Today I Give Up Trying 319-320

 Chapter 319


        Immediately afterwards, the crowd saw the video of the big disciple of Vajra stepping forward and pulling out the pepper from the wall.

        He assisted Zheng Tianci back to his original position.

        Until this moment!

        This big disciple, at that moment, wanted to scramble onto the battlefield again to avenge the name of his fellow disciples.

        But right here it is!

        Vajra swings his hand and pulls him down abruptly!

        "Master, you ......"

        "You're not an opponent, there's no need to get hurt for nothing!"

        At this moment, King Kong's complexion was extremely heavy.

        After saying this, he turned his head and took a deep look at the crowd in Jiang City, and his eyes were filled with scruples and incredulity.

        "Your Excellency, your means have reached the level of flying leaves that wound people! But listen to your voice, but you are so young!"

        "So, I don't believe you're really a clergyman!"

        Wow ......

        Vajra's words, which fell on the ears of the crowd below, caused everyone to be in an uproar.

        That's right!

        Not only was Vajra puzzled, but the rest of the crowd was also incredulous.

        After all, the voice of the mysterious visitor just now should have sounded like a young man.

        This kind of person, reaching the realm of a master?

        It's absolutely impossible to do.

        "So, I'm going to challenge you!"

        Vajra's voice, like a flood bell, resounded throughout the arena.

        Only, his voice fell, but there was no reply for a long time.

        Lin Fan looked at the clamoring King Kong on the stage and just shook his head with a face of disdain.

        Naturally, he would not go on stage.

        Because in his eyes, neither King Kong nor his disciples had the qualifications to fight with him.


        At this moment, the atmosphere in the theater was extremely strange, and everyone was waiting for the mysterious spectator to meet them.

        Only ...... was disappointed!

        After they had waited for a full ten minutes, not a single word came from the mysterious watcher.

        "Could it be that that person was afraid? If that's the case, then Kongo guessed correctly that the other party must have used some shady means to create such a sensational effect! Perhaps he is a liar! "

        "Yes, if you are really a great patriarch, why would you be afraid of a Kongo's challenge!"

        "Looks like we've all been fooled, and that man is no clergyman!"


        Among the crowds in Jiang City, the sound of discussion gradually rose noisily.

        After seeing that Lin Fan didn't show up to fight, almost everyone's heart agreed with King Kong's statement.

        The mysterious watcher was not a master.

        And before, it was just a bluff, using some kind of unspeakable means, that's all!

        Otherwise, why would they not dare to show up.

        At this moment, after hearing the extremely noisy comments of the crowd, the faces of Master Tiger and Master Knife were all ugly.

        They naturally did not believe that their BOSS was bluffing.

        In their eyes!

        A character like King Kong had no qualifications to challenge Lin Fan.

        "I'm going!"

        When he thought of this, the tiger stood up from his seat with a single movement.

        Now, he wanted to go on stage to fight.

        But at that very moment!

        Lin Fan, who had been silent for a long time, once again sounded out his indifferent voice.

        "Why use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken! Tiger, get one of the quickest guys on stage! It just takes some background, not a lot of strength!"


        When the words of the mysterious watcher were heard, they resounded once again.

        All the people in the theater were confused.

        A tiger?

        Could it be that this mysterious visitor is talking to the tiger?

        Wow ......

        In an instant, the whole theater exploded once again.

        In the territory of Jiang City, whoever saw the Black Tiger had to respectfully address him as Master Tiger.

        And the tiger?

        This name is definitely a death wish.

        Only, a scene that startled everyone appeared.

        When Master Tiger heard this, not only was there no anger on his face, but there was a glorious joy on his face.

        It was as if it was his tiger master's supreme honor to be addressed as 'tiger' by the mysterious visitor.

        He hurriedly pointed to a man in his twenties and said.

        "Monkey, you're quicker! You're it, go on stage and fight!"

Chapter 320


        At this moment, after hearing that Master Tiger had actually listened to the absurd words of the mysterious watcher, all the surrounding people of Jiang City, as well as the people of Yun Hai City, could not believe their ears.

        It was crazy!

        This is absolutely fucking insane.

        Find a 20-something year old guy with agility, but no strength or power, to fight King Kong?

        Isn't this a gift of a head?

        Everyone looked at the black tiger as if they were looking at an idiot.

        Only that's not all!

        "All right!"

        The young man named 'Monkey', upon hearing these words, didn't even have the slightest fear or retreat, instead, he was filled with ecstasy, as if he had received a great good thing, and went straight up to the platform.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        What the heck?

        Against King Kong, only one kid was sent1

        This is absolutely insane.

        Especially King Kong, who was on the platform.

        He looked at the monkeys who had sprung onto the platform and stood across from him, and King Kong's whole face turned green.



        He is the number one expert in Yunhai City, the king of black boxing in the entire Jiangnan City, a powerful existence that sweeps away more than a dozen other cities.

        And now, the Mysterious Watcher and the Tiger, actually sent out a small rookie to deal with his own challenge, which was absolutely the greatest contempt and humiliation for him.

        "Good! I, King Kong, have taken note of your humiliation!"

        "Don't worry, I'll take care of this guy of yours! Strip him of his skin and crush him into a million pieces!"

        The voice was filled with ferocity and ruthlessness, instantly causing the crowd in Jiang City below to go numb.

        Every one of them could hear Kongo's intense hatred and killing intent.

        Not only the crowd present!

        Even within the Bai Clan, Bai Yi and the others could feel, through the screen, as if there was a cold, cold air escaping from the King Kong in the video, causing each of them to shiver with emotion.

        "Bad! I feel like the mystery watcher is overstating things! That young man, Monkey, is afraid he'll die!"

        "Exactly! How can a brat like King Kong be compared to such a fierce man?"

        "I don't understand how the tiger could have listened to that mysterious man's bullshit and actually sent his own little brother out to die! "


        A large number of staff members, gathered around, were pointing at the video.

        Almost everyone seemed to have seen the monkey's pathetic end.

        Even Bai Yi shook his head and sighed in silence for the young man named Monkey.


        And just when everyone is in disbelief!

        Vajradon roared, and his whole foot, stepped hard on the ground.


        The platform trembled more than a little, and the King Kong's pagoda-like body actually bounced off the ground.

        It was as if a titanic beast, with an air of sweeping the eight directions, struck the monkey with a fist.



        Seeing the might of this punch, even Master Tiger and Master Blade looked as grave as possible.

        "How strong!"

        Their eyelids jumped wildly, and even if they had been in their place, they would have had no choice but to run away in the face of King Kong's mighty punch.


        The monkey didn't dodge, he didn't panic, but instead his face was filled with excitement.

        He seemed to be waiting for something!

        Sure enough!

        "Crouch down three inches and strike with your right fist, attacking his left ribs!"


        Everyone in the room was confused when they heard this, was this live instruction?