Today I Give Up Trying 226-228

 Chapter 226

When he thought of this, Lin Fan shook his head and said to himself.

        "Ugh ...... I was composing this piece when I first wrote it, but it still doesn't seem to be up to par!"

        "The rhythm is disjointed, the intonation is off, and the lift is flawed!"


        Just after Lin Fan's self-talk, Mo Yiran's fingers on the stage faltered, and the entire piano piece came to an abrupt halt.


        At this moment, everyone opened their eyes in puzzlement and looked toward the stage in confusion.

        But everyone found that Mo Yiran's pretty face became extremely dark and ugly.

        In particular, her eyes, like a falcon's, looked directly at Lin Fan's direction.

        "This gentleman, I seem to have just heard that you have a lot of complaints and opinions about my playing of "A Gift to Fanny"?"


        Everyone was startled, and then looked at Lin Fan.

        Even Bai Yi and the others were confused.

        They heard Lin Fan talking to himself, but all of their attention was focused on the piano music, but they didn't hear what Lin Fan said.

        At this moment, before Lin Fan's reply, Mo Yiran's pretty face became more and more livid.

        "Every time I play the piano, my ears, they are most acute!"

        "If it was a normal noisy noise, it wouldn't affect me, but this gentleman ......"

        Say it!

        Mo Yiran's gaze at Lin Fan was cold.

        "What you are making is not a noise, nor is it a dissatisfaction with my piano skills, but a dissatisfaction and blasphemy with the divine song "For the Love of Man"!"


        Mo Yiran's words, without any mercy, were directed at Lin Fan.

        When she heard that Lin Fan's self-talk was a blasphemy and dissatisfaction with the "Gift of Mortal Love", even Bai Yi's pretty face was instantly hard to see.

        The anger in Bai's beautiful eyes surged.

        "Lin Fan, how could you do that! Do you know that "The Gift of Mortal Love" is a divine song in my eyes and the eyes of many fans of the God of mortals, you don't know how to play the piano is fine, can you stop talking nonsense here!"

        Bai Yi was extremely disappointed in Lin Fan at this moment.

        She wasn't afraid of Lin Fan's shabbiness, she wasn't afraid of Lin Fan's incompetence!

        But what she found most unbearable was that Lin Fan didn't pretend to understand and dared to blaspheme in front of her and Mo Yiran, mortal god fans, to blaspheme the divine song in their hearts!

        This is outrageous!

        And right now!

        After seeing this unexpected situation, Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er, who were next to him, not only did not feel the slightest bit angry, but they were ecstatic.


        This is definitely the perfect opportunity for Bai to disgust Lin Fan.

        Think of this.

        Zhang Boyu and his siblings, quickly accused Lin Fan of.

        "Lin Fan, this is really your fault, you should apologize to Bai Yi and Miss Mo, the mortal god fans!"

        "My brother is right, what right do you have to question the piano music of a mortal god when you know nothing but to muddle through and die?"

        With this one accusation ringing out!

        The rest of the customers in the restaurant were also extremely dissatisfied with Lin Fan.

        After all, it was Lin Fan's self-talk that caused them to be unable to hear Mo Yiran play, which was simply abominable.


        At this moment, Lin Fan didn't care about the accusations of the people around him.

        His eyes, on the other hand, looked straight at Mo Yiran.

        "Yes, I just said that this piano piece has a sense of disconnection, a sense of deviation in tone, and a sense of flaws in the elevation."


        Admit it!

        When Lin Fan's words were heard, the entire restaurant was in an uproar, and everyone's accusations against Lin Fan became more and more raging.

        It was as if Lin Fan had become a public enemy in everyone's eyes at this moment.

        But that wasn't all!

        Lin Fan had a playful smile on his lips, and then said.

        "So I suggest that this piano be improved!"

        "Second bar, ascending F/C, for D major!"

        "Third bar, B/E/A♭, for E major!"

Chapter 227

Improve the piano piece!

        After hearing Lin Fan's words, the atmosphere in the entire restaurant could not help but pause slightly.

        The surrounding Bai Yi and the others, as well as all the guests, couldn't believe their ears.

        This was crazy, right?

        The Gift of Mortal Love is a masterpiece that is included in the world's top piano score.

        This kind of work, not to mention Lin Fan a passerby, even the world's top pianist, could not be improved at all.

        After all!

        It is even more difficult to improve a piano piece than it is to create a piano piece.

        In particular, top piano music has reached the ceiling level of the perception of musical boundaries, and in order to improve it, it means that one has to have a super level that is more than one level better than the top pianist in order to do so.

        And now ......


        The entire restaurant, completely exploded, around a customer, the sound of laughter, loud and clear.

        "Hahaha ...... Did you hear what that kid said? He went so far as to say it would improve "For the Love of Man"! It's a laugh."

        "Hmph! What an idiot this man is, does he think that he, more than a mortal god, is more powerful?"

        "Yes, how could there be such fools, it's blasphemy against a mortal god and his divine works!"


        The sounds of ridicule around them were noisy.

        When these dense jeers fell on the ears of the Bai Yi family, their faces were suddenly on fire.

        They felt humiliated to the extreme.

        "Lin Fan, you shut up!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face flushed red, and her gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with anger.

