Today I Give Up Trying 304-306

 Chapter 304

Naturally, she could tell that this Qi Siyuan was deliberately targeting Lin Fan; after all, anyone who wasn't blind could tell that Lin Fan was her husband.

        And right now!

        He deliberately humiliated his husband, no different than he humiliated himself!

        "Qi Shao, Lin Fan is not some kind of onion, he is my husband!"

        "Since, Qi Shao let him leave, then we husband and wife are just leaving together!"


        Bai Yi stood up and wanted to pull Lin Fan away.

        This scene was obviously unexpected by Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie, who originally thought that Bai Yi wouldn't even care about such a trash like Lin Fan.


        When it comes to business cooperation, even if you humiliate Lin Fan, your son-in-law, Bai Yi will never stop you for the sake of business.

        But now ......

        At that moment, Qi Siyuan's complexion turned blue and then red, and when he saw that Bai Yi and his friends were really leaving, he quickly smiled and went forward and said.

        "Hahahaha ...... Bai, don't get me wrong, I'm a person who likes to joke!"

        "Just now, I was purely joking with this little brother! Sorry! Very sorry!"

        Qi Siyuan stopped the two of them and apologized repeatedly.

        Only then did Bai Yi's face soften a little.

        Under the persuasion of Shen Jie and Qi Siyuan, they could only sit down again!

        "I don't know what exactly Qi Shao wants to teach me." Bai didn't want to waste time and got straight to the point with his question.

        Hear the words!

        Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie looked at each other and then said.

        "Actually, I'm looking for Mr. Bai this time because I have something to ask!"

        "I've heard that your White Group has developed a rejuvenating elixir that can completely cure the AS virus! I want to buy that recipe!"


        These words startled Bai Yi.

        The recipe for the Soul Returning Pill is the Bai Clan's most important trade secret.

        And right now, it is simply taboo for Qi Siyuan to open his mouth and ask to buy it.


        Before Bai Yi could refuse, Qi Siyuan said with a smile on his face and five fingers deep, smiling.

        "I'll pay ...... five hundred million!"


        The words startled Baek.

        For a single prescription, 500 million yuan was offered, not counting the development costs, equipment, and labor.

        This is definitely a masterstroke.

        Especially, Bai's group has now developed the return of the soul pills, began to sell on the shelves, now this moment, even if the sale of the prescription, in fact, for the Bai's group, also does not have too much impact.

        Bai Yi paled a little, and finally shook his head.

        "Sorry! Qi Shao, this formula is not for sale by the Bai Clan!"


        When they heard this, Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie all turned pale.

        They also knew that the Bai Clan had started selling the Soul Restoring Pill, which was why they came to the door to ask for it.

        In their opinion, the value of the pills to the Bai Group was very small, and even if they were sold, they would not lose much.

        What's more, they could get a terrifying profit of half a billion dollars from it!

        If it were anyone else, this would have been a profitable business.

        But the two of them never expected that Baii would flatly refuse!

        "Mr. Bai, this is a very profitable business! A half a billion dollars in profit for a recipe that doesn't do much good is a pie in the sky!"

        Qi Siyuan was still reluctant, and continued to persuade.

        But when she heard this, Bai Yi's face became more and more resolute.

        She looked at Qi Siyuan and said straightforwardly.

        "In my opinion, Qi Shao's purchase of the Soul Returning Pill recipe is not that simple!"

        "You're trying to make money off those AS patients!"


        The faces of Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie were completely changed when these words were spoken.

Chapter 305

That's right!

        Now that the Return of Soul Pill is on the market, as long as Qi Siyuan is not stupid, he would never buy this prescription.

        His real intention is to buy the prescription and start developing it.

        After that, he will use all means to destroy the White Group's sale of the Soul Restoring Pill.

        Eventually, the Bai Clan would be finished.

        At that time, this gold mine of soul restoring pills will be firmly in their hands, even if each soul restoring pill is worth 100,000, 200,000, or even 1 million!

        Those patients, even if they lost their homes, would definitely flock to it!

        He just didn't expect that Baek would see through his plan at first glance and even say it straight through.

        For a moment!

        The atmosphere was somewhat depressing and dreary.

        Qi Siyuan shook his head and smiled, looking at Bai Yi with an increasingly aggressive gaze, the kind of eyes that could not wait to swallow Bai Yi whole.

        "Since Bai won't sell, I can't force it!"

        "But now, let's talk about the second business!"

        The second stake!

        Bai Yi was stunned, she did not expect that Qi Siyuan would not give up after one setback and wanted to continue to talk business.

        At that moment, Bai Yi could only ask.

        "I don't know, what is Qi's second business?"

        "It's you!"

        Qi Siyuan stared straight at Bai Yi and said directly.

        "Tonight, you stay with me! I, like, give you 500 million!"


        These words instantly changed the complexion of Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

        They never thought that Qi Siyuan would be so straightforward and overbearing, wanting to exchange 500 million for one night with Bai Yi.

        Especially, this was said directly in front of Lin Fan, which was simply a trample on Lin Fan's dignity.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Shen Jie did not expect that Qi Siyuan would say such a thing.


        Qi Siyuan did not care at all about the anger of Bai and the others, but instead looked as if he was determined to win and said directly.

