Today I Give Up Trying 261-263

 Chapter 261


        In the scattered ticket area, Shen Jie and his girlfriend, Zhou Xiao, apparently saw Lin Fan as well.

        The two were startled at first, then burst out laughing.

        "Hahahaha ...... waste is indeed waste! Even if we give him a super VIP spot, he won't fight for it!"

        "Honey, you're so right, Baek is such a terrible husband, he's a disgrace to Baek!"

        The two of them were laughing from ear to ear.

        It was as if, in their eyes, Lin Fan himself was a perfectly funny joke.


        Just when they wanted to continue laughing at Lin Fan.

        Boom ......

        The entire concert was suddenly quiet, and the lights went out.

        This scene made everyone's heart tremble slightly.

        They knew that, after the darkness, the idol of mortal god, whom everyone worshipped, was about to appear on stage.



        At this moment, the only sound left in the ten-thousand-strong stadium was the sound of heavy breathing, and everyone shut their mouths tightly, only to hear their excited heartbeats.

        In particular, as time passed, the 10,000 fans were sweating from their nervous palms.

        And just when everyone was nervous to the extreme.


        Another eye-catching pillar of light spilled out onto the center of the stage.

        Ten thousand fans only felt a trance before their eyes, and all of them closed their eyes slightly, slowly adjusting to the intense beam of light.

        And until that moment!

        The crowd was shocked to discover that there was a black-clothed figure in the center of the stage, beneath the pillar of light.

        He was dressed in a wide trench coat, which completely wrapped his entire figure, as if he was a dark messenger from hell.

        All over his body, he exuded a kind of ghostly coldness and eeriness.

        Not only that!

        He wears a half mask that covers half of his face, which is mysterious and strange.

        A half-face mask!

        A trench coat!

        This kind of dress and costume, surprisingly, is exactly the same as Zhang Ariel's hand-painted portrait of a mortal god.

        Mortal God!

        After seeing this figure, everyone did not have the slightest sense of strangeness, as if they had known this person for a long time.

        And when he appeared in front of them for the first time, ten thousand fans, completely went into a frenzy.

        Countless people, in this instant, only felt their hot blood, completely burning up.

        One after another, they waved their arms in unison, shouting and roaring one after another.

        "Mortal Gods!"

        "Mortal Gods!"


        The unified voice, the earth-shaking shout, echoed endlessly throughout the stadium.

        It was as if the stage at this moment belonged entirely to that mysterious man in black - the mortal god!


        The crowd didn't know that after seeing the Mortal God appear, Bai Yi, Zhang Boyu and his siblings, as well as Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao, all their bodies trembled so hard that they could hardly believe their eyes.

        "This ...... mortal god, how does it look so much like Lin Fan?"

        Bai and the others had the illusion of being in a dreamlike trance.

        Although the mortal god was wearing a half-face mask, the half-face and eyes that were revealed resembled Lin Fan.

        But the half-face that was revealed, as well as the eyes, resembled Lin Fan and even gave the crowd an illusion that this person was Lin Fan.

        "No ...... definitely not! Maybe there really is some resemblance between a mortal god and Lin Fan!"

        Whether it was Bai Yi, Zhang Boyu and his siblings, or Shen Jie and his two siblings, they all shook their heads more than once.

        Shake out of their minds, this absurd to the extreme idea in their minds.

        After all!

        This is the super idol they've been chasing for three years, a mysterious being who has been worshipped as a god by countless music bigwigs around the world.

        And what about Lin Fan?

        Just a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft food, that's all!

        How can this day and place be one person in two completely different worlds!

Chapter 262

While Bai et al, were in a trance and couldn't believe it.


        She covered her small mouth, forcibly suppressing her inner excitement and joy, allowing the tears of longing to fall from her eyes.

        The whole person was like a happy lark, quickly running towards Lin Fan.

        After that, the whole slender and delicate body jumped into Lin Fan's arms.

        Wow ......

        Idol and idol embrace!

        This scene made the atmosphere of the whole concert even better.

        Every fan was equally excited and embraced each other.

        As if the scene before them, they had been waiting for three years.

        It's just that everyone didn't know.

        When Ariel jumped into Lin Fan's suspicion, smelling Lin Fan's strong male scent, her pretty face, flushed and almost dripping red.

        She quietly approached Lin Fan's ear and softly murmured.

        "Thank you, my savior, Lin Fan!"

        This sentence caused Lin Fan's body to tremble slightly.

        A bitter smile couldn't help but appear on the corner of his mouth.

        He was a man.

        Zhang Aichen, on the other hand, had completely grown into a national goddess of beauty.

        Even if he was dedicated to Bai Yi, his heart couldn't help but tremble slightly at the moment.

        "Alright! Let's do it!"

        Lin Fan could only look at his eyes and nose, and change the subject.

        And when she heard this, Ariel realized that she was out of her mind.

        She hurriedly got out of Lin Fan's embrace and broke free, and that beautiful and wonderful little face bag was completely red.

        I'm afraid that even she didn't expect it.

        She would be so disoriented in front of Lin Fan.

        "Then what are we playing?"

        When Ariel looked at Lin Fan, she asked.

        But as soon as she said it, she quickly continued as if she had thought of something.

