Today I Give Up Trying 287-288

 Chapter 287


        This shattering sound was extremely sudden.

        It was as if the entire picture on the arena was completely frozen at this moment.


        The boxers and spectators below couldn't believe their eyes, and everyone subconsciously thought that it was a punch from the 8th Master, which hit Lin Fan's head and shattered his skull.


        After the crowd fell silent, they now wanted to cheer for Master Buster's punch and then cheered!

        But then, the crowd noticed something was wrong!

        Ahhhhh ......

        A miserable scream resounded from above the ring.

        Everyone was incredibly surprised to see that after hitting Lin Fan's skull with a single punch, the eighth master screamed out as if he had been stepped on and retreated in a panic.

        Not only that!

        Everyone was shocked to find that the arm of the eighth master had a twisted and deformed curve, and was hanging down weakly.

        A white bone spur, actually from his small arm, pierced through the skin, revealed!

        On top of that, a single thread of blood and broken flesh made everyone's scalp go numb!

        Befuddled ......

        Not only were the boxers and spectators below bewildered, but even the Iron Masked Coyote could not believe his eyes.

        Iron Masked Coyote was experienced in fighting.

        He could clearly see that the broken bones on Lao Ba's small arm were definitely broken by a terrifying anti-shock force.

        And just now!

        When Laohachi hit Lin Fan's head, his opponent lightly jackknifed him.

        Could it be that, with just this one blow, he broke the small arm of Lao Ba?


        At this moment, as if he had seen a ghost, an intense incredulity appeared on the face of the Iron Masked Coyote.

        The surrounding area, on the other hand, completely exploded!

        "Oh my God, what happened! Didn't Buster just hit that guy in the head with a punch! How did Master B's arm get broken!"

        "Yeah, I just saw that kid nod his head forward when he got hit! The eighth master's hand will break like a withered branch!"

        "No ...... No way! How is this possible!"


        Loud and shocking!

        It was resounding.

        Everyone's eyes were filled with shock and incredulity as they looked at Lin Fan at this moment!

        Especially Wen Qian.

        The look on her face, from mocking disdain at the beginning, turned into stunned bewilderment, until now, shocked and horrified.

        "No ...... him, he's obviously a loser! How did he ......"

        At this moment, Wen Qian only felt as if her three outlooks had been turned upside down!


        Lin Fan didn't care about the shock of the crowd, his neck, a little turn!

        Suddenly, the sound of a 'click [Lonely City Reading]' sounded out!

        And then he walked toward the eighth, step by step!


        The scene, like a newly awakened tiger walking towards a wounded lamb, suddenly made Buster's heart thump wildly, dense with cold sweat, emerged from his forehead.

        "Little ...... kid, how did you get your head so hard! No, that's not possible!"

        Buster is confused!

        As the person in question, he knew best what had just happened.

        The moment he originally hit Lin Fan, he thought he had succeeded, if not in beating the kid into an idiot, then at least with a concussion, as a KO!


        What he had never dreamed of was that Lin Fan's head was only lightly on top of his head.

        He only felt as if there were millions of huge forces sweeping his small arms from above his opponent's head!

        His arm, unable to withstand such a huge force, snapped instantly!

        And now!

        A kind of fear and horror permeated his heart, causing him to step back and panic one step at a time.

        "Are you afraid?"

        Lin Fan's mouth, with a bloodthirsty smile, became more and more intense, looking at the eighth master as if he were looking at an ant.

        "Have no fear! I'm not going to kill you, I'm just going to ...... waste you!"

        "That's all!"

Chapter 288


        Waste you!

        He had never seen a person say the words 'waste you' in such a light-hearted manner.

        It was as if in Lin Fan's mouth, 'crippling you' was giving you a gift, and 'killing you' was a matter of course!


        At that moment, the eighth master was so terrified that he turned his head and leaped out of the ring!

        But right then and there!


        His body, which had just leapt up, was suddenly frozen in mid-air as a large hand, at some point, grabbed him by the ankle!

        "Kid, you ...... let go ......"

        Buster was about to scream.

        But at that very moment!

        Everyone was horrified to see that Lin Fan grabbed Buster's ankle, and then his entire arm, with one twist, swung.

        It was as if he was wielding a wooden stick, which swung the entire person of the eighth son.

        And then smashed hard under the ring!


        The eighth master's huge body, like a boulder, was slammed into the ground below the ring.

        The sound of clattering resounded endlessly!

        The entire ground, under the terrifying force of the explosion, actually bounced and shattered.

        A spider web of cracks, centered on the body of the eighth master, spread out in all directions.

        Gurgling ......

        A stream of scarlet blood continued to spill out from the eighth master's mouth.

        His eyes were stunned.

        The whole person was smashed, as if a puddle of mud, paralyzed on the ground, unable to move in the slightest.


        When a black boxer, quickly stepped forward, after a slight inspection, the black boxer's face, as if he had seen a ghost, was instantly pale.

        "The bones of the eighth son are all ...... broken!"

        Bones, all broken!

        One sentence made everyone in the Wolf Hall breathe slowly.

        How is this possible?

        At this moment, everyone in the Wolf Hall opened their eyes wide and almost didn't believe what they were hearing.

        They had seen with their own eyes that Lin Fan had only made one move from start to finish.

        The reaction force of his skull shattered the eighth master's arm.

        And with a single blow, he broke all the bones of the 8th Master's body, which was simply unbelievable.



        When everyone looked at Lin Fan again, there was no longer a trace of mockery or contempt, but rather it was as if they were looking at a monster, filled with shock and fear.

        Especially Iron Masked Coyote.

        His face was heavy to the extreme, and he asked the checking boxer.

        "Six, are you sure that all of Buster's bones are broken?"

        With one swing, the Iron Masked Coyote could not even imagine how much power it would take to reduce a person's bones, all of them broken, to rubble.

        It was too incredible.

        Hear this!

        The face of the boxer was as heavy as it had ever been.

        "Master Wolf, I've checked and found that in addition to his skull being intact, his limbs and bones are broken in as many as ten places! Six ribs are broken, and the rest of the tiny bones are broken beyond count!"

        Talk about that!

        The boxer, called 'Old Six', looked like he had seen a ghost.

        "It can be said that Buster is completely ...... useless!"


        Wow ......

        As soon as this was said, the entire atmosphere in the Wolf Hall was in an uproar once again.

        The crowd heard clearly that Lin Fan had said that he wanted to ruin the eighth master.

        And now, this guy actually did it, and in such a violent way, with one swing.

        This caused all the black boxers and customers to go numb.