Today I Give Up Trying 269-270

 Chapter 269

The next morning at dawn!

        A report that instantly swept the entire Chinese microblogging hotspot and bar ranking.

        Ariel Zhang's concert!

        Shocker! Chapter Ariel Concert, Mysterious Mortal God, Amazing Appearance!

        Ariel and the Gods of Life Ensemble - Caribbean Love! A Song of Astonishment!

        The National Goddess concert, accidents, Jiangnan rich young confession, tragically rejected!

        The National Goddess confesses to the goddess of mortality and gets no response! Ariel Zhang - Always Waiting for You!


        A piece of news breaks out.


        All the netizens in China were completely shocked.

        No one knows his true identity, no one knows how terrifying his musical realm is.

        The only thing known about him was.

        Every song of his was chased and extolled by thousands of fans, and every song of his was sealed as a classic by the masters of the music industry.

        And just this most mysterious guy, showed up last night, not only showed up, but also got the confession of the national goddess Ariel Zhang, but silently left the scene, no response.

        This news, let China boiling.

        Numerous messages, almost brushed off the major websites.

        "I was there last night, and you guys can't even imagine how shocking this concert was! The mortal god is so handsome, especially when he lights his cigarette with the strings, it burns the room!"

        "Holy crap! It's worthy of being my ultimate idol, to have gotten a public confession from a national goddess, but to have left in silence! This kind of cool hanging, it's just awesome!"

        "Poor my goddess, but I have to keep waiting for the mortal gods, wooooo ...... for Ariel goddess heart blocked!"


        One by one, the messages almost crowded the servers of every major website.

        In just half a day, the word 'mortal god' set off shocking waves in China, dominating the number one hot search on every website.

        And this heat, more and more terrifying.

        It almost has the tendency to sweep the whole net in China and abroad.


        And meanwhile!

        In a villa on the outskirts of Jiang City, a young man was constantly refreshing the Internet.

        And every time he refreshed, he found that the news about 'mortal gods' would move up one spot on the leaderboard.


        The rich young man in Jiangnan confesses his love and is rejected!

        This title was more like a slap on the face of the youth, making his face look darker and darker.

        Until finally, the anger got the better of him!


        He took his cell phone and slammed it down on the floor, falling to pieces.

        "Less ...... Young Master, are you okay?" The next steward, Zhong Lao, hurriedly and cautiously asked the question.

        I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

        In the last few days, he was not only severely beaten, but even lost face last night in front of 10,000 fans.

        This is definitely the biggest blow in his own young master's life.

        Hear this!

        Duan Chun's gaze grew colder and colder.

        "Damn Ariel Zhang! Damn mortal gods! Damn you Baiy, damn you Lin Fan!!!"



        These four names made him suffer the greatest humiliation of his life in the last few days.

        Especially now, the news that he had been rejected by Ariel Zhang had spread throughout Huaxia, so how could he have the face to face people in the future.

        Hearing these words!

        Butler Zhong Lao said with a grin.

        "Young Master, the power behind Ariel Zhang is too big for us to provoke! The mortal gods are too mysterious for us to find!"

        "If you want revenge, only Bai and Lin Fan will do it!"

        BAI! Lin Fan!

        When he heard these two names, the faces of the God of Mortal and Lin Fan appeared in Duan Chun's mind.

        In his mind, these two faces seemed to gradually fuse together, allowing him to add all of his hatred for the God of Mortality to Lin Fan's body.

        "Hmph! Ariel has spoken, and Bai is the one she values the most! We can't move either!"

        "Right now, I just want to get one person killed! It is ...... Lin Fan!"

Chapter 270

Lin Fan!

        The steward next to him, Zhong Lao, was slightly stunned, and then a strong look of disdain appeared on his face.

        "Young Master, it's not easy to kill this little door-to-door son-in-law!"

        "Do you have an idea?" Duan Chun was delighted, and quickly asked the housekeeper, Zhong Lao.

