Today I Give Up Trying 249-250

 Chapter 249


        When Lin Fan's words fell down, the entire living room was instantly silent.

        Whether it was Duan Chun, or the Zhang Boyu siblings, they couldn't believe their ears.

        "Little ...... kid, you called me trash?"

        Duan Chun was confused.

        He was the young master of the Red Maple Group in Jiangnan City, and in this small place, Jiangnan City, he was a horizontal presence.

        As long as he announced his name, countless big bosses would kneel down and lick him.

        But Duan Chun couldn't believe that he was being scolded as trash by a small son-in-law.

        It wasn't just him!

        Next to him, Zhang Boyu's face swished white and quickly scolded Lin Fan in an angry voice.

        "Lin Fan, what are you babbling about! Do you know that Duan Shao is the young master of the Red Maple Group, do you want to bring disaster to the Bai Group?"

        Zhang Boyu's cold sweat flowed down.

        He knew that young master Duan Chun had been a domineering and domineering young man since he was a child, not to mention scolding, even if someone talked about him behind his back, he would explode and cripple them.

        And now!

        Lin Fan was simply looking for death.

        Bai Shan and the others on the side were also shocked, they couldn't imagine that Lin Fan was so impulsive.

        Just when they were about to persuade Lin Fan, Duan Chun instantly exploded.

        Duan Chun instantly exploded.

        His whole face, gloomy and almost dripping with water, pointed at Lin Fan and said in a hateful voice.

        "Little bastard, you're going to die! You don't know what you're doing!"

        "If you can, will you scold me again? I promise to put your Bai Group out of business!"

        Duan Chun's words were fierce and full of hatred.

        Only his words had just left his mouth!


        A slap on the face slapped Duan Chun hard in the face, causing him to stagger back a few steps before standing still.


        At this moment, the entire living room was terribly quiet.

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan who made the move, and when they looked at the bright red slap mark that instantly appeared on Duan Chun's face, they all went numb.

        Only, the thing that frightened them was just beginning.

        "Close the door? By you!"


        Lin Fan's entire body appeared in front of Duan Chun as if he was a ghost, and then before Duan Chun could even react, he slapped him on the face again.

        "Red Maple Group is amazing?"


        "A young master is great?"



        At this moment, the crowd was all confused.

        They were just looking at Lin Fan, walking forward step by step, and every time they walked forward, a slap was swung out and slapped Duan Chun's face.

        In an instant, it caused Duan Chun's small white face to turn from white, to red and swollen, and from red and swollen to bruised.

        Three slaps!

        Five slaps!

        Ten slaps!

        Duan Chun was beaten from the living room all the way to the courtyard by Lin Fan.

        Until the last slap, he slapped Duan Chun's face hard.


        Duan Chun's entire body was slapped on the ground and he spat out a mouthful of blood with a gasp.

        Among the scarlet blood, there was a single tooth.

        The blood dripped and dripped down from the corner of his mouth.

        Finished ......

        This scene made Bai Shan, Zhang Boyu and everyone else feel dizzy and completely panicked.

        They knew that this time and the Red Maple Group, and Duan Chun had definitely made a big feud.

        "Zhang ...... Zhang Boyu, what the hell are you waiting for! You didn't see him hit me. Hit him! Quickly kill him for me!"

        Duan Chun covered his face, full of fear and resentment, and even his words were leaking out of his mouth.

        And when he heard this, Zhang Boyu instantly reacted and immediately wanted to go forward to stop Lin Fan.

        But at this moment!


        Lin Fan's eyes suddenly turned and stared at Zhang Boyu instantly.

        In an instant, Zhang Boyu's entire body felt like he was falling into an icy cellar, as if he was being stalked by a terrifying monster, as if his life would be in danger if he took a step forward.

Chapter 250

In an instant, Zhang Boyu's entire body stiffened, unable to move any longer, and cold sweat trickled from his forehead.

        "Less ...... Young Master, I ...... I dare not ......"


        Zhang Boyu's words caused Duan Chun's heart to thud.

