Today I Give Up Trying 317-318

 Chapter 317

Lin Fan?

        "No ...... can't be!"

        Bai Yi had a look of having seen a ghost on her face and quickly shook her head.

        "This person's voice is just a bit similar to Lin Fan's, definitely not Lin Fan!"

        "Besides, at this time of day, Lin Fan should be at home, so he can't be at the theater!"

        "Also, although Lin Fan knows some kung fu and is very good at fighting, it is absolutely impossible for him to penetrate human flesh with a few peach seeds and grape seeds!"

        Bai Yi quickly shook her head, shaking this absurd speculation out of her mind.

        And then with a pair of beautiful eyes, she looked intensely into the video.

        Sure enough!

        After the mysterious voice sounded, Ghostfoot Zheng Tiancai, who was on the platform, became furious as if he had been greatly humiliated.

        A chili pepper?

        This bastard even dared to say that he could not catch a single pepper in the name of Ghostfoot, which was to put his dignity according to the ground and rub it hard.

        Simply damned.

        At the moment, the ghost foot Zheng Tianci, now wanted to yell.

        But just at this time!


        A wind-breaking sound resounded, and then, to everyone's dismay, they saw that there was actually a green chili pepper, emitting an air-breaking whistling sound, once again flying towards the tower.

        "Hmph! Idiot's stuff, what power can a pepper have!"

        The moment Ghostfoot Zheng Tianci saw the pepper, a strong disdain appeared on his face.

        After that, with a little bit of ground on his feet, he wanted to kick at the flying chili pepper.

        Just at that moment!

        Accident Sudden!

        The chili pepper, as if infused with some kind of breath, was as straight as a blade, especially its speed, which was one point faster than Zheng Tianci had expected.

        What's more terrifying is the angle of the pepper.

        As soon as Zheng Tiancai's ghost foot kicked out, he was shocked to find that his leg swing was slightly stagnant.

        Just at the instant his foot kicked into the air!


        The pepper was like a sharp blade that ruthlessly drove his ghost foot through.

        "Ah ......"

        Zheng Tiancai was taken aback, especially when he felt the sharp pain in his feet, and his face went white as paper.

        That's not all.

        He only felt that the chili pepper, as if it contained a terrifying force, pierced his foot in an instant, and brought his entire body flying backwards.


        The blood-soaked spiked head of a chili pepper pierced the wall behind it, and pinned Zheng Tianci's feet to the wall.

        Zheng Tiancai's feet were pinned to the wall.

        This scene looked extremely strange.

        Zheng Tianci's feet were nailed to the wall, but it was a ...... pepper that pierced his feet.


        It was incredible.

        Everyone in the theater, after seeing this scene, stood up in shock and horror.

        One by one, they kept rubbing their eyes, almost doubting what they had seen.

        "No ...... Impossible! This, this is comparable to the way a flying leaf injures someone!"

        King Kong's entire body was completely confused.

        If it was a peach pit or a grape seed, because it was extremely hard, he could still accept it if he used a special means to seriously injure a person.

        Now, however, it was a long and thin pepper.

        This was a vegetable!

        Wounding people with vegetables and pinning them to walls is absolutely comparable to wounding people with flying leaves.

        That is!

        The other side obviously poured true qi into the chili pepper, which made the pepper as hard and sharp as a blade, thus piercing one's flesh and nailing Zheng Tianci's feet to the wall.

        This pierced through human flesh and pinned Zheng Tianci's feet to the wall.

Chapter 318



        A drop of scarlet blood, from Zheng Tiancai's feet, continued to flow down, but it was like a giant hammer that struck the hearts of everyone in the theater.

        Even Master Blade and Master Tiger could hardly believe their eyes at this moment.

        "BOSS is this strong?"

        Master Tiger and Master Knife looked at each other, and they swallowed a mouthful of spit.

        They knew that Lin Fan was strong.

        But they could never have imagined that he would be so strong that he could hurt people with flying leaves.

        They finally understood at this moment.

        Why did Lin Fan still look disdainful after the Iron Masked Coyote brought out his master, King Kong, and his grandfather in the Wolf Pavilion.

        So ...... so!

        Thinking of this, the two hegemonic bigwigs of Jiang City worshipped Lin Fan as if they were incessantly flowing.

        And on the other side!

        Iron Masked Coyote, Duan Chun, and Qi Siyuan were completely dumbfounded.

        "This guy turned out to be so strong! No wonder my Wolf Hall was wiped out, no wonder ......"

        Dense cold sweat flowed down from the Iron Masked Coyote's forehead.

        In his heart, he had an ominous feeling of foreboding.

        It wasn't just him!

        Qi Siyuan, who was in the back, was almost scared to death.

        Previously, he had planned to have King Kong send someone to capture Lin Fan after this boxing match.

        And now!

        He was only glad that he hadn't opened his mouth yet, and that Lin Fan had appeared earlier, otherwise, he would have ended up miserable if he had provoked Lin Fan again.

        Think of this!

        Qi Siyuan was involuntarily moving backward, slowly retreating.

        Just at this moment!

        Everyone didn't know that the most shocking thing that happened after this scene was the outside world of Jiang City.

        Inside Bai's group!

        The atmosphere was dead silent, and at this moment, almost everyone stared at it, almost unable to believe their eyes.

        "Is this ...... a movie?" Bai's eyes were wide open, and it was hard to believe her eyes.

        Peppers sticking through the paws and pinning a man to the wall?

        What the fuck is this, if not a joke?

        The scene in front of us is completely beyond Bai's knowledge.

        And when he heard this, the male colleague blushed with excitement and explained.

        The male colleague blushed with excitement and explained.

        "White, you don't know anything! Back then, I had studied Chinese martial arts for a while, and I had heard my teacher say, "In this world, there are some people, however, who are called masters."

        "That kind of person, no longer by virtue of his own flesh, but within his body, produces a breath, called the True Qi!"

        "When true qi is transformed, you can pick leaves to hurt people and kill them through the air!"


        As soon as this man's words came out, not only Bai Yi, but even everyone else was shocked.

        Picking leaves to injure people, spacing them out!

        It was almost like something that would only appear in a novel, but they never thought that it would actually exist in reality.

        "So scary, if that's the case, wouldn't it mean that this mysterious watcher is a master?" The secretary, Rue, covered her mouth, full of horror.

        And the male colleague nodded his head, his face, which was filled with intense fervor and admiration.

        "Exactly! It's just that, in our China, a master can be said to be an extremely rare existence!"

        "But I never thought that our little Jiang City would hide such a giant dragon!"


        All of them, including Bai, were attracted to the mysterious viewer in the video.

        They were curious to know who that person was.

        Only then can you reach the level of a grandmaster and be as strong as that.