Today I Give Up Trying 299-300

 Chapter 299

Afternoon in River City!

        A piece of news that shook the whole city.

        The Wolf Hall, known as the manufacturing factory of Jiang City's 'Black Boxers' and ranked third in underground power, was uprooted in one day.

        The owner, Iron Masked Coyote, had more than seventy black boxers, all of them were ruined.

        As soon as the disappearance occurred, the city was in uproar.

        Everyone couldn't imagine what kind of existence could make the Wolf Hall, a terrifying place, disappear into a cloud of smoke in a single glance.


        In the last three years, Iron Masked Coyote has become the unique black boxing champion in the underground boxing world of Jiang City.

        He was disgraced, and all the forces in Jiang City were shaken to their core.

        The rumor is like a storm, sweeping through.

        Some said that the North City Blade and the South City Tiger mobilized all their elites and joined forces to eliminate the Wolf Hall.

        Others said that the Wolf Hall had offended a terrifying and powerful man, and was uprooted by one man.

        Rumor has it that the Wolf Hall was uprooted by one man.

        Afterwards, a hundred strong men in the Wolf Hall beat up a man, but he was killed and crushed.

        For a moment, the city was filled with wind and rain.

        But what was astonishing was that the customers and parties in the Wolf Hall remained silent, and not one of them came forward to explain what had happened.

        All the people who were there at that time seemed to be afraid of someone.

        This made the true cause of the Wolf House's destruction become more and more confusing.

        And just outside, the city was in turmoil.

        Inside a hospital room.

        A young man stood in front of the hospital bed, his face gloomy and almost dripping with water.

        "Coyote, you guys are so useless, aren't you? More than a hundred black boxers, how could they not be able to do anything against a small son-in-law on the doorstep!"

        The young man was Duan Chun.

        He looked at the face of the iron-faced Coyote, weak and limp in the hospital bed, and his face was filled with anger and reluctance.

        Five million!

        It was a waste of water.

        Not even a single hair of that Lin Fan was injured, which made him even more angry and almost vomit blood.

        Hearing this!

        Coyote's face became even whiter, and he coughed violently for a while before saying weakly: "I'm sorry, but I'm sorry.

        "Duan Shao, we are not to blame for this! Instead, I blame you!"


        When Duan Chun heard this, he was slightly stunned, then his brows instantly furrowed and he said, filled with dissatisfaction.

        "Blame me? Coyote, were you scared out of your wits by that son-in-law? How can I be blamed when I pay and you kill and fail in the end?"


        Coyote's eyes, slightly cold and full of anger, said.

        "Duan Shao said he was a waste, a small son-in-law at the door!"

        "That's all fucking bullshit!"


        Duan Chun's eyebrows furrowed and he asked, "What do you mean?"

        What do you mean?

        At this moment, Coyote seemed to recall the scene, and a look of intense fear appeared on his pale face.

        "That guy is so strong beyond imagination that none of my brothers could survive a single move under him!"

        "A hundred of my brothers, all together, beat up this man, but this man destroyed seventy-three of them! If he's trash, then what are you and I!"


        Coyote's words instantly made Duan Chun's body tremble.

        Not a single person survived a single move!

        Hundreds of people beaten, seventy-three disabled!

        This ...... How is this possible?

        A trace of cold air, at this moment instantly Duan Chun's soles, ran straight to his head, making his scalp numb.

        "Coyote, do you mean to say that it wasn't Master Blade and Master Tiger who destroyed your Wolf Hall?"

        "But that door-to-door son-in-law, who did it all by himself?"

Chapter 300


        Previously, Duan Chun thought that the uprooting of the Wolf Hall was the joint work of Master Dagger and Master Tiger.

        But he could never have imagined that it was Lin Fan who did it!

        This, simply incredible.

        "Exactly!" Coyote's face, as if he had seen a ghost, was thick with palpitations.

        "He did it all by himself!"

        "Not only that! He also has another mysterious identity, which is that Master Dagger serves as his boss, and Master Tiger calls him Boss!


        Coyote's words made Duan Chun's jaw nearly drop in shock.



        How could a small son-in-law be held in such high esteem by the two big brothers who dominate the North and South cities of Jiang City?

        This fucking ......

        Duan Chun's face became more and more unsightly as he sensed that he seemed to have provoked an unimaginable mysterious presence.

        "Does he, does he know now that I'm the one behind it all?"

        Intense panic surfaced on Duan Chun's face.

        After all, this is Jiang City.

        If Lin Fan is really the boss and BOSS of Master Blade and Master Tiger, then even if he Duan Chun has the background of the Red Maple Group, he can't escape Lin Fan's clutches.

        A bead of sweat flowed down from Duan Chun's forehead.

        And seeing this scene!

        When Coyote looked at Duan Chun's eyes, a strong scowl appeared and he shook his head.

        "Don't worry! I, Coyote, get paid to do things, so if something goes wrong, I'll have to carry it alone!"


        Only then did Duan Chun breathe a long sigh of relief and completely let his mind down.

        But just as he was about to say something!

        Suddenly, from outside the door, came a noisy voice.

        "Stop, my young master is inside, no idle people are allowed to enter!"

        "Who are you? Get out of here! Otherwise, don't blame us for being rude!"


        A shouting sound came from outside the hospital room.

        Duan Chun, however, could hear that it was the shouts of his bodyguards.

        His bodyguards were all retired special forces recruited.

        The strength of each one of them, even if it wasn't as strong as the peak Iron Mask Coyote, was definitely much stronger than the black boxers under Coyote.

        Previously, Ariel Zhang's concert.

        The reason why Duan Chun was able to rush onto the stage was that his six bodyguards were able to stop 20 to 30 security guards at the concert.

        It is evident that the strength of his bodyguards is very strong!

        But right then and there!

        Boom boom boom!

        Ka-chow ......

        A dull sound resounded from outside the door, accompanied by the sound of bones cracking.

        Immediately afterwards, the door of the entire ward burst open.

        The entire door of the ward burst open.

        Silhouette after silhouette were blown in.

        Poof! Pfft!

        They fell to the ground.

        Duan Chun's eyes almost fell out when he saw the figures that were knocked into the ground.

        Because these people were his bodyguards.

        Their chests, as if they had been hit by a sledgehammer, were completely caved in.

        The appearance was miserable!

        "Sh...... what people!"

        Duan Chun was shocked, he simply could not imagine what kind of people were so fierce, several of his bodyguards, without even the slightest ability to counterattack, were beaten one by one seriously wounded unconscious, this fucking ......

        Knock knock!

        Just as Duan Chun was horrified, he only heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming from outside the door.

        This footstep sounded like a monster moving forward, and every step that fell made the entire floor shake more than a little.

        And then, under Duan Chun's startled sight.

        A two-meter tall, bald man, who looked like an iron tower, walked in.

        Seeing this man!

        Whether it was Duan Chun or Coyote, they were all shocked.

        "Master ...... Master!"

        "Kim, King Kong!"

        The two-meter tall bald man in front of me is none other than Iron Masked Coyote's master.

        Yunhai City's number one expert - King Kong.

        King Kong, nowadays, has become a prominent name in Jiangnan Province.

        In the last half month.

        He crossed thirteen cities in Jiangnan Province to challenge his friends with martial arts.

        A full thirty-two battles, and he won every battle!

        Already known as, the number one black boxer in Gangnam!