        He went out this time, but he didn't bring any bodyguards.

        Originally, in his heart, with his own identity, he would be able to walk around, but he never thought he would meet a crazy person like Lin Fan.

        When he saw that Lin Fan's palm was raised once again.

        Duan Chun only felt numbness in his scalp and was completely afraid.

        He knew that if he continued to fight like this, his face would definitely be scrapped.

        "No ...... don't hit me! I was wrong, I know I was wrong!"

        Duan Chun held his hands up in front of him with a terrified face.

        Until he saw this!

        Lin Fan's palm, which then stopped.

        "Do you really know it's wrong?"

        The voice was cold and indifferent, but when it fell on Duan Chun's ears, it was like the sound of death, and his body couldn't help but tremble.

        He had a feeling.

        It was as if Lin Fan would really kill himself if he didn't beg for mercy.

        This guy was purely a madman.

        "I ...... I know, I apologize to Bai Yi, I apologize to your entire family!"

        Duan Chun covered his face and looked at Lin Fan with increasing fear.

        Until this moment!

        Only then did Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

        "In that case, I'll let you go!"

        Hoo ......

        One sentence, made Duan Chun's heart, completely relieved.

        Now, he struggled up from the ground with great effort, and then staggered towards the courtyard door.

        When he reached the door, he couldn't help but turn to look at Lin Fan and spit a mouthful of blood foam.

        "Kid, I, Duan Chun, will remember this revenge!"

        "Unfortunately, you poor bastards, even if you beat me up, so what! I can still go to the concert tomorrow, but you guys ...... hum!"

        Duan Chun's words are filled with a strong sense of irony.


        His words just fell out!

        A voice, however, came from outside the door.

        "Excuse me, is anyone there?"


        This sentence caused Duan Chun and everyone around him to be stunned, and they turned their heads to look out the door, and suddenly saw a middle-aged woman in a suit, standing at the door, asking with a respectful face.

        "Huh ...... Li Assistant? What are you doing here!"

        When Duan Chun saw this middle-aged woman, he was stunned.

        The reason is that the other party is the personal assistant of Ariel Zhang, the little Asian diva - Li Qing!

        She is also known as the most famous personal assistant by everyone in the entertainment industry, and it can be said that Ariel was able to hit Asia with fire, in addition to herself and Lin Fan's sheet music, Li Qing also contributed.

        Duan Chun has been pursuing Ariel Zhang for three years.

        Naturally, Ariel and Li Qing have not had little dealings with each other.

        But at this moment, it was unexpected that the other party found here.

        "Assistant Li! Were you looking for me? Or was Ariel looking for me?"

        On Duan Chun's swollen and bruised face, intense surprise and excitement appeared.

        In his eyes, only he and Li Qing knew each other here.

        The reason why the other party came here was because they were looking for themselves.

        In addition, it was most likely an instruction from Ariel Zhang.

        The goddess of his own looking for him, Duan Chun was almost floating with excitement at this moment.


        "Are you ...... Duan Chun?"

        It took Li Qing half a day to recognize Duan Chun, who had a bruised face, and then said in astonishment.

        "How did you get into this?"

        "Assistant Li, this is not the time to talk about this, is Ariel looking for me? Where is she now?" At this moment, Duan Chun almost forgot about the beating he received.

        In his eyes, his goddess was the most important thing.


        Qing Li, on the other hand, shook her head.

        "Sorry, Young Master Duan Chun, I'm not looking for you this time!"


        Duan Chun is confused.

        Not looking for yourself?

        Who else could Qing Li be looking for?

        Just under Duan Chun's startled gaze, I saw Li Qing see Bai Yi, and then ran up with a face full of surprise and said respectfully.

        "You're Miss Bailey, aren't you?"

        "Miss Ariel has heard of your name for a long time, and I'm here today, at Miss Ariel's behest, to deliver four super VIP tickets to your family! I hope you guys will be there for the concert tomorrow night!"


        As soon as this was said, the audience was confused.