Today I Give Up Trying 297-298

 Chapter 297

Not only the surrounding crowd.

        At this moment, the iron-faced Coyote couldn't help but look up at Lin Fan, and a touch of playfulness appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Mr. Lin, this is a misunderstanding, I hope you will let me go!"

        "As long as you are willing to let me go, I will introduce you to my master, King Kong, and the first master of the Jiangnan National Art!"

        Talk about that!

        As if something had occurred to him, Iron Masked Coyote's face became more calm.

        "Also, I can reveal a secret to you! Before my grandfather was one of the top ten national martial arts masters in Jiangnan, but in the last half a month, his strength has improved by leaps and bounds, defeating all the other nine and becoming the number one national martial arts master in Jiangnan."

        "It's because the old man was instructed by a great man!"


        Hearing this, both Master Blade and Master Tiger, and the rest of the crowd, were shocked.

        They simply could not imagine what kind of person was qualified to instruct Coyote's master.

        In particular, just by instructing him, he made a master of the art of Guomindang to advance by leaps and bounds in just half a month's time, overwhelming the other nine, and succeeding in becoming the best in Jiangnan.

        This is simply unimaginable.

        The faces of all the people, whether it was Master Blade or Master Tiger, were heavy and uncertain.

        It was clear that they were not only afraid of Coyote's grandfather, but also of the mysterious man.

        And hearing these words!

        Lin Fan's eyes, flickered a little.

        "Somewhat interesting! You keep talking!"


        Seeing that Lin Fan finally reacted, Iron Masked Coyote immediately thought that Lin Fan was afraid, and was obviously afraid of the mysterious tall man, scrupulous and panicked.

        "Mr. Lin, I'm not bragging, the strength of that tall man is absolutely beyond your imagination! Although you are very strong, you are 100% no match for that tall man!"

        "His flying leaves can kill, and through the air can kill! Even my grandfather himself admitted that even after his strength had soared, he would never survive a single move in the hands of that master!


        This sentence, the knife master and everyone else, shocked.

        Flying Leaf kills!


        For ordinary people, this is almost like a divine tool.

        In particular, Coyote's grandfather was now the first person in Jiangnan's national arts.

        Such a person even admitted that he could not last more than a single move under that master's hands.

        This was simply unimaginable, and everyone could not imagine how strong that master was.

        In an instant!

        The faces of Master Blade, Master Tiger, and the others became more and more worried.

        It seemed that they were afraid that Lin Fan had really provoked this man.

        As for Iron Masked Coyote, he also sensed the change in the faces of the crowd, and the smile on his face became more and more playful.

        "So, I urge you, let me go now! In the future, if that senior person comes to Jiang City, perhaps I can introduce him to you!"

        Coyote at this moment seemed to calculate the fear and anxiety of the crowd.

        In his eyes!

        As long as he reveals his master Vajra, his master's name, and the mysterious senior, Lin Fan, even if he's an idiot, will definitely turn the fight into peace with himself.


        Just as the smile at the corner of the Iron Masked Coyote's mouth was becoming more and more intense, Lin Fan's words made him freeze completely.

        Lin Fan's words caused him to freeze completely.

        "Flying Leaf kills, but in a small way! Crossing the sky is just ordinary!"

        "That's all!"


        Lin Fan's words not only made the Iron Masked Coyote's smile stiffen, but even the nearby Master Blade and Tiger were all shocked.

        They did not expect Lin Fan's words to be so strong.

        The immortal-like means, in his mouth, was as if it could be done with a wave of his hand.

Chapter 298

That's not all.

        Under the shocked faces of the crowd, Lin Fan waved his hand.

        "Waste him!"

        The indifferent voice, as if it was just saying, scrap a pig and dog, easy and carefree.

        Just this sentence, in the ears of the Iron Masked Coyote, suddenly made him horrified.

        How could this be!

        Even though Lin Fan knew that his master was King Kong, his grandfather was the number one in Jiangnan's national arts, and there was even a mysterious person behind him, he still did not reconcile with himself, and even abolished himself.

        This is simply unbelievable to Iron Masked Coyote.


