Today I Give Up Trying 279-280

 Chapter 279

Meet the Iron Masked Coyote!

        After hearing Lin Fan's words.


        The surrounding Shen Yumei, the little beggar, and even the few brawny men, all of them could not believe their ears.

        After all, Lin Fan had just beaten the fat man unconscious, if the Iron Masked Coyote knew, he would definitely take revenge on his brother.

        But at this time, Lin Fan went forward, isn't this looking for death?


        The Wolf Hall, however, is the home base of the Iron Masked Coyote, and it is feared that there are no less than a hundred black boxers inside.

        Even if the Jiang City God of War, Black Tiger, were to go alone, he would be dead or alive.

        And now ......

        "Little Fan ......"

        "Big Brother!"

        "Mr. Lin!"

        Whether it was Shen Yumei, the little beggar, or the few brawny men, they all looked extremely pale and wanted to talk to Lin Fan.

        But Lin Fan waved his hand and held everyone's words in his mouth.

        He just looked at Wen Qian, as if he was looking at a mole crawling insect.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, are you, are you sure you want to go to the Wolf Hall and meet the Iron-Faced Coyote?"

        Wen Qian also looked confused at this moment, as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

        She had seen with her own eyes the Iron Masked Coyote and the group of terrifying black boxers inside the Wolf Hall.

        Those people were all vicious thugs who would not spit out bones.

        It was easy to fight one against ten.

        Lin Fan was definitely seeking his own death.

        Especially when Wen Qian saw that Lin Fan nodded his head in confirmation.


        Wen Qian was instantly ecstatic, and her pretty face was filled with hatred and pleasure.

        "Yes! Lin Fan, you brought this on yourself!"

        "When the time comes, if you die there, even if it's Baek, you can't blame me! After all, you asked me to take you there!"

        After saying that, Wen Qian's gaze towards Lin Fan became more and more odd, as if looking at an idiot, looking at a corpse.

        But Lin Fan didn't care about any of this.

        He turned to Shen Yumei and said.

        "Mom, wait here for me, I'll be right back!"

        Lin Fan's words were extremely relaxed, and when they fell on Wen Qian's ears, they made the corners of her mouth curl up, and the more she looked at Lin Fan, the more she looked at him like an idiot.

        The district just came?

        I'm afraid you'll never come back!

        "Fanny, are you okay on your own?" Shen Yumei could tell that something had definitely happened to Bai Yi.

        And it was definitely related to the Wolf Hall, otherwise, Lin Fan couldn't have been so excited.

        "Mom, don't worry! If I'm here, Baek is here!"

        Lin Fan slapped Shen Yumei's palm, his eyes deep and penetrating with rampaging madness.

        See the scene!

        For some reason, Shen Yumei's apprehensive heart was gradually calmed down.

        After all, this son-in-law of hers had given his family too many miracles.

        And now, she could only choose to believe!

        "Yes! Then I'll go buy two black chickens, go home, make soup and wait for you and BAI!"

        Shen Yumei's eyes were filled with tears as she gripped Lin Fan's hand tightly and said with a trembling voice.

        "Fanny, remember, no matter what happens! You're all about taking care of yourself!"

        "Baii is my daughter, but you, too, are my son-in-law! I don't want, anything to happen to you for Baek, otherwise, I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life!"

        Shen Yumei's words were sincere.

        And this one sentence made Lin Fan's heart, warm currents stirred.

        "Mom, don't worry!"


        Lin Fan then wanted to leave.

        Just at that moment!

        "Big brother, I'll go with you!" The little beggar, on the other hand, stepped forward, her dirty little face thick with stubbornness and determination.

        Not only her!

        Even some of the passersby around us stepped forward one by one.

Chapter 280

"Me too! I'm an eyewitness to this! I can vouch for you!"

        "And me, I don't believe that there is no justice in this world! You almost ran someone over and you're still so arrogant, let's go to the Wolf Hall to get justice!"


        One by one, passersby after another followed behind Lin Fan.

        For all this, Lin Fan did not refuse.

        He just bent down, grabbed the fat man's foot, as if pulling a dead dog, and walked forward.

        And after looking at Lin Fan and the others, their backs became farther and farther apart.

        Shen Yumei couldn't help but cover her mouth, a teardrop, down her eyes, slid down.

        "Fanny, Baiy, you must come back safely!"


        Yumei Shen is praying!

        The next few brawny men, on the other hand, looked at each other with heavy faces.

        "Go! Go back and tell Master Blade! Mr. Lin went to Wolf Hall!"

        "Quick! Go back and report to Master Tiger that BOSS has gone to see Iron Masked Coyote."

        These several brawny men did not stop for a moment.

        One by one, they got into the black car.

        And then started between the two cars, respectively to a south and a north, two directions, galloping away!



        In the North City, there is a splendid club called the Willow Leaf Flying Dagger!

        The name sounds martial arts-inspired, but in reality, it's a private club, open to very few members.

        Besides that!

        The reason why many of the big shots in the city don't dare to set foot here is that this is the lair of the overlord of the North City, Master Blade!

        In a private room.

        Master Knife was holding two voluptuous beauties in his arms, smoking a cigar and watching a video.

        It was a video of Ariel Zhang's concert.

        When he saw, after the mortal gods in it!

        An unbelievable shimmer bursts into the eyes of Master Dagger.

        "Gosh! It's him! It's definitely him!"

        Master Knife was incoherent with excitement at this moment.

        And hearing this!

        The mourning dog standing behind the sofa and the others asked curiously.

        "Master Knife, who are you talking about?"

        "Naturally, Mr. Lin!" The man with the knife took a puff of his cigar, as if to suppress the excitement in his heart, and pointed to the mortal god in the video.

        "You guys, look! Isn't this mortal god who shakes the world Mr. Lin?"


        Although the Lost Dogs and others are notorious, they have naturally heard the names of the mortal gods.

        Even many of the songs composed by mortal gods are considered classics by them.


        Immediately, Lost Dog and a group of others gathered around as they took a closer look at the mortal god playing piano music on the video!


        Everyone felt their scalp go numb.

        Lin Fan!

        Absolutely right!

        Whether it was the lost dog, or the few little brothers around, they had all fought with Lin Fan personally.

        Even if it was a mortal god, with only half of his face missing, they could be sure of it.

        Because in their lives, Lin Fan's face was a nightmare that they could not shake off.

        "The mortal god is Mr. Lin! My God, I've fought great mortal gods before!"

        "Hahahaha ...... idol, although before, I was crippled by Mr. Lin with one hand and one leg, but it's really fucking worth it!"


        At this moment, the dogs and others were incoherently excited.

        Just look at their expressions.

        But Master Blade shook his head with a light smile.

        Because only he knew that Lin Fan's identity was not simply a mortal god.

        Master Dagger even suspected.

        Lin Fan was the God Doctor Lin, because he had seen with his own eyes the respectful way that Gao Zhiyuan, the number one Chinese doctor in Jiang City, and Mack, the madman of Western medicine, treated Lin Fan.


        He also suspected that Lin Fan had an unfathomable and mysterious relationship with the Tian Long Group and the Sheng Shi Club.