Today I Give Up Trying 294-296

 Chapter 294

Iron Masked Coyote turned his eyes and saw that on the ground of the Wolf Hall, there were one after another of his men lying in a dense heap.

        Most of these people were unconscious.

        There was only one wound on their bodies, but it was the one wound that had completely crippled them.

        There were as many as sixty or seventy of them.

        The only remaining twenty or so black boxers were almost scared to death at this moment.

        They stood there, trembling all over, and every one of them looked at Lin Fan with intense fear and panic, and not a single one of them, at all, dared to take a step forward!


        Iron Masked Coyote was completely confused.

        At this moment, he had even made plans to run away.

        He was not the only one!

        Wen Qian next to me was dumbfounded.


        She kept gulping, as if she had seen a ghost.


        She had never seen such a strong man in her life, one against dozens of others, especially with each move, and it was simply shocking.


        Outside the Wolf Hall, a car, stopped!

        These cars, densely packed together, formed two long lines of cars, converging outside the Wolf Hall from the north and south directions.

        The moment the doors opened, the crowds of big men, one by one, came out quickly.

        On the north side of the car.

        The ones who came down were all dressed in white, more than two hundred in all!

        In the south sedan, all the big men in suits came down, the same one or two hundred people!

        Each of them, with machetes in their hands, looked extremely grave.


        When the first two cars stop!

        All the big men, in front of the cars, formed two human walls.

        And then, two figures, from the two cars, walked down.

        It was Black Tiger and Master Blade!

        The two men looked at each other, but seemed to have an excellent understanding and nodded to each other.

        Then they each said to their men.

        "Everybody get your stuff together!"

        "This time, scrap that group of wolf cubs, but be careful, every single one of those wolf cubs is battle-tested and extremely vicious!"

        "As you wish!"

        All the big men in white and the big men in black agreed in unison.

        The faces of all of them all looked as if they were facing a great enemy.

        After all!

        The name of the Wolf Hall is extremely loud, and every black boxer in it is a ruthless person who can fight against ten people.

        Right now, with everyone looking serious!


        Master Blade and Master Tiger each kicked at the two doors of the Wolf Hall.

        Suddenly, the doors opened.

        After that, Master Blade and Master Tiger waved their hands, and with their respective men, like a tidal wave, they surged inside the Wolf Hall!


        As soon as they entered the Wolf Hall, everyone's footsteps came to an abrupt halt.

        Whether it was Master Blade or Master Tiger, the look on their faces instantly changed from one of gravity as if they were on the verge of a great battle, to one of unbelievable astonishment!

        What's going on at ......?

        Master Knife and Master Tiger were completely confused, they originally thought that after rushing in, they would be facing the death stare of nearly a hundred powerful black boxers1.

        But now!

        There was only the ground, densely packed with one figure after another.


        Each of these figures, each one of them was wasted alive, lying on the ground, either unconscious or screaming.

        This became more and more shocking.

        "How can this be!"

        Master Dagger and the others, one by one, felt the cold air at their backs.

        They recognized that the seventy to eighty people on the ground were all Wolf Hall's Black Fist Fighters.

        But at this moment, these black boxers, no longer arrogant and ruthless, were like dead dogs, unable to get up from the ground.

Chapter 295

And this one!

        Not only were they confused!

        Even the Iron Masked Coyote, Wen Qian and the others inside the Wolf Pavilion were stunned.

        They were obviously equally unaware that Master Blade and Master Tiger, with so many of their men, had come here menacingly!

        "Yes! Too ...... great!"

        The iron-faced coyote, almost scared to death, seemed to have seen his savior.

        Quickly running towards Master Blade and Master Tiger, he came over!

        "Master Knife! Master Tiger! How nice of you to come!"

        "I've got a hard case today, quick! You guys send someone to help me eliminate this guy, and I'll guarantee that I'll provide you with 100 black boxers every year!"

        Iron Masked Coyote has always had a good friendship with Master Blade and Master Tiger.

        Even, many of these two big brothers' men are from the black boxers he once trained.

        For example, Mourning Dog and Black Bear!

        And now!

        The first thing that Iron Masked Coyote felt was that these two men had come to help him.

        It was not only him!

        Wen Qian, who was almost desperate, had a glimmer of hope in her eyes at this moment.

        She also knew that the friendship between Master Wolf and the two big brothers was irreversible.

        And now!

        "Lin Fan, your retribution has come!"

        "You can fight dozens of people, but can you fight hundreds more? Haha ......"

        At this moment, Wen Qian's smile was extremely vicious.

        It was as if she had once again seen the hope of revenge and the tragic sight of Lin Fan being ruined.


        After hearing Iron Masked Coyote's request for help, Master Blade and Master Tiger even nodded.

        Master Blade and Master Tiger even nodded their heads, and then the two big men, with their rabble-rousing men, brushed off towards the ring!


        This scene makes the little beggar and everyone else, pale as paper.

        It's over!

        It's Master Blade and Master Tiger!

        The little beggar and the others, even if they have confidence in Lin Fan, they simply don't believe that Lin Fan alone can resist the two dominating figures of the underground power in Jiang City!