        "A Caribbean love affair!"

        "A Caribbean love affair!"

        They spoke in unison.

        It was as if Ariel Zhang and Lin Fan had a heart to heart, and they actually said this name together.

        This moment!

        They were all startled, and then laughed completely.

        Interesting souls, always such a combination of words and deeds.

        Now, Ariel's beautiful face, dimple like a flower, she picked up the microphone, and to the ten thousand fans below, she continued to say.

        "Next, Vulcan and I will be playing a song together - 'Caribbean Love Affair'! Give it to everyone!"


        The applause below was thunderous.

        The sound of ten thousand fans cheering and applauding is like a tsunami, the scene is extremely shocking.

        And just under their expectant gaze.

        Lin Fan slowly walked towards a piano next to it.

        Only, when he reached the piano, a startling scene appeared.

        He didn't sit directly in front of the piano, instead he stood at the back of the piano and pulled out a pack of ...... cigarettes from his bosom!

        Wow ......

        This scene made Ariel and all her fans open their eyes wide.

        They had never thought that their idol would take out a pack of cigarettes on the stage.

        What was he doing?

        Everyone's appetite was completely aroused by this one action.

        Numerous curious eyes looked at Lin Fan on the stage.

        And right in front of everyone's eyes!

        Lin Fan took out a cigarette and placed it on the stand behind the piano, which was the only way to sit in front of it.

        This scene!

        The crowd became more and more puzzled.

        But, before they could think about it, they saw Lin Fan make a hand gesture.

        And then, with his ten fingers pointing at the piano, he fell down!

        Ding dong dong ......

        A musical note, like a jade pearl falling from the sky, centered on Lin Fan's finger and instantly spread out in all directions.

        When the musical rhythm, like a wisp of wind, brushed the ears of one fan after another, the ten thousand fans in the stadium seemed to have had their souls swirled.

        All their bodies trembled.

        Completely fallen.

Chapter 263

The rhythm of the music, as if high mountains and flowing water, swept over the ten thousand fans in the stadium.

        In the instant that a single note of music entered their ears, each fan was completely captivated.

        They only felt that the beating notes were washing their souls, and the beautiful melody was soothing their nerves.

        It was so refreshing!

        Can't get out of it!

        Almost everywhere the sound drifted, everyone closed their eyes and instantly sank in.

        That's not all.

        When Lin Fan's musical rhythm sounded, Ariel Zhang, who was next to him, sang with the same clear voice, along with the music.

        Ariel's voice had an intense penetrating power.

        Especially when complemented by the piano music, the soul penetrating power is even more powerful, and almost everywhere the sound passes, the body of a fan can't help but tremble and tremble.

        The soul affects the physiology!

        Physiology stimulates the soul!

        The duo's ensemble has elevated "Caribbean Love Affair" to a whole new level.

        Bai et al. were especially impressed.

        They were closest to the stage, and were most deeply moved by the rhythm of the ensemble's music.

        At this moment, they felt as if they were in the vast, yet unknown Caribbean Sea.

        It is a place where the wonders of nature are bred.

        But it was also rich in unimaginable dangers.

        In the minds of the people, they seemed to see a ship of pirates, who burned and looted and did no evil.

        The howls of the women, the despair of the men, the cries of the children.

        As if echoing in everyone's ears.

        Blood and death became the music of everything here.

        The scene made one fan after another, fists clenched tightly together, their faces turning hideous, angry and helpless.


        When ten thousand fans, silenced in despair.

        Whoops ......

        It was as if they had heard the war trumpets blowing.

        Then they saw one scarlet battleship after another in the deep sea, coming in at great speed.

        This battleship, as if it was an arrow off the string, was incredibly fast.


        On top of each scarlet warship, there is one dark warrior after another who is as strong as a devil.

        It was a group of warships that seemed to come from the sea of death.

        Killing everything!

        Destroy everything!

        At this moment, the ten thousand fans in the stadium seemed to hear the screams, shrieks, and despair of the pirates.

        The pirates wanted to escape, but unfortunately were unable to do so.

        In the blink of an eye, they were surrounded by a scarlet battleship in the center.

        The moment those devilish dark warriors jumped onto the ship, the real killing began.

        The pirates, like hyenas and dogs, were slaughtered alive!

        Death has become the fate of all pirates.

        Howling, became the music of many pirates.

        When this picture flashed in the minds of the ten thousand fans in the stadium, every fan just felt their blood burning.

        They wanted to shout with excitement, they wanted to shout loudly.

        The thrill, made the ten thousand fans, completely tremble.


        Once again, their mind's eye turned, and out of that devilish band of warriors stepped a king dressed in black!

        With every step he took, a pirate died.

        He seemed to be synonymous with death.

        Everywhere he went, bodies were everywhere.

        Until he came to a pile of corpses, from which he pulled out a beautiful young woman.

        "You're saved!"

        The king's voice, which reached the maiden's ears, and his face, completely etched into the maiden's heart.

        Until this moment!

        The music, slowly ended, and the images that flashed in the minds of thousands of fans faded away.


        There was not a single sound in the entire stadium, and every fan's eyes were still closed, but their faces were as if they had experienced a life and had been given an eternal love.