Today I Give Up Trying 231-233

 Chapter 231


        Lu Patrol didn't have time to read his tweet after sending it out.

        He was completely engrossed in the next few piano pieces that Lin Fan improved.

        Not only him!

        I'm afraid the entire restaurant does not know what happened here, in the global music industry, has created a shock wave.

        Everywhere in the world, the Van Gods fan club, all exploded.

        Numerous fans, after listening to the improved piano music, almost unanimously praised.

        Even this one video has caught the attention of the Global Piano Association.

        Robert Smith, the world's top piano master, forwarded the video of Lu Pat. Smith, who retweeted that tweet from Lu Pat, even left a message exclaiming.

        "God, unbelievably, this improved version of A Gift of Mortal Love tends to perfect both the rhythm of the sound and the overall fluidity of the song! I really don't know which piano master in Warsaw did it? It's unbelievable!"

        Wilson, president of the Global Piano Association, likewise retweeted and left the following message.

        "Gosh, this is definitely a tribute to Mr. Vulcan! It is hard for me to imagine the amazing degree of the pianistic attainments of those who improved the piano, and even the "Gift of Love to a Mortal" could be altered so perfectly and unbelievably!


        With these two big names in the piano world leaving messages.

        The global piano world, a complete frying pan.

        And for all that!

        All of the customers in Philthy's restaurant know nothing.

        They were, right now, listening to the last song, "Caribbean Love Affair"!

        Pop, pop, pop!

        After the thunderous applause resounded from below the stage, the faces of Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er were gloomy, almost dripping water.

        The faces of Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er were so gloomy that they almost dripped out water.

        "Damn bastard, how the hell did he do that?"

        Zhang Boyu's palms, merely clenched together, the palms of his hands even more so because of the excessive force, making his palms blue.

        In his heart, anger surged.

        He was the one who wanted Bai Yi to express his love through the piano music, and even more so, under the performance of Mo Yiran's pianist, he put on a romantic love scene.

        But he never dreamed that his carefully planned love scene would become a stage for Lin Fan to pretend to be in love.

        Mo Yiran, whom he had invited at a high price, had now become Lin Fan's little fan girl.

        This made him unhappy to the extreme.

        He was not the only one!

        That's not all!

        At this moment, after the last song "Caribbean Love" had been played, Mo Yiran came down from the stage.

        She looked as if she had just discovered a treasure, and her petite body trembled.

        When she walked up to Lin Fan, she bowed deeply for the second time and said with a face full of adoration.

        "Mr. Lin, on behalf of all the Valkyrie fans, thank you for everything you've done!"

        "I must say, your piano talent has simply opened my eyes to what I fear is the only original creator of these piano pieces - a mortal god! Only then can I compete with you!"


        When she heard Mo Yiran comparing Lin Fan to a mortal god, the whole restaurant exploded.

        The restaurant's guests were completely blown up.

        Everyone's face flashed with excitement, as if they were witnessing the rise of a piano superstar.

        It was not only the surrounding crowd.

        Bai Yi, Bai Shan, and Shen Yumei were even more shocked and stunned by Lin Fan's performance.

        Bai Shan and his wife could never have imagined that their son-in-law, who cooked and washed every day, would have such an amazing piano talent.

        As for Bai Yi, as if in a dream, her eyes were filled with tenderness as she looked at Lin Fan.

Chapter 233

"Ahem ......"

        But at that moment, a coughing sound suddenly sounded.

        Mo Yiran was stunned, and found that Zhang Boyu, who was next to her, was constantly making eyes at her.

        At this moment, Mo Yiran instantly understood.

        According to Zhang Boyu's explanation.

        After she played the piano piece, she was to present flowers to Bai Yi, also through her, to express Zhang Boyu's love for Bai Yi.

        Right now!

        Mo Yiran nodded, and with a wave to the back, two staff members, carrying a large basket of flowers, came over.

        It was 999 roses, carefully woven into a 'heart'!

        Carried over by two staff members.

        See the scene!

        Zhang Boyu was suddenly energized.

        With more than 999 roses as a gift and Mo Yiran, the idol guru, giving his blessing, he didn't believe that Bai Yi really wasn't impressed with him at all.


        As the staff carried the flowers and came closer and closer, Zhang Boyu's look became more and more excited, and the smile on his face became stronger and stronger.

        Until the roses were carried in front of him!

        Zhang Boyu then stood up under the puzzled eyes of Bai Yi's family, and he straightened his clothes, as if he was waiting for something.

        "Miss Baek Yi, these 999 roses are for you!"

        Mo Yiran said to Bai Yi with a smile on her face.


        The words came as a shock to Bai Yi.

        She didn't expect that a piano master like Mo Yiran would give her flowers, which made Bai Yi instantly cover her mouth with excitement, full of surprise and incredulity.

        When she saw Bai Yi's excited face, the smile on Zhang Boyu's face became stronger and stronger.

        Once again, he gave a wink to Mo Yiran.

        He hinted to the other party that it was time to help him express his love.

        Mo Yiran nodded her head, and after pointing at the 999 roses, she smiled and said.

        "Miss Bai Yi, these flowers are for you, wishing you and Mr. Lin Fan eternal love and a long life together!"

        "I have to say, your husband is one of the nicest men I've ever met!"


        The word is out!