        "Bai Yi, before I came here, I heard that you are the most beautiful CEO in Jiang City, and now that I've seen you, the rumors are indeed true!"

        "I can give you 500 million dollars for nothing if you promise to stay with me for just one night!"

        Say it!

        Qi Siyuan's eyes looked up and down at Bai Yi's figure, and then said wickedly.

        "You're the president of the White Group, but you don't have many shares at all! Even if you were a CEO for the rest of your life, you wouldn't be able to earn enough to make 500 million dollars!"

        "And now that the opportunity is in front of you, I'm sure that your husband won't refuse it, right?"

        After saying that, Qi Siyuan couldn't help but look at Lin Fan with a smile that grew stronger and stronger.

        Smash people with money!

        Hit a man on his knees, hit a woman on her back!

        It's what he loves to do and what Qi Siyuan is best at doing.

        Before that!

        He used to use a large sum of money in front of many couples to get the wives of those people to sleep with him.

        Many were even wives who did not want to be humiliated, but the husbands could not withstand the temptation of such large sums of money and persuaded their wives to obey.

        And now!

        Five hundred million!

        He believed that this huge sum of money could also hit Lin Fan on his knees and Bai Yi lying down.


        When Qi Siyuan looked at Lin Fan, Lin Fan was also looking at him.

        In particular, Lin Fan didn't seem to be the least bit shy or angry, but instead said with a smiling face.

        "Qi Shao is really generous, and when he makes a move, it's 500 million dollars!"

        Lin Fan's words did not sound the slightest bit happy or angry.

        But in Qi Siyuan's ears, he instantly thought that Lin Fan's heart was moved, and next, this guy would definitely persuade Bai Yi to accompany him for one night and never get a huge asset.

        Not only him!

        After seeing that Lin Fan was not even the slightest bit annoyed, but was praising Qi Siyuan for his generosity, Bai Yi and Shen Jie shook their heads.

        Bai Yi and Shen Jie, who were next to him, shook their heads.

        In their hearts, they were instantly disappointed in Lin Fan to the extreme.

Chapter 306

Only, that's not all!

        Lin Fan continued to look at Qi Siyuan and said with a narrow smile.

        "Since Qi Shao has sent us two business deals in such a short time, I think I should also give Qi Shao some gifts!"

        Wow ......

        As soon as Lin Fan's words came out, Bai Yi and Shen Jie's faces were as ugly as they could be.

        Damn it!

        People want to sleep with your wife.

        And you give her gifts!

        Are you an idiot?

        Shen Jie used to despise Lin Fan, but now, his heart's despise and dislike for Lin Fan is even more intense to the extreme.

        As for Bai Yi, a touch of bitterness appeared at the corner of her mouth.

        She could never have imagined that Lin Fan would be this kind of person, disappointing her and making her cold.

        "Hahaha ...... sensible! Kid, I have to say, you're the smart one!"

        Qi Siyuan was happy.

        The color of pride on his face was so intense that he asked with a curious face.

        "Tell me, what do you want to give me for sleeping with your wife!"

        "For you ......"

        Lin Fan said, with a smile on his face, which gradually became a bit cold.

        "Two slaps!"


        Qi Siyuan was stunned, and just when he didn't realize what was happening.


        A resounding slap suddenly slapped him in the face.

        The slap was so powerful and horrifying that Qi Siyuan only felt as if the skin on his face had been severely smacked and rotted, and the warm blood instantly flowed out.

        Not only that!

        His head was buzzing, and his facial bones made a cracking sound, as if his own facial bones, unable to withstand the huge force of the slap, were almost about to shatter.

        Only, it wasn't over yet!

        The moment Qi Siyuan's whole body, slapped, was about to stagger to the ground!


        Another hard slap on the other side of his face!


        Qi Siyuan's facial bones were completely shattered by a cracking sound.

        The majestic pain, like a tidal wave, swept through his nerves, sending his entire body flying two or three meters away, and hitting the ground hard.

        Quiet ......

        At this moment, the entire tavern was completely quiet.

        Shen Jie and Bai Yi, who were next to him, were dumbfounded. They had never thought that Lin Fan, who was smiling and smiling, would strike without warning.

        The two slaps, in particular, smashed Qi Siyuan's entire face.

        He didn't even scream, but fainted and died.

        Shen Jie was directly shocked and confused.

        He shuddered and pointed at Lin Fan, his face full of fear and horror.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, you dare to hurt someone! Do you know who he is? "

        "He is the young master of the Qi family, the second most powerful family in Yun Hai City, and by beating him, you have made a sworn enemy!"

        "The Qi Group, much, much more powerful than your Bai Group, which is the giant family group in Yunhai City, and now you're finished, you'll even get Bai Yi and the Bai Group buried with you!"

        At this moment, Shen Jie only felt numb.

        He had heard that the Qi Clan was extremely fond of Qi Siyuan, its second son.

        Anyone who offended Qi Siyuan simply did not have a good ending.

        And now!

        Lin Fan will definitely pay a painful price, and he will even get himself involved.

        Not only Shen Jie!

        Bai Yi, looking at Qi Siyuan's unconscious state, his blood-stained face, and the chaos in his head, subconsciously pulled Lin Fan up and left quickly.

        "Lin Fan ...... Fast! Go!"


        He pulled Lin Fan and quickly left the tavern!