Today I Give Up Trying 237-238

 Chapter 237


        From the time Lin Fan shakes the knife up, to the time he holds the knife in his hand, he strokes it.

        It was just an instant.

        After that, all the fierceness and cruelty on the faces of the group of brawny men who rushed up to him solidified.

        Under their incredible eyes.


        The sound of machete after machete hitting the ground resounded continuously.

        These men found their raised palms instantly lost their strength, and the machetes in their hands fell powerlessly.

        Not only that!

        Poof ......

        A stream of scarlet blood spurted out from their wrists, but the tendons were ...... broken!


        The scene was bizarre and horrifying, and the few men who were in the forefront of it all had their hand tendons broken.

        Ah ah ah ......

        When they reacted, they felt a sharp pain coming from their wrists, and they covered the wounds on their wrists, screaming and wailing, retreating violently!


        This scene stunned the black bear in the back, Zheng Xiong, and all the surrounding customers.

        "Broken ...... broken?"

        Almost everyone couldn't believe their eyes, they only saw the knife in Lin Fan's hand, but they didn't even see how he broke the wrist of each and every one of these big men.

        It was as if it was a fantasy.

        "Damn! Get back, the idea is stuck!"

        One of the men who fell behind shouted out in fear, and immediately tried to retreat.

        Not only him, but the rest of the men also reacted, feeling the cold all over their bodies, and tried to retreat backward.


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth, however, showed a bloodthirsty curve.

        "How can we retreat before we cut?"

        "Now, let me teach you guys how to play with knives!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan's figure flashed and suddenly burst into the crowd of retreating men.

        His speed, so fast that it was hard to see, was like a fierce tiger pouncing on those men, who had just retreated a few steps, and scampered into the crowd.

        And then, the thing that made everyone's scalp explode, appeared!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        The knife in Lin Fan's hand was spinning like an illusion.

        With each rotation, a stream of scarlet blood spurted out, and one man's tendons were broken.

        One after another, the machetes fell to the ground.

        When just a few breaths later!

        The sound of miserable howls resounded endlessly.

        The dozen or so brawny men who rushed forward had all fallen to the ground, scarlet blood, the restaurant's ground, dyed red, each one of them covering their blood-soaked wrists, screaming.

        Among the people rolling on the floor, there was only one person standing.

        That was Lin Fan.

        At this moment, there was no sound in the entire restaurant except for the screams of those men.

        Whether it was Tyrannical Bear, Zheng Xiong, or one of the guests who didn't leave, they all felt their hearts beating wildly, as if they were about to pop out of their throats.

        How ...... how is this possible!

        You know, from the time these men rushed forward and tried to chop Lin Fan.

        By now, it's only just half a minute since Lin Fan sliced off the hand tendons of a dozen or so men.

        30 seconds!

        Scrap a dozen people.

        Is this guy the devil?

        "No ...... him, how is he so strong?" Zheng Xiong was completely confused.

        He originally thought that the dozen or so men that Brother Xiong had brought with him, one knife each, would be enough to cut Lin Fan into oblivion, but now, it was one man who became an invalid, yes, but it was the dozen or so men that Brother Xiong had brought with him that were invalidated!

        At this moment, when Zheng Xiong looked at Lin Fan's cold eyes and then at a piece of blood on the ground, he felt numb and almost peed himself.

Chapter 238

And next to Zheng Xiong.



        A bead of sweat, from the bear's forehead, dripped continuously.


        He couldn't believe that he had more than a dozen brothers who were alive and kicking, and in the blink of an eye, they were all ruined by this kid in front of him.

        This ...... simply deserves to die!

        "Bastard! You've ruined my Black Bear's brother! I'll kill you! I'm going to beat you to a pulp!"

        Afterwards, the bear's entire body went into a complete frenzy.

        The clothes on his body, under his raging anger, were burst and torn piece by piece.

        Then, as if he were a real black bear, he stepped forward and rushed toward Lin Fan!

        "Die for me!"

        As the words fell, the black bear's one huge fist swung at Lin Fan's head and smashed it.

        You know!

        A black bear once killed a bear with one punch.

        This shows how terrifying his punching power was.

        Now, if Lin Fan was really hit by his fist, I'm afraid that his entire head would be blown off alive.


        An even more unbelievable scene, appeared.

        "Fisticuffs? It's all yours!"

        After saying this, under everyone's astonished gaze, Lin Fan actually threw away the knife in his hand, and then clenched his hand into a fist, facing the black bear's huge fist that was smashing in, straight on.


        Are you crazy?

        The surrounding customers were completely confused, they could never have imagined that Lin Fan would throw away his most powerful knife and fight the bear with his fist.

        This was simply an act of seeking death.

        "It's over, the black bear is going to blow up Mr. Lin with his fist!"

        The onlookers were white as a sheet, as if they had seen the miserable appearance of the brutal black bear that had knocked Lin Fan to the ground.

        They were not the only ones.

        Zheng Xiong, who was in the back, was even more ecstatic when he saw this scene.

        "Idiot! Hahahaha, this guy turned out to be an idiot!"

        In Zheng Xiong's eyes, if Lin Fan uses a kitchen knife against a bear, the bear will most likely end up in a miserable situation.

        But now, Lin Fan has lost his dining knife and is fighting fist to fist, which is purely a death wish.

        At this moment, the smile on Zheng Xiong's face was hideous to the extreme.

        He couldn't wait to hear Lin Fan's miserable scream.


        The black bear's eyes flashed with a trace of ferocity.

        Now the fist was once again powerful, and with a buzzing wind-breaking sound, it smashed hard at Lin Fan!

        Almost instantly!


        The two fists, one big and one small, smashed together.


        A cracking sound resounded, instantly making the hearts of everyone around them jump hard.

        Is it true?

        The surrounding customers, a thick bitter smile appeared on their lips, they already knew that Lin Fan and the black bear were definitely hitting stones with eggs with fists.

        Zheng Xiong, on the other hand, almost collapsed with excitement.

        But at that moment.

        When the miserable scream resounded, the smile on Zheng Xiong's face instantly solidified.

        "Ahhhh ...... my hand! Boy, how could you break my hand!"

        The sound of the scream was filled with terror and disbelief.

        Zheng Xiong and all the customers around him realized that the injured person was not Lin Fan.

        Instead, it was the black bear, who is known for his immense strength.

        His arm was broken, and his whole face was filled with horror and disbelief.


        At this moment, not only the black bear was confused, but also Zheng Xiong and all the customers beside him, all of them could not believe their eyes.

        How is it possible!

        In front of the bear, Lin Fan was as weak as a child.

        But his weak fist broke the black bear's arm, which was unbelievable.