        She didn't expect that Lin Fan would be so unreliable in his words and actions.

        He, who doesn't even know how to play music, even said that he would improve the "Gift of Love", isn't this making people laugh their teeth off?

        Even Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, looked at Lin Fan with a reproachful look.

        "Hahaha ...... Lin Fan, you've simply opened my eyes! I've seen braggarts before, but this is the first time I've seen one that you can brag so well!" Zhang Boyu's heart was literally bursting with joy at this moment.

        In his eyes, Lin Fan was an idiot who was bragging.

        He wanted to pretend to be an idiot, but became an idiot.

        And Zhang Cai'er's pretty face was filled with sarcasm.

        "Lin Fan, you're really embarrassing yourself, you're not only embarrassing yourself, you're also embarrassing Sister Bai Yi! Alas, I really don't understand how Sister Baii can still tolerate a braggart like you!"



        Almost everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were watching a joke.

        Mo Yiran, after hearing Lin Fan's words, also sneered and said.

        "Your improvement, sir, is the second bar, F/C up for D major! The third bar, B/E/A♭, for E major?"

        "Are you sure?"

        Swish, swish, swish!

        All eyes fell on Lin Fan's body.

        And right under the gaze of the crowd, Lin Fan calmly nodded his head and curled his lips.


        "Yes! Since this gentleman is so sure, I, Mo Yiran, will make an exception today and try it out the way you said." Said Mo Yiran's pretty face, the colder the color.

        "However, if your improved piano music has made this divine song lose its flavor, then I hope you, apologize and repent to the mortal gods and The Gift of Mortal Love!"

        "Of course, if your improved piano music is really better than that of a mortal god, then I apologize!"


        Once again, everyone around was in an uproar, and they could not believe that Mo Yiran had actually promised Lin Fan that she would try to improve the piano music.

        Only, not one of them was optimistic about Lin Fan.

        In their eyes, what Lin Fan was doing was absolutely a destruction and desecration of "Love for a Mortal".

        Right now, under the gaze of everyone.

        Mo Yiran walked back to the stage, sat down in front of the piano again, and then took a deep breath to steady her own breath.

        After taking a deep breath and calming her breath, she placed a pair of slender hands on the piano keys and played.

Chapter 228

Or a gift of mortal love!

        When the music just sounded, all the customers in the restaurant were once again immersed in the beautiful music.

        It was as if they were wandering in a sea of piano music, and their nerves were soothed and relaxed.


        The first bar is over.

        When it comes to the second bar, Mo Yiran will be the second bar, after rising F/C, for D major.

        Ding ding ding ding ......

        When the improved note flew into the ears of every customer, everyone's eyes, which had been closed, brushed open.

        They were shocked, because everyone could clearly feel the sound.

        Because everyone could clearly feel the difference in the rhythm, if the previous rhythm was soothing and relaxing, then after the improvement, this one note made the cells in the customers' bodies tremble.

        That's right, a trembling sensation.

        The same piece of piano music, a completely different musical enjoyment.

        In particular, the overall rhythm of the music, in this kind of variation, seemed to produce a kind of catalyst effect, making the whole piece more perfectly coordinated.

        This, how is this possible!

        Not only were the many customers below feeling incredulous, but even Mo Yiran, who played the piano, had her eyelids bouncing wildly.

        She was the one who played!

        She was even more aware of the subtle changes in the rhythm of the music.

        She was horrified to find that although it was only a small detail adjustment, but this song "gift of mortal love", but completely changed, as if it had been raised to a higher level.

        Even as she was playing, she could feel the cells in her body, as if they were jumping for joy, completely invigorated by that one small detail change.


        Although Mo Yiran was still playing, she was completely instinctive, and her brain was in a state of downtime.

        She couldn't believe it.

        She couldn't believe that someone had actually improved the listening effect of "The Love of Gifting" by a level with a detailed adjustment.

        "Could it be that his improvement could really make "The Love of Giving Mortals" even better?"

        Think about it!

        Mo Yiran was so excited that she could only feel her own breathing, which began to quicken.

        Now, as her playing progressed, she soon came to the third bar.

        Especially, after the B/E/A♭, for E major!


        When a musical note fell, everyone's body trembled involuntarily, whether it was Mo Yiran or the many customers below.

        This was a kind of trembling that came from the soul.

        It was as if the improved piano piece was not just for the ears, but had completely turned into soul music that struck one's soul.

        This feeling was too shocking.

        It even made many customers' foreheads, a layer of sweat appeared densely on their foreheads.

        It produced a physiological reaction.

        And in the midst of this soul-shaking effect, "Gift of mortal love" has reached its final climax!

        Music over!

        At this moment, all the voices in the entire restaurant disappeared.

        Not a single person spoke.

        Not a single sound was emitted.

        Whether it was Mo Yiran in front of the piano or the customers below, they seemed to be immersed in the shock of the music and unable to react.

        The crowd felt a sense of suffocation.

        If the previous "gift of mortal love" was a divine song, then everyone could now be sure that, after improvement, it had reached the degree of supernatural.

        Only, how could this be done by a small Lin Fan, in a few words!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        All eyes looked in Lin Fan's direction, and in those eyes, it was like looking at a monster again!