Today I Give Up Trying 309-310

 Chapter 309

Lin Fan shook his head, and did not take this Cloud Sea No. 1 expert to heart.

        Instead, he was at the vegetable stall, carefully selecting vegetables.

        One kind of fresh vegetables and fruits after another, Lin Fan put them into the vegetable basket.

        When he had filled the entire basket, he rode his electric bicycle and slowly walked towards the Jiang City Theater, which was not far away!

        Jiang City Playhouse!

        It used to be one of the most famous buildings in the city.

        However, with the development of time, theater gradually withdrew from the stage of young people, which also made the theater, gradually fell down.

        Today, the battle between Jiang City and Yun Hai was held in the theater.

        As Lin Fan approached, he saw many people gathered around the entrance of the theater, looking inside.

        "Look, another one has been lifted out!"

        With a scream, all of a sudden everyone saw the door of the theater being opened from the inside.

        Four gloomy-looking men, carrying a stretcher, came out of it and walked toward an ambulance at the door.

        On the stretcher, there was a young man lying.

        His upper body was naked, his muscles were bulging, and he was extremely strong.

        But now, his whole face was a blur of flesh and blood, and his cheeks were wet with scarlet blood.

        His chest was completely caved in!



        Scarlet blood, almost soaking the stretcher, dripped down onto the ground.

        "I know this man, he was one of Master Tiger's men, but unfortunately, he also failed!"

        The many onlookers at the gate sighed long and hard.

        A depressing atmosphere lingered in the hearts of the crowd.

        "This is the eleventh defeat! It looks like our Jiang City is going to be swept away this time!"

        "Yes! That King Kong hasn't made a move yet, and is obviously waiting for Master Blade and Master Tiger!"


        Many of the onlookers looked extremely ugly.

        Although they didn't belong to the underground, they were after all part of Jiang City, and now, they were swept away by Yun Hai City's experts, which also made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

        When he heard the voices, Lin Fan parked his electric car and slowly walked towards the entrance of the theater with his basket of vegetables.


        The scene, which also fell into the eyes of those onlookers, stunned everyone.

        "Is this man an idiot? He's walking towards the theater!"

        "Yeah, what's even more ridiculous is how this guy is carrying a grocery basket! Damn, he's not making the theater his home!"

        "Hahahaha ...... Idiot, look, this guy is definitely going to get beaten out by Master Blade and Master Tiger!"


        The many onlookers around him were full of mockery and amusement.

        They were all waiting to see how Lin Fan was beaten out of the mess.


        When Lin Fan had just approached.

        The four men in black who were guarding the entrance of the theater discovered him.

        They were stunned, then turned pale, brushed Lin Fan and bowed deeply.



        The scene was so sudden that the surrounding onlookers who wanted to watch the show, one by one, stiffened with ridicule and mockery.

        What did they hear!

        The Tiger's men actually called this guy with a basket of food ......BOSS?

        How the hell is that possible!

        Many passersby were completely confused, especially after they saw the four black-clothed men, who respectfully opened the door and invited Lin Fan in.


        A total outcry!

Chapter 310

"Oh my God, who is this guy? How do you get called a boss by the Tiger's men?"

        "Yes, even if it is Master Tiger, they will only call him Big Brother! But this guy, is he the boss of Master Tiger? Wouldn't that mean that he is also the boss of the tiger?"

        "How is this possible! How could the owner of a tiger go shopping for food himself and be lounging around on an electric bicycle with a basket?"


        At this moment, the onlookers outside the theater were all dumbfounded and talking about it.

        They were all speculating about Lin Fan's identity in [PENNY ISLAND].

        At the same time!

        When Lin Fan entered the theater, he didn't disturb anyone, but found a corner, sat down in silence, and watched.

        The entire theater, whether it was the seats or the platform, looked shabby.

        But inside, the crowd was boisterous.

        Nearly all the underground bigwigs in Jiang City were there.

        There were nearly a thousand people in the dense crowd.

        In the first row, they were divided into two camps.

        On one side, there were several top Jiang City bigwigs, led by Master Tiger and Master Blade.

        On the other side, there was a pagoda man, Vajra, and his four disciples.

        Besides that!

        Lin Fan also saw a figure in a wheelchair, which was the Iron Masked Coyote.

        And next to him was the young master of the Red Maple Group - Duan Chun.

        That's not all!

        Even at the very end of the crowd in Yun Hai City, there was a man with a hood over his head that fixed his injuries, as if his whole face had just been injured.

        This person was the young master of the Qi family, the second family in Yun Hai City, whom Lin Fan had just met yesterday - Qi Siyuan!

        "Looks like the guys with a grudge are all here!"

        A touch of playfulness appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.

        Now, he took out a peach from the basket, wiped it with his hand, put it in his mouth, and took a big bite.

        And just at that moment!

        Just one of the judges on stage, his voice rang out.

        "The eleventh battle, Yunhai City Combat Heavenly Poison Eagle - Li Xiong, wins!"


        As soon as the words came out, the faces of all the big names in the Jiangcheng camp, such as Master Tiger and Master Knife, were so ugly that they almost dripped with water.


        Eleven battles, eleven losses!

        Even those who fought in Jiang City did not get through ten moves under the four disciples of King Kong.

        The defeat of each of them was extremely miserable.


        At this moment, Li Xiong, the fourth disciple of King Kong, the Heaven Fighting Poison Eagle, once again sprang into the ring.

        His fists were stained with blood, all of which were the blood of his enemies.

        A pair of eyes, sweeping over the tiger and others, smiled eerily.

        "Hehehe ...... It seems that you guys are a bunch of drunken sacks in Jiang City."

        "We don't even need our master's help, just the four of us can sweep you group of trash away!"


        The attitude of Battling Sky Poison Eagle Li Xiong is arrogant and arrogant to the extreme.

        This sentence is more like a slap on the face of all the Jiang City bigwigs, making everyone ashamed and angry, and extremely sad and angry.

        On the contrary!

        In the Yun Hai camp, a cheer went up.

        "Fourth Senior Brother is awesome! Kill the losers! Hahahaha ...... "Iron Masked Coyote laughed with the utmost pleasure.

        He shouted as he called out to the tiger and others.

        "Master Tiger! Master Knife! What happened? Aren't you guys usually awesome?"

        "Now that your men have been beaten to death by my senior brother, do you want to go up and try it yourselves? Hahaha ......"

        At this moment, the Iron Masked Coyote was so aroused that it seemed as if all his grievances had been vented out.

        It wasn't just him!

        Next to them, Duan Chun and Qi Siyuan were also extremely excited.

        Duan Chun is the organizer of the tournament, Red Maple Group is the sponsor, and Qi Siyuan has an unusual relationship with King Kong, so they are naturally on the side of the sea of clouds.