Today I Give Up Trying 267-268

 Chapter 267


        The god left the stage with Ariel's heartbreak and the loss of thousands of fans.

        The concert continued.

        It was just that the song Ariel sang became more and more sad, making the fans below cry.

        It was as if all the fans could feel Ariel's feelings.

        Chasing for three years!

        Three years of waiting!

        In return, I was met with a silence and an endless wait of continued insistence.


        While the concert was going on, many fans in the VIP and loose ticket areas were shocked to find a figure walking out of the backstage bathroom, and then walking towards the super VIP area.


        Seeing Lin Fan, the many fans were once again in an uproar.

        "This guy just came out of the toilet now? My God, is he really here for the concert?"

        "Yeah, the highlight of the concert was the appearance of the mortal gods, and this guy missed it.


        Many of the fans were talking and looking at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an idiot.

        It wasn't just them!

        After seeing Lin Fan return, Bai Yi, who had been crying, was also slightly startled.

        Her pretty face, with pear blossoms and rain, was now, more than a hint of indignation.

        "Lin Fan, what's wrong with you? You've been gone so long, and the mortal gods have stepped down, you're wasting your super VIP tickets for nothing, right?"

        Say it!

        Bai's nose drew slightly and her eyebrows furrowed completely.

        "And did you go to the bathroom to smoke?"

        Bai Yi could really smell a strong smell of smoke from Lin Fan.

        In other words.

        This guy was smoking in the restroom while he was performing with his idol, Van God?


        When Bai Yi thought of this, her lungs exploded with anger, and her disappointment in Lin Fan grew stronger and stronger.

        She just didn't know.

        Zhang Boyu, who was planning to watch the fun, heard the word 'smoking', his entire body, ruthlessly stiffened.


        Right now, he was looking at Lin Fan, but the face of the mortal god wearing a half-face mask was flashing in his mind, and the two faces were gradually overlapping.

        "No ...... can't be such a coincidence, right?"

        Zhang Boyu's eyes, as if he had discovered a shocking secret, were instantly round.

        At this moment, he!

        Come to think of it, a divine song of a mortal god was improved by Lin Fan with a wave of his hand.

        The mortal god on stage resembles Lin Fan.

        As well!

        Before when the mortal god stepped down, but was smoking a cigarette.

        If one coincidence is fine, but now there are three coincidences, which makes Zhang Boyu have to wonder if perhaps Lin Fan ...... is the mortal god!


        Thinking of this possibility, Zhang Boyu's scalp went numb, and his whole body was almost scared to pee.

        After all, this matter was too shocking.

        Who would have thought that a global idol such as the God of mortality would be a son-in-law of a small third-tier city, if he hadn't seen this coincidence with his own eyes, even if he were killed, he would never have believed it.

        "And ......"

        "The reason why the mortal god didn't promise Ariel Zhang may be because ...... Bai Yi!"

        I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do.

        Ariel is a national goddess, not to mention a normal man, even a woman, will like or even prefer.

        But just now, the mortal god, actually left the stage without saying a word, which can only mean that he has unspeakable secrets.

        And this unspeakable secret may be ...... Bai Yi!

        Think about it!

        Zhang Boyu can't help but look at Bai Yi with a complex gaze.

        Especially at this moment!

        Instead of looking deeply into Lin Fan's eyes, Bai Yi seemed to turn to the lonely Ariel Zhang on the stage and sighed as she wept.

        "What exactly is a mortal god for? Ariel Zhang is so beautiful, so kind, and so noble, where in the world does she not deserve him?


        Not willing!

        In her eyes, Ariel and God are definitely a match made in heaven, but she can't figure out why they didn't agree.

        But she couldn't figure out why the god didn't say yes.

Chapter 268

But Bai Yi didn't notice.

        After hearing her voice of injustice, both Lin Fan, and Zhang Boyu, all the corners of their mouths were drawn hard.


        If the gods really say yes, I'm afraid you won't even be able to cry then.

        The concert still went on, but the songs, one by one, were sadder than the other.

        What made Zhang Boyu's heart tremble even more was.

        He found that during the singing, Ariel Zhang's beautiful eyes, from time to time, looked at Lin Fan in the super VIP seat.

        It really was him!

        Zhang Boyu's body was trembling, and he completely understood how a national goddess like Ariel Zhang could notice Bai Yi's little fan.

        It turned out that everything was all because of ...... Lin Fan!

        "A mortal god?"

        When Zhang Boyu looked at Lin Fan's position, his look was filled with loneliness and complexity.

        If Lin Fan was only a son-in-law, with his talent and ability, he could compete with Lin Fan for Bai Yi.

        But Lin Fan is a mortal god ......

        How the hell is he supposed to compete?

        For a moment, Zhang Boyu's heart was completely confused, and his emotions towards Lin Fan changed from hostile to complex, and from complex to reverent.

        After all!

        Thinking differently, if he were a mortal god, he would never have kept such a low profile, much less swallowed his anger in the Bai family.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, did it!

        "Perhaps this is the difference between mortal gods and ordinary people!"

        Zhang Boyu shook his head, and his heart was also completely cut off from the thoughts of Bai Yi.

        At this moment, the concert was in a sad atmosphere until the end.

        One by one, fans left the stadium with a lot of complicated emotions.

        This concert was too special.

        From the beginning, the improved piano music that shocked everyone, to the appearance of a mortal god that drove the crowd crazy.

        And then after that!

        They witnessed the failure of their goddess Ariel's confession.

        It can be said that it was definitely a concert they will never forget.

        Even ten or twenty years later, they would still remember the two super idols' ensemble.

        They would still remember the ensemble of the two super idols, which made them feel as if they had experienced a rotten and exciting life.

        It is still impossible for them to forget Ariel's tears of reluctance and resignation as she waited for the gods to leave.

        This is our eternal youth.


        After Bai Yi's group left the gymnasium, Zhang Boyu said to Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

        Zhang Boyu then said to Bai and Lin Fan.

        "BAI, Mr. Lin Fan! Thank you for inviting my siblings to the concert, thank you!"

        Say it!

        Bai Yi and Zhang Cai'er were stunned when Zhang Boyu bowed deeply to Lin Fan, and then took his dumbfounded sister and left straight away.

        This scene made Bai Yi unable to react for a long time.

        After a long time.

        Only then did she look at Lin Fan with an incredulous face and ask.

        "Lin Fan, what have you done? Why do I think that Brother Boyu seems surprised and frightened and complicated about you?"

        "Did something happen to the two of you that we don't know about?"

        Bai Yi knows that Zhang Boyu is a high-minded and arrogant person, which can be seen from the fact that he tried to confess to himself in front of Lin Fan in the western restaurant.

        And now!

        It was just a concert.

        Zhang Boyu's attitude towards Lin Fan has gone from disdainful disdain to awe-inspiring awe, which is unbelievable.

        Hearing this!

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders with a light smile.

        "Honey, maybe it's because I'm handsome and dashing and I've conquered him."

        "After all, sometimes I'm so addicted to my own beauty that I can't stop myself for a long time!"

        Bailey: "......"