Today I Give Up Trying 259-260

 Chapter 259

At this moment, looking at the many fans below the excited look.

        Ariel Zhang's emotion grew more and more excited.

        Her pair of eyes swept deeply over Lin Fan's direction, and then continued to say to the crowd below.

        "I know that many of you have been waiting with me since my first concert!"

        "Waiting for one after another! So far, it's been three years and 36 concerts! Just to meet the idol of us all!"

        "Today, he's here!"

        Talk about that!

        Ariel's beautiful eyes, however, swept over Bai Yi's position, and a trace of loss surfaced on her pretty face.

        "I don't know, though, if the mortal gods will show up on this stage tonight!"

        "But I, for one, thank him! Thanks to all of you!"


        Ariel Zhang bowed deeply in the direction of Lin Fan below.


        The emotions of the ten thousand fans below the scene were once again completely mobilized.

        Every one of them waved their hands and cheered excitedly.

        "VAN GOD!!!"

        "VAN GOD!!!"

        "VAN GOD!!!"


        A sound swept through the stadium, like a tsunami.

        It was as if everyone was expecting their idol, the mortal god, to make an appearance.

        Especially Bai Yi!

        Although she was sitting in the super VIP seat, she was still waving her jade hand and cheering the name of 'Van God' like all her fans.

        Looking forward to meeting her idol.


        Amidst the cheers of the crowd, the music played once again.

        It was "Straws of Despair"!

        "The Caribbean sea breeze, howling and blustering, I thought this day was the end of my destiny, but I didn't want it to be the beginning of a glorious one with you!"

        "Salvation in Despair Brings Me a Lifetime of Thoughts ......"


        Ariel's beautiful voice, along with the accompaniment, slowly resounded.

        One line after another!

        In the lyrics, there is a kind of despair, and even more so, there is a kind of hope.

        In particular, there is a longing for someone in that line of voice.

        Year after year!

        Day after day!

        She is waiting, waiting for him to come.

        They were also waiting for him to come on stage.

        Seemingly infected by Ariel's emotions, all the fans in the stadium began to follow Ariel and sang loudly together.

        "That year, that day, on the beach in the Caribbean, that was the first time we met. ......"

        A chorus of ten thousand people.

        The high-pitched voices seemed to shake the heavens and reach to the clouds.

        In particular, many people began to wail as they sang.

        This was not a simple song, but also represented the youth of many people.

        The gods were like idols guiding their youth, bringing them supreme light.

        On the super VIP seat.

        Bai Yi's pair of beautiful eyes, a bright red, tears almost overflowed her eyes, she choked, following the crowd singing loudly, while muttering to herself.

        "Will mortal gods come to power?"

        "I wish I could hear him play a piano piece himself ......"

        Bai Yi's words, although extremely slight, but Lin Fan's ear power is extraordinary.

        But Lin Fan's ears were extraordinary, and after he heard them, his body trembled slightly, closing his eyes, and a bitter smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.

        "It looks like you can't do without it!"

        Thinking of this.

        Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes, having made up his mind completely.

        Now he looked up toward the stage.

        And only then did Lin Fan discover that Ariel Zhang, on the stage, had been choking and singing.

        Lin Fan discovered that Ariel Zhang, on the stage, had been choking and singing, and her pair of beautiful eyes, staring straight at him, were dripping with tears, as if a bead with a broken string, from her eyes, constantly slipping.

        Expectation yet apprehension.

        Missing but not daring to see each other.

Chapter 260

She seemed to want to invite herself to the stage, but was afraid of disturbing her life.

        Lin Fan's heart trembled slightly when he sensed this intense, fervent and sad gaze, and then he nodded to Ariel with a complex face.


        Just a nod.

        Ariel, however, as if she had a clear mind, instantly understood Lin Fan's meaning and was overjoyed.

        Until the end of the song.

        While gently wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, Ariel's voice trembled as she said to all her fans below.

        "Now, I have good news for you!"

        "The mortal god ...... agrees!"

        "Right now, he'll be on stage!"


        These words instantly set off a wave of horror.

        The fans below, who were either lost or crying, instantly went crazy.

        Their faces were filled with excitement and ecstasy, as if their three-year wish was about to be fulfilled, and their idols were about to be seen.

        This joy was so great that they could not control themselves at all.

        It was not only the crowd below.

        Even Bai Yi, who was so dumbfounded that she even forgot to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes, looked at the stage with a startled face.

        "Is my idol ...... going to be on stage?"

        "The mortal gods are finally willing to take the stage!"

        In response, Bai almost cried with joy, and instinctively wanted to turn around and cheer Lin Fan.

        But at that moment, Bai Yi was astonished to see Lin Fan slowly standing up from his super VIP seat.

        But at that moment, Bai Yi was shocked to see that Lin Fan stood up slowly from his super VIP seat.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, what are you doing! Soon the mortal gods will be on stage! Sit down now!"

        Sit down?

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth could not help but be slightly drawn.

        If I sit down, I'm afraid that your mortal god will never be able to go up in this life.

        When he thought of this, Lin Fan couldn't help but cover his stomach, and then said pitifully to Bai Yi.

        "Old ...... wife, I have a bit of diarrhea, I need to go to the bathroom, I can't hold it in!"


        As soon as the words came out, not only Bai Yi and Zhang Boyu siblings heard them.

        Even the fans and big shots on the VIP not far behind heard it all.

        A single gaze, as if looking at an idiot, looked at Lin Fan.

        Nima, this guy is sick, right?

        The mortal god that everyone has been waiting for the most, is about to make his debut, and this guy is sitting in super VIP, which should be the best seat in the house, and yet he has to go to the bathroom?

        This is unbelievable.

        In an instant, the VIPs in the back were in an uproar.

        And Bai Yi could not help but have a black line appear on his forehead.


        She never thought that Lin Fan would have diarrhea when her idol was about to take the stage.

        "All right! You go and come back soon!"

        Bai Yi had no choice but to tell Lin Fan to go back quickly, especially when she felt the sneering eyes of the VIPs behind her, which made her face hot.

        Now, Lin Fan nodded his head, and while covering his stomach, he ran to the back bathroom of the gym in a flash.

        You know!

        The position of the super VIP was the most prominent position in the entire stadium, outside the stage.

        In particular, when all the fans saw that a Super VIP had gone to the bathroom at such a critical moment, all the fans, once again, were in an uproar.

        "Oh my God! What's with this Super VIP? In the best position to go to the bathroom at the most critical moment!"

        "I know this man, he's the Bai family's son-in-law! Cut, it really is a no contest thing!"

        "Hahahaha ...... laughs at me, is this guy an idiot?"


        Many fans jeered.

        They just didn't know that the person they were laughing at now was the same person they had been shouting at in adoration.