Today I Give Up Trying 257-258

 Chapter 257

At this moment, the atmosphere in the stadium was quiet to the extreme.

        There were as many as ten thousand people, but they did not even make the slightest sound. Everyone closed their eyes tightly and immersed themselves in the sea of music, unable to extricate themselves.

        Everyone could only feel their own cells jumping with the beating of the musical notes.

        Divine Comedy!

        Just the opening of the piece had already intoxicated thousands of people, and the piece went far beyond the scope of a piano piece, reaching a kind of spiritual and physical sublimation.

        Until the piano piece slowly ended, everyone in the stadium seemed not to have recovered from the beautiful sound.

        Everyone in the stadium seemed to have failed to react to the beautiful rhythm of the music.


        The people slowly opened their eyes, and a dense confusion appeared in their eyes.

        It was as if they had entered a brief state of amnesia.

        Who am I?

        Where am I?

        Everyone just felt as if they had come back to reality from the ocean of beautiful music.

        The moment when the crowd completely woke up.


        The entire stadium was completely exploded.

        The boisterous cheers and applause swept over like a tsunami.

        "Gosh, is this ...... really just piano music? Why do I just feel like my cells are trembling all over my body? It's like having a nerve massage!"

        "Yeah, I've never heard this kind of music in my life, although I only know a little bit about piano music, but now, I can only say two words ...... bull!"

        "Godman! I really can't imagine what kind of musical monster the guy who improved the song "Gift of Mortal Love" in Jiang City is!"


        Almost every corner of the stadium was filled with this kind of frenzy of discussion and admiration.

        In everyone's heart.

        This improved piano piece alone seemed to have been worth the price of admission, making many fans, who had improved "For the Love of Man", grateful and adoring to the utmost.

        Not only the crowd.

        Right now!

        Even Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao, who had been in a foul mood, reacted the same way as the fans around them at the moment. Their faces turned red with excitement.

        "Pro ...... dear, this piano song is just too good, thank you for taking so much effort to bring me!" Zhou Xiao was incoherent with excitement.

        As for Shen Jie, after the baptism of the piano song, he seemed to have forgotten all about his anger and shame.

        His face was filled with fervor and excitement.

        "I didn't expect that we would have such an awesome person in Jiang City!"

        "Gosh, I don't know anything about the piano, but I can hear it all in my blood, and the man who improved it is a god!"

        Shen Jie, at the moment, simply admires the people who improve piano music.


        If he knew that this song was improved by Lin Fan, the trash he despised the most, his entire outlook would be turned upside down.

        And at the very front.

        Super VIP area.

        At the moment, Bai Yi, Zhang Boyu siblings, although the three of them had already listened to the improved version of the song "Gift of Love to Van" in the Western restaurant.

        But now, when they heard it again, they still felt their blood boiling.

        "Lin Fan, everyone thinks he's a door-to-door son-in-law, a loser who eats soft food! But who could have imagined that his random improvements would result in a divine song!" Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er looked at each other.

        The two siblings only laughed bitterly, leaving an inexpressibly bitter taste in their hearts.


        And just as the crowd below was discussing, they suddenly saw a pillar of light lit up on the stage, from above and below.

        But suddenly, on the stage, from top to bottom, a pillar of light was lit up.

        After that, densely packed rose petals, under the reflection of the pillar of light, slowly drifted down from above the stage.

        It was like a rain of flowers in the sky.

        It was beautiful to the extreme.

        Not only that!

        "Look, it's Ariel Zhang!"

Chapter 258

Ariel Zhang!

        As a fan screamed, the crowd below saw, in the midst of the rain of roses, a young girl in a snow-white dress, dangling from a wiener, slowly flying down from above the stage.

        It was as if she was floating like a fairy, not cannibalistic.

        She is the little Asian diva, the national goddess of China - Ariel Zhang!

        Until Ariel Zhang, under the sky of rose petals, fell on the stage.

        She was the first to bow downward.

        In particular, a mouth, let the whole concert, once again exploded pot.

        "Thank you all for coming to the Where's the Love concert, in addition to a special audience for coming!"

        "He is the ...... mortal god!"


        The words came out.

        In the entire stadium, tens of thousands of fanatical fans, all the discussion and exclamation and cheers, all came to an abrupt halt.

        Whether it was the rich young men and big shots in the VIP area, or the many fans in the casual ticket area, they almost couldn't believe what they were hearing.

        Where ...... is a god?

        The ten thousand people in the gymnasium were silent, and the crowd looked at me, I looked at you, full of incredulity.


        An entertainment magnate, sitting in front of the VIP, swallowed a mouthful of spit at the moment and asked incredulously to those around him.

        "What did I just hear? Where ...... are the mortal gods coming?"

        "I ...... I think I heard that too? But this, how is it possible!"


        Not just the VIP area!

        The many fans in the back of the scattered ticket area were even more confused and startled.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        As many as ten thousand eyes brushed against the stage, seemingly inquiring, seemingly confirming Ariel Zhang.

        And seeing this!

        Ariel's pretty face, also filled with excitement and excitement, nodded and said seriously.

        "Everyone heard me right, I just said it!"

        "Today, we have a special guest at our concert, the creator of all my masterpieces, the one who changed my destiny and gave me a new life - a mortal god!"


        As the words of confirmation fell, the entire concert, almost as soon as it began, came to a climax.

        Countless clamors and cheers, from one corner to the next, crowed and boiled up.

        "Oh my God! Mortal God, is he finally going to show up?"

        "I've been chasing Ariel for three years without missing a single concert so that I could meet my idol, A God, and now, he's here at ......!"






        The sound of the concert was so overwhelming that it shook the entire stadium as if an earthquake had occurred.

        It wasn't just the crowd.

        In the super VIP area, Bai Yi, Zhang Boyu and his siblings, when they heard that the God of Mortal Kombat had come, the three of them stood erect with excitement.

        Especially Bai Yi!

        She covered her mouth tightly with her hand, her eyes somewhat wet and red with excitement.

        "VAN ...... VAN GOD! Is the idol finally going to show up?"

        Bai Yi's delicate body was trembling a bit.

        And seeing this!

        Lin Fan, who was beside him, had a slight pull at the corner of his mouth.


        I've slept in the same room with you every day, I've been with you every day, silly wife, why are you so excited?

        Although Lin Fan spat in his heart, a touch of contemplation appeared in his eyes as he looked at Bai Yi's excited appearance.

        "Perhaps, I should fulfill my wife's wish!"

        Lin Fan finished!

        It's not as if you're looking at the stage above and making up your mind to make some kind of decision.