Today I Give Up Trying 234-236

 Chapter 234


        Hearing this, the faces of Bai's family were slightly ugly.

        After all, they had seen with their own eyes that the cup had been broken by the waiter himself, and Lin Fan had not even touched it.

        However, Bai Yi and the others were extremely cultivated and were not willing to argue with the waiter over a small cup.

        "Yes! How much is this cup and we can pay for it!"

        Bai said, "I'm going to get my wallet.

        But at that moment, the sneering voice of the waiter suddenly came out.

        The waiter's sneering voice, suddenly came out.

        "This cup, which is specially made, is a treasure belonging to our Phil West restaurant!"

        "The price ...... half a million dollars!"


        The waiter's words made the entire Bai family turn pale.

        Not only them.

        Even the customers around them couldn't look at it anymore.

        "What's wrong with you, waiter? What cup is so expensive that it costs half a million dollars?"

        "Yeah, and I just saw it with my own eyes, you broke it yourself, so why are you blackmailing people!"

        "It's outrageous!"


        The surrounding customers, because of Lin Fan, were almost unanimously on Bai Yi's family's side, and were accusing the waiter.

        However, the waiter didn't care and calmly said.

        "The cup belongs to us at Phil West, and when I say half a million, I mean half a million!"


        As soon as the words came out, Bai and everyone else's faces changed.

        Naturally, they could see that the waiter was obviously making things difficult for them.

        "Where is Boss Zheng? I want to see your boss!" Bai Shan was full of gloom and said angrily.

        And hearing this!


        A footstep sounded, and I saw Zheng Xiong swaggering over.

        "What's going on?"

        Zheng Xiong frowned, looked at the broken cup on the ground, and asked in a deep voice.

        When they saw Zheng Xiong coming, Bai Shan and his wife's faces were all happy, and they quickly said.

        "Mr. Zheng, what's wrong with this employee of yours? He's the one who broke the glass, and that's fine! We can pay! But he even asked for half a million dollars. Isn't that blackmail?"


        As if startled, Zheng Xiong turned pale, turned to the waiter and asked.

        "Are you talking about this cup, half a million dollars?"

        "Yes, boss!" The waiter didn't hesitate, and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

        And hear this!


        Zheng Xiong slapped the waiter on the face, causing him to stagger.

        Seeing this scene, Mr. and Mrs. Bai Shan and all the customers around them breathed a sigh of relief.

        It was immediately thought that Zheng Xiong, as a boss, would definitely do justice and punish the blackmailing waiter.

        However, Zheng Xiong's words immediately afterwards made everyone confused.

        "Are you fucking stupid?"

        "Where is this cup for half a million dollars! It's clearly ...... five million!"


        Five million?

        Zheng Xiong's words shocked everyone around him.

        Especially the Bai Shan couple, who were completely dumbfounded.

        "...... Boss Zheng, you ...... you!!!"

        A trace of anger surfaced in the hearts of Bai Shan and his wife, and they could see that the waiter must have been ordered by Zheng Xiong.

        Otherwise, the other party would never dare to ask for 500,000 RMB.

        Now, Zheng Xiong is using the opportunity to blackmail them, even going so far as to open his mouth to ask for five million.

        "Uncle! Auntie! You don't have to worry, my brother Bo-Yu Zhang has already paid for your meal!"

        "So, this has nothing to do with you!"

        Say it!

        The corner of Zheng Xiong's mouth, a hint of a sneer appeared, his eyes, staring at Lin Fan.

        "And he's the one who's going to pay for the five million!!!"

Chapter 235

It's him!

        Listen to Zheng Xiong's words, and then look at his cold gaze towards Lin Fan.

        All the surrounding customers understood.

        Obviously, this Zheng Xiong was venting his anger for Zhang Boyu, and probably designed it to target Lin Fan.

        For a moment, the faces of Bai Shan's family were so gloomy that they almost dripped water.

        "Kid, if you're a man, take out five million!" The corner of Zheng Xiong's mouth was smiling coldly, as if he had eaten Lin Fan's face.

        And hearing this!

        Lin Fan picked up the cloth and wiped the grease from the corner of his mouth before looking at Zheng Xiong with a playful face.

        "What if, I say no?"


        Zheng Xiong laughed, but this smile was fierce and vicious.

        "Yes! If you don't get paid, fine!"

        "Just hope that you can walk out the door later!"

        After saying that, Zheng Xiong immediately took out a cell phone, and then pressed a number and dialed it.

        When the call came through, a small smile appeared on Zheng Xiong's face and he quickly said.

        "Hey! Brother Xiong, there's a disturbance in my restaurant, bring someone over here quickly!"

        Brother Bear!

        When they heard this name, the surrounding customers turned pale, and a voice of discussion and fear rang out in a dense voice.

        "Brother Xiong, could it be a black bear?"

        "It must be the black bear, this street is the black bear's territory, who else could it be but him?"

        "Mom! It is said that this man could beat a bear with one punch, especially if he was black, and that's why he was called the Black Bear! Back then, he single-handedly fought 20 to 30 people and crippled a force that was previously entrenched in this street! Extremely brutal!"

        In an instant, when they heard the name 'Black Bear', all the customers around them turned pale.

        What's more, some of the timid ones were scared to death and started to leave one after another.

        Not only that!

        The sound of customers talking around them also reached the ears of the Bai family.

        One punch can beat down a bear.

        One man can take on twenty or thirty men!

