Today I Give Up Trying 311-313

 Chapter 311

Hearing these provocative words, the tiger and knife masters clenched their fists one by one, their faces livid.

        Master Tiger and Master Blade and the others, one by one, clenched their fists in a death grip, their faces livid.

        "I'll do it!"

        Master Tiger said in a deep voice.

        He and Master Blade's men, the most capable of fighting, had all been defeated, and now there was simply no one who could be brought up to fight on stage.

        And now, only he could do it himself.

        "Master Tiger, King Kong isn't on yet! If you take the stage now, it will only make those people laugh even more." Master Dagger advised in a deep voice.

        For his and Tiger's position, only King Kong could make them do it.


        Even if a big man of their level wins, he will be laughed at for degrading himself.

        Hear this!

        The corner of the tiger's mouth could not help but appear with a thick, bitter smile.

        "I know, but the two of us who were able to fight were almost all defeated! None available!"

        The words that came to the knife's mouth in one sentence could only be swallowed hard.

        That's right!

        Now there was no one who could fight except the two of them personally.

        As for the other small forces, those people were too weak, not even as good as the two defeated men, and coming to power would only increase the number of defeats in Jiang City and make it more humiliating, that's all.

        Think of this!

        The tiger is now going to walk towards the platform.

        Wow ......

        When they saw that Master Tiger was going to personally fight, everyone on the Yun Hai side boiled over completely.

        The color of excitement on everyone's face was extremely strong.

        Master Tiger's appearance can only mean that there is no one left in Jiang City.

        Then the victory of Yunhai City was at hand.

        In an instant, no matter it was King Kong, the three disciples, as well as Iron Masked Coyote, Duan Chun, and Qi Siyuan, all of them had strong, excited smiles on their faces.

        The Iron Masked Coyote and the others even wanted to laugh at the Tiger.

        However, at this moment!

        One voice, however, suddenly resounded throughout the theater.

        "Alas ...... this kind of small fish and shrimp and crawler, but also dare to call rampant, it seems this kind of competition is too boring!"

        This sound was unusually sudden.

        In particular, the crowd found that it was not a shout, but the sound of a person talking to himself, extremely small, but as if it had magical powers, it sounded as if it were ringing in everyone's ears.

        But it was as if the voice had magical power, as if it were ringing in everyone's ears.

        In an instant, everyone's face changed.

        "Who! Who the hell just said, "I'm a small fish, a shrimp, a creeper?"

        Li Xiong, the Combat Heaven Poison Eagle, had a cold face.


        He did not expect that there would be people who dared to humiliate him like that, even though he had won consecutive battles.

        And as soon as he heard it, he knew that it was definitely someone from Jiang City.

        Just this moment.

        The people on the Jiang City side were also all startled, and turned their eyes to scan, but they didn't find out who it was.

        Only Master Tiger and Master Blade.

        The two big men, after hearing Lin Fan's voice, all their spirits were lifted.

        "It seems to be the voice of ......BOSS!" A flush of excitement appeared on Master Tiger's face.

        And Master Dagger was trembling even more.

        "When Mr. Lin arrives, there may be hope for us in Jiang City!"

        They looked at each other and could see the intense ecstasy in each other's eyes.

        It wasn't just them!

        After hearing Lin Fan's voice, Iron Masked Coyote, Duan Chun, and Qi Siyuan all instantly stared at each other.

        "It's him! This is the bastard who ruined me and wiped out Wolf Hall!"

        A deep fear and panic appeared on the face of the iron-faced coyote.

        As if, the mere sound of Lin Fan's voice now scared him out of his wits.


        Destroy the Wolf House?

        Qi Siyuan likewise heard that it was Lin Fan's voice, and just as he wanted to reveal Lin Fan's identity, he suddenly heard the words 'extinguish the Wolf Hall', which made him shiver in fright.

        "This bastard, that strong?"

        Qi Siyuan's face was filled with horror.

Chapter 312

Originally, his thoughts of calling out Lin Fan's name were instantly extinguished.


        At this moment, after hearing that the owner of this voice was the culprit who destroyed the Wolf Hall and abolished Coyote, the entire theater was instantly plunged into a suffocating atmosphere.

        On the platform, the eyes of Li Xiong, the heaven-fighting poisonous eagle, flickered with a ferocious luster, and shouted loudly to the Jiang City crowd.

        "Yes! So it was you, a rat who hid your head and tail, who harmed my fifth brother and destroyed his wolf house!"

        "Kid, come out and fight! With just one punch, I can KO a little beast like you to death."

        Li Xiong's face was full of hostility, his whole body was like an excited beast, and his pair of terrifying eyes swept a corner of the crowd in Jiang City.

        A pair of terrifying eyes scanned every corner of the crowd in Jiang City. And after his words fell.

        The indifferent voice, once again, resounded.

        "By you?"

        Just two words, but with a boundless air of arrogance.

        When they fell on Li Xiong's ears, they instantly made him furious, and just as Li Xiong was about to open his mouth, he continued to revile and provoke.


        A black object, like a meteor, actually came from the stands.


        The moment Li Xiong saw this black thing and flew in, he only felt his sweat hairs stand on end and his whole face changed.

        "Xiao Si, be careful!!!"

