, who were facing the direction of Kong Sheng and the others, knelt down and cried out.

        "Please avenge us, Master!"

        "Please avenge us, Master!"


        A sound, miserable and crazy.

        When it fell into Kong Sheng's ears, it instantly made his old face become gloomy and almost dripping with water!


        He could never have imagined that his own disciples would end up in such a miserable state.

        Six disciples, the master was seriously injured, and the four disciples were crippled, which was an extremely painful price to pay.

        "A bunch of losers, drunken sacks!!!"

        Kong Sheng's old, cloudy eyes burst out with a lustrous luster, and he cursed angrily at King Kong and the others, saying.

        "Vajra, you've disgraced me! Master Lin has helped us improve our skills, and my cultivation has improved with each passing day, which is why I have taught you Mr. Lin's instructions!"

        "But I never thought that you guys would be so indiscreet! It is not only a loss to my Kong Sheng, but also to Master Lin!"

Chapter 326


        A word, let the vajra master and disciple, a face of hot pain, shame can not wait to find a crack into the ground.

        How humiliating!

        That's right, they had not only disgraced their own master, but also the master Lin.

        He was a great master who had helped their master and disciples improve their techniques, but now they could not withstand the few words of instruction from that mysterious visitor.

        If word got out about this, that Master Lin would be so angry and resentful that he would ask for forgiveness.


        If they are defeated today, how can they still have the face to pay homage to that Lin Zongmu?

        Think of this!

        Whether it was Vajra, or several of his disciples, they all lowered their heads in shame.

        After a burst of scolding, Kong Sheng at this moment, slowly calmed down.

        One of his eyes, not sweeping over the crowd of people present in Jiang City, but his eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

        "Nope! The strength of these people, with the exception of that big black man and the guy next to him, are all mediocre as hell!"

        "How could you fail!"

        Kong Sheng found it!

        Among the crowd in that Jiang City, although there were many people, there wasn't a single strong person at all.

        Only the strength of Master Tiger and Master Blade could make him take a second look at them, and as for the others, they were not even qualified to let him take a glance.

        Kong Sheng could not believe how his disciple, Master Kong, could fail against this crowd of people!

        And hear this!

        The iron-faced coyote returned with a fierce face.

        "Sifu Gong, our master and disciples are not at all defeated in the hands of this group of drunken sacks in Jiang City!"

        "We just lost to a man!"


        Kong Sheng and the other nine masters beside him were startled by these words.

        They couldn't imagine who it was that could defeat King Kong's disciples.

        Before Iron Masked Coyote replied, Duan Chun, who was on the other side of the room, said.

        Duan Chun, on the other hand, said with a face full of resentment.

        "Back to Confucius! A few days ago, that man first annihilated the Wolf Hall and abolished the Coyote Brothers!"

        "And today, with peach kernels, grape seeds, and chili peppers, he laid waste to the rest of his brothers! In the end, it even humiliated Mr. Kongo by sending a hairy boy to defeat Mr. Kongo by pointing the finger!"

        "This is not only an insult to Mr. Kongo and others, this person, but also a trample on your dignity!"


        When Duan Chun's provocative words came, Kong Sheng and the other nine state masters, their faces changed dramatically.

        Peach kernels, grape seeds, and chili peppers hurt people!

        Defeat King Kong with the art of pointing!

        The strength of this method made Kong Sheng and others a bit unbelievable.

        And what makes Kong Sheng even more angry is!

        The way the opponent defeated his disciple and grandson is humiliating, which is also humiliating to Kong Sheng!


        "Who is this arrogant and arrogant person who dares to humiliate my disciple Kong Sheng's sons and grandsons! Stand up for me!!!"

        Kong Sheng's gaze, penetrating and intense, swept over the place where the people of Jiang City were.

        And when his gaze reached, the underground bigwigs of Jiang City all felt numb.

        They lowered their heads, and didn't even have the courage to meet Kong Sheng's eyes.

        Duan Chun and Iron Masked Coyote, on the other hand, were smiling gloomily.

        Immediately, they wanted to say the name 'Lin Fan' together!

        But right then and there!

        A ghostly voice, ringing straight out.

        "It's me!"

        Words come through!

        But everyone saw a thin figure in a dark corner of the theater, slowly standing up.