Today I Give Up Trying 220-222

Chapter 220

Zhang Boyu's eyes, on Bai Yi's voluptuous body, looked up and down, and his heart was even hotter.

        At that moment, he quickly said.

        "This time, I went back to Jiang City to do some business, and Cai'er came with me! We, brother and sister, haven't seen you for many years, so we came to invite you and your aunt and uncle to have a meal together!"


        Zhang Boyu's gaze turned to Lin Fan, and in the depths of his eyes, a hint of hostility crossed his eyes, but the corner of his mouth smiled and said.

        "This must be Lin Fan, Bai's husband, right?"

        "Hello, my name is Boyu Zhang!"

        Say it!

        Zhang Boyu reached out his hand to Lin Fan.

        But Lin Fan found that when he reached out his hand, his wrist was secretly straining as if it was ready to go.


        This scene caused Lin Fan to be slightly stunned, then a playful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and now he also extended his hand.

        "Hello, my name is Lin Fan!"

        After saying that, their palms were clasped together.

        After seeing this scene, a proud smile appeared on the lips of Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er.

        Only the two siblings knew that Zhang Boyu had practiced some kung fu in the past few years in Jiangnan City.

        Usually, even if it was a piece of wood, Zhang Boyu could easily crush it.

        Now, the two siblings seemed to have seen Lin Fan's wrist in pain, red in the face, and furious.

        Exert force!

        In an instant, Zhang Boyu's palm, steeply powered up.

        An expectant and sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

        But just at that moment!

        As soon as his smile appeared, it froze completely, and he felt that what he was holding was not a palm at all, but more like a piece of steel.

        He couldn't even hold Lin Fan's palm with all the strength he could muster.

        "Damn it!"

        Zhang Boyu did not expect to meet a hard target, and he immediately tried to pull back his palm.

        However, at that moment!


        Zhang Boyu only felt, from Lin Fan's palm, a strong force, as if a meat grinder, squeezed down against his palm, suddenly causing his bones to give out a brittle sound, as if they would break at any moment.

        "Ah ......"

        Zhang Boyu couldn't help but let out a scream, and his whole body instantly bowed down as if he were a cooked shrimp.

        This scene caused the smugness and sarcasm on Zhang Cai'er's face to instantly stiffen, and his face changed dramatically.

        "Let go! Lin Fan, what are you doing!!!"

        With that, Zhang Cai'er rushed up and separated Lin Fan and Zhang Boyu.

        Until this moment!

        Only then did Zhang Cai'er see that her brother's palm was pinched with a five-fingered bloodstain.

        If, she persuaded a little slower, then her brother's palm would have been crushed by Lin Fan.

        "This bastard ......"

        Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai'er were shocked, and then they looked at Lin Fan angrily.

        "Lin Fan, why are you like this? My brother came all the way here to invite your family to dinner, and now I'm shaking your hand, and you're hurting him?"

        "Are you still a man?"

        At this moment, Zhang Cai'er threw all the blame on Lin Fan's head.

        It wasn't just her!

        Bai Shan, Shen Yumei, and Bai Yi, who were nearby, were also shocked.

        They also didn't expect that just by shaking hands, Lin Fan had hurt someone.

        "Little Fan, you've gone too far in this matter, how can you be so rude to a customer!"

        "That's right, you son of a bitch, what's going on today? You've just come back, and you've laid such a heavy hand on Boyu, you're clutching Boyu's hand and it's red!"

        The Bai family had no idea what was going on.

        They just saw that Lin Fan had hurt Zhang Boyu.

        In an instant, they directed all their anger at Lin Fan.

Chapter 221

Listen to your own family's berating!

        Lin Fan touched his nose and could only lower his head, not bothering to explain.

        And seeing him like this.

        Bai Yi and the others, the more angry they became.

        Just when they wanted to reprimand Lin Fan again, Zhang Boyu, who was on the side, with a touch of sarcasm and playfulness on his lips, hurriedly stepped forward to stop them and said.

        "Uncle, Auntie, Baek! Don't reprimand Lin Fan, he definitely didn't do it on purpose!"

        At this moment, Zhang Boyu has brought the qualities of green tea to life to the fullest.

        It is obvious that he wanted to secretly hurt people, and as a result, he was hurt.

        He then dumped the black pot on Lin Fan's head, and in the end, he stepped in to be a good person, leaving a perfect impression of maturity and stability to the Bai Yi family.

        As expected!

        After hearing that Zhang Boyu, the victim, had helped Lin Fan speak, the Bai family, lamented.

        "Oh Boyu, I never thought that your temperament would change so much in these years! Mature and stable now! What a good boy!"

        "Yes, it's obviously Lin Fan's fault, and you still speak for him, alas, Lin Fan is far worse than you!"

        The White House at the moment!

        The disappointment in Lin Fan was intense to the extreme.

        Especially compared to Zhang Boyu's generosity and tolerance, Lin Fan was too petty and rude.

        Bai Yi couldn't help but shake her head in disappointment. She couldn't understand how Lin Fan could have done such an impulsive thing.

        Now, she turned to look at Zhang Boyu and worriedly asked.

        "Brother Boyu, is your hand okay? Do you want to go to the hospital and get checked out?"

        Hearing Bai Yi's words of concern, Zhang Boyu's heart, however, blossomed with joy.

        He looked at Lin Fan with a faintly inscrutable look, and a touch of provocation and playfulness appeared on his face, before he said to Bai Yi.

        "Bai Yi, you don't have to worry or blame Lin Fan, maybe I know you too well! He will be somewhat uncomfortable as your husband! I understand!"