        Not only Li Xiong, but also in the Yun Hai camp, King Kong also discovered the scene and was instantly horrified.


        That black thing was incredibly fast.

        Li Xiong wanted to dodge, but his body just moved.


        The black thing, with a violent punching force, instantly pierced his shoulder.

        It was as if a bullet had entered from Li Xiong's front chest and shot out from his back.

        Ding ......

        A crunching sound was heard, and the black object, after shooting through Li Xiong's figure, was actually embedded in the wall behind.

        In particular, when everyone saw the black object clearly, everyone's eyes, almost dropped out!

        It was a peach pit on ......!


        At this moment, the entire theater fell into a dead silence.

        Everyone's eyes brushed against the stage and looked at Li Xiong, the Heaven Combat Poison Eagle, and everyone's eyeballs almost fell out.



        A piece of blood, from Li Xiong's chest and back, dripped down and smashed on the ground.

        Li Xiong's face was filled with astonishment and disbelief.

        He only felt a majestic pain, as if he had been hit by a bullet, sweeping through his whole body.

        He stretched out his hand and touched his wound, and suddenly the majestic pain made him dizzy.


        The whole man completely lost all his strength and fell straight to the ground.

        Wow ......

        This scene made the whole audience in an uproar.

        A peach core, like a bullet, pierced through Li Xiong's body, which was simply too incredible.

        In particular, the Cloud Sea camp side was in complete disarray.

        Jinguang and three disciples quickly scampered up to the platform, while they checked Li Xiong's injuries.

        "Master, the fourth disciple's ribs were broken four times, the only fortunate thing is that he didn't hurt his heart and lungs, so this life is saved!"

        A disciple said to Kongo.

        Upon hearing this, Kongo's eyelids jumped, and he turned his eyes to look at the peach core embedded in the wall behind him, and a trace of horror surfaced in his eyes.

        "What a powerful method! A single peach pit, with the power of a bullet! This man is extraordinary!"

Chapter 313


        Jin Gang waved his hand and asked his disciples to carry Li Xiong down for medical treatment.

        After that, his sharp eyes swept over the densely packed crowd in the stands.



        The look in their eyes, as if they could not resist the urge to choose and devour others, made everyone in Jiang City freeze all over, lowering their heads one by one, not daring to meet the eyes of King Kong.

        "Your Excellency is good, a peach kernel can seriously injure my disciple, it seems that Jiang City still has some characters!"

        "But that's all! Next, my disciples and I will continue the challenge, and if you have the guts, show up and fight!"

        After Jin Gang finished speaking, he gave a cold snort.

        After that, he took a deep look at the crowd in Jiang City before jumping off the platform.


        When King Kong stepped down, there was another figure, a flash of light.

        This person was the third disciple of King Kong, Iron Hands Tiger - Thunderstorm!

        He was only about 1.7 meters tall, but his body was covered with tendons and flesh that looked like a fighting machine.

        The hands, in particular, were densely calloused, with veins protruding from them, as if they contained a boundless destructive power.

        He looked straight at the crowd in Jiang City with his eyes and said.

        "Hiding rat, I don't know why you don't show yourself, but you have harmed my fourth and fifth junior brothers one after another, so you deserve to die!"

        Words fall away!

        Thunderstorm smiled sardonically, stretched out two calloused palms in front of him, and then said in a chilling voice.

        "Come on, rat! Let's show Master Ray what else you can use to hurt people."



        The crowd in Jiang City, on one side, was horrified at the strength of that mysterious man's palm, which could bring out the power of a bullet in a single blow and seriously injure Li Xiong, while on the other side, there were people who were shaken alive by the strength of the iron-handed tiger, Thunderstorm!

        In particular, looking at the calluses on Thunderstorm's palms, everyone wondered if that mysterious watcher could still pierce Thunderstorm!

        Just, one minute, two minutes ......

        Time passed slowly, but inside the theater, there was no movement at all.


        This scene made Thunderstorm and the crowd, all of them, frown.

        "What? Scared? Let me tell you, you, Master Lei, are the best at cross body martial arts! If you can pierce through my flesh, I, Master Lei, will take your surname!"

        The corner of Thunderstorm's mouth was filled with an intense sneer, and his words were full of confidence and rampage.

        Just hear the words!

        The voice, once again, rang out.

        "Wait a minute, I'll have two more grapes!"


        When the words rang out, both the thunderstorm on stage and all the surrounding spectators were dumbfounded.

        Is this guy ...... eating and vomiting now?

        What the fuck!

        Every single person was speechless to the extreme.

        Even a lot of people in Jiang City started to look around, looking at the people eating on the stands, trying to determine Lin Fan's identity.

        But after scanning the circle, they didn't find any strange people at all.

        And just when everyone was slightly disappointed!

        "Are you ready?"

        That indifferent voice once again sounded, instantly causing everyone's breath to stagnate.

        They did not expect that the mysterious watcher would even give a reminder.

        If it was said that defeating Li Xiong before was a surprise attack, a successful strike while Li Xiong's attention had not yet been hit, then now, the mysterious watcher had even warned, and the thunderstorm was even more successful.

        Now, the mysterious watcher had even reminded them, and Thunderstorm was known for his horizontal kung fu cultivation, could he still succeed?