        Those few men did not care at all about Coyote's horror, they were as if the boss's orders were holy.

        The moment the words fell, a sharp knife appeared in the hands of the men.

        And then they waved their palms, and one by one, they slashed at Coyote's hand and leg tendons!


        Scarlet blood instantly spurted out from the hands and feet of the Iron Masked Coyote.

        The tendons of the feet and hands were all broken alive.

        "Ah ah ah ......"

        The intense pain, like a tidal wave, instantly swept through Coyote's nerves, causing him to howl in pain and roll all over the ground.

        This scene caused the surrounding Wen Qian and many customers to be completely scared silly.

        In just less than an hour!

        They could not even imagine that the Wolf Hall, the third largest underground power in Jiang City, was uprooted.

        Seventy to eighty black boxers, including Iron Mask Coyote, were ruined.

        As for Wen Qian, her face was pale white, and her whole body seemed to have been drained of all strength, and she fell to the ground.

        A trace of urine flowed out from her crotch.

        She, a woman, was so frightened that she became incontinent.


        Intense complexity and incredulity surfaced in Wen Qian's eyes, she stupidly looked at Lin Fan in the ring, as if she was looking at a stranger.

        In her consistent impression, Lin Fan is synonymous with waste.

        Trash, wimp, is everything about this man.

        But now!

        Her worldview was completely overturned.

        Lin Fan's skills were horrifyingly strong.

        Lin Fan's methods are vicious and cruel.

        Lin Fan's identity, terrifyingly unparalleled!

        All of this made the sweat on Wen Qian's forehead, as if she had turned on a faucet, clamor down.

        "It turns out that all along, I was a real joke in his eyes. ......"

        A thick bitterness appeared at the corner of Wen Qian's mouth.

        Only then did she truly understand that the person she had always despised was the one who was truly qualified and despised her.

        As if at this moment!

        Lin Fan seemed to treat Wen Qian as if she were an ant on the ground, without the slightest interest to take a second look.

        He waved his palm lightly.

        A few black-clothed men came out and untied the ropes around the ring, and then slowly lowered the iron box hanging in the sky.


        When Lin Fan opened the door of the iron box, he saw an extremely beautiful, but pale woman inside, curled up in the corner of the box.

        Her entire body had fallen into a comatose state.

        Beads of sweat were streaming down her forehead.

        Especially in her stupor, Bai Yi kept muttering one sentence.

        "Lin Fan, silly man, get out of here! I don't want you to save me, I don't want you to risk your life for me!"

        "Lin Fan ...... Go! Go Fast ......"

        It seemed that Bai Yi had been exhausted to the point of being in a muddled stupor ever since Lin Fan entered the tavern.


        Even Lin Fan abolished so many black boxers within the Wolf Pavilion, as well as the Knife Master and Tiger Master all coming together, without any knowledge.

        "Wife ......"

        When Lin Fan heard that Bai Yi was still worried about herself in her confused state, his heart trembled and the tip of his nose grew slightly sore.

        This silly girl.

        She didn't seem to be worried about herself, but was worried about Lin Fan to the point of fainting.

        This made Lin Fan cherish Bai Yi more and more to the extreme.

        Right now!

        Lin Fan hurried forward, picked Bai Yi up from inside the iron box, and after clinging to his body, he walked out of the tavern!


        The crowds inside the tavern parted a path at this moment.

        Whenever Lin Fan walked by with Bai Yi in his arms, the brawny men on both sides of the road, whether dressed in white or black, bowed in unison.

        Ten men!

        Fifty people!

        One hundred people!


        In the blink of an eye, when Lin Fan walked to the entrance of the Wolf Hall, everyone inside bowed and saluted, and the scene was shocking to the extreme.

        Until Lin Fan walked out the door!

        Deafening shouts of respect, resounded.

        "A respectful send-off for the BOSS!"

        "Farewell, Mr. Lin!"

        In this voice, there was boundless reverence.

        This scene, moreover, made Wen Qian's delicate body, fiercely tremble.

        She looked toward the doorway with a complex look to the extreme.

        "Baii, you chose the right husband, he, is so much stronger than we could ever imagine ...... so much stronger!"