        "Big brother, run! Run!"

        The little beggar was almost anxious to cry at this moment, and reminded Lin Fan loudly.

        Only, to his consternation!

        When Lin Fan heard his shout, not only did he not have the slightest intention of fleeing, but instead he put his hands behind his back and looked relaxed and at ease!


        This scene made the many customers around the scene, all stunned.

        They couldn't imagine that Lin Fan was so indifferent after the arrival of Coyote Iron Mask's helpers, the two tyrants of Jiang City.

        "Hahaha ......"

        "Master Knife! Master Tiger! Did you see that? That's how rampant this kid is! He doesn't give a damn about the underground power in Jiang City!"

        "Waste him! To avenge my brother's death, and to take out a fierce breath of anger for our underground power in Jiang City!"

        The sardonic smile on the Iron Masked Coyote's lips grew stronger and stronger.

        At this moment, following the two dominating big men, they came raging under the ring!

        But, just as his voice, it just fell!

        And he was startled to see it!

        With the Blade and the Tiger at the head, and 200 to 300 people in tow, he bowed to Lin Fan in the ring.

        "Greetings, Mr. Lin, sorry, I'm late!"

        "Sorry BOSS! The Black Tiger is late, please punish BOSS!

        Along with the voices of the two big men.

        And, that black and white countless big men bowing in unison in salute.


        At this moment, the Iron Masked Coyote's mouth was so wide open that his jaw almost dropped in shock.

        And the smile on Wen Qian's face was completely frozen.

        She could hardly believe what she had seen and heard!

Chapter 296

It's not just them!

        The surrounding customers, beggars and everyone else, were completely confused!

        Mr. Lin!



        This one word, falling on their ears, was like a thunderbolt, making everyone's body shake more than a little, almost scared to death.

        How ...... how is this possible!

        Aren't Master Blade and Master Tiger friends and partners of Coyote Iron Mask?

        Why do you call Lin Fan Mr. Lin and BOSS?


        If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, even if it had killed them, the crowd wouldn't have believed it.

        "Knife ...... Knife Master! Tiger, you're joking with me, right?"

        The iron-faced coyote's eyelids jumped wildly, and on his face, he could only float an embarrassed smile, and asked the knife and tiger, here and there.

        Just hear this!


        "Sorry, Coyote, you've messed with the wrong person this time! When I learned that you dared to mess with Mr. Lin, I gathered all my men to come and destroy you!"

        At this moment, Master Blade looked at Coyote as if he was looking at an idiot.

        His words, in particular, were like a loud bang, causing Iron Masked Coyote's body to tremble and his entire face to go white.

        That was not all!

        The tiger next to him, even more, slaps out!


        It struck the iron-faced Coyote straight in the face, instantly causing Coyote to stagger and fall to the ground with a poof.

        A bright red slap mark on his face, surfaced.

        "Coyote, you're looking for death! You messed with our BOSS! Even if you die a thousand times, it's not a bad thing!


        As the voices of Master Blade and Master Tiger were heard.

        Iron Masked Coyote and everyone else, it was only then that they were completely convinced that what they had heard, what they had seen, was real!

        Master Blade called Lin Fan Mr. Lin, and for his sake, even went so far as to destroy the Wolf Hall!

        Master Tiger called Lin Fan a boss, and for him, he would kill Old Man a thousand times!


        At this moment, both Iron Masked Coyote and all the people around him felt that the whole world had gone crazy.

        How is this possible!

        Isn't Lin Fan a little son-in-law?

        How could he be held in such high esteem by the two big men who dominate the North and South cities of Jiang City?

        This is unbelievable!

        And just as the iron-faced coyote was dazed, the tiger's big hand waved.


        A group of black-clothed men rushed up, and in the blink of an eye, they pushed the Iron Masked Coyote down to the ground.

        Although the Iron Masked Coyote was extremely strong, he was caught off guard and was completely scared out of his wits by Lin Fan's identity.

        He didn't even have time to react before he was pushed to the ground by seven or eight big men, unable to move a bit.

        "Tiger ...... Tiger! I shouldn't have messed with Mr. Lin."

        "I can apologize to Mr. Lin and even make amends!"

        "However, if you touch me, then it would be the same as offending my master, King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City, and my grandfather, the number one master of national arts in Jiangnan Province."

        "Have you thought about the consequences?"


        When they heard the words of the Iron Masked Coyote, Master Blade and the others on the side couldn't help but look pale.

        It's true, although Iron Masked Coyote is strong and powerful, he can't enter the eyes of Master Blade and Master Tiger.

        The reason why the other party survived until now is mainly because of this person's background.

        The No. 1 expert in the Yunhai Sea, King Kong!

        The First Master of Jiangnan Chinese Martial Arts!

        These two are both ferocious existences that Master Blade and Master Tiger don't want to provoke and don't dare to provoke.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        At this moment, no matter if it was Master Blade, Master Tiger, all the black and white men, or the many customers, one by one, they all looked at Lin Fan.

        Everyone knew that Lin Fan was the final decider.