Today I Give Up Trying 244-246

 Chapter 244


        The tiger waved his hand.

        In an instant, the black-clothed men who had pushed Black Bear and Zheng Xiong to the ground brushed their hands and took out a dagger.

        And then under the frightened eyes of Black Bear and Zheng Xiong!

        To the black bear's hands and wrists, Zheng Xiong's feet and ankles, a hard slash!

        Pupu Pupu ......

        The sound of skin being torn apart resounded.

        Four lines of blood, respectively from the black bear's hands and wrists, Zheng Xiong's feet and ankles, spurted out.

        Ahhhhh ......

        A miserable scream came from the mouths of the two bears.


        The black bear's hand tendon and Zheng Xiong's hamstring were all snapped.

        This scene made those customers around the scene, one by one, numbed their scalp.

        How could this happen?

        Everyone never thought that it would end like this, they thought that Lin Fan was finished.

        But in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan has become Tiger's BOSS!

        But it was the two black bears who were finished.

        This made many customers feel as if they had seen a ghost.

        Ta ......

        That's not all!

        The sound of footsteps resounded, and Lin Fan, with Black Tiger and the others, stepped toward the ruined Black Bear.

        Only when he got close to them did he squat down, smilingly said to Zheng Xiong.

        "Now you know who I am, don't you?"


        This sentence, like the voice of the devil, instantly made Zheng Xiong tremble, like a chicken pecking at rice, nodding his head in fear.

        "BOSS spare me, I ...... I was wrong, I dare not, I did not know it was you ......."

        Zheng Xiong was trembling with fear, as if he were sifting chaff.

        It was only at this moment that he fully understood that what he had kicked was not an iron plate, but a meteorite.

        Just one word from Lin Fan, and he would be splattered with blood on the [3Q Chinese] scene and dead on the street.

        Looking at Zheng Xiong's scared appearance, the curve of Lin Fan's mouth became colder and colder.

        "So let me ask you, a glass of wine, is that five million dollars?"


        Zheng Xiong's face was as pale as dirt, and he replied with a hard scalp.

        "The broken wine glass that the boss broke, no ...... no money! Don't say a glass of wine, even if it flattened my restaurant, it would ...... be free!"

        Zheng Xiong now only wanted to live.

        However, after hearing this, the smile on Lin Fan's lips became more and more playful.

        "Bulldoze your restaurant for really no money?"

        "No ...... No! As long as the boss is happy!" Zheng Xiong hurriedly nodded his head continuously.

        Until it was confirmed.

        Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction, stood up, and then said to Black Tiger.

        "Did you hear that?"

        "If you don't want money, let's bulldoze this restaurant ......!"


        Lin Fan's words made Zheng Xiong's head spin, and all the other customers were also stunned on the spot.

        That's not all.

        They saw that after hearing Lin Fan's words, the black tiger even nodded his head nicely, and then waved his hand outside the restaurant.


        There was a buzzing sound, and then, to everyone's stunned surprise, an excavator was coming toward the restaurant.

        This fucking ......

        Zheng Xiong and all the customers, their heads were all blank.

        They would only now remember why the tiger wanted an excavator in the previous phone call, but it was to ...... bulldoze the restaurant.

        In an instant, Zheng Xiong's face was as white as paper.


        And meanwhile!

        In the Mercedes-Benz outside the restaurant, the Bai family, the three of them, were thoroughly impatient to wait!

        Immediately, they were going to open the car door and go to see how Lin Fan was doing.

        But at that moment.

        A family of three suddenly saw that the door of the western restaurant was open, and then Lin Fan, escorted by a group of black-clothed people, hailed and walked out.

        That's not all!

        In Lin Fan and others, just out.

        An excavator actually drove over, and then dug down hard on the restaurant!

Chapter 245


        Under the incredulous eyes of the Bailey family, the excavator dug down on the Philthy restaurant.

        Click ......

        The entire wall of the restaurant, under the excavator, was simply too weak to withstand the shattering, and one wall collapsed.

        It looked as if the entire Phil's West Restaurant would be razed to the ground.

        "What exactly happened to this ......?"

        The three Bailey's were stunned.

        That's not all.

        They also saw that there were still a succession of silhouettes coming out of the western restaurant.

        And among them, the dozen or so men who staggered, one by one, covered their wrists, scarlet blood flowing.

        But the tendons were all broken.

        Even worse were two of them.

        One seemed to have the tendons of both hands, all of them broken, and the other had the tendons of both feet, all of them broken.

        What was unbelievable to Bai's family of three was that the two most seriously injured were Black Bear and Zheng Xiong.

        "Oh my God, all of these injured people are the Black Bear and his men who rushed in earlier! And how did Zheng Xiong's hamstring get picked off, and what the hell happened?" Bai Shan's face was full of confusion.

        The scene in front of him had simply overturned his worldview.

        Shen Yumei, on the other hand, similarly covered her mouth in astonishment.

        "Thank goodness, Fan is fine, I was so worried! But how come I noticed that all those people seem to be afraid of Fanny?"

        Shen Yumei discovered.

        Whether it was the nearly one hundred people in black, the injured Black Bear, Zheng Xiong and others, or even a single customer who came out, the eyes of Lin Fan were filled with intense awe and fear.

        This scene boggled the mind of a family of three more and more.

        And at this moment.

        Lin Fan, escorted by the black-clothed people, slowly walked towards the Mercedes Benz sedan.

        When he opened the door and got into the passenger side, he said with a smile.

        "Honey, we can go home now!"