        He looked at Duan Chun's surprised face and said, smiling.

        Butler Zhong Lao smiled and said.

        "Naturally! If you want to kill someone, you can't use your contacts in the White House, so you can easily do it through the underground."

        Underground forces?

        Duan Chun was slightly silent, not nodding his head.

        "In Jiang City, there are two overlords - the Northern Blade Master and the Southern Black Tiger!"

        "They control almost all the underground forces in Jiang City, one in the south and one in the north! However, these two are arrogant and extremely difficult to control!"

        "Then we need a third candidate!"


        Duan Chun was slightly stunned, he didn't understand who else, other than Master Blade and Black Tiger, could easily kill the Bai family's son-in-law in Jiang City.

        "Old Zhong, tell me quickly, who is the third candidate?" Duan Chun can't wait.

        And see this!

        Butler Zhong Lao stroked his beard and said with a smile.

        "Iron Masked Coyote!"

        Coyote Iron Mask?

        This name caused Duan Chun to be slightly stunned, obviously he was extremely unfamiliar with this name.

        Butler Zhong Lao, on the other hand, continued to explain.

        "Young Master! Did you know that Black Tiger is the former super champion of the underground boxing scene in Jiang City, and always wins every fight?

        "However, since the Black Tiger withdrew from the underground boxing scene in Jiang City a few years ago, new stars have emerged, and a new king has been born among them - Iron Masked Coyote!

        "He is the best boxer in the last three years in Jiang City! Once upon a time, a black boxer was defeated by one and twenty, and the new king was crowned!"

        One against twenty black boxers!

        Duan Chun was shocked.

        You know, black boxers are different from ordinary people, they strike at the heart of the matter, killing people in minutes.

        They take pleasure in their cruelty, and they will cripple anyone who strikes them!

        One black boxer can fight several ordinary people.

        But Iron Masked Coyote, one person can deal with more than twenty black boxers, which ...... is unimaginable.

        That's not all!

        Butler Zhong Lao continued.

        "Moreover, Iron Masked Coyote is not only awesome in terms of force, but his connections are also not to be underestimated!"

        "He's entrenched in the slums of central Jiang City, in the middle of the forces of Master Dagger and Black Tiger! Keep sending black boxers to Master Blade and Black Tiger's men!"

        "Among them, the Mourning Dog under Master Blade and the Black Bear under Black Tiger were once boxers under Iron Masked Coyote, which makes both Master Blade and Black Tiger extremely close to Iron Masked Coyote."

        So that's it!

        No wonder the Iron Masked Coyote can be called the third person in the underground world of Jiang City.

        Only, it still hasn't stopped!

        "In addition, the iron-faced coyote has a fearsome identity! He's the disciple of the number one master in Yun Hai City next to him, King Kong! He is also the grandson of Kong Sheng, one of the Ten Great Masters of Chinese Arts in Jiangnan Province!"


        Duan Chun's face changed dramatically as he said this.

        He had never heard of the Iron Masked Coyote, but he had definitely heard of King Kong and Kong Sheng.

        Especially in the recent past.

        Duan Chuan heard that Kong Sheng, the master of the national arts, had received instruction from a grandmaster and his strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

        In recent times, he has even challenged the other nine masters in Jiangnan City, and he has won every battle.

        Kong Sheng, has become the first person in Jiangnan's national martial arts.

        And King Kong, as his great disciple, has even swept away the major municipal boxing circles in Jiangnan City, and has been named the King of Black Boxing!

        Duan Chun had never thought that there would be such a terrifying identity for the Iron Masked Coyote.

        The iron-faced coyote actually had this terrifying identity.

        "Good! Contact Coyote Iron Mask immediately, no matter how much it costs!"

        "I all want that little door-to-door son-in-law Lin Fan ...... to die!!!"

        Duan Chun's eyes were flickering with an intense fierceness, as if he had seen Lin Fan's pathetic end.