Today I Give Up Trying 239-240

 Chapter 239


        At this moment, looking at the black bear's broken arm, looking at the unharmed Lin Fan, Zheng Xiong swallowed a mouthful of spittle, a heart completely to the throat.

        Dense cold sweat, has wet his back.


        He even regretted at this moment that he had provoked Lin Fan, a monster.

        And beside him.

        Those customers who didn't leave were ecstatic, and their gazes towards Lin Fan became more and more worshipful.

        "Oh my god, this Mr. Lin is so powerful, I was worried about him just now!"

        "His piano talent is extraordinary, and his skills are so impressive, this Mr. Lin is simply the best of the best!"


        The sound of admiration continued to emanate from the crowd.

        All the customers, at this moment, simply admired Lin Fan.

        Just at this moment!

        Lin Fan didn't care about the shock of the crowd, he stood quietly in front of the black bear with a playful smile on his lips.

        "It wasn't fun!"

        "Shall we continue?"


        These words made the bear's eyelids jump wildly.


        I'll go on your sister.

        His arm was broken, his men were disabled, and if they continued, then they would only die.

        At this moment, the black bear gritted his teeth to suppress the severe pain in his arm, and then looked at Lin Fan with intense ferocity and hatred.

        "Boy, don't you be rampant, you wait! "

        "I'll have my brother bring someone right now, and I'll see how you die!"


        Hearing this, Zheng Xiong and the surrounding customers were slightly stunned, and when they remembered who the black bear said 'brother' was, they all turned pale.

        Black Tiger!

        This name appeared in almost everyone's mind, instantly making everyone's face pale white.

        Among the underground forces in Jiang City, only two people are the strongest.

        Master Northern Blade, Southern Black Tiger!

        That's right!

        Black Tiger is the brother of Black Bear, who dominates the southern part of the city and is respected by everyone as the God of War.

        Black Tiger is an underground boxing champion, and he has participated in dozens of underground fighting competitions.

        But he has not lost a single match, and has been named the God of War of Jiang City by the underground boxing world.

        What is even more terrifying.

        When Black Tiger debuted, he offended a major force in Jiang City and was hunted down and killed.

        It was the first time that I had a chance to meet with him, and I was so impressed that I was able to get him to come back.

        The battle shook the city of Jiangxi.

        After that, the Black Tiger became almost synonymous with the God of War, and with one order, the major powers in Jiangcheng did everything to make it strong.

        And now ......

        "Mr. Lin, you must leave quickly! That tiger is an existence not to be messed with!"

        "Yes, Mr. Lin, let's get out of here while we still can, or else it will be all over if the tiger comes!"

        "Mr. Lin ......"

        The surrounding customers, now pale and frightened, kept persuading Lin Fan.

        But, Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, didn't care, looked at the black bear and said.

        "Let him come, I'll wait!"


        As soon as he said this, all the customers around him turned pale. They could never have imagined that Lin Fan was so stubborn that he really had to wait for the Black Tiger to come. ...... Isn't this a death wish?

        The eyes of all the customers looking at Lin Fan at this moment were filled with pity and regret.

        The black bear, on the other hand, smiled hideously.

        "Yes! It's rampant enough, and I like it, but I just hope you'll be a little more arrogant.

        After the bear finished speaking, he used his left hand to pull out a phone from his pocket, and then pressed a number and dialed it.

Chapter 240

The phone was on speakerphone.

        After a few beeps, a heavy, authoritative man's voice came from the other end.

        "Black Bear, what is it?"

        The light sentence, but made the black bear, a man of steel, full of respect and admiration, quickly said.

        "Brother, I've met a tough nut to crack! He broke my hand, and he ruined my brother!"

        "Now I need big brother to help me avenge my death!"


        As soon as the words were spoken, the man at the other end of the line instantly began to hyperventilate.

        It was as if a fierce tiger was fuming.

        Even the people in the restaurant could feel the tiger's rage and fury, making many customers even more numb.

        "Good! Great!"

        The tiger laughed in anger over the phone and said in a chilling voice.

        "It's been too long since I've encountered such an unsightly guy!"

        "Today, then let's take this guy and let him know what happens when he offends me, the Black Tiger!"

        The voice was cold and bone-chilling.

        Then, the tiger's cold voice, once again, was heard.

        "Who is that guy? Where is it?"

        Hearing this, the bear quickly replied.

        "This guy is a soft eater, I think his name is ...... what's it called?"

        The black bear didn't know Lin Fan's name, and now turned to look at the restaurant owner next to him.

        Zheng Xiong, on the other hand, was delighted, and the corners of his mouth were thick with pleasure, and he quickly said respectfully to the Black Tiger on the phone.

        "Master Tiger, this unsightly creature is called Lin Fan! It's a son-in-law! This guy has harmed Master Xiong and is arrogant as hell, and only you, Master Tiger, can take care of him!"

        Zheng Xiong's words were filled with a strong sense of ecstasy.

        Just, he finished his words!


        At the other end of the line, I heard the sound of a teacup cracking and a chair and table falling over.


        The sound of the voice, let the black bear and all other people all stunned, while they still do not understand what happened to the tiger master side.

        It was heard the tiger, with a trembling voice, asked.

        "What did you ...... you just said, the man's name?"


        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        And Zheng Xiong was slightly stunned, not understanding how the tiger would be such a reaction, not daring to still quickly return.

        "Back to Master Tiger, this guy's name is Lin Fan, he's a door-to-door son-in-law and a loser who eats soft food!"

        Jing ......

        At this moment, after Zheng Xiong's words, the other end of the phone was completely plunged into endless silence.

        There was no echo, no sound.

        This made the black bear and everyone else confused.

        A full minute later, the tiger seemed to inhale deeply.

        As if taking a deep breath, the tiger asked, still with a slight tremble in his voice.

        "What the hell happened? Why did that Lin Xian ...... kid hurt Black Bear and his brothers?"

        It was as if the tiger was eager to know what was going on here.

        And Zheng Xiong didn't think too much about it and said at that moment.

        "Master Tiger, you don't know, this kid is so damned bad, he made my brother lose face!"

        "And he also broke one of the most valuable wine glasses in my store, and I asked him to pay for it, but he refused, so I called the bear! But I didn't expect that this kid would have the audacity to break Master Bear's arm and cripple a dozen of his brothers! This guy deserves to die!"

        At this moment, Zheng Xiong almost described Lin Fan as an unforgivable bastard.

        But the tiger didn't care about this, instead he asked curiously.

        "Broken glass? How much money did you make him pay?"

        "Hey ...... Tiger, the wine glass is actually a small matter, mainly I Zheng Xiong is righteous, I want to help my buddy out! So, I want him to pay five million dollars!" Zheng Xiong was proud of himself and was showing off his loyalty.

        But he didn't hear the tiger's voice at all.

        "Five million ...... well, it's not much!"

        "Yes! Now wait for me, I'll be right there with my men!"

        The tiger said on the other end, and before he could hang up the phone, he shouted to his brother.

        "Gather everyone and come with me to Philthy's! By the way, call an excavator!"


        The bears on the other end of the phone were slightly stunned.

        They didn't understand what Master Tiger was calling Digger for.

        But before the bear asked the question, the tiger's phone hung up with a "beep".