Today I Give Up Trying 314-316

 Chapter 314

Think about it!

        Whether it was Master Tiger, Master Blade, or King Kong, all of them were waiting with bated breath, looking nervous.

        "Come on!"

        The thunderstorm laughed sarcastically and suddenly became all powerful.

        Ka Ka Ka Ka ......

        His muscles and flesh, inch by inch, bulged up high, and his muscular protective power was to the utmost.

        And at the moment when his protective power and mental power were most concentrated.


        A soft spitting sound, suddenly came, and then ......

        Swish, swish, swish!

        One after another, the sound of the seal breaking, like rain, suddenly resounded.




        Thunderstorm's pupils suddenly shrank to the size of a pin's eye.

        He watched as several extremely small objects, flying from the stands, burst down on him in a dense explosion!

        "Drive me!"

        Thunderstorm's face flickered with a cold, confident arrogance.

        With a sudden burst of power, he grabbed at those tiny objects with both hands.

        Almost instantly, his calloused palms grasped at the tiny objects with a sudden grip!

        But at the moment of touch.

        Thunderstorm's face suddenly changed color.

        He only felt that those grape seed-like objects contained a boundless and violent force, causing him to take several steps backwards.

        And underneath that terrifying force.

        His calloused palm was like a thin layer of window paper, but it was simply too big to resist, and was instantly pierced by a grape seed.

        At this moment!

        The scene that horrified everyone appeared.

        Pfffft ......

        A streak of scarlet blood mist splashed out from above Thunderstorm's hands.

        His palms, pierced by several grape seeds, flew out from the back of his hands.

        Then it crackled, like a tiny bullet, and ruthlessly exploded on the wall.



        Thunderstorm's hands trembled incessantly as dense droplets of blood dripped down from the several holes in his palms.

        His hands had been completely beaten into a sieve.

        This scene, however, caused the entire theater to feel their hearts being grasped by an invisible hand, causing everyone to almost suffocate.

        "Defeated ...... defeated? The Third Senior Brother is a transverse iron bone, how could he be shot through the palm of his hand by a few grape seeds!"

        When the iron-faced coyote saw this, his body trembled and he could hardly believe his eyes.

        And beside him!

        Duan Chun and Qi Siyuan's jaws almost dropped in shock and they almost peed.

        How, how is it possible!

        Both of them were spoiled young masters, and had seen countless powerful bodyguards, but they had never seen a man, with just a few grape seeds, cripple the hands of a ruthless man known for his ruthlessness.

        This is simply a mythical means, incredible.

        On the other hand.

        The other two, King Kong, Master Tiger and Master Dagger, also looked heavy to the extreme.

        They were strong, but asking themselves, even if they practiced for another ten or twenty years, they would not be able to do this.

        That's not all!

        Among the crowd in Jiang City, there are even some underground members who have already picked up their cell phones and started posting this strange scene on the live streaming platform.

        And when the live footage of this shooting was posted on the forums and websites of Jiang City!


        Countless viewers in Jiang City were completely shaken.

        The outside world almost exploded with the live broadcast, and countless viewers from Jiang City flooded into the live broadcast, as if they couldn't believe their eyes after seeing the grape seeds on the wall and Thunderstorm's pair of hands that had been beaten into a sieve.

Chapter 315


        Inside the Bai Group, Bai Yi is just in his office, finishing up a bunch of work.


        As soon as she opened the office door, Bai Yi wanted to go out and make her rounds.

        But as soon as she walked out of the door, she saw her secretary, Yun, and a group of employees attacking each other, chattering and talking excitedly about something.


        This scene made Bai Yi's brow furrow.

        She knew that her secretary was usually extremely dedicated to her work, and had never appeared to be in a lively conversation with the staff.

        And now ......

        "Rue, is something wrong?"

        At that moment, Bai Yi merely frowned and walked over to the direction of the crowd.

        When they saw Bai Yi, Yun and the employees were shocked, and then returned to their seats one by one, looking extremely nervous and apprehensive.

        The secretary, Yun, was even more fearful and said.

        "Bai ...... Bai, I'm sorry. I was just with my colleagues, watching a boxing match! It's our city of Jiang versus the sea of clouds!"

        "I was careless and got caught up in it, please don't blame Bai!"

        Rue's face was filled with regret and anxiety.

        Just hearing this, Bai Yi was slightly stunned.

        A boxing match?

        She didn't think that Yun, a girl, would be interested in a boxing match, so she walked closer to the table and looked at the phone.

        "What kind of boxing match is this? I can't believe you're so fascinated!"

        Bai looked at the video with curiosity, but was shocked to find that it was obviously shot with a cell phone.

        Not only is the image dizzyingly shaky, but even the picture quality is extremely poor.

        Hear that!

        Rue could only forcefully explain.

        "Mr. Bai, you don't know yet! In the past few days, the rumors in our Jiang City have spread like wildfire, that the number one expert in Yunhai City, King Kong, who is known as the number one black boxer in Jiangnan, has come to Jiang City with his four disciples to challenge!"

        "It is said that it is because his fifth disciple, the Iron-faced Coyote of the Wolf Hall in Jiang City, was crippled, and that is why he came to take revenge!"


        When she heard the four words Iron-Faced Coyote, Bai Yi, who had wanted to turn off the video, gave a slight pause in her jade hand.

