Today I Give Up Trying 254-256

 Chapter 254


        These words caused Shen Jie and his girlfriend to change color.

        I didn't have to think about it, but Lin Fan returned the word 'trash' in its original form.

        "I didn't expect you to be quite smart-tongued! Unfortunately, you're just a wimp who eats soft food!"

        Shen Jie snorted, and now looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan's clothes and scoffed and laughed.

        "Bai Yi, I know you're a fan of Ariel, but unfortunately, it's too hard to get tickets for this one, are you here for the off-site concert? Haha ......"

        Even when Shen Jie saw Bai Yi and others here, he didn't think they were here to see the concert.

        After all!

        This time the tickets are up for grabs by fans all over Asia.

        Not to mention Bai Yi.

        Even he, Shen Jie, had spent a lot of money through the Shen family's network to buy two loose tickets, and that was it.

        Lin Fan and the others, a full four people, needed four loose tickets, so how could they.


        Shen Jie, with his girlfriend in tow, walked toward the entrance of the concert.

        "Baek, you guys enjoy the posters out there! Hahaha, we're going in. If you want to hear it later, I, as a cousin, can tell you about it! Hahaha ......"

        Shen Jie and his friends laughed with great pride and entered the gymnasium in a relaxed manner.

        However, when they heard this, both Lin Fan, Bai Yi, and Zhang Boyu siblings looked extremely strange.

        Whether it was Lin Fan, Bai Yi, or Zhang Boyu's siblings, their faces became extremely odd.

        However, the four of them did not pay much attention to it, shook their heads, and also walked toward the gymnasium.



        The ticket breakout area in the gym.

        Shen Jie and his girlfriend kept laughing and talking about it.

        "Honey, are you sure your cousin and the others aren't here to see the concert?" The girl friend Zhou Xiao asked Shen Jie at this moment.

        And when she heard this, a strong scowl instantly appeared on Shen Jie's face.

        "Don't think too much about it, as far as I know, Bai Yi has been soaking in the office every day lately, and has no time to find someone to buy a ticket."

        "And Lin Fan, even more of a loser, does laundry and cooking every day! How could such a person come to see a concert!"

        Say it!

        Shen Jie's eyes could not help but look inside the stadium.

        The current stadium was arranged into three areas.

        Scattered Ticket Area, VIP Area, and Super VIP Area.

        In the loose ticket area, where Shen Jie and his team are, you can only stand, and there is no place to sit at all.

        The VIP area, on the other hand, is very close to the front, and each ticket corresponds to a seat.

        The VIP guests were either rich or noble, and there were even some business, political and military bigwigs, as well as entertainment stars who came to support the event.

        As for the super VIP section!

        It is located at the front of the stands, just a stone's throw away from the stage.

        Not only that!

        In the super VIP area, there are only four chairs in a huge space, and each of them is the most luxurious chair in the world.

        Each seat is the world's most luxurious extravagant Lin'er space massage warehouse seats.

        Each seat is worth up to ten million dollars.

        At this moment, looking at the four massage warehouse seats placed in that empty area, Shen Jie's face, a strong envy and jealousy emerged.

        "Ugh, I wonder what kind of big shot it is to qualify for Super VIP!"

        "As far as I know, even many of the biggest names in the entertainment industry are coming, just to VIP only!"

        At this moment, Shen Jie truly felt the difference between people.

        No matter what he said, he was a second generation rich man in Jiang City.

        Unfortunately, by all means, he could only get two loose tickets.

        But others, however, have the super VIP status.

        This disparity of status is simply unimaginable.

        "I'm afraid, only the top superstars around the world, or the super bigwigs of Huaxia, can get Super VIP, right!"

        Shen Jie thought as he looked around.

        But at that very moment!

        When his eyes saw the four figures coming in from the entrance, his face suddenly looked like he couldn't believe his eyes.

Chapter 255

"So ...... that's Lin Fan?"

        At this moment, when Shen Jie looked at the four figures at the entrance, he almost suspected that he had spent his eyes.

        Lin Fan, how could this guy come in?

        Does he have a ticket?

        But how is this possible.

        Not only him, but his girlfriend Zhou Xiao, who was next to him, also looked startled and asked Shen Jie.

        "Shen Jie, didn't you just say that Bai Yi didn't have time to buy a ticket, and Lin Fan even less likely to buy a ticket? Then they ......"


        At this moment, both Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao felt their faces burning hot.

        After all, just a moment ago, they were laughing at Lin Fan and Bai Yi when they came in, and even said they would tell Bai Yi about it later.

        But who would have thought that people would have the same votes.

        Shen Jie thought of his derring-do look, and could not wait to slap himself.

        "Humph! It's great to have tickets, we have them too!"

        Shen Jie stared viciously at Lin Fan and the others' direction, and then said.

        "It must have been the man and woman next to them who bought it for them! Don't worry about them!"

        After saying that, Shen Jie turned his head and paid no attention to it anymore.

        Only a moment later, his girlfriend, Zhou Xiao, beside him, screamed out.

        "Shen Jie, you ...... look, Lin Fan and Bai Yi's tickets don't seem to be loose tickets, why are they heading towards the VIP's in front!"


        The words came as a shock to Shen Jie.

        I'm afraid that only the second generation of the province can buy VIP seats.

        And Lin Fan and Bai Yi, even the loose tickets may not be their own master to buy, how can there be VIP tickets.