        After hearing about the black bear's ferocious deeds, Bai Yi's family was terrified to death.

        "Lin Fan ......" Bai Yi's eyes, they couldn't help but look at Lin Fan with a look of deep concern.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled slightly.

        "Honey, don't worry, you take Mom and Dad now and go wait for me in the car!"



        When he heard this, a strong scorn and disdain appeared on Zheng Xiong's face, and he thought that Lin Fan was bragging completely.

        However, he did not want to drag Bai Yi's family into trouble, after all, Zhang Boyu is still in love with Bai Yi, and could only say.

        "Uncle, Auntie, Miss Bai, this has nothing to do with you, you can leave now!"

        See this scene!

        The Bai Shan family looked deeply worried, but they knew better than to say that Lin Fan had fought more than twenty times by himself.

        They were slightly relieved about Lin Fan's safety.

        "All right! Lin Fan, if we stay here, we'll only distract you, I'll take my parents to the car and wait for you!"

        When Bai Yi finished speaking, she took Bai Shan and Shen Yumei with her and left the restaurant.

        When the three members of the family left, the sarcasm on Zheng Xiong's face became more and more intense.

        The ridicule on Zheng Xiong's face became more and more intense, and he looked at Lin Fan as if he were looking at an idiot, a dead man.

        "Boy, you're to blame for offending my brother! He wants to compete with you head on, but I don't!"

        "Today, I'm going to break your legs and let you know that there are women who are not worthy of a hangman like you!"


        As soon as this was said, some of the surrounding guests, who had not yet left, were in an uproar.


        Zhang Boyu himself was useless, humiliated and fled, but this Zheng Xiong was even more despicable and shameless, wanting to help his brother and pursue someone's wife in such a tyrannical way.

        And at this moment, there is no need for Lin Fan to say anything!


        The sound of brakes suddenly resounded at the entrance of the restaurant.

        All of us saw that it was three vans, and when the doors opened, hailed, from the door came down more than a dozen big men holding machetes.

        The first one in particular was nearly two meters tall.

        The tiger's back and bear's waist, as if a moving tower, all the muscles of his body bulging high, seems to be able to burst clothes at any time.

        See this man!

        All the customers were scared to death.

        He ...... is the famous Black Bear!

Chapter 236

"Who dares to take advantage of my black bear's territory!!!"

        As soon as the bear entered the restaurant, the roar, which was like a thunderbolt, resounded, causing the ears of the crowd to buzz loudly.

        Seeing this scene, Zheng Xiong was overjoyed.

        Zheng Xiong was so happy that he quickly ran forward with his buttocks and said.

        "Brother Bear, you're here!"

        After saying that, Zheng Xiong pointed at Lin Fan and said eerily.

        "That's the kid! Make him come up with five million dollars, or break his legs!"


        Hearing this, the bears and others looked towards Lin Fan, and when they saw that Lin Fan was so thin and weak that he looked like a college student, the group of big men sneered.

        "Just a little dried vegetable? It's not enough for me to get a toothache?"

        The black bear's eyes burst out with a ferocious luster, and he stepped forward, intending to walk toward Lin Fan.

        Just at that moment, a hand abruptly pulled him down.

        "Brother Xiong, wait a minute!"

        A sturdy, flat-headed man next to him said at the moment.


        Startled, the bear turned around and asked in confusion.

        "Eagle, what are you doing?"

        Hearing this, the sturdy man named Eagle looked straight at Lin Fan with a pair of eyes that flickered with suspicion.

        "Brother Xiong, this person looks very familiar to me, I seem to have seen him in the clubhouse some time ago!"

        "But I only saw it from a distance, as if the tiger was bowing to him?"


        As soon as the words came out, the black bear and others were stunned.

        And then after reacting, everyone burst out laughing.

        "Hahaha ...... Eagle, are you stupid? What kind of person is my big brother? In the entire Jiang City, even someone like Xu Tianlong wouldn't give them face!"

        "What is this kid, again!"

        The black bear is full of disbelief, and in his eyes, his big brother is definitely the bearer of Jiang City.

        Bowing to others?

        Especially bowing to such a skinny young man?

        What a joke.

        It's not just him!

        Zheng Xiong, who was also full of ridicule, pointed at Lin Fan and said to Black Bear and the others with a scowl on his face.

        "Brother Xiong, this kid is just a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft food! How could he know someone like Master Tiger!"

        A soft-serve?

        This sentence made the black bear's face look more and more ferocious.

        "Hmph! I hate white guys!"

        "Guys, give me him!"

        With a word from a black bear!


        The dozen or so brawny men with machetes behind them were howling, so they raised their machetes and rushed towards Lin Fan.

        The dense machetes, like snowflakes, struck at Lin Fan's face and swung wildly down.

        This scene frightened the many customers around him into a pale white face.

        It was over!

        They couldn't imagine that such a super genius with piano talent would be hacked into a bloody man in the blink of an eye.

        There were even some timid ones who couldn't bear to look at this moment.

        Yet at this moment!

        Lin Fan's eyes instantly burst with a flash of cold.

        "That's it?"

        The words fell out of his mouth, and he slammed his palm against the table!


        The table shook, and a dinner knife on it instantly flew up.

        And Lin Fan's palm instantly poked out and clutched this dinner knife, steeply in his hand, and then, like lightning, he slashed at an incoming figure!


        Lin Fan's technique was simply fast to the extreme.

        When his palm came to a stop, an incredible scene appeared.