        "You, you mean, the master of the Iron Masked Coyote, has come to take revenge?"

        Bai Yi's pretty face, a little pale.

        And the secretary Yun nodded her head.

        Seeing this scene, a trace of intense anxiety and trepidation surfaced in Bai Yi's heart, and she hurriedly asked anxiously.

        "Then do you know who the Iron Masked Coyote's master is seeking revenge on?"



        Bai Yi was afraid that the other party was looking for revenge on Lin Fan, and if that happened, then wouldn't Lin Fan's life be in danger?

        "It's looking for Master Tiger and Master Blade! It is said that it was these two big brothers who led the people to destroy the Wolf Hall!" The secretary, Rue, said quickly.

        Hoo ......

        This sentence finally made Bai Yi breathe a sigh of relief.

        Master Tiger and Master Dagger are the hegemonic figures of Jiang City's North and South Cities.

        With them standing up for him, there is no danger for Lin Fan.

        Thinking of this, Bai Yi couldn't help but turn to the video and ask curiously.

        "How is the battle going now?"


        When he realized that Bai Yi had not only not reprimanded them, but had instead become curious about the game, the secretary, Xiao Yun, and the surrounding colleagues all turned pale with joy, while a male colleague, full of enthusiasm, stood up and said.

        "Mr. Bai, you don't know how strong those guys from Yun Hai City are! Until now, King Kong has not made a move! Only four of his disciples fought!"

        "And Master Tiger and Master Blade, who sent eleven of their men to fight, were all defeated! The tiger is even forced to take action himself!"


        These words startled Bai Yi.

        She had never thought that the challengers of the sea of clouds would be so strong.

Chapter 316

King Kong's disciples alone all swept away the men of Master Tiger and Master Knife, even forcing Master Tiger to take action himself.

        "Then what?" Bai asked nervously.

        "Bai, here comes the most important place!"

        The male colleague, who was extremely eloquent, now sputtered.

        "Just as the tiger was about to make his move, a mysterious watcher, appeared! According to the Iron Masked Wolf, the voice of this mysterious watcher is the culprit who wiped out Wolf Hall!"

        Wow ......

        As soon as he said this, Bai Yi's face changed.

        The main culprit in the destruction of the Wolf Hall was not Master Tiger and Master Blade?

        Could it be that there is someone else?

        Bai Yi's mind, at this moment, involuntarily recalled Lin Fan's face, which made her aromatic heart, thumping wildly.

        "That mysterious watcher, did he come out? He, who is he?"

        Bai Yi's cold sweat flowed out.

        She was afraid that that person, was Lin Fan, if so, it would be bad.

        "No appearances!"

        The secretary, Rue, shook her head, and then her beautiful eyes, splashed with admiration, continued.

        "But the mysterious watcher made a move!"

        "When Li Xiong, the fourth disciple of King Kong, was at his most arrogant, that mysterious watcher pierced through his body with just a peach pit!"

        "And just now, Vajra's third disciple, who had come forward to provoke, was likewise completely crippled by that mysterious watcher, who, with a few grape seeds, struck through both hands!"


        The words almost made Bai's eyes drop out of her head.

        What did she, what did she hear?

        Peach kernels, grape seeds?

        Eliminate two masters?

        This, how is this possible!

        "Mr. White, it's true! We just saw it with our own eyes, and we even almost scared the people in the Cloud Sea to death!" The man said, as he looked toward the video.

        And when he saw that another man, in a flash, sprang onto the battle platform to replace the injured third disciple, Thunderstorm, he was ecstatic.

        "Mr. Bai, look, King Kong's second disciple, Ghost Foot - Zheng Tianci, is on stage!"


        Hearing this, Bai Yi, Rue, and others, looked toward the video.

        At once, they saw.

        The previously injured Thunderstorm had already left the field to heal.

        The faces of everyone in the Yun Hai camp were gloomy and frightening, and some of them looked fearful and recoiling.

        Bai Yi even saw a few familiar faces from within the video footage.

        Duan Chun!

        Keith Yuen!

        Bai Yi didn't expect that these two young masters, who had been beaten up by Lin Fan, would also be watching the battle.

        While Bai Yi was dazed, the ghost foot in the video, Zheng Tianci, spoke up.

        The ghost foot in the video, Zheng Tianci, spoke up!

        "Your Excellency is so ruthless that you have disabled my three junior brothers!"

        "In that case, I, as the second senior brother, have come to learn!"

        Zheng Tianci finished.


        One of his feet, steeply extended, and then, as if it were lightning, he instantly kicked several times in front of himself!


        Zheng Tianci was worthy of the name of the Ghost Foot, and his mere kick was as fast as lightning.

        In particular, the palm of his foot seemed to contain a terrifying force that made the surrounding air whir.

        Just at that moment!

        The indifferent voice, once again, came out.

        "Huh? There's something about footwork! Unfortunately, you are a little slow in your swing! I'm afraid, even a single pepper is hard to catch!"


        After Lin Fan's words rang out, it instantly made the atmosphere in the theater slightly quiet.

        In particular, when this voice fell on Bai Yi's ears, it made her body tremble and she almost couldn't believe her own ears.

        This voice, like ...... Lin Fan?