        Now, Shen Jie hurriedly looked once again.

        At once, he saw that Bai Yi and the four of them were laughing and chatting as they walked past the loose ticket area and headed to the VIP area.

        At the entrance of the VIP area, there were several inspectors.

        "Fake, it must be fake! Those inspectors, they definitely won't let them in!"

        Shen Jie clenched his fist nervously.

        After all, if the four of them, Lin Fan, were really VIPs, then he would lose a lot of face.


        [PENCIL] Shen Jie's prayers apparently didn't have the slightest effect.

        He was shocked to see that the inspectors, after looking at the tickets of the four people, changed their complexion one by one, and then bowed down and invited Lin Fan and the others inside.


        Shen Jie only felt like he had been slapped in the face again, making him ashamed and angry.

        "Bastard! Bai Yi, this dead girl, had VIP tickets and didn't even tell me, causing me to be so embarrassed!"

        Shen Jie was full of gloom.

        He even blamed Bai Yi, whom he mocked.

        That's a VIP ticket!

        Only the second generation ancestors of the province can get one, and the value of one is more than 300,000 yuan, while Lin Fan and his group of four people is equivalent to 1.2 million.

        This damned ......

        Shen Jie's eyes were filled with unwillingness.

        But at that moment, his girlfriend, Zhou Xiao, let out an incredulous scream.

        "No ...... No way! They're not a VIP area either, and they're even moving on!"


        As soon as this was said, Shen Jie's jaw almost dropped in shock.

        Not a VIP?

        Still moving forward?

        This ...... How is this possible, the front of the VIP, but the four super VIP's position.

        Is it ......

        As if they had thought of something incredible, Shen Jie hurriedly looked forward once again.

        Suddenly, they saw Lin Fan and his group of four people, under the astonished, envious, jealous, and confused eyes of all the casual ticket and VIP spectators, slowly walked through the VIP area towards the entrance of the Super VIP.

Chapter 256

When they showed the inspectors the tickets they each had in their hands!


        Everyone saw that the inspectors actually bowed to Lin Fan, and then an inspector led one of them towards their respective super VIP areas.


        At this moment, after seeing this scene, Shen Jie only felt as if he had been struck by five thunderbolts.

        It made him completely confused.

        "Lin Fan and Bai Yi are even super VIP tickets! This, how is this possible!"

        Shen Jie's eyelids were jumping wildly.

        He knew very well that the price of a super VIP ticket was flipped to millions of dollars, and it was impossible to buy one.

        In his eyes and the eyes of all his fans, only the top idol stars in the world, or the top big shots in China, could get them.

        But now ...... four tickets!

        All in the hands of Lin Fan, four unknown people, this simply overturned Shen Jie's three outlooks.

        At this moment, not only Shen Jie.

        All the casual fans and VIP fans who had already taken their seats also saw this scene and instantly exploded.

        "Oh my God, who are those four people? Not the biggest names in the entertainment industry, nor the top stars in the world! Why do they have super VIP tickets!"

        "That woman, I know her! She is the CEO of the Bai Group, known as the most beautiful CEO in Jiang City, Bai Yi!"

        "White's Group? No, the Bai Group is just a second-rate group in a small, third-tier place like Jiang City! How can you have super VIP treatment!"


        Confused, shocked, puzzled!

        Almost every fan was completely confused as to why the four Lin Fan had super VIP tickets.

        "Damn guys, what a deep hide!"

        Shen Jie's face, how ugly it was going to be at this moment, how ugly it was going to be.

        It's not a matter of punching his face anymore!

        This is to smash his face in pieces.

        Thinking that he, a casual fan, was mocking someone who was a super VIP, Shen Jie could not wait to find a crack to drill into.

        Time passed slowly while everyone was discussing the identities of the four Lin Fan people.


        When all the fans were seated, the lights in the stadium dimmed.

        The lights in the stadium suddenly dimmed, and all the noise and discussion completely disappeared.

        All the 10,000 fans knew that the concert was about to begin.

        As expected!

        Once again, the lights slowly came on, and then a piano song followed.

        Listening to this familiar melody, the many fans below, got excited.

        "Gift of mortal love! So that's the opening song, huh? No, why does it feel like this song is different from the old one!"

        "Gosh, there are some changes to this tune, but it's even better than the old one!"

        "My cells are trembling! I remembered that a few days ago, a video on Twitter went viral, and it was said that a man in the city of Jiang, who had improved "A Gift for Van Love", caused a global piano sensation! That's the song!"

        Wow ......

        With the performance of "Gift of mortal love", many fans below, completely exploded.

        Many people had already remembered that this piano song was the one that had stirred up the entire piano circle, and had even been praised by the president of the Global Piano Association and other big names.

        What made all the fans, in particular, discuss a lot was that the person who improved this song was a person from a small city in the third tier.

        This was even more unbelievable.

        Only they didn't know it!

        The person who improved the "Love of Gifting" is now sitting in the super VIP massage warehouse, massaging and enjoying the music.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, had a pair of beautiful eyes that looked towards Lin Fan's direction, and the tenderness in her eyes could not be hidden.

        Even Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er, who were looking at Lin Fan's location, were filled with complexity and shock.

        I'm afraid that no one would have thought that this world-shaking piano piece was improved by a son-in-law.

        Think of this!

        The corners of Zhang Boyu's siblings' mouths were filled with a thick, bitter smile and complexity.