Today I Give Up Trying 229-230

 Chapter 229

At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the entire Western restaurant looked at Lin Fan.



        The crowd's looks were intensely complex and incredulous, looking at Lin Fan as if he were a monster.

        It was not just them!

        The most shocking, however, was the Baiy family, a family of three at the moment, whose heads were in complete downtime.

        "Little ...... Little Fan actually knows how to play the piano?" Bai Shan swallowed a mouthful of spittle, he only felt at this moment that his son-in-law had simply overturned his perception.

        A guy who had lived together for three years and had never heard him hum a single musical tune could instruct and improve a divine tune like "Gift of Mortal Love".

        This is like a fantasy.

        Bai Yi's beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment and shock.

        Before, she thought that Lin Fan was unintelligent, but now, Lin Fan's performance made her directly confused.

        "How could this guy ......"

        Zhang Boyu and his siblings, on the other hand, had their eyelids jumping wildly, and their faces were gloomy to the extreme.

        Pop, pop, pop!

        After this brief silence, the entire restaurant burst into thunderous applause.

        This applause was not for Mo Yiran, but for Lin Fan.

        "Kid, you're simply wonderful, damn, this is the first time I've seen someone who can improve a divine song like this in a few words!"

        "Boy, how the hell did you do that? My God, you've done a fabulous job with this piece!"


        The gazes of the many customers, one by one, looking at Lin Fan were no longer filled with a trace of contempt or disgust, but instead were filled with intense admiration and shock.

        It wasn't just the crowd!


        At this moment, under everyone's gaze, Mo Yiran's pretty face, flushed with excitement, stood up from the stage and walked towards Lin Fan.

        When she reached Lin Fan's body, she bowed deeply with a fervent face.

        "This gentleman, I apologize profusely for my previous disrespect to you!"

        "I confess that your improvement of The Gift of Mortal Love has indeed reached perfection! Thank you ......"


        Mo Yiran apologizes and says thank you again!

        Everyone was sure that if this video was uploaded on the Internet, it would definitely be a sensation.

        After all, Mo Yiran is a famous pianist in China, and is a huge fan of God of Life.

        But Lin Fan is such a passerby, but he has improved the work of the gods to a supernatural level, which is unimaginable.

        Mo Yiran did not care at all about the videos of the people around her.

        At this moment, her pair of beautiful eyes looked at Lin Fan with fire, filled with curiosity and excitement.

        "Sir, I have another impertinent request, I wonder if you would agree?"


        The words made everyone slightly stunned, they had a sneaking suspicion of what was going on, and the crowd grew more and more nervous and excited.

        "Go ahead!" Lin Fan smiled slightly.

        His face did not have the slightest hint of complacency because he had improved the Divine Comedy.

        After all, the piece itself was his own creation.

        Perfecting one's own work, in Lin Fan's eyes, belonged to the right thing to do.

        "It's like this ...... "Mo Yiran bit her lips, which hardened her scalp and said awkwardly.

        "I'd also like to ask you to point out a few other piano pieces!"

        "If you can help improve it, I think both the mortal gods themselves, and us fans, would be grateful to you!"

        Improve other piano pieces!

        Hearing this, the customers around us got excited once again.

        Everyone knew it!

        If Lin Fan can improve other piano music, then it is definitely a history-making event.

Chapter 230

Especially Bai Yi.

        At this moment, she looked at Lin Fan with equal anticipation and nervousness, and even looked with a hint of pleading in her look.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... just say yes!"

        This instant!

        Lin Fan became the focus of almost the entire restaurant.

        Everyone was looking forward to it, hoping that he could create more miracles.

        Feeling the heat of the crowd, Lin Fan could only shrug his shoulders lightly.

        "All right!"


        One sentence made Mo Yiran, Bai Yi, and all the surrounding customers completely ecstatic.

        Now, Mo Yiran hurried back to the stage, sat in front of the piano, and once again played another piece composed by the God of Mortality.

        The Straw in Despair

        A Journey Alone

        Thoughts of the Caribbean


        One by one, the divine songs composed by the mortal gods continued to ring out in the restaurant.

        After each song was played, everyone looked at Lin Fan to listen to his professional opinion.

        Then Mo Yiran, according to Lin Fan's opinion, made deep improvements.


        Especially when the improved piece of piano music sounded, the hearts of the people were simply terrified.

        Because after each piece was improved, it would produce a kind of soul-shaking music.

        It was as if it had gone beyond the meaning of the music itself, and had been sublimated to the point where it directly pierced the human soul.

        And with the improvement of this one piano piece.

        All the customers in the entire restaurant looked at Lin Fan with intense madness and adoration.

        In their eyes!

        Lin Fan has even reached the level of a mortal god, otherwise, how could he change each song to take these divine songs and elevate them to another level.

        And among the many customers.

        There was a young man with glasses, named Wei Pat, who was an experienced piano lover, and even more so, one of the hardcore fans of the Fan Club of Van Gogh.

        Previously, when Lin Fan made the bold statement that he wanted to improve Van God's "Gift of Van Love", Wei Patrol took it as a joke.

        Wei Pat was in the position of watching the joke and filmed it on video.

        And after filming it!

        Wei Pat is confused.


        He had heard "For the Love of Van" countless times, but he could be sure that this one improved version was absolutely the best piano piece he had ever heard.

        "No! I'm going to tweet, and I'm going to let all my fellow Mortal Kombat fan club members hear about this supernatural masterpiece!"

        Almost the first time!

        Lu Patrol then took to his social networking software, Twitter, to post a message.

        'Shocker! A god has appeared in the city of Jiang to improve the work of mortal gods, "A gift of mortal love"! One song, amazing!

        After sending the message, the land patrol tweeted the version that Lin Fan improved and Mo Yiran played.


        What Lu Pat could not have imagined was that he would release this version of "Gift of Mortal Love" just half an hour after it was released.

        His Twitter account completely exploded.

        The number of clicks alone had reached one million, and the number of retweets was 200,000 to 300,000.

        The comments below the tweet were even more explosive.

        "Oh my god, who adapted this "Gift of Mortal Love", the song is still the same song, but it's too good!"

        "Unbelievable, the level of the person who made this improvement is afraid of reaching the level of a mortal god!"

        "River City? Isn't that a third-tier city in Jiangnan Province? How could there be such a cowboy!"

        For a while, Twitter was a complete sensation.

        Lin Fan's improved "Gift of Mortal Love" is spreading wildly at a terrifying speed.

        Particularly those members of the global Van Gods fan club.

        Even more so, the pot exploded.