        The smile on Zhang Boyu's face was instantly frozen.

        He never expected that Mo Yiran would not only not help him to express his love, but also borrowed his own flowers and instructed Lin Fan and Bai Yi, which is a damn ......

        A trace of anger and frustration filled Zhang Boyu's heart, making him simply crazy.


        Mo Yiran seemed to sense his anger, turned her head, stared at Zhang Boyu with a sarcastic face, and said disdainfully.

        "Mr. Zhang, you overpaid me to come here! But I hope you know that Miss Bailey is a married woman, and her husband is a thousand times better than you!

        "So, I want you to stop in moderation!"


        Mo Yiran never looked at Zhang Boyu's eyes that wanted to eat people again, but then smiled and nodded at Lin Fan and Bai Yi, before slowly leaving and walking out of the restaurant.


        The words that Mo Yiran left behind were like a loud slap on Zhang Boyu's face.

        The surrounding customers, too, understood.

        Knowing that Zhang Boyu even wanted to show his love for Lin Fan's woman, all of a sudden, a strong scowl and mockery leaked out on everyone's face.

        "This guy, what an idiot! The other lady, she already has a husband, but he still wants to humiliate himself!"

        "Yes, and the man, Mr. Lin Fan, is so good! Only this kind of person could be worthy of that beautiful lady.

        "Haha ...... move a rock and smash his own feet, this guy is such an idiot!"


        A sarcastic voice is like a slap on the face of Zhang Boyu!

        Put him to shame!

        Drive him crazy!

        He never dreamed that Mo Yiran, whom he hired at a high price, would set him up!

        He could not have imagined that his own carefully decorated venue for showing love would become a showplace for Lin Fan to pretend to be famous.

Chapter 234



        At this moment, Zhang Boyu became a clown in the restaurant, being mocked and taunted by the crowd around him.

        Seeing this scene, Bai Shan and his wife understood Zhang Boyu's intention.

        Although they were not ashamed of what Zhang Boyu had done, they did not want to embarrass each other too much at the moment, so they immediately said.

        "Boyu, you're ......"

        "Sorry about ......! Auntie and uncle! I'm not feeling well today, so I'll leave you to it!"

        Zhang Boyu's face was so hot at this moment, where is the face to continue to stay here.

        He could only scalp and smile awkwardly at Bai Yi.

        "Baiy, when I get tickets to the 'Mortal Kombat' concert, I'll look for you then! We'll go first!"


        Zhang Boyu didn't wait for Bai Yi's reply, he pulled his sister Zhang Cai'er with him and left the restaurant in a desperate state!

        See this scene!

        Bai and Shen Yumei laughed incessantly.

        "It seems that this time, this boy Boy Boyu has been hit by Lin Fan!"

        While saying that, the couple could not help but look at their son-in-law.

        When they saw Lin Fan, he kept stuffing his mouth with a fork and drinking red wine, as if he didn't know what was going on.

        The corners of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei's mouths were even more fiercely drawn.


        If Zhang Boyu knew this, he would be even more furious and vomit blood.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, also didn't care about Zhang Boyu's departure.

        To her!

        The most rewarding thing is knowing your husband's piano attainments.

        "Honey, you eat too, these steaks are tender, and the red wine is fragrant and mellow! Very nice!" As Lin Fan ate and drank, he slurred his words to Bai Yi.

        And seeing this, Bai Yi smiled.

        Bai Yi smiled, and her pretty face, as bright as a flower blooming, was full of happiness.

        "Then you eat more! You can have my share, too!"

        A hint of love surfaced on Bai Yi's pretty face.

        She was like a gentle and thoughtful little daughter-in-law, gently putting the steak on her plate onto Lin Fan's plate.

        After that, she held her cheeks in her hands and looked at her husband silly as he ate.

        Especially after seeing Lin Fan's mouth full of grease, she even 'puffed' out a laugh from time to time and reached out her hand full of tenderness to help Lin Fan wipe off the grease stains on the corners of his mouth.

        This scene!

        It was as if all of Bai Yi's thoughts had been completely immersed in Lin Fan's body.

        And when Bai Shan and his wife saw this, they couldn't help but look at each other.

        They felt more and more that their daughter had changed.

        It was as if she had fallen into a deeper and deeper love for Lin Fan.

        Just at this moment!

        But they didn't know that everything that had happened before had fallen into the eyes of the restaurant owner, Zheng Xiong.

        "Damn bastard! Isn't it just a little son-in-law? How dare you embarrass my brother, Zhang Boyu, so much!"

        Zheng Xiong's eyes were filled with a deep anger.

        He and Zhang Boyu are buddies.

        It is not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time before you can get to know him.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company.

        I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

        The waiter nodded his head and slowly walked towards Lin Fan's table.

        When the waiter arrived in front of Lin Fan's table, he said respectfully.

        "Let me pour your wine, sir."


        Without waiting for Lin Fan's answer, the waiter picked up the red wine bottle and helped Lin Fan with the wine.

        Only, as soon as the wine had been poured, he touched the wine glass with the bottle!

        Instantly, red wine spilled!

        The glass falls to the ground!


        It shattered.

        This scene startled Lin Fan, Bai Yi and the others, and then the family saw the waiter's face change instantly.

        "Sir, you broke a wine glass, please compensate!"