        Zhang Boyu's words seem to help justify Lin Fan, but in reality, they are stirring up the relationship between Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

        [PENCIL] indeed!

        Bai Yi's pretty face fell and she said angrily.

        "Brother Boyu, you don't have to defend him, it's his fault for hurting someone for no reason!"

        See this scene!

        Zhang Boyu knew at once that the effect he wanted had been achieved, and had begun to make the Baiyi family feel disgusted with Lin Fan.

        And just when he was about to say something!

        The advertisement on the TV, on the other hand, was a picture turn, broadcasting a news of the city of Jiang.

        "According to the latest news on this station, Ariel, the hottest little diva in Asia, released a statement! In three days' time, there will be a concert of "Mortal Love" at our city's stadium!"


        Asia's Little Diva, Ariel!

        Where's the love concert?

        When they heard the news, Bai Yi, Shen Yumei, and Bai Shan's family were shocked.

        Who is Ariel Zhang?

        She is arguably the hottest entertainer in Asia right now.

        She is a singer, and her representative works include "Caribbean Travels", "Dream Him", "Gods", etc. ......

        Each one was a sensation all over Asia, fully covered in more than a dozen languages, and was a huge hit.

        Besides that!

        The piano music of Ariel Zhang has been hailed as the masterpiece of the twenty-first century.

        Numerous pianists have sought and admired Ariel's music.

        Straws in Despair, One Man's Journey, and A Gift of Love.

        What's more, it is included among the top piano scores in the world.

        That's not all!

        There are many legends about Ariel Zhang, and the most shocking of them all is - Mortal God!

        In the interview of Ariel Zhang, she once said.

        Whether it's her masterpiece songs or those that rocked the global piano scene, she is not the original creator, but the true original creator is ...... VAN GOD!

Chapter 222

They say!

        Ariel was almost killed when she traveled abroad.

        It was a young man who saved her, gave her a musical score, and then drifted away.

        That young man was a mortal god.

        When Ariel Zhang broke this news, it was a sensation in Asia.

        Numerous fans were horrified to the point of disbelief, after all, it was like a legendary story, saving a life and giving a book created a super diva who was hot all over Asia, and that mortal god was simply really like a god.

        That's not all!

        Almost all of Zhang Ariel's fans know that.

        In the past three years, Ariel has held thirty-six concerts, every month, just to find one person - the God of mortals.

        She searched hard for three years, for no other reason than to say 'thank you' to that person!

        Thank her for saving herself!

        Thank him for making himself!

        Not only that!

        Although all of Ariel's fans have never seen the face of that 'god', they can't stop the fans from chasing after the stars.

        They are fans of Ariel, and even more so, fans of Van Gogh.

        There are countless Van Gogh fan clubs on all major social media platforms.

        These fans, gathered at one time, guessing their own mind's 'mortal god' look.

        Also speculating about the true identity of the 'mortal god'.

        And Bai Yi!

        is one of the members of the 'Mortal God' fan club.

        She likes Ariel Zhang, and even more so, she likes the mysterious, unveiled 'mortal god'!

        "Oh my God, Ariel Zhang is actually coming to our city for a concert! I ...... I'm so excited!"

        Baii covered her small mouth at this moment, and her eyes were filled with intense excitement and ecstasy.

        It wasn't just her!

        Even Shen Yumei, who was extremely fond of Ariel Zhang, would usually hum a few lines when nothing happened.

        See this scene!

        Zhang Boyu, who was next to him, smiled and said.

        "Hahaha, Bai Yi, don't worry, I came here this time because I was commissioned by the young master of our group to prepare in advance to watch the concert!"

        "The young master of our group, who has been chasing Ariel Zhang for three years, never misses a single concert!"

        "I can get you guys some tickets then and we'll go see it together!"

        Tickets to the concert!

        When she heard this, Bai Yi's beautiful eyes instantly lit up.

        She knows that Ariel's concert tickets can be the most difficult thing to buy, and every time they are sold, they are instantly sold out.

        The price of a good location, even fired to hundreds of thousands of a single, still many star-struck rich people, scrambling.

        And to hear that Zhang Boyu, there is a way, Bai Yi is extremely happy.

        "Brother Boyu, thank you so much!"

        Bai Yi's face was full of joy, and her thanks made Zhang Boyu's body feel soothed to the extreme.

        At this moment, Zhang Boyu's eyes could not help but turn to look at Lin Fan with pride.

        Originally he wanted to continue to provoke Lin Fan, but he was shocked to find that Lin Fan's eyes were staring straight at the news on TV, full of weirdness and consternation.


        Zhang Boyu, Zhang Cai'er, discovered Lin Fan's look as much as possible.

        At that moment, Zhang Cai'er could not help but sneer and laugh.

        "Lin Fan, how did you hear this news with such a look on your face? Do you know Ariel Zhang? Hahaha ......"

        Said Zhang Cai'er, who burst out laughing herself.

        That's not all!

        "You don't want to tell us that you are the savior that Ariel has been looking for for three years, the God of Mortality, do you? Hahaha ......"

        Hearing Zhang Cai'er's words, the neighboring family of Zhang Boyu and Bai Yi also laughed.

        That's right!

        It is true that Lin Fan's name also has a 'Fan' in it.

        However, they naturally wouldn't believe that Lin Fan had any interaction with someone like Ariel Zhang.

        It was just at that moment!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, looked at the crowd oddly, and then nodded seriously.

        "Maybe she really was looking for me!"