Today I Give Up Trying 277-278

 Chapter 277

"Fanny, it's Baiy's secretary!" Shen Yumei looked at the number and suddenly handed the phone to Lin Fan.


        Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat when he heard Shen Yumei's words.

        He knew Bai Yi best.

        If something hadn't happened, she would never have asked her secretary to call her family.

        And now ...... clearly something has happened!

        Immediately, Lin Fan hurriedly picked up the phone and heard a crying, anxious voice from inside.

        "Hey, hey, hey! Aunt?"

        "I am Lin Fan!" Lin Fan's heart thudded.

        The feeling of foreboding in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

        And when on the phone, Bai Yi's secretary, after hearing that it was Lin Fan, she was overjoyed.

        "Mr. Lin, something bad is happening! This morning, our group's sales channel for Returning Soul Pills has been opened!"

        "But I don't know how? There was a problem in that part of town, and all the drugs were taken away from a boxing club!"

        Say it!

        Bai's secretary, who was almost in tears, said in a strong weepy voice.

        "Because our employees, all of them, were beaten back, so just now, the president himself took them to Wolf Hall!"

        "But something happened!"


        Lin Fan's face changed instantly when he said this, and his voice became cold and piercing, as if it contained a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

        "What's going on? What about Bai? Say!!!"

        When Lin Fan's words fell down.

        Not only was the secretary on the other end of the phone.

        Even the surrounding Shen Yumei, the little beggar, and even the fatty, were also scared to death.

        They only felt that the air in this area seemed to be icy cold down, making everyone shiver unconsciously.

        "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, don't be angry! The president didn't have any major accident, but was just detained by the people of Wolf Hall."


        Lin Fan's frown deepened.

        He didn't understand what the other side was detaining Bai for!

        "According to a colleague who went with Mr. Bai, he came back with a letter saying that those people had locked Mr. Bai in an iron box. I've already sent word to the office that you should go to Wolf Hall within half an hour!"

        "Otherwise, whoever wins the boxer in the Wolf Hall will be the one who owns Bai!"


        When the secretary's words fell, Lin Fan's eyes splashed out in a mad murderous rage.

        It's been a long time!

        He hadn't felt that in a long time. The emotion of wanting to kill everything so badly!

        "What's the background of Wolf Hall?"

        Lin Fan's voice was still extremely cold and indifferent, as if there was not the slightest emotion, but when it fell on everyone's ears, it actually made them feel cold all over.


        It was as if a bloodthirsty ferocious beast began to awaken in front of everyone's eyes, causing everyone to unconsciously take a step back.

        "Mr. Lin, we've investigated thoroughly! The owner of the so-called Wolf Gym is Iron Masked Coyote, who has been the super king of the underground boxing scene in Jiang City for the past three years."

        "It is rumored that he has fought twenty battles and won them all! Without a single defeat, it is second only to the Black Tiger in the history of the underground boxing scene in Jiang City."

        Iron Masked Wolf!

        After hearing these four words.

        Lin Fan's eyes, with a brush of a turn, stared straight at the fat man, and a ghastly curve appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "What do you ...... want?"

        The fat man panicked.

        For some reason, he sensed this one look from Lin Fan and almost peed his entire body.

        It was like a ferocious beast!

        And like the devil!

        That look, it's just terrible!

        Lin Fan hung up the phone and handed it to Shen Yumei before walking slowly toward the fat man.

        "Did you just say that the iron-faced wolf is your brother?"

        Lin Fan's voice was extremely gentle.

        As he said that, he was also concerned and helped the fat man with the collar of his shirt!

        Gentle voices, warm gestures!

        In an instant, the fat man's nervousness was completely relaxed.

        He instantly thought that it was his brother's name that had scared Lin Fan, and that Lin Fan wanted to reconcile and apologize to him.

        Right now!

        It was not just the fat man who thought this way.

        Even Wen Qian, Shen Yumei, and all the passersby around him, also thought so.

        After all!

        Those who live in the city village know that the Iron Masked Wolf is an existence that no one can afford to mess with.

        Except for Master Blade and Black Tiger!

        The strongest force in Jiang City belongs to the Iron Masked Coyote.

Chapter 278

"Exactly! Coyote Iron Mask is my own brother!"

        The fat man now stood tall and proud, and with a pair of eyes and a playful smile, he said to Lin Fan.


        "Kid, are you scared? I tell you, if you don't want my big brother to deal with you, it's okay, you kneel down to me now and kowtow ten times, then I will ......".

        The fat man was full of smugness.

        Wen Qian, who was beside him, also had a strong sarcastic smile on her lips.

        However, as soon as their smugness and laughter surfaced, it completely solidified!

        Only Lin Fan did not say a word.

        A hand grabbed the fat man's head, and then pressed down hard, and at the same time, his knee, suddenly violent!


        Lin Fan's knee and the fat man's head made a close contact in an instant.

        A trace of scarlet blood instantly splashed out from the fat man's head.

        The entire head, completely blossomed!

        "Ahhhh ......"

        The fat man's body trembled with pain.

        However, when he tried to struggle, he felt Lin Fan's big hand, like an iron claw, and no matter how much he struggled, he still couldn't get away!

        He could only let Lin Fan press his head and sink his knee once again!


        Second down!


        Third down!


        At this moment, the surrounding Wen Qian's smile was completely frozen.

        She almost couldn't believe her own eyes. After they had revealed the name of the Iron Masked Coyote, Lin Fan, this trash, had the guts to attack the brother of the Iron Masked Coyote.

        Especially to do something so ruthless!

        Everyone saw the fat man's head, blood gurgling.

        The whole man was knocked out of his stupor!

        And then he went from dizziness to complete fainting to death.

        Even his head, under the terrifying impact, made a cracking sound, as if it would be crushed at any moment.

        It was as if it would be crushed at any moment. The surrounding crowd was trembling with fear.

        Until the end!

        Lin Fan casually threw the fat man's body, which was like a mountain of flesh, onto the ground like a dead dog!


        Two hundred pounds of body, like a pile of rotten meat, was thrown on the ground by Lin Fan, instantly smashing the ground into the dust.

        Quiet ......

        At this moment, all the sounds around them disappeared.

        Whether it was Wen Qian, or every passerby around, they only felt their hearts thumping wildly.

        They looked at the fat man who was unconscious on the ground, his head covered with blood.

        Everyone felt as if they were dreaming, and it was extremely unreal.

        What a ruthless tactic!

        What a spicy heart!

        The crowd found that Lin Fan's face was calm and unperturbed throughout.

        It was as if there was no difference between destroying the fat man in minutes and trampling on an ant.

        "This guy, why is he so ferocious!"

        Wen Qian is completely confused!

        This was the first time she had seen Lin Fan fight.

        Previously, in her eyes, Lin Fan was a complete coward who would not fight back and would not say anything.

        However, she never dreamed that this punk would be so horrible and vicious when he was fierce.

        As if!

        Even killing the fat man was a handful.

        That's not all!

        Lin Fan's eyes turned, but they instantly stared at Wen Qian's body.

        Wen Qian only felt cold all over her body, as if her whole body had been drained of all her strength, and almost fell to the ground.

        And just at that moment!

        Lin Fan's cold, gloomy voice, sounded again.

        "Take me to the Wolf Hall and meet - the iron-faced wolf!"