Today I Give Up Trying 247-248

 Chapter 247


        When Baii entered the living room, she was slightly stunned at the sight of an additional unfamiliar young man.

        Especially, when she heard.

        'What a beautiful woman! Ben is very satisfied!

        That pretty face of hers was suddenly gloomy.

        Bai Yi could clearly sense that the young man's fiery gaze towards her, as if he could not wait to see through her clothes, was scorching hot and greedy.

        "Brother Boyu, this is ......."

        Although Bai Yi was extremely disgusted with Duan Chun, she still asked him politely.

        Seeing Bai Yi back, Zhang Boyu was filled with excitement.

        "Bai Yi, this is the young master of our Red Maple Group - Duan Chun!"

        "This time our young master, bought VIP tickets, plus three loose tickets for me! This time, I'm here to give you a ticket!"

        He said.

        Zhang Boyu then took out a ticket and handed it to Bai Yi.

        And seeing this, Bai Yi was slightly stunned, which was embarrassed and asked.

        "Brother Boyu, are there only three tickets?"

        "Yeah, you, me, plus Cai'er, the three of us are enough!" Zhang Boyu said with a smile.

        Just hearing this, Bai Yi's look became more and more embarrassed, and now he handed back the ticket in his hand.

        "Excuse me, Brother Boyu! I really wanted to see Ariel Zhang's concert, but I wanted to bring Lin Fan!"


        Zhang Boyu's face changed slightly when he said this.

        He naturally heard Bai Yi's meaning, she wanted to watch Ariel Zhang's concert, but with Lin Fan, not with herself.

        At that moment, Zhang Boyu's face, slightly ugly, still unwillingly said.

        "Bai Yi, you should know that tickets for Ariel Zhang's concert are hard to come by, and even if you spend any amount of money, you can't get them now!"

        "Do you just want to miss out on something for nothing?"

        Not willing!


        Zhang Boyu couldn't figure out why he was not as good as the soft-spoken Lin Fan.

        Unfortunately, Bai Yi walked up to Lin Fan, took his hand and said.

        "Excuse me, Brother Boyu! Lin Fan can't go, so I'd rather stay home and watch TV with him!"


        The faces of Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er were as ugly as they could be.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, had a warm heart.

        He could clearly sense Bai Yi's attachment to him, especially this silly girl, who would rather give up the rare opportunity to see her idol's concert in order to accompany her, which made Lin Fan more and more touched.

        "Honey, don't worry, since you want to go see Ariel Zhang's concert, then tomorrow, I'll take you there!"


        Lin Fan's words not only stunned Bai Yi slightly, but also Zhang Boyu, Duan Chun and others.

        When the crowd reacted.

        That Duan Chun burst out laughing.

        "Hahaha ...... you took her with you? Do you think Ariel's concert is for your family?"

        "What a joke! I'll tell you the truth, even these three loose tickets were only obtained with some favors after Zhang Boyu begged me for a long time. Who do you think you are, you're just a softie, do you really think you're somebody?"

        Duan Chun's words were filled with contempt and disdain.

        Not only him, but the Zhang Boyu siblings beside him were also full of sneers and mockery.

        "Lin Fan, aren't you afraid that the wind will blow your tongue? Even if you're bragging, please find your way! This is Ariel Zhang's concert, and you think it's a market!"

        "Exactly! He is a big shot like Duan, and he used a favor to get the tickets! What are you, a son-in-law at the door? How dare you talk such nonsense!"

        At this moment, Duan Chun and the other three simply despised Lin Fan to the extreme.

        That's not all.

        Duan Chun's eyes, on Bai Yi's voluptuous and hot body, swept a ruthless glance, before saying lustfully.

        "But, Baek, I can give you a VIP ticket if you want!"

Chapter 248


        Duan Chun's words not only stunned Bai Yi, but also the Zhang Boyu siblings, who were also shocked.

        You know, a VIP ticket has now been flipped to over 300,000 a piece.

        And one ticket is hard to get.

        Zhang Boyu didn't believe that his young master would be so generous as to give away such an expensive ticket for nothing.

        As expected!

        Immediately afterwards, Duan Chun said with an evil face.

        "Of course, there is one condition: after the concert, you have to have a snack with me!"


        Have a snack!

        The three words, any one can understand what it means, this is Duanchun fancy Bai Yi, want to sleep with her.

        What's even more incredible is that he even arrogantly said it directly in front of her husband, which is simply lustful and daring.

        That's not all.

        Duan Chun seemed to have no scruples at all, and continued to entice and said.

        "Of course, I won't let you accompany me for nothing! If you are willing, I can immediately arrange a deeper cooperation between the Red Maple Group and your Bai Group!"

        "You should know that our Red Maple Group is a prominent consortium in the entire Jiangnan Province! The people who want to cooperate with us in your little city are like crucians in a river!"

        Duan Chun was full of confidence.

        It was as if he had extraordinary confidence in his family's Red Maple Group.

        Just after hearing his words, Bai Yi's pretty face became more and more gloomy and frightening.

        "Sorry, I'm not the least bit interested in your VIP tickets!"

        "I'm just as uninterested in cooperating with your Red Maple Group!"


        Bai Yi's words were so decisive that they suddenly made Duan Chun's face change and gloom.

        "Good! What a woman with backbone, but the more so, the more I like her."

        Say it!

        Duan Chun took out a VIP ticket and handed it directly to Bai Yi.

        "If you don't want to accompany me, then I won't force myself on you! But this VIP ticket, it's yours!"

        After Duan Chun said that, his hand loosened as if he was giving charity to a beggar, and threw the VIP ticket on the ground.

        It was as if he had already calculated that Bai Yi would definitely pick it up.


        This is absolutely naked humiliation, trampling on Bai Yi's dignity.

        At that moment, Bai Yi was so angry that her pretty face turned red.

        But just as she was about to get angry, she was shocked to see that Lin Fan stepped forward and picked up the VIP tickets on the ground.

        "Lin Fan, you ......"

        Bai Yi was stunned, and then became furious.

        The other party was obviously humiliating himself, but Lin Fan actually went to pick it up, which was simply a disgrace to his own person and disappointed Bai Yi to the extreme.

        It wasn't just her!

        Duan Chun was even happier when he saw that the person who picked up the tickets was Bai Yi's loser husband.

        "Hahaha ...... See? Dogs are hungry and will eat shit!"

        "What? Boy, are you willing to be a dog for this ticket! That's over three hundred thousand dollars, hahahaha ......"

        Duan Chun laughed extremely happily, as if humiliating Lin Fan had given him great pleasure.

        And hearing these words!

        The faces of Bai Yi's family were livid with shame and anger as they looked at Lin Fan.

        But Lin Fan didn't care about any of this, he patted the ticket and said with a smiling face.

        "Ugh, this VIP ticket is really worth a lot of money!"

        "Unfortunately ......"


        The crowd was stunned, not understanding what Lin Fan wanted to say.

        And at that moment, the crowd was startled to see!


        A tearing sound resounded, and the VIP ticket, in Lin Fan's hand, was instantly torn to shreds, while he waved his palm and threw it in Duan Chun's face as if it were a piece of garbage.

        "Unfortunately, in my eyes, this ticket is the same as you, it's such garbage!"