        Looking at the smiling, harmless Lin Fan, and then turning to look at the miserable Black Bear, Zheng Xiong and the others, the three members of Bai Yi's family are still somewhat incredulous until now.

        "Little ...... Little Fan, is it really okay?" Bai Shan was still a little worried about the question.

        Lin Fan nodded his head.

        "Dad, don't worry! Meet a friend and he'll take care of everything!"

        Hearing this, the three members of the Bai family were completely relieved, and then the sedan started up and slowly left.

        Just at this moment!

        If the Bai family looks back, they can definitely see it, and it's a shocking sight for them.


        At the back of the car, a hundred people in black, led by Master Tiger, all bowed in unison in the direction of the Mercedes-Benz car.

        The scene was extremely shocking.


        Time passes day by day.

        The White Group's Soul Restoring Pill is already in mass production, and is getting closer and closer to hitting the market.

        However, the recent sensation in Jiang City is definitely still the 'mortal love' concert.

        The venue of the concert has been set up.

        The news about the little diva Ariel Zhang is bombarding the major news platforms in Jiang City almost every day.


        When the official ticketing, just opened.

        All the tickets, from the front row of VIP, to the back row of loose tickets, were instantly sold out by fans.

        The VIP tickets in the front row were flipped to 300,000 a piece.

        Even the loose tickets at the end of the row have been as high as nearly ten thousand a piece.

        Moreover, all of these tickets are priced without a market.

        No one was selling them at all.

        That's not all.

        The official release of the latest news, the concert will set up four super VIP seats, closest to the stage, and even a chance to interact face to face with the little diva Ariel Zhang.

        As soon as this news came out, the official website completely exploded.

        Numerous rich people and noblemen, waving their money around, wanted to buy these four super VIP tickets.

        Numerous melon eaters were very curious to know who could get these four precious Super VIP tickets.

        Even under the agitation, the price of the super VIP tickets was flipped from half a million to a million per ticket.


        There was no response to the four super VIP tickets that fell into anyone's hands.

        It was as if a muddy cow had sunk into the sea without a trace.

Chapter 246

One day before the concert was to begin, three uninvited guests came to Bai's house.

        Three uninvited guests arrived at Bai Yi's home.

        It was Zhang Boyu, Zhang Cai'er, and a young man dressed in a custom-made leisure suit.

        This young man seemed to be of high status.

        Both Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er were respectful to this young man.

        Not only that!

        The young man is now standing in the doorway, looking up and down at the Bai family's house, his mouth agape, revealing a strong look of disgust.

        "Bo-woo, the woman you like lives here?"

        "This house, it's 20 or 30 years old, it's purely an old building! What kind of golden phoenix can live in such a shabby place?"

        The youth's words, without the slightest courtesy, suddenly made Zhang Boyu's face look slightly embarrassed.

        He quickly said to Bai Shan and Shen Yumei.

        "Uncle! Auntie! This is the young master of our Jiangnan City Red Maple Group - Duan Chun!"

        Red Maple Group Young Master!

        Bai Shan was shocked when he heard this, but he knew that the Red Maple Group was a big group in the entire Jiangnan Province.

        In front of the Red Maple Group, the Bai Clan was as weak as an insect.

        Immediately, Bai Shan wanted to go forward and shake hands with the youth.

        "Duan Shao, welcome to my humble home, it's a rather humble place, I hope you don't mind."

        Bai Shan was full of enthusiasm.

        Just seeing his outstretched hand, the young master, named Duan Chun, had a strong look of disgust on his face.

        "I don't shake hands with unclean people!"


        The words instantly made the faces of Bai Shan, Shen Yumei, and Lin Fan change in a single brush.


        This young man was simply uneducated to the extreme. He came to someone else's house and was so rude in the face of his master's warm welcome, which was simply too much.

        As Lin Fan's face sank, he wanted to go forward.

        When he saw this, Bai Shan hurriedly pulled him back, and then with a smile on his face, he said to Duan Chun.

        "Duan Shao is right, if you don't shake it, don't shake it, so as not to get Duan Shao's hands dirty!"


        Bai Shan pointed to the couch and said with a smile.

        "Then please sit down, Duan Shao, I'll make you a cup of tea now!"

        Making tea?

        Duan Chun waved his hand and said with an arrogant face.

        "All right! You don't have to be busy, I'm just curious what the woman Zhang Boyu is interested in looks like this time."

        "Called Baek, right? Let her come out and show me, if I am satisfied, maybe our Red Maple Group can communicate and cooperate with you."


        As soon as he said this, Lin Fan's face became colder and colder.

        This Duan Chun was not only uneducated, but also arrogant.

        He simply treated Bai Yi as an object.

        Not only Lin Fan, but also Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's couple's faces were gloomy.

        And when they saw that the three of them were pale, Zhang Boyu hurried forward, embarrassed.

        Zhang Boyu hurried forward and awkwardly explained.

        "Uncle! Auntie! Don't get me wrong, Duan has no other intentions."

        "This time Ariel Zhang concert, Duan bought one VIP ticket and three loose tickets! We came this time to deliver tickets to Baek."

        Hoo ......

        This sentence, only then, made Bai Shan's face look a little better.

        And just when Baishan wanted to say something!


        A brake sounded from the doorway, but it was Baines returning from work.

        When she got out of the car and walked into the house, the eyes of Duan Chun, who was originally dismissive of everything, widened abruptly.

        Duan Chun, who was originally disdainful of everything, suddenly opened his eyes wide, and a hint of astonishment and hot luster burst out from his eyes.

        "What a beautiful woman!"

        "Nice! Very nice! I am very satisfied!"