Today I Give Up Trying 307-308

 Chapter 307

Until then!

        Inside the tavern, there was complete chaos. This was the Qi family's property, and both the manager of the tavern and the waiters and waitresses gathered around.

        "Qi Shao! Wake up, don't scare me!"

        Shen Jie's face was pale white.

        If anything happened to Qi Siyuan, Lin Fan would die, and he, Shen Jie, would not be able to escape.

        After all!

        He was the one who brought Qi Siyuan here today, and he naturally couldn't shirk the responsibility in the slightest.

        And right under Shen Jie's shaking!

        "Ooh ......"

        Qi Siyuan's whole body let out a painful roar, and then slowly opened his eyes.

        Hoo ......

        This scene made Shen Jie breathe a long sigh of relief, and a heart that had been in his throat dropped.

        "Qi Shao, you ...... are finally awake! That really scared me!"

        Shen Jie said as he tried to help Qi Siyuan up.

        But at that moment!

        Qi Siyuan, who reacted, was furious when he saw that Lin Fan and Bai Yi had left, especially under the severe pain of the broken facial bones, which made him almost go crazy.

        "Bastard! How did you let that little bastard go? ...... He hit me, how dare he hit me?"

        Keith is saying!

        In his rage, he slapped Shen Jie across the face.


        He staggered Shen Jie, and his whole buttocks fell to the ground, his cheeks burning with pain, and bright red slap marks, surfaced.

        "Qi Shao, what ...... are you hitting me for?"

        Shen Jie was confused.

        He had never thought that after Qi Siyuan woke up, he had suffered an unmitigated disaster.

        "You have the fucking nerve to ask! Bai is your cousin and that little bastard is your cousin's husband!"

        "The little bastard hit me, so I'll hit you!"

        At this moment, Qi Siyuan almost went crazy.

        The pain in his cheeks tore at his heart and lungs, and he howled madly at Shen Jie.

        And hearing this!

        Shen Jie could have killed himself with his head.

        Damn it, you're the one who's stupid, humiliating others but getting beaten up instead, it's none of my damn business!

        Shen Jie's heart is a hundred times spiteful and abusive, but he simply can't export it, so he can only add all of his hatred to Lin Fan's body!

        It's all that bastard!

        He was the one who got himself into trouble. Not only did he not get along with Qi Siyuan, but he was hated by Qi Siyuan.

        "Qi Shao, if you want revenge, look for that bastard Lin Fan! He's the one who hit you!" Shen Jie now flung himself at Qi Siyuan.

        Hearing the word 'Lin Fan'!

        Qi Siyuan's eyes burst with a beastly ferocity.

        "Hmph! That bastard, I won't let him off so easily!"

        "He broke my facial bones! I will torture him to death!"

        Say it!

        Qi Siyuan seemed to have thought of something, and a fierce and fierce curve appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Coincidentally, our No. 1 expert in Yunhai City, King Kong, has come to Jiang City, and I heard that a martial arts tournament will be held tomorrow to conquer the underground world of Jiang City and submit to him!"

        "I, on the other hand, am sort of a half-disciple of King Kong, who once received a favor from my Qi family!"

        "When King Kong subdues the underground world of Jiang City, I'll let him bring that little bastard here, and I'll slice him up piece by piece!"


        Qi Siyuan's words, venomous and terrifying, instantly made Shen Jie shiver with excitement.

        King Kong, he had naturally heard of it!

        He also heard about the martial arts competition.

        It is said that King Kong has issued a letter of war to Master Blade, Master Tiger, and the other heads of underground forces in Jiang City.

        Either submit!


        However, Shen Jie did not expect that Qi Siyuan would have some relationship with such a vicious person as King Kong.

Chapter 308

"Lin Fan, you're finished, let's see how you die this time."

        A sardonic smile appeared at the corner of Shen Jie's mouth.

        It was as if he had seen the miserable sight of King Kong torturing Lin Fan into disfigurement.

        The next day!

        The entire city of Jiang was shaken.

        In the early morning, Master Blade of the North City, Master Tiger of the South City, and one underground big brother, with their own men, took action.

        In the past few days, the declaration of war by the number one expert in Yunhai City, King Kong, challenging all the big brothers in Jiang City, had already spread throughout Jiang City.

        And today!

        It's the day of victory!

        It can be said that today is definitely the most important moment for the underground world of Jiang City.

        Either the underground world of Jiang City will change its flag and be subjugated by King Kong, or defeat King Kong and make a name for Jiang City.

        Or defeat King Kong and make a name for Jiang City.


        All of this was not important to Lin Fan.

        He was still at home as usual, washing and cooking, and being a good housewife.

        Until the afternoon.

        When Lin Fan saw that almost all the vegetables in the house had been eaten, he rode his electric bicycle and went to the vegetable market not far away.

        He had just entered the market.

        Lin Fan heard a vendor, and the customers around him, buying and selling, all the while talking animatedly.

        "Hey, Uncle Li, how's the latest battle situation? Can we win in Jiang City?" A middle-aged man buying vegetables, to an older man selling vegetables, asked.

        And hearing this!

        The man, on the other hand, shook his head and sighed long and hard.

        "I can't see the suspense, I've already carried ten people out of the front theater this morning!"

        "I saw that there were also the mourning dogs of Master Blade's men, and every one of them was seriously injured! Obviously, those guys from Yun Hai City are all very skilled!"

        This sentence instantly made some of the surrounding customers who were buying food, as well as the vendors, shake their heads more than once.

        "I heard that that King Kong is two meters tall, with a tiger back and bear waist, just like an iron tower, I just don't know if Master Tiger and the others can resist it!"

        "Cut! I just got out of the theater, and the guy, King Kong, hasn't even made a move yet! The four disciples of King Kong were the ones who injured Lost Dog and the others!"


        As soon as the words came out, everyone in the surrounding area sucked in a breath of cold air.

        It is unimaginable that a mere disciple of King Kong would be so powerful that he would almost sweep away the underground forces of Jiang City.

        Once Kongo makes his move, I'm afraid that ......

        The people didn't say much, but everyone's face was filled with deep concern.

        Lost Dog!

        Master Knife!

        When he heard these names, Lin Fan's brow furrowed slightly.

        "May I ask what happened to the theater you are talking about?"


        Hearing this, the vendors were all stunned.

        Apparently, it didn't occur to them that there were people who didn't know about the battle between Jiang City and Yun Hai.

        "This little brother, you still don't know! The first master of Yunhai City, King Kong, challenges all underground forces in Jiang City! What's more, they let out a bold statement: "Submit or die!"

        "Now, it's been in the theater, playing all morning! Master Tiger, Master Dagger and the others, all of them are there!"


        This sentence caused Lin Fan's brows to furrow even further.

        He remembered that Iron Masked Coyote had said that his master was the number one expert in Yunhai City, King Kong.

        And now!

        The reason why the other side challenged the Jiang City giants was obviously to avenge the hatred of their disciples and to abolish Master Blade and Master Tiger.

        "Forget it! Once you're done shopping, go take a look!"